Saturday, June 24, 2017

Allowing miracles

I had a little scare last week... The night before I was scheduled to fly out to speak at the Academy of Spiritual and Consciousness studies conference, both of my arms broke out in a pretty unsightly rash. I wasn't stressed about the conference. I was all prepared and excited. The rash looked like a perfect pair of shackles around my wrists! It looked like really bad timing to be clearing out a past least to my limited way of thinking. Ends up it was perfect.

I prayed, "Should I cancel or go?" I already knew the answer. I was going and I would have to use every ounce of faith and focus not to have this spiral into one big mess. I wrapped my wrists in bandages with apple cider vinegar... then got on the airplane the next day. When I arrived I hiked a few miles from the hotel to the local grocers a few times to stock up with natural remedies and good food. (I now know how to make clean gourmet healthy meals in a hotel room!!)

I was blessed again. Braco was live streaming online the next day so I watched his gazes before the conference started. I felt the healing energy and knew everything would be OK. I saw the past life that was leaving. I put pride aside and wore bandages the first two days of the conference. By day 3 however – the day I was scheduled to speak and gaze – my arms were so healed you could barely tell I'd ever had a problem.

I know that if I had spiraled into fear, that rash would have covered me. I've had things like that happen before. I also know that this was my chance to take off the "shackles of fear" that had bound my mind in the past, and to truly free myself to be the creator we all are. I was shedding a past lifetime where I could not be freed, but one that had no bearing on my present life. Focusing on well-being, and having faith that I'd receive my miracle, was exactly what made the miracle possible. Needless to say I'm beyond grateful for the lesson!

I had a beautiful time at the conference too... I'll have to share more on that later, maybe next week!

For now, here are a few pointers to help you mentally deal with life's challenges.

1. As soon as you notice a fear, stop. Breathe. Focus on what you want.

Breathing helps you re-center and get out of fear long enough to start asking yourself an important question:

What if this problem or challenge was already solved?

What would you feel like? What would you be doing instead of fretting and worrying? How would you be enjoying your life. Really let your imagination go to the lighter side of the issue here. 

2. Sit. Breathe. Receive. Ask your angels to adjust your energy field to be consistent with your desired outcome.

The universe responds to our energy not our thoughts. I used every ounce of willpower to focus on clear skin and well being, then called on God, the angels, gazed with Braco and spent time in silence allowing myself, in my imagination, to feel vibrantly well. It really works.

I just heard from another dear soul who needed a car that she started focusing on having a new car and a family member offered to give her their old one - a used one, yes, but in fantastic condition with low miles. For free. This is the power of focusing your mind on the solution! 

3. Repeat & Take Action when Guided

Every time you feel yourself falling into fear or worry, repeat the process. It doesn't to take long but as the angels always say, getting your energy right is far more important than any activity we might take. 

In the energy of calmly expecting your desired outcome (or better!) you will receive inspiration and guidance when and where it is time to act.

If you like, take one life challenge you have right now and try the process all week. See what shifts. We are all "miracle makers in the making!"

Saturday, June 17, 2017

You, me, & the cosmic pool

I don't think any of us have any idea how powerfully we can affect the mass consciousness with our peace, love, calm, and joy. Every now and then, however, something reminds us.

Years ago we had a big tornado cloud in Phoenix, Arizona, which is highly unusual. I looked out the window after work and the sky was pitch black. A friend who knew I didn't watch the news, called and told me breathlessly, "There's a tornado cloud two miles from your house! Turn on the news!" I stepped outside and saw a swirling mass forming in the sky. I flipped on the news and heard urgent warnings to take shelter. My heart started pounding. I had two dogs at the time and there was nowhere to go. I don't have a basement.

I went crazy, throwing everything I Design’t want to lose into the bathroom.  Five minutes later I was sitting there on the bathroom floor with my two dogs, six pillows, a flashlight, computer backups, purse, a raincoat, a change of clothes, and water bottles, when it dawned on me that if the tornado actually touched down I would be like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz flying through the air in my bathtub with all my worldly possessions and my two dogs swirling with me.

I could hear the urgency in the newscasters’ voices on television saying that the funnel clouds were dipping towards the ground.  As I froze in fear, heart pounding, I felt the angels all around me. They were insistent but kind,  “Ann, remember what you know about creating!”  I suddenly felt acutely embarrassed that I had fallen out of faith, into fear.

I focused on my breathing and became very peaceful and still inside.  I said loudly, “In the name of God and the Christ consciousness within, I command the clouds to rest easy, stay in the sky, and make sure there is no harm to person or property.”  I felt an intense peace come over me and ripple outward.

As soon as the prayer was uttered, heat and energy flooded through me with such intensity that I broke into a sweat that drenched my clothing and everything around me.  I felt as if a wildfire had burnt through me.  I had pure faith in that instant in God’s ability to work through me to calm the storm. I felt nothing but peace and a searing heat. Two minutes later, the newscasters announced the clouds were dissipating.  It was a powerful lesson for me in how our energy does indeed ripple outward.

There is a story Braco's helpers tell about a time when he gazed in New York city. Someone put a picture of him doing so on the huge display screen in Times Square. Millions of people saw it and subconsciously felt the peace. That day alone, the papers reported there was no crime in the city. One soul standing in a very great light created that much peace. Can you imagine if we all did?

Here are a few pointers to help you ripple waves of goodness into the fabric of humanity this week... and into your own life.

1. The next time you are around someone who is in chaos or drama, see if you can ripple peace
The angels taught me this technique. I use it often in my work to help calm people who are hurting, grieving, or upset. 

As you breathe imagine that there is a column of calm soothing light, like the peaceful eye of a hurricane, running up your spine to the heavens and deep into the earth. No matter what the person or people around you are doing, breathe in the peace and solidity that this column of light creates. 

Then imagine the light expanding outward – a beautiful peaceful light that embraces all around you. Imagine this light soothing them, calming their chaos and helping them feel loved. With every breath allow waves of this peace to wash through you out into the room around.

Try it in a crowd sometime among strangers or when you are next to someone upset on their cell phone. See what happens.

2. When you are happy, peaceful, feel abundant, calm, or inspired, share those waves!

If you feel something positive in your own life, take a moment. Breathe and feel the feeling very deeply. As you breathe out imagine sending a wave of this beautiful energy rippling outward into the world! You just sent a vibrational gift to humanity.

3. Use the Swimming Pool visualization to help someone you love

If you are concerned about someone, imagine them in a pool next to you. Imagine what type of waves they are sending out, and imagine what type of waves you could send to help them.

Maybe they're depressed and you want to send them little effervescent bubbles of joy to tickle them kindly back into life. Maybe they are angry and splashing violently and you want to send them peaceful and calm waves. Maybe they're drowning in self loathing and you want to send deep powerful waves of love beneath the surface to buoy them up once again. Use this metaphor to see both their energy and to figure out what type of energy you wish to send them. Just by using your intent and imagination you are.

For example I had someone write me very panic'd about a life situation. She felt like a drowning swimmer clinging to my energy. I imagined sending her waves of calm and picturing her buoyed and floating effortlessly. She wrote me a few minutes later to say she felt better.

So many people I talk to want to do more for the world. Sometimes we don't have the money, time, or strength. However we all have a few moments a day to put beautiful loving ripples into the cosmic pool!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Don't worry....

I didn't worry about much in life until my false life fell apart and I started living my real life! When I was an engineer, married, with a nice house and two dogs, life was pretty easy. I was doing what everyone expected of me and had a lot of support. Then I figured out who I really was. I got divorced, quit my job, became psychic in the window, and

All my external "crutches" were taken away. I had to start to generate my security from within. For the first time I didn't know how to "control" my life, and as a result, I worried about everything! I worried about whether or not I messed up my entire life. I worried about the friends I had lost and whether I'd ever be loved. I worried about my former husband and dogs. I worried about money. I worried about my clients. It was insanity and it hurt.

Little by little the angels guided me to learn to manifest, and to focus on what I wanted rather than on everything I thought I did wrong and everything I thought could go wrong.

Little by little things started to go right. I started to imagine the best instead of the worst. My business picked up. I travelled and found great joy, new friendships, and peace in my heat. I started to focus on people I cared about being happy and healthy. Not everyone stepped into those beautiful "energetic blueprint" as the angels call it, but I felt better, more empowered, and like I was giving all I could to assist.

Now I rarely worry about life's challenges. I know that either they will be solved as I am picturing them or in a better way. I know I'm loved, supported, and cared for by the universe. We all are. We just have to get our energy attuned to that love so we stop blocking it. The angels like to say, "God wants to pour a river of love into your life but your hand is on the faucet." When I have a financial challenge, I smile knowing God will come up with a solution or I'll have a bill to pay. When I have a health challenge, I embrace its lesson and picture myself well. When I see someone I love doing something self-destructive or in pain, I picture them feeling gloriously well.

Jesus, the yogis, and other spiritual masters have the ability to create miraculous healing because they picture the well-being and divine light of a person more strongly than the person pictures their illness.

Can you imagine a faith so solid it can "see beyond the illusions and appearances of pain and suffering in this material world, and instead see the truth of an abundant and glowing soul so strongly that this truth appears? I have achieved this a few times with clients, and am working on becoming stronger in my ability so I can help more people. We all can :)

Here are a few pointers to help you kick the worry habit and embrace your soul's power to create a better outcome...

1. Turn every worry into a prayer and a powerful manifestation

Every time you catch yourself helplessly engaged in the worry habit, stop. Flip it. Find the love and the desire underneath it. Then pray. Picture the outcome you'd prefer. Imagine your bills paid, the world at peace, your loved ones happy and healthy.

This is how I've healed my body numerous times when very ill - I've pictured and remembered feeling good more strongly than I felt bad. It led to the guidance and solutions to fix problems that could have helped me into heaven otherwise!

2. Instead of telling others you worry about them, tell them how much you care

There is a bad habit in humanity of thinking others will feel your love if you tell them "you are worried about them." Instead most of the time it is annoying. It basically says, "I don't have faith in you. I want you to change so I feel better." Of course that's not what we want to convey!

So instead of saying, "I'm worried about your health," say, "I love you! I am picturing you radiantly happy and healthy! I don't know how but I trust. I have faith in you and faith in God." That feels like love to your loved ones. They'll listen to your suggestions more easily. They'll be inspired. They'll feel your heart and care.

3. Embrace "not being in control"

I like to joke that it came as a shock to me that I don't run the universe and everyone else's life. We sometimes get so worked up because we want things to look a certain way and if they don't we're afraid horrible things will happen. In reality the Creator wants a much more loving reality for all of us! our idea of a solution might just not be the one another soul needs to grow, or might not be the best.

Its fine to envision the outcome you want, to pray for and intend it, but always remember to add, "this or better." Thank GOD I don't run the universe! Or you :) We have only a fractional understanding of the greater good. So when you worry, by all means intend what you want, but always leave room for better!

Surrendering control is not giving up on your desires but rather allowing room for something better. 

I wish you all a worry free week, or if you're not there yet at least a week of working to kick the worry habit.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

$A Symbol of love

Many of you have heard this. I quit a lucrative career in engineering on guidance.Within a year had a job as "psychic in the window" at a local bookstore. If I was lucky I made $6 after taxes on a good day. I worked on the slowest day of the week, since I was the newest psychic there. It was, honestly, very frightening! My savings was going down and not much was coming in.

I prayed for money. Instead of sending me more clients, the angels taught me how to shift my energy... and therefore shifted my capacity to receive and allow for the Love that wanted to circulate through my life and work.

I didn't work harder, advertise, or get a second job. Instead I listened to the angels advice. I advertised on the "inner net" and focused on gratitude.

Every morning the angels told me to sit and feel how wonderful it felt to do something I loved. It was true. I loved talking to angels. I sat and thought about the love until my heart was filled with gratitude. Then they instructed me to imagine beaming that light out in all directions - like rays of sun, and simply to say, "If my work can help you and you'll honor the exchange, please find me." That was it. That was my "advertising."

After each client, the angels told me to give thanks for the ability to help someone and make it clear I was ready to serve more. So after each client I prayed, "Dear God thank you so much for giving me work I love that can help others! I'm ready to serve more." Another person would walk in a few minutes later.

People started walking into the bookstore on the slowest day of the week. Soon I was booked and my day became the busiest day of the week. When another psychic left I was given another day to work. That day started to book up in advance too! When the bookstore closed three years later, I had such a large base of clients I was able to survive on my own.

I now understand that praying for money is useless. The soul doesn't care about money. It cares about experience. Focus on the experience you want, the joy you will feel, the gratitude for what you already have, and absolute miracles can happen!

Here are a few pointers to help you make money a symbol of love, rather than a symbol for fear... and therefore keep it flowing in your life!

1. Give thanks for all you do have

The angels say, "A Grateful Heart is Always Full" and feeling this fullness puts you in a very abundant vibration. 
A few weeks ago I took my 1998 car into the shop. This year she needed some very expensive repairs, but I love her and it is still less expensive for me to maintain her than buy a new one. However, I had just paid for a trip to donate my time and speak at an conference. I had just helped a friend. So it was a bit of a stretch at this time!

Nonetheless, after seeing so many miracles, I knew everything would be fine. I gave thanks for a car that has been so dependable, for a great mechanic, for the ability to sit in air conditioning while it was being fixed, for the Internet which gave me the ability to work, for my health, safety, etc...

I went home and several clients who had been behind in paying me, all of the sudden – that day – had paid me. I hadn't asked! A credit card suddenly announced some money back. People were suddenly generous. The bill was nearly all paid off within weeks, without me doing a thing other than keeping my energy in the vibration of abundance. Gratitude is the key...

2. Remember... The Power that Creates Universes Can Manage Your Life!

That statement always makes me roll with laughter! How is it we believe the creator can make our lungs breathe, our heart beat, coordinate the stars in the heavens, turn the seasons, move the tides... and yet we stress out that God can't or won't help us pay a bill? It's absurd to be afraid when you actually think like this and yet most of us were trained to worry!

One of the "Ann & the Angels" show viewers had some seriously large back taxes to be paid on her home. She was watching the manifesting series (2) and got into the vibration of faith. She mentioned her faith that she'd receive help to a friend. The friend was so impressed she was connected with a generous donor who paid her back taxes! This is how God works!

All things are possible with the infinite. Don't limit the Divine. When you don't know how, Source does.

3. Don't Plug Up God's arteries...

If you have money and you want something you can afford, enjoy it! No guilt, no shame, no worry about "what if I don't have more later!" You don't want to clog up God's arteries by letting fear pinch off the flow of abundance in your life. When you genuinely get something you want, you feel happy. You celebrate. You give thanks for your abundance... and that puts you in a vibration to attract more!

Every time I pay a bill, I say, "Thank you God. I'm ready for more." Every time I get something I like I say, "Thank you God for the abundance you have blessed me with."

I am not rich in the world's sense. I still work with clients every week, so I can pay the bills and give away all I do for free. But I live in a flow wherein I get what I need and give what God wants, realizing I don't have to worry about money, but rather can trust that I am only a conduit for love. I receive. I give, and in that flow everything is cared for.

Have a blessed, grateful, and abundant week... starting in your own heart!

Love you all!

PS - If you want a "guided tour" into heavenly abundance, Series 6 of Ann & the Angels is a 12-episode series, available as video-on-demand, that takes you step by step into this mindset. In just half an hour a week and a few minutes a day you can shift your energy and shift your whole relationship w/money, abundance, and how to attract it into your life! More info here.