Saturday, April 21, 2018

iLive iLove iCreate

I've been redoing my website in my spare time for a long time! I love it. It is an art project. My desire is to create a thing of beauty, saturated with the energy of heaven, the angels, and nature, while at the same time making my products and classes available much more easily than they are now. It is a labor of love. My inner artist loves designing it... most of the time!

Today the developmental site crashed. That's not so enjoyable! I've been eating up disc space with all the photos and products and there have been issues with backup programs and plugins clashing – all things that hopefully many of you won't have to ever deal with. It does get frustrating at times.

iTryiSurvive kicked in. "I have to get this done! I want to create more books. If this keeps messing up I'll never have a life!" and on we go. I started to search for solutions. There are a million more things I want to create in life beyond this. Somehow when things go wrong I forget how much I really enjoy the creative journey. At the moment I'm waiting on customer service. I set today aside to work on the site. God had other plans!

So be it. iLive-iLove-iCreate kicks in. "Ok, so my day isn't working as planned. God always knows better. It is a beautiful day! I'll get the newsletter done earlier. I may even have time to read a little. I'll get sleep tonight and the next few days will flow more easily. Well, how about that! God really does know better and want me to have a gentler experience of life.

I am imagining the site coming back up a the perfect time. In the meanwhile I'll do the newsletter and enjoy my day."

Suddenly I'm in a great mood again. iTryiSurvive never really made anyone happy!

Here are a few tips to live with iLive-iLove-iCreate running in your mind... and I'm still giggling about the angels inventing apps!

1. If you're not happy, you're not running iLive-iLove-iCreate

If I'm not happy – in iLive-iLove mode – I know I'm not creating. I'm moaning instead about something I created in the past that has just appeared in my life now, or I'm moaning about some life circumstance that is actually trying to help me, but doesn't look the way I want.

In any case, I start to refocus on what I want once again. I jokingly pray, "Dear God, you know what you're doing!" I spend a few seconds focusing on what it would feel like to have what I want then I let it go and focus with gratitude and love on the day in front of me.

Once we start the "app" by focusing on our creations with love, it runs in the background and keeps running if we keep living while loving our lives!

2. Think about your dreams with love and anticipation. 

The angels often say that when you think about your dreams like a child looking forward to Christmas, then you are in the right energy. Fantasize, intend, imagine. Get juicy! Don't let the voices that say, "How can you? You can't? You don't deserve?" etc. distract you.

Forget worrying about blocks, and just refocus. Joy will override resignation if you allow it.

3. Enjoy your day

The angels remind me so often. The universe runs without my input. My heart beats without my input. The most amazing things in my life have occurred without me figuring out how to make them happen. My dearest friends showed up when I least expected them.

When we are in a space of love and gratitude (iLive-iLove), we are allowing our creations to unfold without getting in the way.

When you hit Enter on the computer, you don't wonder if the bits are going to show a new page. You just trust they will! When you imagine your dreams with love, then just "iLive-iLove" you really do "iCreate!"

Have a fantastic week playing with the unbounded, unlimited universe! Miracles really do happen when we live and love... That's when we truly create!

Love you all!

PS - I'm doing free gazes tomorrow 4/22 - see below for more information!

And don't forget Dancing with Angels in Sedona • 5/19/2018! I can't wait! Info for my classes is below too. If you can't join us in person I'm online 24/7 with Ann & the Angels :)

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A holiday every day

I usually do the newsletter in my office, but on the day before Easter it was so beautiful, I knew if I didn’t work outside, I wouldn't want to work. I brought the portable computer out to the patio, made coffee with melted dark chocolate and whipped milk, and to the sound of birds chirping, dogs barking, and my neighbors mowing, sat and channeled the newsletters.Sometimes I struggle to write these articles and they take hours. This time they flowed so easily. The day did indeed feel like a celebration.

I challenged myself to do the exercise the angels suggested. I really love all celebrations but my favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter. I love Christmas because it gives me an excuse to spoil the ones I love and they allow me for once! I try to bring that spirit of giving into my life. You can laugh, but I always hate to take down the Christmas tree, so this year I left a little one up in my bedroom as a reminder that the light of the season never goes out!

I had to think about why I love Easter. I adore chocolate, eggs, and bunnies, but more so I love the feeling of new life, new hope, and the celebration of the triumph of of darkness over light. I think I’ll celebrate Easter every time I change my thoughts from negative to positive! That sounds fun. 

Here are a few ideas to bring celebration into every day life…

1. Acknowledge the ones you love

It seems we acknowledge our loved ones easily on holidays and special celebrations. Why not make time to acknowledge them more often. Maybe you already do talk to family and friends. but how about calling or emailing someone you haven’t chatted with in awhile, or sending a card that simply says, “Thinking of you.” Clients do this for me at times and it touches my heart.

Think of the first person that pops into your mind. Email, call or send a “thinking of you and sending love” type of card! You’ll feel like it is a holiday! 

2. Make or enjoy a special meal

Growing up part Polish, food and celebration went hand in hand. I suspect many of you share that tradition too!

For no good reason ,other than to celebrte life's goodness, make yourself or your loved ones a special meal. Alternately, plan a night out with dear ones to celebrate life. Come with gratitude, good thoughts, and share the love. 

3. Decorate or Create a Sacred Space

This might sound a little superficial. However in many temples, churches, and sacred places around the world, the Divine is acknowledged by creating beautiful spaces, filling an altar with flowers, or perfuming the air with incense.

Perhaps you can create a little corner in your home for acknowledging life’s goodness. You can use a plant, flowers, crystals, happy photos, memorabilia, or whatever you like to create a quick, visual reminder of love and celebration.

I love how the angels constantly urge me to enjoy life now, celebrate today, and never ever put off any goodness, for any reason whatsoever.

I love our holidays too, ecause they give us an excuse to celebrate… but then again, why wait for excuses!

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Growing your dreams

My childhood home was on nearly an acre of property and we had a huge garden. For my 4H project one year, I took over a 25 square foot plot and turned it into my own little farm. I planted corn, tomatoes, potatoes, peas, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, and even peanuts. I shoveled to till and turn the soil, hoed the rows, planted the seeds, and helped water them. I went out every single day and weeded. I was overwhelmed with joy to watch the miracle of life bursting forth!

My silver queen corn grew plump and sweet. My tomatoes were so ripe you could pick them off the plant and eat them like apples. It was a miracle to see potatoes poking up through the straw as deeper rooted ones pushed them to the surface. And OH those crunchy cucumbers, washed and lightly salted! It was heaven. To this day, my dad still gardens that same plot of land. He's good at it and proud of it.

In Arizona I grow rosemary, basil, oregano, and thyme, lemongrass, citrus, lavender, and roses. Perhaps someday I’ll grow vegetables again. For now I keep the memories of sunshine, soil, and fresh produce in my heart. 

Life really is like gardening. The angles once said, “Ann after you plant the seeds of your dreams, don’t choke them off with weeds of fear, or dig them up with doubt! 

When I want to manifest something, I plant the seeds by dreaming about it. I think of it with joy which is the watering with love. I don’t bother to “take the universe’s pulse” and see if my dreams are coming yet. I trust the process. After all, if you dug up a seed to see if it’s growing, you’d kill it’s roots!When the weeds of fear arise – fears that I don’t know how to create what I want, fears that I don’t know if it’s “working,” etc… I weed them out by changing my thoughts and my focus back to love and anticipation. Then I wait and watch with wonder and anticipation as the universe works its magic.

We don't have to know how...

After all, how can we dream that tiny seed become a stalk of corn with such sweet offerings, when we have no clue about the million miracles that make it grow? How can we trust that the tomatoes will ripen, the roses will bloom, the carrots will grow underground? We can’t even fully comprehend the miracles that go into the food on our tables, let alone the miracles that create our dreams. Yet we can do our part – planting the with anticipation, watering them with love, and regularly weeding out the thoughts that would choke them off.

Happy planting. Happy Gardening! May the soil of your soul be tilled with love and bear beautiful, bountiful blessings in your life.

Here are a few ways to tend to the garden of your soul…

1. Plant your seeds

If you an plant a real seed and call it my dream. Tend to it and watch it grow. Thee is such a sense of the miraculous when your watch anything grow! If you can’t do this literally, do the exercise the angels gave us in your imagination. If you can’t make time for that, go on YouTube and watch a time lapse video of the miracles of seeds sprouting.

2. 2. Love your dream, tangibly

Make a vision board, find a photo, or choose something else that represents your dream. I recently heard the angel that comes through my dear friend Summer Bacon recommend to a woman that she get a teddy bear and name it “Down-payment” because she so dearly wanted a down-payment for a house. He told her to love “Down payment” every day and watch what happened. Brilliant!

Choose a photo, a rock, a plant, a vision board, anything that represents your dream. Love it daily! It might sound silly but you are working with energies!

3. Weed your garden…

When you have a thought or feeling that doesn’t feel good, imagine it as a weed. Close your eyes and imagine pulling it up by the roots and tossing it on a compost pile. Again, you are working with energy, giving the energy of negativity a form, and pulling it out!

While you are at it, to the best of your ability, weed your closets, your home, and your life of anything that drags you down.

What fun to turn manifesting into gardening! I love how the angels help us not only pray but play! Have a lovely week tending to the soil of your soul!