Saturday, June 24, 2017

Allowing miracles

I had a little scare last week... The night before I was scheduled to fly out to speak at the Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness studies conference, both of my arms broke out in a pretty unsightly rash. I wasn't stressed about the conference. I was all prepared and excited. The rash looked like a perfect pair of shackles around my wrists! It looked like really bad timing to be clearing out a past least to my limited way of thinking. Ends up it was perfect.

I prayed, "Should I cancel or go?" I already knew the answer. I was going and I would have to use every ounce of faith and focus not to have this spiral into one big mess. I wrapped my wrists in bandages with apple cider vinegar... then got on the airplane the next day. When I arrived I hiked a few miles from the hotel to the local grocers a few times to stock up with natural remedies and good food. (I now know how to make clean gourmet healthy meals in a hotel room!!)

I was blessed again. Braco was live streaming online the next day so I watched his gazes before the conference started. I felt the healing energy and knew everything would be OK. I saw the past life that was leaving. I put pride aside and wore bandages the first two days of the conference. By day 3 however – the day I was scheduled to speak and gaze – my arms were so healed you could barely tell I'd ever had a problem.

I know that if I had spiraled into fear, that rash would have covered me. I've had things like that happen before. I also know that this was my chance to take off the "shackles of fear" that had bound my mind in the past, and to truly free myself to be the creator we all are. I was shedding a past lifetime where I could not be freed, but one that had no bearing on my present life. Focusing on well-being, and having faith that I'd receive my miracle, was exactly what made the miracle possible. Needless to say I'm beyond grateful for the lesson!

I had a beautiful time at the conference too... I'll have to share more on that later, maybe next week!

For now, here are a few pointers to help you mentally deal with life's challenges.

1. As soon as you notice a fear, stop. Breathe. Focus on what you want.

Breathing helps you re-center and get out of fear long enough to start asking yourself an important question:

What if this problem or challenge was already solved?

What would you feel like? What would you be doing instead of fretting and worrying? How would you be enjoying your life. Really let your imagination go to the lighter side of the issue here. 

2. Sit. Breathe. Receive. Ask your angels to adjust your energy field to be consistent with your desired outcome.

The universe responds to our energy not our thoughts. I used every ounce of willpower to focus on clear skin and well being, then called on God, the angels, gazed with Braco and spent time in silence allowing myself, in my imagination, to feel vibrantly well. It really works.

I just heard from another dear soul who needed a car that she started focusing on having a new car and a family member offered to give her their old one - a used one, yes, but in fantastic condition with low miles. For free. This is the power of focusing your mind on the solution! 

3. Repeat & Take Action when Guided

Every time you feel yourself falling into fear or worry, repeat the process. It doesn't to take long but as the angels always say, getting your energy right is far more important than any activity we might take. 

In the energy of calmly expecting your desired outcome (or better!) you will receive inspiration and guidance when and where it is time to act.

If you like, take one life challenge you have right now and try the process all week. See what shifts. We are all "miracle makers in the making!"