Saturday, January 28, 2017

Life is an adventure!

The past few years the angels have challenged me to notice where I see life as "hard" – things as simple as grumbling when I dropped a fork, or crying over a physical challenge. They didn't do this to be cruel or nitpicky. They did it to remind me that life will become much easier when we stop focusing on how “hard” it is now!

In our willingness to embrace life’s challenges as a child does – with curiosity and innocence – the challenges cease to be problems. So, every time something happened that I didn’t like, I’d remind myself, “Life isn’t hard! Life is an adventure!” I found myself getting clever again, finding answers, and tapping into the God-given help we all have... for myself as easily as I do for others :)

When we're not busy resisting life, we're open to the help from heaven so we can enjoy life even more!

I have talked to many people who can’t wait to die. They think of death as an escape, not realizing that we take ourselves with! Whatever thinking we embrace on earth, we bring with us, and if it's not so good, eventually our souls will long to come back to earth and do better! "Like kids with a video game," the angels say, "we want to come back and master our own illusions and wrong thinking." It is hard to imagine, but when you get in heaven the desire to love is SO strong and so overpowering, it will draw you right back to earth, even if you wait a few hundred years in heaven, unless you learn to love yourself exactly as you are!

I happen to like earth... a lot! I’ve been to heaven and back. It is love and beauty beyond reason, but earth is a magnificent playground for the soul with so much diversity! Here God portions his love into a gazillion forms and we get to witness the wonder of it all! It hasn’t always been easy, but the more I embrace life rather than resist it, and the more I embrace myself rather than resist me, the more resilient and joyful I become.

These past few months have been inwardly tough, as life and the angels have helped me see every area in my soul where I've felt unlovable. It wasn't easy to look at. Its so much easier to blame life, others, my past, but I took responsibility for my own creation. I chose to love even those who had been unloving, to not ignore those who have ignored me, to love myself even when no one else seemed to be there to do it. I knew I had achieved quite a victory in my soul and I felt really good about it.

Apparently I graduated. 

I woke up a few Friday's ago, with an indescribable peace and a strong understanding that I could choose to "go home"now. I felt the tug and pull and peace of heaven. I knew that if I stayed it would mean more intense growth, but also joy and a life of contribution. It was my choice. I saw clearly, that if I chose, I would leave swiftly and painlessly in a car accident. There was no fear or drama – only sweet peace and a choice to be made.

I chose to live. I stayed inside the following day rather than driving up north. The following weekend, an event I was going to attend in Sedona was canceled due to inclement weather. I would have been on icy roads... We do have choice, whether we are aware or not... and life is a beautiful adventure as regardless of how it looks.

Here are a few tips to remember that life doesn’t have to be hard this week 

1. Make peace with the fact that life is always interrupting “your life!”
That sounds funny, but we have our plans, and life seems to interrupt them all the time! We intend to leave the house on time but someone calls. We sit to answer a few emails and end up being distracted for an hour. We have plans to rest, but something spills or the kids, spouse, friends, parents, need something. We ran out of soap and have to run to the store… 

Life interrupts “our life” all the time! To find true joy we have to stop thinking our “real lives” are going to happen someday when everything is perfect, when we have the perfect bank account, the perfect partner, the perfect health, etc. 

Far better to realize that life is happening now, and choose to be with it on its own termsFace the day like a child on a grand adventure. Who cares if we don’t always get our way, if we choose to be happy now.

It's a funny thing but if you choose to be happy now, more joy comes later... and more easily. Don’t wait for life to stop interrupting “your life.” 

Live now. Love now. 

2. Look at life as an adventure

We can look at life as hard, or we can look at it as an adventure. When I’m in a space of truth, and I drop a dish or spill milk, I enjoy it thoroughly! When I've been bloated like a walrus, I stick my tummy out like a child and marvel at it. Children show off their “boo boos” and broken legs. They love watching things spill and making a mess. They observe drama with a curiosity born of innocence.  

We can do this too! Imagine you are a child, just observing human life without judgment. See if you can go through a whole day with only a sense of wonder and curiosity for all you see.

3. When things don’t go your way, assume you are loved!

Its so easy to assume we’ve done something wrong, or that we’re not loved when things don’t go our way! We’re sometimes act like kids screaming for a cookie, the angels say, when the feast is coming!

Assume you are loved no matter what... and see how that shifts your reality.

Life is an adventure.
 Sometimes it looks as we want. Sometimes it doesn’t. Nonetheless, with an open mind and heart, we can enjoy the adventure, find joy in the present, and in so doing open ourselves up to attract more ease, grace, joy, and love than any amount of struggle and effort will ever bring. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Keepin' it real

Have you ever seen someone struggling, for example, to open a door with an armful of groceries, and when you offer to help they say, "No, I'm fine." Or has someone ever asked you if you wanted help, when you were struggling and you politely turned them down... even if you really wanted help? 

If you've been in either scenario, you know there's very little movement, no assistance allowed, and just the same old unnecessary struggle going on. It comes from a very human notion that we have to "be strong," "handle things ourselves," and that we're not perfect exactly as we are in any given moment of time. 

The problem with that thinking is that it is flawed. While being strong is good, accepting help doesn't indicate weakness. While handling things ourselves can be fun if we like what we're doing, there are times we don't. God knows too, quite literally, that we are perfect as we are – expressions of Divine love no matter what is going on at the surface of our minds and lives – and there is never, ever a need to be ashamed of our own humanity.

We pray for love and yet, we push it away when we are unwilling to acknowledge our own feelings to ourselves and trusted others... or at least to the angels.

I used to come to the angels trying to be perfect. They helped me to a degree, but they also told me I was blocking them. "But I'm not supposed to be angry!" I'd say angrily. "You are," they reminded me. "We can't help you if you are ashamed and afraid to ask for help." "I don't want to be sad," I'd cry. "You are, why don't you admit it and ask for comfort?" "I feel stupid asking the angels for help fixing my dishwasher!" "Well ok, but if you were to ask, we can help you." The list goes on! Over the years the angels taught me not to be "perfect" according to some arbitrary human standard, but rather to be real. 

It in acknowledging our feelings that we receive help and healing.

Years ago I had a twisted ileocecal valve. I had ballooned out to twice my size and was in wracking pain with contractions and spasms that felt as if I was trying to give birth but a baby wasn't moving. It was horrific. I got an emergency appointment with Summer Bacon, a dear friend who channels in in deep trance. 

I started the conversation with, what I call, "sugar coated drivel." "I know I caused this. I know I blocked my feelings. I'm trying to be positive." The angel interrupted me. "Would you stop it please and be real with us." I got mad. I was supposed to be positive! I was a spiritual teacher! You want real? Ok, here it comes!

"F-IT! I hurt! I want help. I don't give a #!*% how I created this. Just help me! Please." I broke down into tears. Suddenly I felt waves of warm energy, love, and compassion, and actual relief in my body. Now the angels were able to help me. My shame and embarrassment for getting myself in this predicament had been energetically blocking their desire to help.

Since then, I'm very real with heaven. If I'm frustrated I ask them to recycle my upset and turn the dense energy to light. If I'm sad, I sit still and ask for a hug. If I'm joyous, I sing God's praises and ask them to amplify the joy. If I need help I ask for it.

Just last weekend my gazing livestreams were challenging, so during my lunch break, I told the angels I was frustrated and needed a tech angel to help me. I got some suggestions and the streams worked much better in the afternoon! People received spontaneous feelings and reported swirling with divine love.  

There is nothing heaven can't help us with... if we are willing to set aside being ashamed of being human, and just be real. 

Here are a few tips to open up to heaven's help this week... 

1. When you first wake up, admit how you feel to your angels.
Just admit, "I'm happy, sad, frustrated, not sure if I can achieve what I want to," or whatever it is you honestly feel. The censor hasn't kicked in yet so its easier to "be real" first thing in the morning! If you don't like speaking out loud, or telepathically, write in a journal. There's no need for eloquence here. Be as you are.

2. Next, Admit what you'd like help with that day.

You should hear the "honey-do"list I give my angels every morning! I sound like I'm talking to a personal assistant! I need help making sure my readings are loving and beneficial to my clients. Help me remember to check the sprinklers, fold the wash, call so and so, get the emails done, remember the Facebook posts, wish a friend happy birthday, and oh yes, please help me find time to eat too... and on it goes!  

Don't sort through your needs to see which ones are "worthy" of heaven's help. Ask for help with everything! 

3. Remind yourself you are perfect as you are... even as you expand into more

There is never a time when you need to hang your head in shame and feel you've failed God or the angels. You may have not lived up to your own or someone else's human expectations, but no use wallowing or beating yourself up. Resolve to do better, ask for help, and remind yourself of all the things you've done right!

Have a blessed and beautiful week... Remember to "keep it real!"

Saturday, January 14, 2017

So much love!

Sometimes I weep for the fact that we don’t know how dearly loved we really are. 

So many of us learned that we’re loved if we make someone feel good. We’re loved if someone makes us feel lovable. We’re loved if we behave, please people, get good grades, do what is expected of us, etc… We’re loved if we’re beautiful, financially secure, funny, and the list goes on.

We feel unloved when we’re criticized, ignored, betrayed, dumped, attacked, abandoned, ugly, poor, stupid…. you name it. The list goes on.

We learned to feel lovable when humans give us cause to feel that way, and unloved when they don’t.

The truth is we are loved. Beyond reason. Always. Without condition.
… And in ways we can barely begin to comprehend with the human mind.

It is our task to get out of love’s way, to stop telling ourselves we are unloved in any number of ways, and to embrace the truth.

I finished the chores last weekend – cooking for the week, tidying up, finances, etc and I was excited about finally creating time to work on a project. It occurred to me that a little "gaze practice" would get me in the right mindset. I set my intent for the energy to bless family, friends, and all of you, then stood in front of the mirror, looked into my own eyes and surrendered.

An exquisitely tender Presence began to move over and through me. I felt embraced by a bubble of warm, fizzy energy. It became stronger, more electrical and began to expand into a field of light that encompassed me. 

I heard my guides talking amidst themselves, “Do you think she’s ready?” Long ago I stopped asking, “Ready for what?” They concluded I was ready for whatever was coming. "Surrender more deeply. The energy is going to get stronger," they told me. "Release all thoughts. Be willing to receive." I quieted my mind, released my thoughts, and opened up my entire being.

Massive rivers of love began to pour through me. I felt gripped by an expansive force field of light so all-pervasive, I could no longer see anything other than a blinding golden-white light in all directions. I couldn't even see myself in the mirror except for a tiny blur of a body in an immense sea of energy.

I expanded into the light, beyond any boundaries of a body or mind, until I experienced myself as this light. Soon, I started to experience different “windows of awareness” – as if I was seeing how the light would answer various client’s prayers with incredible love and tenderness.

I found myself in the future, within the consciousness of a man that one of my clients, who was praying for a relationship, would meet someday. I felt the light gently nudging his awareness to notice her. I felt his feeling of warmth and tenderness as he did.

I felt myself, as the light, within vermin infesting a friend’s house suddenly projecting the thought, “This isn't loving. It’s time to leave now.” 

I experienced myself as cells in my own body awakening to the fact that they were being bathed with truth and healing energy.

I also felt a tiny awareness of myself as Ann, standing there in the awe and wonder of the journey. I was able to sense also the areas in my aura where I was still blocking love. Swimming in a sea of love there were still places where I was not yet allowing it to flow freely. Amazing. There was no judgment, simply understanding... and a desire to open to love even more deeply in my every day life.

As Rumi so eloquently stated, "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

Children don't block love's flow. They say what they mean, feel what they feel, and love without abandon or a need for acknowledgment. They go towards those who are loving and move away from those who aren't. They live naturally - according to their simple, pure, and innocent nature in each moment. So can we.

Here are a few tips to remind you that you are loved this week: 

1. When someone else is unloving, do something loving for yourself.
When someone is unkind or unloving and you can't seem to let it go, shift the energy by doing something loving for yourself. We have the power of choice. You can focus on the rotten half of an apple or the good half. You can focus on the unloving and the unkind, or you can exercise your power of choice to be loving to yourself.

The angels constantly remind us that any act or ackowledgement of love tunes us back into the vibration of love! 

2. When you get self-critical, stop! For every self-criticism, say three kind things about yourself.

We’ve all had those days when we feel stupid, ugly, unkind, etc. Its easy to get down on ourselves. However, the angels coached me to adopt a simple but powerful habit. Every time I catch myself in self-criticism, I stop and say three good and kind things about myself. Try it. It may be hard at first, but if you develop the habit, you’ll switch out of the unloving vibe very quickly.

3. Spend an entire day… or an entire life reminding yourself that you are loved!
  • When you wake up remind yourself, "The Universe loves me! Its going to be a great day!"
  • Every time something doesn’t go your way, say to yourself, “I am loved. There must be something better for me.”
  • Every time someone is unkind say, “It’s OK! I am loved by angels and the Creator of universes!”
  • Every time you don’t feel so great about yourself say, “It’s OK! I am loved without condition, exactly as I am.”
  • Every time you feel afraid, say to yourself, “I am loved, supported, cherished… All I need to do to receive is believe!”

  • And when things look wonderful, "Oh Wow, I'm SO Loved! There is more evidence!"
I decided to do this, this week, just for fun and I can't even tell you the joy that started pouring into my heart! Try it... if you can't yet believe it, pretend! You can shift your vibration in your inner or outer world, and its much easier to shift it in the inner world first!

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Flip the complaints

Happy New Year... again! I feel very inspired this year. I had time to go within during my week off and both celebrate the things that work in my life and take a good look at what isn't. It is easy, when you see those areas in life that don't work, to feel upset at yourself or others. It is easy to pretend we're victims. It takes effort to create. But oh how much more fun it is to know that we're in the driver's seat in our lives than to have our feelings bumped about by the words and deeds of others!

Not a single soul called me on Christmas this year. My family is going through some challenges. My friends were all busy with their own celebrations. I didn't go anywhere this year. I decided I was not going to feel sorry for myself. I decided to create a Christmas immersed in the energy of the Christ. Upon awakening, when I do my daily intentions, I created the "most loving, magical Christmas possible" and then I let go and listened to my guidance. What a joy to create in streams of grace... I knew I was in for something wonderful!

Traditional or not, after eating a huge meal, I took hiking. The day was gloriously crisp, with a sapphire sky and white puffy clouds. I was enjoying my version of a White Christmas on a white quartz boulder in the middle of the desert, when I started to feel the "inner call" - a tugging sensation on my third eye that I meant I was in for some in the other dimensions.

It was then and there that I received the best Christmas present of all! In the waking dream, there were all my guides, including Jesus. In my body, I felt the love coming up from Mother earth, down from the heavens, coursing through me like rivers of bliss. I sat in silence in the midst of this powerful love, in a prayer without words. If there were words they would have said simply, "Dear God let the earth and all of humanity feel the peace, joy, and the light of the Christ light every day of the year!" As I write this I still feel the power of that love and my body is shaking with it. Bliss! We are SO loved!

That would have been enough to make my entire year, but it got better. At home I had the crazy urge to Google "Ice Skating Arizona." Seriously! I didn't realize we had ice rinks right here, in the desert. One of them looked as if it came straight out of a Hallmark Romance - with colored lights, music, and a huge Christmas tree right in the middle of the city! I had to go!

Happily I dug out my ice skates only to find they were so old they had disintegrated!!! After 3 decades off the ice, I had dust skates! That wasn't enough to stop me. Laughing, I got in the car and got lost on the way because I was too busy singing Christmas Carols to pay attention to the roads! Finally I got present, surrendered to guidance, found my way, and remembered how to skate! Bliss. Total heavenly Christmas bliss! I taught a young woman to skate, watched a couple get engaged, and somehow managed to merge into that mystical oneness where there was only love sailing around the rink in a myriad of different shapes and colors... #feelingblissed

Here are a few tips to take your joy back when life doesn't offer it the way you think it should...

1. View every complaint as an opportunity to create!

When something doesn't look as you wish, ask what you do want? If you don't like your job, what kind of job do you want? If your relationships are not loving, what type would you want to create? If your health isn't where you'd like it, what would you like?

Take one complaint, right now. Flip it! What do you want?

2. Loose the limitations!

Just because we don't know how to create something doesn't mean a thing. The angels remind us...the power that lives within us is more powerful than anything outside of us. Don't know how to create a new job? God does. I've been there. Relationships looking bleak? God knows 7billion people and the hearts of the ones that trouble you... not to mention your own. Don't know how to heal? The Divine informs your body and mind with every deep breath. Start there, in-spire yourself with conscious breathing.

Not knowing how to have your desired life is no excuse not to focus on it. As the angels say frequently, "You can risk dreaming success or guarantee your own disappointment." 

3. Commit!

Commit to what you want. You don't have to know how but you do have to stop complaining about its opposite. You have to start spending time focusing, feeling, and believing in the dream. Had I chosen to focus on being "alone on Christmas, forgotten, blah, blah, blah" my day would have been horrible! I chose to focus on God's love, magic, and joy, and experienced better than I would have ever asked for. This is true in all areas of life.

I was a disgruntled young engineer and when I finally started believing God could offer something more and focusing faithfully on what it would feel like to "wake up happy, go to bed grateful, and make a living doing something I loved, this is where I ended up! It wasn't even on my radar!

So, try, this year, to flip your complaints, lose the limits, and commit your thoughts and feelings to what you want. Sure, it IS work! But I'd rather do inner work any day, and call up the love that lives within us, than give my power to be happy to outer circumstances that I can't control!