Saturday, November 25, 2017

Peace and grace for the holidays

I've been a busy bee these past few months. Since the beginning of October, I've spent a few weekends hiking, had out of town company, traveled to visit my parents back east, have been working overtime on client days , put up the Christmas decorations, had beautiful company over for Thanksgiving, ... and am remodeling my bathrooms, which has been a delightful exercises in surrender and grace.

As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, I've dreamed of this project for ten years! I vowed to myself, having just taught "Living in the flow of Grace," that I would complete the project without a shred of drama. So far, so good! Jesus and Grandpa are my advisors (both great carpenters), and God is a pretty awesome project manager.

I didn't start with a coordinated plan. I chose cabinets and counter-tops, then sinks and faucets. Next up was paint colors, which admittedly is not my strong suit. I love color and need shades that resonate with my energy. So I painted several sample strips, chose one and proceeded to paint both bathrooms what appeared to be a lovely ivory color.

I woke up to what looked like lemon ice cream on my walls. My energy field rebelled. Back at the hardware store, I found a lovely wheat color that looked beautiful in the sample stripe I painted. Four more hours were spent on the ladder painting in the middle of the night, and I went to bed pleased with my efforts. Unfortunately, I woke up the following morning to something that had dried and looked the color of dead grass in the morning light!

My heart sank. I was tired and achy. Nonetheless, my latest mantras are "If you don't love it, don't do it," "If you have to do it, bring love to it," and in the case of paint colors... "If you can't love it, redo it!" So off to the hardware store I went. The folks in the paint department all knew me by now and started teasing me. I still had paint in my hair (Note to self. Never paint a ceiling without a cap!) Happily three was a charm. I stopped over thinking, dropped into my heart and went with the shade that made my energy hum sweetly. Now, wrapped in a warm fuzzy cocoon of "powdered gold" I am very happy for the "do overs!"

The only way I've packed in so much work and play is to take life moment by moment. I get up in the morning and give thanks for my day. I pray for all to go smoothly and do affirmations like the ones above. Every time I catch myself even straying into stress, I remind myself to get back into the present, drop in my heart... and trust the journey.

My bathrooms are looking pretty good so far – totally different than what I would have usually gone for, and at the same time, much nicer! God knows my heart better than my brain did at times, and the grace-filled journey has proven even more important than the end result.

As you venture into the holiday season here are a few tips to enjoy it with amazing grace:

1. Wake up and embrace loving truth

Print out the angels' affirmations and say them every morning. "

I breathe in the light that I am. 
I breathe in the peace that I am.
I breathe in the love that I am.

I am a magnificent creation, creating a magnificent day.
I create the most loving day I can possibly imagine.
I create grace, ease, and joy today.

I am nothing less than love.
I am so deeply, dearly loved.

2. Practice Peace Pauses

If you catch yourself getting stressed or harried throughout the day, stop wherever you are. Breathe in peace. Remind yourself, "I am peace. I am love. I only have to handle this moment. The rest will unfold in grace." Believe it, breathe it, and that will be your reality.

3. Color the journey with love...

Borrow one of my mantras:

If I don't love it, don't do it.
If I have to do it, bring love to it! 

A simple shift in thinking is often the difference between a chore and a blessing. An obligation becomes a joy when colored with love. Life happens. We do things. Our perception makes us a Scrooge or a Santa Claus. 

Try shifting your thinking this week about one thing you generally don't like. Imagine it is a great blessing. Have fun with this. This is how I turned house cleaning into a meditation, and have opened up to Christ experiences while folding laundry! A

As the angels like to remind us, what we do matters far less than the love we bring to it!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Manifesting from gratitude

I built my entire business as an intuitive on gratitude. Years ago when I started doing readings in a local bookstore, I was scared. I had given up an engineering salary and made $6 a day after taxes and the bookstore fee, if that much. I didn't know how to "build a business." That is when the angels taught me the power of gratitude.

They advised me to do a quick meditaiton every morning – to simply sit in gratitude for the fact that I could do something I loved and then when I felt full of light to imagine this light light beaming out from me in all directions. I was then instructed to telepathically make one simple statement, "If my work can serve you and you'll honor the exchange, please find me."

People started walking into the bookstore. "I don't know why I'm here. I was driving by and felt like someone could help me." I did. The angels instructed me to give thanks after each reading. "Thank you God for the chance to help this soul. I'm ready to serve another." They advised me to give thanks after paying each bill. "Thank you God for the money to pay this bill. Thank you for the refill." I started giving thanks for everything in my life and everyting to come... and it came.

The two slowest days of the week at the bookstore turned into the busiest days. One-person classees gave way to classes for twelve, then twenty, then more... When the bookstore closed three years later I had a thriving home practice. 

To this day, I give thanks for everything present and future. The angels taught me that as long as I can give thanks, I can naturally tap into the abundance of love available in the universe.

Here are a few pointers to practice abundant gratitude:

1. Give thanks for yourself
My mom took classes from a Jesuit priest who encouraged her to go to the mirror each morning and simply say, "Thank you for making me the beautiful soul that I am." Self-appreciation is not conceit. It is an acknowledgement of the the Creator's love that lives within you.

Every morning thank the Divine for making you the beautiful soul that you are. Every night give thanks for at least 3-5 things about yourself whether they are characteristics, features, or loving thoughts, words, or deeds.

2. Give thanks for what you are creating

Giving thanks for your desired future is a powerful way of bringing into the presence. It builds up a field of believe around you that becomes magnetic to what you desire.

When you can truly appreciate your future as if it is here now, you are well on the way to having it appear.

3. Give thanks for things you normally take for granted

Life is a miracle! Give thanks for the sun shining upon you, the rain that nourishes the land, the folks that grew your coffee, for the locks on your car door that someone took hundreds of hours to design, running water, your beating hear... You get the idea!

Everywhere you look there are loving creations and we take so many for granted every day.

Extra credit - Give thanks for something that was painful or challenging

This one is not easy, but when you can authentically give thanks for the love and lessons even in your toughest challenges, you have completely transformed them and have made huge progress in mastering your thoughts.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Coming together

I grew up in a family of strongly opinionated and strong-willed people – me included. There were often conflicting points of view... and that used to bother and frustrate us all. I'm certainly not the person anyone (including me) thought I would turn out to be.

In years gone by, I spent many upsetting conversations trying to convince my family to believe as I did, to enjoy the healing modalities I did, and to accept my points of view. I spent many more frustrating trying to be accepted for my beliefs without being able to prove them. My dad is a physicist. My mom has done accounting and office work. My brother is of a religious persuasion and was concerned about my soul. In my younger days, we had some mighty arguments. In retrospect I know we all just wanted to be accepted and understood.

Over the years the angels have helped me accept myself so thoroughly that I was able to give up my need for validation, approval, and acceptance. As a result have no need to push my beliefs on anyone. I've also realized I have no need to please anyone by trying to be anything other than who I am. We all get along beautifully now. We all take a much greater interest in one another.

My dad, a brilliant physicist and college professor, now listens to my stories of life working with those on the other side. When I recently went home for a visit, he gave me a tour the research lab where he and his students are studying cold fusion. My mom and I now talk about recipes, my nieces, jokes, and angels. My brother, who once feared for my soul, is a wonderful dad who shares his heart and home with us. I feel as if we've graduated. In fact, I just returned a few weeks ago from one of the most loving and beautiful visits in my adult life – truly a victory celebration of unity in the diversity!

Here are a few pointers to find / feel more unity this week:

1. Seek to understand
Rather than judging another perspective, seek to understand. Ask, "Why do you feel that way? I'm interested." Don't jump to conclusions or make assumptions. When we grant others understanding, they frequently return the favor. If they don't at least you'll understand them more deeply.

2. Give acknowledgment when you don't have agreement

If you don't agree with someone at least acknowledge their perspective. "Oh, I see what you mean." The angels beg us not to try to change others but rather allow ourselves and them the courtesy of simply being acknowledged.

I talk to people everywhere. Sometimes someone will go on and on about a belief that I simply don't share. I just say, "Oh I see what you mean," and that is enough.

3. Enjoy the differences

Enjoy cultural diversity. Savor the flavor in life! If you find someone's perspective absurd to you, laugh about it. What is absurd to you serves a purpose for someone else.

I can't wait for the day when we all return to that innocent state of being where we are naturally and simply curious about the differences. Variety is truly the spice of life!

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Self love is innocent

Like many of us, I grew up witnessing a culture of self-critical women. My mom learned it from her mom, and I learned it from her. I grew up feeling like I had to be perfect, and it wasn't until I started working with angels that I realized we all, already are – not according to some superficial human standard, but rather in the eyes of God and the angels.

I used to be a "sorry machine" – apologizing for everything in advance to avoid criticism. 
I used to put myself down very easily. It took years to break those habit patterns. The angels once made me go to the mirror every time I criticized myself, and apologize sincerely!

Finally being around children, animals, and other innocents taught me how to easily return to a natural state of being.

I used to go sit by an outdoor fountain in the summer at one of the local outdoor malls just to work and listen to the screams of delight from the little ones playing gleefully in the water. Each one, clearly, was in tune with their own beautiful nature.

Some gingerly patted the water. Others shrieked and splashed all over. Some sat on the fountains while others ran through so quickly they barely got wet. Some organized little groups while others preferred to play alone. No matter what their personality, these kids were quite comfortable being themselves. They sorted themselves out easily into groups of like mind. Very little adult intervention was required. In a natural state of joy, these souls knew exactly where and with whom they belonged.

I never once saw any of these children criticizing themselves. They showed off. The stuck out their big bellies and bragged. The ones wearing casts sat at the edges and proudly told everyone who walked by what they'd broken. If someone was unhappy they pouted or shouted, and then it was done – no shame, no blame. If they hurt another kid's feelings, you'd see them stop, think about it, and then go back to make a peace offering.

Kids come to earth already perfect, knowing how to love themselves. I adore watching their very pure interactions. I believe this is the reason that we must "be as a child to enter the kingdom.

When I forget how to love myself, I simply remember the innocent child within and the perfection that lies beneath the surface of all human interactions, mine included!

Here are a few ways you can be kind and loving to yourself this week:

1. Every time you criticize yourself counteract it by giving yourself three genuine compliments.
Every habit takes repetition to break. If you are in the habit of criticizing yourself, catch yourself in the act and give yourself 3 compliments. I still do this and inevitably I feel better, change my vibration and often end up laughing at my own humanity.

2. When you are hard on yourself stop. Treat yourself the way you'd treat a child.

When I get upset, rather than criticizing myself, I talk to the innocent child within, "That's OK honey! They were hurtful! You have a right to be mad." Within seconds the anger dissipates. When I become fearful I tell myself, "It's OK, we have angels. Everything is going to be alright." When I become sad, I grab a blanket and surround myself with love and warmth. Treat yourself with the same kindness, acceptance, and love you'd give a child. That innocent child still lives within you.

3. Give yourself treats

Every now and then, or better yet often, stop and do something kind for yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, time to read a chapter in a book, or time to daydream. Go get, or cook, a nice dinner and eat by candlelight. Play beautiful music on your commute. Buy yourself flowers. Do anything healthy and uplifting that you'd normally reserve for "special occasions" or for others. Gift yourself with your own love.

Let's all work to end the cycles of self-abuse and instead embrace a kinder, happier, more self-loving reality.