Saturday, December 16, 2017

The power of focus...

Sometimes it is easy to find the light. Other times, it takes a little more creativity...

I was in the midst of Christmas bliss and joy when I awakened at 4am one morning a few weeks ago with a very unpleasant energy in my body. I felt a burning static and a stabbing pain behind my eyes. I still have no idea what or who that was, but I know at the time it didn't feel very Christmasy to me!

I heard the angels in my head. "Focus on the light." So I laid down, breathed, and thought of everyone I love. I called in my helpers, listened to their instructions about how to breathe and move to allow the energy to leave, and prayed for the upliftment of whatever it was. With a violent lurch it left me. I fell back asleep, thinking it was over Unfortunately I woke up with a lot of pain and one eye still swollen and stuck shut.

The angels, ever helpful, reminded me to "focus" on being healed if I wanted my "focus" back! 

So I went within and imagined what it would be like to see clearly by the end of the day. I thanked God for one eye working, warned my clients that I might look like a pirate with one eye shut and proceeded to get to work!

I was right in the middle of a reading, talking to a client about how surrender to the present, coupled with trust, allows God to fix everything, when the eye flew open and I could see again! We both got a huge laugh out of that synchronicity! I was even able to gaze for my second client, although tears were streaming from the injury. However, just as I'd pictured, by the end of the day I was gazing for clients just fine. It was pretty miraculous, and even though it took a few days before I could wear contact lenses again, I healed in record time!
I'm back to enjoying the season and that little adventure is fading into the past.

Life does throw you a few curves at times. It doesn’t always look as we wish. People don’t always act as we want. I am not always the person I want to be. But the angels' advice holds true - Focus on the the light in any given situation and lo and behold, you can transform almost anything into a more loving experience.

I'm back to my holiday fun and the misadventures are a thing of the past!

Here are a few tips to help you sail through life’s challenges without getting stuck in them:

1. Focus on the desired outcome
It is all too easily to feel bad, victimized, or upset when life or people don’t turn out as we wish. You do need to let yourself have your feelings. However, the trick is to let them flow, let them go, and refocus on the desired outcome.

When people are unkind, I feel my feelings, then focus on feeling the love in the entire universe again. When I have unexpected bills, I focus on them being easily paid. When someone is acting up I focus on what it would feel like to handle them with dignity and grace until I can get away from the unpleasant behavior.

If your car was headed into a storm and you kept focused on the clouds, you’d drive right into them. Instead of you focused on finding the blue skies, you’d take a different course.  By focusing on what you want, you aim towards it!

2. Don’t dignify the darkness / turn to the light

No matter how challenging a situation or unpleasant a person’s behavior, we have the choice to focus on it, or to focus on something better. The world teaches us to focus on the darkness, but we can choose to focus on the light. 

If a person is acting badly, focus on handling it with firmness and love, including self-love. Or focus on something else, someone else, or at least the fact that they must be crying for love. If a situation is hard to deal with focus on what you can do, what you do have, or how you want things to turn out.

Turn to the light and your life will transform into greater light. Focus on the darkness and you remain in the dark. 

3. Add humor

As the saying goes, sometimes you have to laugh instead of cry and I much prefer laughter. Laughter dissipates the darkness as surely as a flame melts ice. It is true I’d prefer not to hurtle demons out of me at 4am, or write Christmas cards while waiting for roto-rooter!! However, if I must, at least it makes for some good comedy!

I hope your holidays go better than expected, however, when the unexpected arises, you can transform it quickly by looking to the light. Instant transformation - Just add love :)

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Letting go of expectations

Letting go of expectations has been an ongoing lesson in my life. When I graduated college with a BS in Electrician Engineering, I expected I'd get a good job, get married, have two kids, retire, travel, and fit in a social life and crafts. As the saying goes, "God had other plans." Much better ones.

Everything was working perfectly according to plan with two exceptions: I didn't love my work and I didn't love my life. In fact it wasn't until several years after college that I realized that what was missing in my life was me. I was so focused on "how things should look" that I had never stopped to ask myself, "Do I like what I'm creating?" "An I enjoying the path I'm on?" When I did, the answers were painful series of "no's."

Within years of admitting that truth to myself, and completely letting go of my expectations about how life should look, I quit engineering, admitted my marriage was exactly what I thought it "should" be, but not even close to what I felt drawn to, and discovered that I was called to do angel readings. 

I went into my life changes kicking and screaming. I experienced loss, loneliness, and lack all at once. I grieved and sobbed at night. I felt like a horrible person for "quitting" until I finally had to admit that the creator of universes actually had a better plan for everyone involved than I had conceived. My ex-husband, who is a very good man, remarried a woman just like I thought I was and has been happy ever since. My job was delegated to six other people who then had an opportunity to move up in the company. I ended up in a life I love.

As I wrote last week, my first few Christmases on my own looked nothing like I thought they "should." Instead, guided by angels, they were filled with wonderful surprises. 

Here are a few tips to enjoy the holidays if you are feeling lack, loss, or loneliness:

1. If you are lonely seek out ways to give
Nothing cures loneliness quicker than connection. One of the kindest ways to connect with others is to serve. Volunteer to wrap presents, deliver Christmas angel gifts, hold preemies at a local hospital, read stories, build houses, serve soup, walk rescue dogs... The list of needs out there is endless. Google "holiday volunteer opportunities" with your city's name and you'll find many.

If public volunteering isn't your thing do something quietly kind for others. Slip notes under the doorways of total strangers with inspirational quotes. Give out candy canes. Smile. Hold a door. Help someone in need.

In giving we forget ourselves and find the connection we seek. 

2. If you are experiencing a loss, reconnect with the joy of the relationship

When you're grieving, you can't get around the tears, nor should you. It is best to allow the emotions to come and go in their natural cycles. However, when not engulfed by grief, you can start to develop a relationship with your loved one in heaven so you can continue to connect, albeit in a very different way than you did when they were on earth.

Step one is to create ways to remember the good times. Find every happy photo you can and make an album or a collage that brings back good feelings. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, or won't have, do your best to focus on the beautiful times you did have.

Next make a resolve to grow spiritually and learn to connect with your dear one in heaven. There are many CDs, classes, etc. out there that can help you. I have one with a few meditations to help you connect called "Life After Death" that people report worked well for them. 

If you can focus on finding the connection with your loved one again, then slowly loss turns into an expanded relationship.

3. If you're experiencing lack, dig for the abundance within

Maybe you can't afford gifts this year. In that case, its time to get creative as people have done for centuries and find ways to share your gifts, heart, talents, etc. Maybe you can give the gift of cooking a meal for someone, walking their dog, or creating something inexpensive.

I once gave friends a certificate for a nice home cooked meal every month. It didn't cost me much. It gave me joy to create, and they ate well! Another year I took cheap styrafoam balls, glued them together, rolled them in glue and Christmas sparkle snow from the dollar store and decorated them as snowmen. I included a handwritten poem and my friends loved them.

A letter expressing your love and appreciation for a friend is a beautiful gift. A collection of notes from mutual friends is even more beautiful. You can help someone decorate for Christmas. If you have a voice you can sing them a personalized carol. You can always find inexpensive gifts from your reservoir of talent and care. Rarely does a receiver expect you to give as much as you do.

Gifts from the heart are remembered long after the stuff comes and goes.

I hope this helps you have a happy holiday no matter what is going on in your life and heart. It is after all, always about the love we bring to it.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

A holiday from the heart

I love the holidays. No matter what the world is doing, I enjoy the baking, time with friends, gifting, decorating, and so much more. To some that might seem spiritually shallow, but to the angels, any act performed with love is an act of deep and lasting vibrational value. I know the season is about so much more, yet I love the fact that we can be both deeply human and Divine and enjoy them both. There is no separation.

In fact the more I surrender to my human desires to enjoy the season, the more God works through my joy. In the middle of a day of gazing online with Braco – the miracle healer from Croatia – I was suddenly inspired to run out for a quick holiday errand. The clerk at the store noticed my pendant and commented on how she was really "drawn to it." I told her it was Braco's symbol of the light within.

She smiled, confessed that she didn't tell too many people, and proceeded to share her own miracle story. She was born with failing kidneys. As she grew up, she was slowly dying. Her mom brought her to a faith healer. Being a young teen, she asked God to heal her without making her look silly by falling on the floor or having her speak in tongues. Instead the healer touched her and she felt a huge warmth burn through her, followed by a feeling of being jolted and then, she said, "Suddenly I knew I was healed." She has been healthy ever since. Her doctor was amazed.

We smiled feeling immediate kinship. She was thrilled to become aware of another miracle healer. I was in joy to hear another miracle story. My errand was accomplished and so was God's! 

Trust your own heart. This holiday season, enjoy it however you wish, or not at all. Just be true to yourself. It really is that simple.

As we honor our own hearts, we honor the One Love, and the One light, from which we all are born. As we serve our own joy, we share that joy with others as well. 

Here are a few tips to stay in light and love during the busy holiday season:

1. Only do what you genuinely want to do

You don't have to have a "Normal Rockwell" Christmas unless that is your wish. Do the season your own way. Be authentic.

I'll never forget my first Christmas after a relationship ended. I was alone and although I usually love Christmas, I wasn't feeling at all Christmassy. I decided to do something completely non-traditional, and went hiking alone because nature always nurtures my soul. There, at the top of Camelback Mountain, in the middle of the city, I found myself amidst quite a celebration of strangers all chatting, laughing, sharing cookies, and enjoying the camaraderie of our shared love for nature.

To make matters even better, we were treated to an impromptu concert by a Scottish exchange student, dressed in full Scottish attire, who serenaded us with Christmas Carols on his bagpipes at the top! What are the odds?! It was an unusual but delightful celebration with total strangers.

Had I ignored my heart and tried to feel "Christmassy" at home that year I would have been sitting alone feeling sorry for myself! God had better plans. All I had to do was let go of my "shoulds" and be authentic about what I wanted to do.

2. Do what you love... or find ways to love what you do.

If you find yourself doing something out of obligation, rather than joy, rethink it. Either find a way to enjoy it, find a way to delegate it, or don't do it. It is the season to share love, not to stuff stockings – or stomachs – out of duty.

This Christmas I decided to do what I wanted when I wanted. Instead of writing this newsletter early in the week I dropped it to run to the post office and mail packages, which suddenly felt like a fun errand. Miraculously there was no one else in line! I was in and out in ten minutes.

The week before Thanksgiving, I managed to coordinate work on the house, work with clients, put up Christmas decorations, make Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas shop, and more. Nothing felt rushed. It was fun. I did what I felt like when I felt like doing it.

By choosing to do what we want to do when we want to do it, we place our trust the universe's amazing coordination and flow. 

3. Practice random acts of kindness... for yourself too!

This one is easy. Be kind to strangers. Smile. Give away candy canes (one of my favorite "Annta Claus" activities!). And... don't forget to stop and enjoy the season for yourself.

While I treat everyone else as if I'm a "fairie godmother" granting wishes during the season, I've learned to include myself as well. If I lose a few hours sleep because I've spent them under a warm fleece blanket sipping hot cocoa and watching a heart-warming Hallmark movie, I wake up energized and have even more spirit to share!

Be sweet to yourself as well as others!

I hope you can enjoy the spirit of the holidays, by being loving to yourself first, and then allowing the true spirit of the season to spill over. And if you're not feeling "Christmassy" it's OK... be sweet to yourself anyway and let the Divine work a little loving holiday magic in your own life.