Saturday, March 10, 2018

God's way vs. mine

I used to be terribly impatient. I wanted “what I wanted.” “how I wanted,” “when I wanted!” That state of mind never made me happy. The angels reminded me frequently that it was an affirmation of fear, not faith.

I learned this the hard way after I wrote my first book. I sent out numerous query letters and and got an equal number of rejections. I got upset. That wasn’t what I was creating! I was creating getting my book published! I sent more letters, and received more rejections.

The angels suggested that I write one of the publishers and ask why they rejected me. The answer was enlightening. They said the book looked good but that I didn’t have enough experience in my field to have the large audience they required to ensure a profit. That answer shaped my future.

I sat back and started to re-evaluate what I wanted. Did I really want to be a famous author? Why did I want to get a book published? What was underneath all this? I realized that part of me wanted to “prove” to family and former friends that quitting engineering was a good decision and that I could succeed as an author. I threw that reason away. It was ego-based and would never give me true satisfaction.

I kept digging inside myself, and found a deeper, more authentic desire. I wanted to share the angel wisdom and tools that had made my life happier, better, and more free. I didn’t care if became famous. That was something I’d seen as a means to an end. "How do you reach people? Get famous.” I realized I didn’t really want to spend time promoting a book or doing tours. I just wanted to share information. I knew I could start that right away.

I did readings and taught classes. I envisioned having online education five years before YouTube existed and over a decade before home live streaming was a viable technology. I gave up the “how” and “when” for my future dreams, and focused on a happy now. Doors started opening.

Many of you know the rest. I ended up self-publishing with a company that bore my dog’s nickname! I ended up speaking at conferences with famous authors. I ended up meeting the live-streamers for Braco, who were just starting their “spiritual-netflix-type site online.

They contacted me, gave me the freedom to design my online “Ann & the Angels” series as I wanted, film it on my own schedule, and allowed me to price it lower than anyone else would permit me. Similar online programs cost $300 each. Mine costs $60 per 12 episodes. I wanted to offer high quality information at an extremely affordable rate, and they did too! The "Braco dream team" ended up being a a dream team for me. It wasn't over. Later, Karl – CEO of –  urged me to gaze online, and volunteered to livestream me, propelling me further into a life I could not have imagined.

It was when I finally gave up my fears, doubts, and insistence on having life go “my way” on “my schedule,”that all my dreams started coming true – of course, better than my way and on a perfectly Divine Schedule.

Thank God for the gift of time which allows us to grow, clarify our desires, and attract better than what we'd create on our own.

Here are a few pointers to help you let go of the “my way or the highway” mentality so you can have better than what you want, on a Divine Schedule of course!

1. Clarify your real desires

Make sure you are creating what you really want, deep down, not what you think you "have to have," to get what you really want!

Consider this real life example:

A student of mine (who ended up being an incredible manifester!) wanted money. What she really want was to pay off a 90K student loan debt. She wanted that so she could feel secure, so she could feel free to buy things for the family like a house and vacations, and to stop feeling like a failure for having so much debt.

She started to focus on the debt without shame, seeing it as just another bill. She imagined having the freedom to get a house, go on vacation, etc. She started to enjoy the freedoms she already had, and focused on what already made her feel secure.

Within a year, miracles showed up, doors and pathways opened, and the 90K debt was nearly all paid off. She manifested a house after that, vacations, and more. She focused on what the money would bring her, not the money itself.

If you focus on the "means" to and end, the soul does not get excited. It gets excited about the real goal.

Dig deep. Ask yourself, “Why do I want what I want?” Keep asking until you find the bottom line.

2. Give yourself the feeling now

Beneath everything you want is a feeling. If you didn’t think having something would make you feel better, you wouldn’t want it. If you want money, to buy something, or pay off debt, how will that make you feel? Secure, abundant, expansive, free?

Find the feelings. Then ask, “How can I bring that feeling into my life now, if only in small ways?” 

3. Trust Everything

When you are manifesting, you have to trust that everything that come up is part of your manifestation. If you don’t get what you want, there is something better. If something doesn’t happen when you think it should there is more divine timing. Everything is in divine order.

A client's trial was postponed and he was deeply disappointed. A large company tried to steal the income they contractually promised him. He needed the money and was anticipating the upcoming trial. Later he found out the original judge wasn't favorable. The unwanted delay gave him a judge that ruled in his favor and changed the course of his life.

When I’m manifesting I tell myself often, “Trust Everything!” 

When impatience, doubt, fear, or resignation hit and you start to think your dreams won’t happen, refocus, do the simple steps above and get back on the right wavelength.  Choose to be happy now and you'll be creating an even better later!

Remind yourself, "The best "high" way isn't always my way!"

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Love fear till it disappears

Parts of this story are pretty crazy. Sometimes my adventures in other dimensions are a bit "out there." I try to stick to more normal topics most of the time, but every now and then I share one of these otherworldly adventures in the hopes it helps us all understand this world a bit better. Enjoy...

Years ago I read Don Miguel Ruiz's book, "The Four Agreements." In the book he speaks of "the parasite." I read it, decided it made sense, and forgot about it entirely. It wasn't until a few years ago when a powerful, jealous and angry soul aimed the powers of hell at me, that I came to understand quite clearly that fear is a parasitic energy. As well, it is the food that feeds a parasitic vibration – one that is more literal and real than I ever imagined when I read the book years ago.

Happily, I also came to know the invincible power of love to dissipate fear and free us entirely from the influence of this parasitic vibration –  both within and without.

Some of you have heard this so I'll be brief. A powerful soul got jealous of one of my friendships. Storms hit my house, knocked down my trees and leaked into my roof. I had nails appear in my car tires, huge dust storms in my path. Two of my favorite trails caught on fire the day I'd been planning to hike them. I started to having very nasty and unkind dreams from which I'd awaken because scary looking beings were on me sucking my energy and creating pin-like sensations into my skin.  For all my faith in God, I wavered. I was frightened. I did what I always do when I'm scared. I got strong, held it together, and focused on service. 

By day I was fine. When I was helping others I was fearless. But then at night, when I let fear creep in the relentless energies that feed off it continued to attack me with an unceasing barrage of gripping static and unloving thoughts.

I prayed for help. The angels, bound by their commitment to the creator to honor our free will had to let me choose fear or love. Apparently my words were saying, "Help!" but my fear was saying, "I don't believe you can!" They did all they could. They taught me. The amplified my light. At one point they told me about the abuse the angry one suffered as a child. Suddenly I felt compassion for a soul so hurt that they'd hate me, and I even felt compassion for the parasitic vibration they had aimed at me. How sad to be so disconnected from love.

Now that I wasn't scared, I wanted to understand more. Here's where it gets weird. One night I felt the static-y unpleasant vibration around me and decided to engage in a dialog with the parasite. Imagine me, sitting there with my eyes closed, telepathically having a discussion with a creature that looked more like it belonged in a sci fi movie than in another dimension in my bedroom! Before I began the inner dialogue, I connected with the light within. Suddenly the being in front of me no longer felt "static-y."Instead it felt extremely impersonal.

Me: "Why do you inspire and amplify our fears?
Parasite: "We need energy to live. You humans generate a great deal of excess energy when in fear. We use that to survive."

Suddenly, I got an entire download. These were a race of beings that evolved technologically but lost their connection with their hearts. They lost their emotional connection with one another. They became disconnected from any experience of love. Because they no longer felt love, they no longer felt their connection with the Source of life. They had evolved into a parasitic race. They were neither good not evil as we label it. In fact they were quite neutral. They just wanted to survive.

Me: "Why don't you stir up love? It is a much stronger vibration than fear! Thousands times more so! You'd feel much better!" 
I was surprised by my vehemence in the face of a vibration that had terrorized me for so long. I actually cared.

Parasite: "Do you know how hard it is to stir up love on your planet? Most humans need an object to feel love. Fear is easy to generate. You simply introduce or amplify a thought they already believe in." 
That took my breath away. They weren't being diabolical, evil, snide, or sarcastic in their answer. They were being clinical. They reminded me of sharks who create chaos in a swarm of fish to feed. They, like the sharks, were survivors. I thought to myself, perhaps like those sharks who surrender to being "hugged" by loving divers, these beings someday would remember what love feels like.

Some switch in me flipped. I was no longer simply unafraid. I felt a strong powerful love. Archangel Michael was merging with me and using this opportunity to speak through my mind directly to them. 
"Some day if you have a wish to reconnect with the Source of life you can find a way to do so by amplifying the higher vibrations of humanity, and by selflessly attempting to send higher vibrational energies to those in the lower vibrations. Because you have forgotten how to love, it is only in your selfless intent to serve rather than take, that will you draw forth the energy that you seek from the Source. IF you insist on continuing to stir up and amplify fear, you cannot last. Humanity is evolving and your food source is dwindling. You will pass into oblivion as the masses become aware of you and cease to feed you with their fears. They will nourish instead your higher selves with their love and prayers, and your lower vibrational understanding of self will disappear."

Michael backed out of my body and I stood there quivering with the force of his loving electrical power still running through me. I felt the angels profound wish for all beings to reconnect with love. The parasite simply, wordlessly, and neutrally left. 

While most of you will never have to deal with such crazy otherworldly dimensions, they do mirror what goes on inside of all of us. Just as fear provides an energy source for those disconnected vibrations, Fear gives us a high. It was originally intended to do so – so that the body would have a surge of energy to fight of flight when faced with danger.

It was never meant to become our drug of choice.

Like a drug, we get a temporary high from our fears as the cortisol course through our bloodstream. Like a drug it distracts us from facing our feelings of being disconnected or powerless. Like a drug it brings us up and then makes us crash. Like a drug, fear subtly undermines our well being.

Happily the addiction to false fear is one we can overcome with something easily accessible to all... Love. 

Here are some pointers this week to help you "Love your fears till they disappear."

1. When you are afraid, identify and love the fearful part within.
Ask yourself, "Who inside of me is afraid?" You might see, sense, or intuitively know what part of your soul is living in fear. This may be you at a younger age, an aspect of your soul from another life, or you may even perceive a symbolic representation of the fearful part of you.

For example if you see your mother, that doesn't mean your mother is causing your fear. It means that some part of you adopted your mother's fears. If this happens, ask again, "Who inside of me is afraid?" until you see, sense, or know the part of you that believed in these fears.

You might see, sense, or intuit something else - a dog, an ice cube, you name it. We've seen everything in my office. Trust what you perceive.

You are connecting with an energetic part of you - a piece of your soul that, like a scared child, needs love.
2. Love and comfort the fearful part of yourself

Imagine what this part of you looks like. Trust what comes. Or if you are not visual, imagine your eyes are closed but they're standing in front of you. Ask this part of your soul why it is afraid and what it needs.

Imagine giving him or her a hug. Wrap your arms around yourself if you like. Ask this beautiful piece of your soul if they'd be willing to go into the light where they never have to feel fear again. Tell them you and the angels will handle your life and they can rest.
Here is where you get creative. If a child says, I'm afraid if I speak up I won't be loved, you might ask that part if it wants to go into the light where everyone will love what they have to say. Imagine you are their parent. Tell them you want to hear what they have to say but they have to go into the light where they'll be safe. Imagine them going into the light with the angels.

Let's do another example: Suppose you lost a job and you're afraid you won't find a new one. While this might seem very human, you want to get rid of the fear. Your soul knows intuitively that the Divine will guide you to a better job, but something inside you is still scared. You go within and ask, "Who is afraid I won't get a new job? Who is afraid everything I love will be taken away, and I'll be broke, poor, and alone?" Perhaps you'll see a young child who had to move and lost all their friends. Perhaps you'll see a past life where you were homeless. Maybe you'll see an image of your father who always worried about money and represents the part of you that does the same."

Comfort that part of you. Imagine you are their parent. Tell them it will be OK, that God is in charge, that you don't know how things will work out but that you're loved beyond what you can imagine and that angels are helping you. Ask that part if they are willing to go into the light where they'll have everything they want and need and never have to worry about money again. Guide them into the light in your imagination.

If you treat the scared parts inside of you with the love you'd show a scared child, they will calm down, dissolve into light and integrate into your higher awareness. 

Sometimes you need to lighten up before you can do this exercise

Go onto YouTube and search for "laughing babies," "laughter yoga," or your favorite comedian. Watch a funny movie. Play an upbeat song that you love to dance to. When the brain becomes distracted, fear loosens its grip. It is much easier to love the fears away after we've used a little loving distraction.

You can even use your own sense of humor, if you can connect with it. When I feel afraid, sometimes I joke, "I'm going nuclear! I imagine the light of my love exploding outward from my heart chakra burning away all darkness its path."

Laughter is a very high vibration and quickly helps to dissolve fear. I've seen the angels use it many times in readings before working with the deeper parts of self.

3. If you need additional help seek it out – You deserve it.

I once had such irrational fears come up that I couldn't find the source myself. Instead, I got a past life regression hypnosis with Robin Miller (the amazing musician who plays at my seminars is also a certified hypnotherapist!). In two hours the fears were simply gone and never returned. 

There are all sorts of healing modalities out there designed to help reprogram the brain and therefore release the trauma that feed the fears.  Search to find one that resonates with you.

While it seems all too easy to get sucked into fear, the truth is your love is more powerful. By loving the fearful parts inside of us we heal them.

Free from fear, we once again enjoy guidance and miracles by aiming our powerful loving thoughts towards the joyous realities that we wish to create.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bringing them 'home'

I think most of us had the same reaction to the shootings on Valentine's Day... Sadness for what the children went through. Sadness for the families who lost their little ones. Profound sadness, when we looked into the eyes of the young man who held the gun. My soul cried in anguish most of all for that one. He was completely lost.

The angels said the strangest thing to me after that. They told me to go look at a picture of Hitler. He too had the same vacant, scared, angry look. It chilled me. I suddenly started hearing more. The kid who did the shooting, was a young German soldier in a past life during the holocaust. He joined the army because that's what young men did at the time. The atrocities he was required to commit sickened him to the point where he started to think of himself as a monster. He became calloused because it hurt too much to feel, and he died a lost, angry soul.

The angels say, even in that terrifying life he had choice. He could have run away, and risked his own death, but at least he would have had the integrity to find the light. He could have even found peace by silently praying for those he was force to kill. Instead he closed his heart, and dimmed the spark of love so deeply he forgot he had any love inside of him at all.

He didn't believe in a God. He didn't believe in love. He didn't feel worthy of the light and he didn't go into it. He was lost in the "in between." These souls remain lost until the prayers of the compassionate uplift them. They can be reborn but that is a sad proposition because they carry their mental anguish with them right into the next life. Angels attempt to get their attention but they don't believe themselves worthy of love and so they don't see it.

Such was the case with this young man. He came back as a very conflicted soul, feeling a mix of old prejudices, anger at life's "unfairness," and self-loathing. The conflict ripped him apart. Tragically, in his soul's state of wounded torment, he took out his pain and anger on the innocent. He needs our prayers. The lost ones, both living and dead, need our prayers.

I have helped many of these lost souls into the light. Perhaps the most striking incident was yeas ago. I was meditating on the patio at lunchtime. The past few days I’d been bothered by a fearful energy that I had not managed to release. I finally figured out it was a lost soul clinging to me. I tried everything – sending love, sending it into the light, calling Jesus, Michael, etc… Finally I just surrendered and asked God to help.

As I was meditating, rather than pushing the fearful soul away, I simply said, “OK, whoever you are sit at the table with me and let me know how I can help you. Welcome.” A sudden vivid vision of a hooded, cloaked young man, a terrorist who had died, appeared. He was terrified. "I thought I did the right thing. My mother will be so ashamed of me. I don't know where to go. I don't know what to do." I could feel his panic. “I’ll help you personally and take you into the light. Your mother loves you. She will be relieved to know you are with God.” I brought him to the light and surrendered him to the angels who lovingly took him into the healing love of the Divine. Immediately I felt relief in my body and warmth.

Suddenly I heard a voice and saw the vision of this young man again, this time in the light. “Do you know who I am?” a voice that didn’t sound as if it was his gently asked. “No,” I replied. He took the black wrap off his head and Jesus was there looking at me with piercing beautiful eyes and at the same time a loud but kind voice boomed in my head, “Whatsoever you do unto the least of my brothers, you do unto ME.” I started bawling.

I know I helped a different soul into the light. Jesus was making the point, that we are all one, all souls are pure at heart, no matter how deep the misunderstandings. Rather than fearing one another, we should help one another, pray for one another, and ask God to take all hurting souls into the light. Of course, we must take care of ourselves. Had this one been alive, I would have sent love and run!

So today more than ever, let us pray for those who are most separate from the truth of their being. For the politicians who feel that power makes them God. For the terrorists who feel that weapons make them God. For the lost and lonely who don’t believe there is a God and take out their rage on the innocent.

Let us all pray that all sous, ourselves included be lifted up into the light of love and truth - that we can never be separate from the Source of our being, that we can never, no matter how heinous the actions, be anything less at our core essence, than who the creator made us to be.

Here are some tips to deal with the violence and pain we witness in the world...

1. Allow yourself your feelings

Never ever, stuff your feelings. Don't take them out on another. Write letters to God or your angels sharing your heart. Write letters to the souls of those you are upset with, in private. Shred them. Don't pass on the poison. Find a constructive way to work out the upset or pain within yourself first. Then you can speak from a powerfully loving place if you are guided to say anything at all.

2. Do what you are called to do

Many are speaking up after the shootings, as they are guided. You may be guided to send money after a disaster, to physically assist, to help change legislation, or perhaps to work interally to change the vibrations that cause violence, starting within yourself. Only you know your own guidance. Trust the urges that rise up lovingly, with passion, within you.

3. Pray for the upliftment of all who are lost in anger and pain

The ones we are most inclined to think unworthy of love are the ones who need our prayers the most. You will feel your heart and your soul more clearly than ever before when praying sincerely for those hurting souls lost in darkness. I have never known myself so clearly as when I've prayed sincerely for those who hurt and hate me. It is in our great light and love that we feel the deepest truth of our being.

You can love the light within a soul, without ever liking their personality or behavior.

The world is a one room school house. We must seek out the best of human nature, but sometimes we can't help witnessing the worst.
We can however, instead of dancing with darkness and dignifying it by falling into it ourselves, be a powerful force of love and truth. We can be the ones who lift the lost into the light.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Direct it, expect it

I hear this all the time in my office. "I DO focus on what I want! I have for years! Why isn't it here? Where are my angels?" The angels patiently smile and remind the person that, hand in hand with focusing on what they do want, they have also been focused on it "not being there."

This is a finer point to manifesting that even trips me up at times!  
The trick to creating is to have two worlds going on at once. One is the world you live in every day - the so-called "real" world. Fill yourself up with gratitude for everything you have now. Pour love into every aspect of your current life. Bless the Mess and trust the rest!

Then there is the life of creation. You are living your "real" life now but in your mind you are also in parallel, living your future. You already feel the way you feel when it arrives. You kmow it is going to happen. You have a joyous sense of anticipation. Like a child at Christmas anticipating their presents, you know your creation will come even if you have no clue how or when.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to replace a few drinking glasses that had broken. They were inexpensive when I got them, but to my dismay they were no longer being produced. I went on ebay and found a set for $80. That wasn't what I wanted to pay.

So as the angels say, I "grabbed the remote!" I decided I wanted to get them at a thrift store. I imagined the joyous feeling of finding them on sale. I got all happy as if it was a "done deal" in the future. This didn't happen because I can predict the future (which I see often as the most probable path) but rather because I knew I was creating. 

I woke up the next morning with a certain thrift store in my head, went on faith, and picked up my glasses! There were exactly four and they were $1.29 each!! The funny part is that I found only two originally, but I was so convinced the rest would be there that I kept circling around different sections and shelves until I found the rest!

On a more serious note I've been in physical pain on and off for a few months. I hiked 20 miles last fall after sitting all summer and sprained a foot. I had a broken toe on the other one over the holidays (all healed!). I have had pinched nerves in my neck after painting my bathrooms three times each in December. I was healing all of these, but slowly. Sometimes, when I focused on other things, I had no pain. When I focused on the problem, of course I felt the problem. The angels continuously reminded me that my focus was the problem that was slowing the healing.

So at the event I advertised last week, THEO (a group of angels that speaks through channel, Sheila Gillette) came through and suggested we all just make a decision right then and there about what we wanted. By the way, I LOVED THEO!!! Their energy is fantastic, honest, accurate and deeply compassionate. Many people I know received love and healing energy. They are having an online mentoring program beginning 2/20 that promises to be life altering, which you can check out here.

Back to my story. I made a decision at that moment that I would walk out of that room pain free - no sprain, no pinched neck, nothing. That was that. I was done focusing on the pain and holding it in my body. I used every ounce of willpower to imagine feeling great. Of course, within minutes, the energy of God that is already and always there, flooded me and the pain was gone. And to make it even better THEO talked to me about my sensitivity and repeated a few things my own angels have been telling me! It was BLISS.

The pain tried to sneak in a few days later and that is where faith and focus come in. I told it quite firmly but kindly. "I'm done. I've decided to feel good now." I "grabbed the remote" and focused on feeling good. In an instant the heat and love of God flowed through me and no more pain.

I think a lot of us feel like we're having a tug of war with the "remote" in our heads at times, but hopefully your conscious self is winning!

Here are some pointers this week to "grab the remote" and choose the life you want to live!

1. Direct it
Remind yourself, life does not work the way most of us were taught.

We don't need effort and struggle to have results. Healing doesn't have to take forever. Abundance is not directly proportional to hours worked. You can't save or fix or change another unless they want it. You don't have to earn love.

Instead the universe responds to vibration. Remind yourself, "My life can start to change now, because I can change my energy now." Begin to do this by asking yourself, "How would it feel to have what I want, right here, right now."

Grab the remote and direct the energy with your focus, feeling, and faith.

2. Expect it

Now that you know how the universe works, know that the minute you focus on a loving feeling, the universe starts to match that energy. Now is the time for faith.

Expect that what you want to appear (or better) will come. Anticipate it. Trust it. Live your life relaxing into the knowing that you have "grabbed the remote" and the universe will deliver.

Don't keep checking in. "Is it here? Did the universe hear me? Does God care?"

The question is, "Did you hear you? Do you care enough to maintain the feeling with faith? Are you willing to focus on what you want more than what you don't?" Your energy is what matters. Anticipate joyfully. You are in charge. God gave us the incredible gift of free will to direct the creative forces of the universe through our faith, focus, and feeling.

You'll know you're manifesting when you don't have to wonder if what you want is coming.
 You'll live your life in joyful anticipation, relaxing into the "now "because you know what you're creating in the future.

3. Allow for it

Manifesting makes us grow. We must throw away our notions of a capricious, external God that "grants wishes if we're worthy" and realize that we are simply interacting with the Love that lives inside of all creation.
In doing so we bump up against all those parts inside of ourselves that still hold onto notions of unworthiness, anger, abandonment, forgiveness, you name it.

If you feel blocked, get in touch with the "inner committee" as my angels like to call it. Shut your eyes and ask, "Who inside of me doesn't feel they deserve this creation?" Wait till you see, feel, or imagine something - a part of yourself. Then say to that part. "I love you. I'm creating this. Would you like to enjoy it with me? If not I have to ask you to allow me to enjoy it." You get the idea.

Find those pieces of your soul that don't believe or resist love. This is the healing we came for. Manifesting is a fun way to trigger it! 

Have fun this week "Grabbing the Remote!" After all, none of us really want others or the world to choose the reality we get to experience... unless of course, they're choosing something really great!

Love you all! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Getting past cranky...

I knew when I started getting cranky last year that something big was going on. It amuses me really because it is not a typical feeling anymore.I watched myself in a bemused way much as I'd watch a cute tantrum throwing two year old. I got cranky with people who were rude in traffic. I got cranky when people who didn't want to embrace their own growth negatively affected my life. I got cranky with people from my past that I thought I had forgiven. On the surface I was polite, but inwardly I was all stirred up. This was interesting!

I chatted with the angels and they reassured me that it was just a strong energy moving through all of us, pushing us to be more honest with ourselves. So I dug deep and got more honest. I really wanted to be loving rather than sucked into the world's way of dealing with things.  I started to love what I couldn't change and lovingly move away from what I could. I sent huge waves of peace to unpleasant drivers. I set strong intentions to attract only people whom I could truly serve. I went back and asked for people who hadn't done what they promised to follow through or come up with new agreements. I set time aside for my own well being again and re-prioritized self care. Of course the anger melted away. I was taking care of myself, being my loving self, and choosing to love myself again. 

That's when the magic started to happen. I started to hear the angels in my life, for myself, in a much stronger way. I started to hear all of life talking to me much more strongly than ever before. I lost a quilting pattern the other day and telepathically asked it where it was, "On the second shelf to the right in the craft closet" it answered. Sure enough, there it was. I asked a thimble I lost where it was. (I finally took time to quilt while hollering "Go! Go! Go! at the TV during the super bowl!) The thimble spoke in my mind. "Near the sink." Sure enough. 

A week prior, I had the strong urge to get up insanely early, drive up north and watch the eclipse. "Am I safe?" I asked Archangel Michael. "In typical angel fashion he sent me to the mirror to look into my own eyes. "Are you?" he asked. "Yes!!! I create that!" I responded. "OK then, let's go." I hopped in the car at 4am and got to the overlook an hour later just as the earth was starting to slip in between the sun and moon. Bundled in layers of winter clothing and blankets, I sat on a lawn chair feeling heaven, earth, sun, moon, cold, and warm seek their balance within and without.

As a side note, I was joined by a delightful woman who loved the sky as much as I did. My camera battery died, even though I had fully charged it, so she let me look through her incredible binoculars. The moon looked big as a tennis ball and magically tinted red, surrounded by stars against the backdrop of the pre-dawn indigo sky. It was breathtaking! (The photo above was from another eclipse, but looks a lot like this recent one.)

We started talking and soon I was chatting with her relatives in heaven, and she was promising to send me some of her beautiful photos. When I got home my camera battery mysteriously started working! It was yet one more event, in a series of delightfully orchestrated dances that have been going on in my life as of late.

So if you're still going through the cranky or intolerant phase of this cycle of growth, take heart! You're not a bad person. You're not going backwards. You're just diving deeper, scrubbing out the things you thought you had to be so you can turn into the soul you really are. And that, ultimately, is a blessing and a joy!

Here are some pointers this week to deal with cranky, intolerant energy if/when it rises up within you!

1. Be kind to yourself. Rather than judging yourself, observe yourself.
Say to yourself, "Well, there I go being cranky. That's interesting!" If you simply observe yourself, you'll have less need to justify, defend, or point fingers at anyone else. Watch yourself, as you would watch a passing storm.

When you don't judge yourself, it frees you up to see what is really going on inside of you.

2. Ask the anger for its message

Say to yourself, "OK Anger, OK Upset, OK Frustration... what are you trying to bring to my attention here?" It always has a message. It may tell you that you want to be treated more kindly, hence you have to treat yourself more kindly. It may tell you that a relationship or situation is no longer authentic and you need to make some changes.

It may tell you that you are not a victim and it is time to intend and focus upon creating a kinder reality. It may tell you that you really don't want to let anyone's behavior sway you from a loving reality and these folks you call "morons" or "crazy" are just your personal trainers, poking at you to help you grow stronger in your ability to love. Never mind their dysfunction or issues, somehow you've allowed them into your life and on your path for a reason. Your soul wants to grow.

If you ask your upsets for their messages, you take back your power to create... and the anger dissipates. We use anger when we feel helpless or victimized. We feel mighty in the face of injustice or unkindness when we embrace our loving power to create.

We set healthy boundaries. We speak honestly and lovingly.  Our energy no longer permits the un-evolved to weaken our ability to love and create.

3. Listen to your heart

We say this nearly every week. If you honor your heart, which always wants to be loving to yourself and others deep down, you can say even the hardest things with kindness. You can move away from what hurts if only through your intention for now. You can do small things to make yourself happy and in so doing open the door for larger things to be attracted into your life.

Your upsets remind you that you don't like to imagine yourself small. They remind you that there is more power inside of you.

Embrace the power, listen to the heart, and love will be the new power that moves you.

Be kind to yourself! It is strong energy and it is dredging us all. Past lives are moving out. Our childhood upsets are moving out. Our truth is flooding in! And this may mean a few upsets and changes occur, but in the end, it is all to guide you towards a blissfully honest reality of heaven on earth!

I love you all! Have a fantastic week... cranky or not :)

PS - If you need an extra dose of powerful loving energy, I'm gazing online next weekend – Sunday the 18th. Check out details below. It's free. No registration required.

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Learning from the water

As many of you know I was talking about flow over two decade ago, before flow was such a big thing in spiritual circles. I had been reading, "The Power of Now," in 1997 when I first thought to myself. "OK, I'm present, now what?! How do I focus on the present and still proceed towards my desired future?" It is question i've since been asked many times.

The angels didn't answer me outright. Instead they told me to follow my heart and I'd find the answers. I didn't realize they were giving me the answer! So I followed my heart right up to Sedona for a few days off. I followed my heart to park on the side of the road and walk down to a secluded spot by the creek. I followed my heart right to a big flat rock in the middle of the stream that fit my body perfectly – face in the sun and feet in the flowing water. I fell asleep.

When I woke up in a half dreamy space and realized where I was, a strange thing began to a happen. I felt the energy of the water moving through me. I became highly sensitized and started to hear the various "voices" within the stream. I heard the murmured whispers of the softly moving currents bubbling over stones, the passionate roar of water pouring over boulders, and the soft "ssssshhh" sound of water barely moving in the shallower areas. I heard and felt the joyous splashing, and was massaged by the sifted sounds of water moving swiftly through the reeds along the bank. It was all flowing water, but it had so many different voices. It was all one stream with many different personalities...

Then I started to watch the flow, mesmerized by the shapes that its everlasting movement formed – endless streams and currents of water that had no solidity, and yet appeared solid as the flow was shaped by the rocks and the banks of the stream.

The water began to teach me.

It spoke to me in my heart and feelings and showed me that I wasn't solid either. We are streams of love - with our lives and bodies shaped by our own self concepts, our focus and feeling. I started to see myself as a fluid stream of ever-changing energy rather than the solid being I once thought I was. I was a collection of self concepts shaping the eternal stream of God's love into an "Ann." It is hard to put into words.

"FEEL the voices of the stream." I heard the angels whisper. I noticed that when I focused on a gentle bubbling sound I felt fizzy and at peace. When I focused on the roar of water over the rocks, I felt energized and dynamic. When I focused on the barely perceptible movement in a quiet pool, I too went deep. I understood. When we focus on something, we experience more of the same. 

"What would happen if you flowed with any current you focused upon, right here, right now?" the angels asked. "I'd move with the flow," I answered. "Yes," they smiled. "And what would happen if you resisted the flow?" "I'd feel it push against me," I replied. I realized that If I chose a gentle flow it would be no big deal. If I chose a powerful and rapid flow, then it would push me over into its path if I tried to resist. (I experienced that years later while trying to stand still in a swiftly moving river that knocked me over! I ended up floating downstream rather than standing!)

The angels kept smiling. The water kept teaching me.

We choose a "flow" in life by focusing on what we desire. In much the same way a gentle current doesn't push us very hard at all, a weak desire doesn't yield guidance as powerfully as a strong one. Conversely, a strong feeling of joy, faith, and passion for something in our lives puts does put us in a powerful flow. Things move quickly. We enjoy synchronicity. However if we doubt, suddenly we are standing in a powerful stream resisting it with disbelief and we notice that in a far more pronounced way as well. We may even, like me, get knocked down so we surrender to our own hearts once again.

It is both blissful and challenging to want something badly because you can enjoy the peak of knowing God's creative force if you have faith that goes with the feeling, but you can also feel the discomfort of standing in resistance to that very force if you have fear and doubt.

We can much more easily feel spiritual attainment and contentment when we want nothing. How much more exhilarating it is to set the forces of creation in motion with desire, jump in the river of Love, and go for a ride!

Here are some pointers this week to help you enjoy a graceful ride in the streams of grace!

1. Remember you can choose the current that will carry you

Take time to search your heart and focus on what you want. Perhaps you are in a dormant time and you're satisfied and happy. This can be a very gentle time. Don't fight it. Enjoy routine, cocooning, and rest.

Perhaps you do have strong desires. Align with them. Focus on what it would feel like to have them. We've been speaking about this a lot lately because the energy is so strong, that we are in swiftly moving currents. Make use of this energy by being honest and admitting your hearts desires to yourself.

2. Remember you can change any time.

Sometimes you think you want something. You get it, or you learn what you'll have to change to get it, and you realize you don't want it after all. Not a problem. The minute you change your desires the universe changes with you.

I often talk to people that say they want a relationship but as we dig further, they say,"Well, sometimes I do, but sometimes I don't..." They keep redirecting the stream.

When you can remain consistent in you desires you will be guided towards them. Any time you like, you can redirect the flow.

3. Keep your energy aligned with your desires

To stay in the streams of grace that you set in motion, you must continue to use the power of faith, focus, and feeling. Have the faith that you have the creative force of the universe behind you. Remind yourself often.

Focus on what you want rather than what you fear. If you fall into fear, refocus.

Feel the desired outcome. Take time as we mentioned last week to ask, "What would it feel like to have what I want." Spend a minute or two a day fantasizing the feelings. This tunes your energy field into the desired outcome.

The energy is SO strong lately. It is propelling us more quickly towards what we want and thus also making us feel our own resistance more acutely. If you find yourself in doubt, fear, or other forms of resistance, just go back to step 3 and re-align yourself.

The angels remind me constantly that we can create "man's way" and do more work in our outer world, or we can create "God's way" and do more work between the ears :) I personally think God's way is a lot more fun!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Telekinesis & two minds

I teach the principles the angels talk about, and I’ve been blow away by what students create. One of our “Ann & the Angels,” viewers reduced her student loan debt from $90K to "nearly gone" in less than a year. Another got her song on a national TV show and recreated herself as a public speaker! Intentional “focus with feeling” equals a lot of fun!

I challenge myself constantly to practice what I preach. If I have a pain and catch myself whining, I sit, breathe, and imagine feeling wonderful. My body starts to heal. If I have a financial issue or a home repair, I sit, breathe, and focus on what it would feel like to have no financial concerns whatsoever. I have received so many miraculous gifts from the universe that I know, when I don’t know how to handle something, God does. Sometimes I am the angel for others. Bless those of you who have been the angels for me! You know who you are!

The other day I caught myself missing one of two dear clients who had died over the holidays. I started to cry with feelings of loss, but then caught myself. There’s nothing wrong with grief, but I know I don't have to be sad, so I immediately began to focus on our loving connection. Sure enough she showed up in my mind with a warmth that had me both laughing and crying – this time for the sheer delight of feeling her love and joy!

For awhile I felt pretty confident with my manifesting. Then I saw the latest Star Wars! Once again a desire arose in me – one that pops up every time I see a Star Wars movie! (I know many of you secretly want to be a Jedi too!) I really want to learn telekinesis - the ability to move things with my mind. Why not? Kids are doing that and so many more amazing things these days. They don’t have any unconscious beliefs blocking it.

So, I started googling, watching YouTube videos and reading everything I could find on the subject. I bought some online tutorials and began my practice! Late at night, before bed, I dutifully folded up a piece of foil, and stood it on edge. I blew on it to make sure my breath wouldn't knock it over. I turned off the heater and shut the doors to make sure there were no drafts. I began to drop into that space of "all heart and no mind." Nothing. I continued to surrender, attempting to find that feeling where the foil and Ann were part of one big field.

After awhile of simply sitting in no-minded surrender, I dropped into the Oneness. I felt the awareness of my "Ann-self" expand into the awareness of a greater Self. A childlike delight arose within Ann - staring at the foil! That was “me” too! I felt wonder, immense love, and a sense of being that Divine field of love encompassing all things - Ann & the foil included. I no longer cared about moving anything. I was swimming in an ocean of bliss. Suddenly I imagined the foil moving.

Suddenly, without any sort of effort whatsoever, the foil began to jiggle and dance on the desk! Immediately. I zapped back into a very freaked-out Ann-brain! Oooh! I thought I believed in these abilities, but the minute I saw it, I saw my own unconscious disbeliefs just as clearly!

I got back into that space again a few more times. The foil danced a few more times, and each time I came ripping right out of that space, deeply aware of my own doubts! It was like being two people - the faith filled one and the skeptic, sharing one brain, arguing in one body!

The next night as I merged with the foil, I had a feeling as if it was my finger. I flicked it with my mind and it fell over! And then my brain jumped in and started to censor the entire experience completely, and I haven’t been able to do it ever since!! 

The experience is a great teaching tool that demonstrates why we can “believe” we’re manifesting something but have lurking unconscious beliefs – ones we don’t even know about – that block it! My conscious mind believes I can move things. Obviously my unconscious mind is not fully on board yet!

When your unconscious mind fully believes something – at a level far beneath your thoughts – then you can manifest like crazy. 

Here are some pointers this week to help reprogram the unconscious mind to align with what you truly want...

1. Ask yourself "What would it feel like to have what I want?"
The conscious mind believes in thoughts. The unconscious mind believes in feelings. Your unconscious mind was programmed by hearing things charged with feeling at various stages in your life. It reacts before you even have time to think.

It is what causes you to deflect a ball thrown at you before it hits you. You don't have time to think, "Oh there is a ball coming at me. I better put up my hand and deflect it!" Your unconscious mind is programmed to do this. Likewise, you don't think about how to drive a car. You excitedly filed that information years ago.

Similarly maybe you consciously can think about and decide you want money or a great relationship but something in you that learned with a lot of feeling, maybe even years ago is unconsciously saying, "That won't happen!"

It takes focusing on a feeling to reprogram the unconscious mind. Spend a little time every day imagining what it would feel like to have your dreams. Imagine they're already here. What is your day like? What do you feel? You are now reprogramming!

2. Seek out examples of people who have what you want and be happy for them! If they can have the dream, so can you.

You may consciously believe you can have what you want, but the unconscious hasn't seen it and doesn't believe it yet. Seek out examples, role models, mentors, or icons who help prove to your unconscious that just because you haven't had an experience doesn't mean it is impossible. Be happy for those who have what you want - you are programming your unconscious to rejoice in having what you want!

I am watching kids on YouTube who have embraced their God given "superpowers." They delight me! I don't waste time thinking, "Oh gosh what's wrong with me that I can't do what a kid can," instead I celebrate their demonstration of our greater human potential.

3. If all else fails seek out modalities that help you reprogram

There are many healing therapies and modalities that help you reprogram the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is a powerful one. EFT is another. EMDR. There are many more. Give yourself the gift of a reprogramming session to help you shift those brain circuits that may be running contrary to your desires.

Have fun this week. Think of something you wish to change. How would it feel if you were already there? Get juicy. Imagine the feeling until you feel it in your body and your bones. Or choose one of the other techniques above. Give yourself the gift of retraining the parts of your brain that hold you back!

I'll keep at it myself and let you know how it goes! 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Taxes and lemons

I love having my own business. I don't love preparing my taxes...

Every year, I pray that I wake up one day with a desire to get them ready for the accountant. It happened last weekend. I woke up with an urge to get them done. I was going strong for a few hours, when I started to get distracted.

Picking lemons sounded like more fun. I spent a delicious few hours in the tree gathering enough fruit to give away 18 boxes, juice 8 gallons and make pints of lemon curd. That lost its luster when cleaning house sounded like more fun. Shredding old documents sounded like fun. Cooking was more fun! I got a lot done... but not the taxes. At the end of the day I realized I really did want to get them done after all! After a day of citrus bliss and domestic bliss, I was ready to go back to work.

So the next morning I woke up and dove in. I realized what was driving me crazy was an outdated filing system. So I started working on that with zeal. I created new folders, new labels, and new files. (My label-maker is like a favored toy!) I set up new memorized reports in Quickbooks. Suddenly organizing the receipts was a lot more fun.

The house was clean. The lemons were picked. Food was in the fridge. The files were organized, and the taxes got done... all two days.

Years ago the angels taught me to honor my heart, in each moment, and ever since things have been accomplished with a lot more grace and ease!

Here are some pointers to help you find your heart in each moment too...

1. Ask yourself what you feel like doing now... and I mean now.

It would be easy to say, "Now I want to get my taxes done," but after two hours I did not want that. I felt like picking lemons. It would have been easy to plow through the lemon picking but after awhile I felt like cleaning house. While it may seem insane to switch tasked mid-stream, I personally work best in bursts of a few hours. Your cycles might be different. Honor that.

Because you're doing what you really want to do, you'll get more done.

2. If you have to do something you don't want to do, find a way to love it or add love to the situation.

If you have to go to work you don't love, either quit and have faith in finding a new one, or thank God for the income. If you love your kids but don't feel like doing their homework with them, focus on the time as an act of bonding.

I used to dread running weekly engineering meetings because everyone else hated them, so I started bringing doughnuts! Suddenly the meetings became a lot sweeter :)

You've heard the song, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." The angels would say, "If in the moment, you can't do what you love, find a way to love what you do."

3. Always honor your heart by focusing on what you desire

If you got to a job you don't care for, no matter how much love you add, honor yourself by spending time visualizing and asking yourself, "What would it feel like to have a job I love?"Take time to put some energy towards what you dream. You'll get the universe in motion to help you create a more loving life.

While it is not humanly realistic to love every moment of your life, the more we listen to our hearts, the more loving moments we will have, and the more we'll notice what needs to change.

My heart may have guided me to a crazy way of getting my taxes / lemons / housecleaning / cooking done, but it worked for me! I sure had a lot more fun along the way than if I had just "put my nose to the grindstone," as we say.

This week try to honor your heart in the moment, even if the most loving thing you can do is to admit you want more and pray for then manifest better!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

From Death into Life

I spent Christmas this year with a living friend and a dying friend. My living friend is an angel of a nurse who was performing hospice duties for our dying friend. We both "got the memo" from spirit that she wanted to leave on Christmas.

If you've ever been around someone ready to graduate from this earthly plane of existence, you know that you're privileged to be in two worlds at the same time. In order to truly be present to the miracle of transformation about to take place, you have to see beyond the physical and feel what is really going on with your heart.

Our friend's family had done all they could to make her comfortable. Her bed was near the fireplace, and her children sat in vigil, simply being with her as she slept. Her breath was labored and her body had shrunken to nearly half it's size. If you looked through human eyes, it was a sad sight. Through the eyes of the soul, there was so much more going on.

A week prior I had gone to visit when she was still awake. We didn't say much... verbally. I held her hand. The energy started to pour through me. We shut our eyes and together our spirits shifted into heaven. In this dimension, she was dressed in a gorgeous gold gown reminiscent of a dancer's dress and the angels were singing a glorious chorus of "Joy to the World." I don't know how long we stayed in this space but when my eyes popped open, hers did too and we smiled joyously, like two kids sharing a wonderful secret. "Did you hear them?" I asked. Her eyes lit up and she nodded. Gazing into one another's eyes, we shared one last earthly "conversation" of precious, silent, joyous love.

On Christmas she didn't need help reaching heaven. As I walked into the room I felt her spirit in every crack and crevice, filling us, feeling us, and knowing, at long last, that she was soon to be liberated from a failing body. I shut my eyes and she allowed me to feel her joy, to peek into the realms she was now experiencing and to feel her vast love for her children. There was no sorrow, no regret – nothing but pure bliss. She kept just enough energy in the body to honor a family member's wish that she not take leave right on Christmas day, and passed peacefully the next morning. Far from being gone I felt her magnificent spirit in it's glorious, expanded form. She was "home" – not somewhere else, but every where else. She had not left. She simply expanded into her true nature.

Death is nothing more than the death of an illusion that we are small, separate, insignificant and temporary. Earthly life is a treasured journey into the world of separation so God can peek out through 7 billion different forms and witness the miracle of itself in all of creation.

We forget this truth. The "dying" remember as they are rebirthed into light.

Here are some pointers this week to help you treasure this precious gift of life.

1. Delight in your senses

Slow down. Taste your food. Smell your coffee. Feel the miracle of your own hands. Put lotion slowly on your skin and savor the sensations of millions of miraculous nerve cells singing for joy. Listen to the rustle of the leaves in the breeze, or a song that elevates you beyond the ordinary. Gaze into the flame of a candle and ponder the miracle that you are this same light.

Allow yourself to savor the experience of being in a body.

2. Look at the world, yourself, and one another with wonder

Children live in a wonderful universe because they are full of wonder. We learn to look for the familiar and to judge the unfamiliar. What if we looked at the world with the eyes of a child, with wonder, curiosity, and a sense of adventure?

"That person in line is yelling. I wonder what they're so upset about. That person in the news looks so angry. I wonder what they feel so strongly about. Wow, there's a bug. I wonder what he's thinking..." Wow, feel that ache in my body. "I wonder what it is trying to tell me?"

When we remove the judgment and experience the wonder, suddenly life seems like the miracle it is.

3. Treasure your moments

Each moment of life on earth, no matter how challenging is a gift. Stop, right here and now, and give thanks for everything you find. What can you love now? Who can you love now? Don't take anything for granted. I give thanks for my bed every night, for a warm home in the winter, for my food, my clothes, my clients, my friends. If I bang an elbow I give thanks for the one that feels good. The more you do this, the quicker the challenges pass, and the more fun you have along the way.

Choose to be happy now, on the way to a happier later.

There is nothing like spending time with someone leaving this plane to remind us of the value our life on earth, even with its challenges. Enjoy the gift of your life. Don't wait till someday when things look as you wish. Start now because in every moment, gifts and treasures of love and grace await our recognition.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Love in the line

You never know how Love will touch your life...

This week I was waiting in line at a grocery store customer service desk when an older, Indian gentleman turned around and offered me his place, "If you're in a hurry, you can go ahead of me." What a sweetheart! I thanked him but told him that for once I wasn't rushing.

A client had canceled before my lunch break, and while I "should" have been at home answering emails, the idea of running errands appealed. "I like to ask," he continued in his delightful accent. "The mothers are always so busy!" I joked, "Well, I don't have kids, but I'm mom to a lot of adults. I feed everyone!"

His face lit up! "Oh my wife! She feeds everyone! She is not my wife! She is my LIFE! We've been married 40 years." Love emanated form him, as he spoke of her with reverence. He proceeded to tell me they had large gatherings of people at their house each month just to talk. His wife fed everyone and they had only five rules: No politics, no religion, no selling, no drinking, and no smoking. They invited total strangers just to meet and eat. "You should come!" he told me. For the thousandth time this life, I wished I could clone to enjoy all the delightful souls I meet.

I ran into him again as I was leaving. "I was just telling the clerk how sweet you are," I told him. He smiled and joked, "Oh no! I'm short, old, and ugly!" I looked him in the eye and teased, "That's not who you are! That's just the costume." He smiled even more broadly. "This," he said softly, gesturing at all the people still in line with a sweep of his hand, "This is all just Halloween!"  We shared a silent moment of shared mystical truth and grinned like two kids with a beautiful secret. I saw the Divine in him as clearly as he saw it in me. He surprised me with a big hug. "I love you darling!" he told me with soul-level sincerity and the innocence of a child. "I love you too," I replied, practically dancing out of the store!

This is the "real" world – a world of tolerance, love, and authentic expression. Occasionally, in this earthly dream, we get to experience the "real world" when love and kindness, humor and grace are shared freely, with innocence and without reservation. This soul blessed my day, my year, and now all of you with his innocent, loving heart.

Can you imagine how we could change the world if we were all a bit more open to the adventure. I can. Let us dream it together.

Here are some tips this week to help you trust the journey...

1. Trust everything is perfect even if it doesn't look that way
We are always exactly where we need to be to learn what we need to learn. The more you trust that, the better life gets.

If your bank account is low, trust that you're learning about real abundance. When my clients cancel I trust the Divine Orchestration of my life. If a relationship doesn't work out, trust that you are going to receive more love. When a cold tried to set in near the end of my vacation I realized my body was telling me it was time to eat kindly once again.

The more you affirm and believe that everything is perfect, the more you'll see and experience the perfection.

2. Surrender to yourself... not your "shoulds"

If you find things don't look the way you think they should, stop. Breathe. Ask yourself, "Given life as it is, people as they are, me as I am, what next?" I "should" have answered emails when my client canceled. I felt like running errands. Shoulds rob you of God's grace.

3. Open to the adventure

Control is highly overrated. So is knowing how everything is going to turn out. As children we opened to life, live in the moment, and embrace our days as a grand adventure.

Years ago it wasn't on my agenda to take a certain route home, but it felt right. As soon as I turned off the freeway there was a woman with a stalled car. I went to get her some gas and she insisted I take some money for my time. I had just prayed for a little financial help. She had prayed for someone to assist her!

The next time something doesn't look as you wish, surrender to the adventure. Magic and miracles await!

May 2018 bring you joyous adventures, and more than you'd ask for!