Saturday, May 27, 2017

Conscious Breathing...

Sometimes I sit down to channel the weekly newsletter with an idea of what I'd like to talk about and the angels come through with something entirely different. Sometimes I overlook the obvious. Breathing seems so natural and easy, right? But in reality most of us don't breathe deeply, or consciously.

Conscious breathing has come in very handy for me lately. I've been sleeping deeply, having fascinating dreams, and waking up happy. However, within a few seconds of opening my eyes, I start to feel a very anxious and unpleasant vibration in my my body as I re-enter the earth's frequencies. If I had no resistance to the fear and anxiety on the earth, I'd move right through it and quickly back into bliss. Eventually I won't even feel it at all. But I'm not there yet. I'm working on deeper levels of surrender at all times, and striving to live in deeper levels of love... for everything.

That being the case, I don't like feeling this staticky, unpleasant energy. So, for now, I sit up, breathe, surrender to the angels and the light that rides in on the breath, and once again feel heaven. Within minutes of surrendering to the breath, I am tuned back into bliss, feel awesome, and am able to get on with my happy day! Maybe someday I'll breath so deeply at all times that I won't even feel the static. I'm working on it! 

For now conscious breath is an elixir that cleanses my energy, enlivens my cells, and fills me with an enthusiastic energy for life.

In the surrender to a conscious breath, absolute miracles can take place. 

Yoga and meditation instructors have taught this for years. Nonetheless, I think we all need reminders. It's all too easy to get caught up in the world's energies these days. Happily it is also easy to breathe and find heaven once again!

Here are a few pointers to help you breathe easily this week!

1. When you first wake up take a few deep conscious breaths
Before you even get out of bed, sit up. Ask your angels for help with anything you need that day, even if you simply want a loving, grace guided joyful day. 

Then breathe in deeply. Know you are breathing in all the loving energies that you need to help adjust your energy to match your prayers. Hold the breath for a few seconds and imaging it lighting up every cell, lighting up your aura, enlivening you. Feel its energy and love. Then exhale gently and repeat a few more times. 

Allow the conscious breathing to fill you with love and energy for your day! 

2. When someone, or life, upsets you... Breathe the breath of peace

This one sounds obvious, but we don't always do it. When someone cuts you off in traffic, says something unkind, or upsetting... breathe. When you get that email asking you to do "just one more thing," breathe. When you stumble upon bad news, breathe. When you think about something painful or upsetting... breathe.

In all of those cases, slow down. Take a deep breath in, intending to breathe in peace and reassurance that everything is all in divine order. Hold that breathe of peace. Now exhale and know that any anxious of chaotic energies are leaving. You might see it in your mind's eyes like white light flowing into you and fuzzy static flowing out of you. Repeat a few times. 

The breath of peace gifts you with not only peace, but also with a clear perspective on what to do next. 

3. Before Bed, Breathe in Your Day

No matter whether your day was pleasant or not, breathe it in for cleansing. Imagine you are inhaling the energy of your entire day. Hold the breath for a few seconds allowing the natural systems in the body and aura to take in what is good and sort out what is not useful. Now exhale. You are releasing all that is not helpful.

Breathing in your day allows you to benefit from the loving frequencies and clear out the rest. 

Doing this a few times will help you sleep more deeply without all that static bouncing around inside of you! 

Breath is such a powerful, but under-utilized form of receiving love, releasing undesirable energy, and self-healing. Use it consciously this week and see how you feel! 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Healing anger

The angels told me that they had a hard time convincing me to come to earth. They said I argued that it was too angry a place for an enlightened soul. Obviously I wasn’t so enlightened as I thought, and had something to learn because I once here again, that I discovered that carried a lot of anger towards the angry and unkind souls.

It took many years for me to realize that my anger at others was only anger at myself.

In my thirties I dated a man I didn’t love. I had been cheated on and dumped by his best friend when he swooped in, professing his love for me and trying to convince me he was the one. I felt a sense of revulsion, not because he was a horrible person, but rather, because my stomach knew right away this wasn’t right for me.

Nonetheless he was kind and insistent, and even though knew better, and had even been sneaking around Sedona trying to avoid him, he persisted and wore me down. I was needy and desperate for love at the time, and I started dating him in the hopes that I’d develop more feeling if I just "gave him a chance." Looking back I was insane! I didn’t realize it at the time.

Needless to say my feelings had been right. Hi true nature was kind, but he was also angry. He had been abused by his father, had a mother who drank too much and as a result became extremely verbally abusive and violent without much provocation. I stayed with him three years hoping I could change him, help him, or convince him to be his true loving self. All the while I grew angrier and more unkind in my own words and thoughts.

I thought I was angry with him. The angels lovingly pointed out that I was angry at myself for once again betraying my own heart and guidance. I was angry at myself for getting into this relationship in the first place, and angry for staying much longer than it was loving to myself, to stay. It was hard to hear, but they were right.

Since that time I have only been that angry once – when the unkind spiritual soul was attacking me over the past few years. I started going down a path of deep upset and knew it wasn’t where I wanted to be. I prayed and the angels showed me that once again I was angry with myself for “letting someone get to me” that crazily. I was angry because I fell into a fear that allowed the energy of attack. Amazingly, when I rid myself of my fears, and therefore no longer allowed spiritual attacks to come at me, I felt only love and compassion for the hurting soul who had delivered them.

It can be very hard to embrace that our anger at others is really a deeper anger at ourselves. We live in a culture that easily supports blame and shame. Political campaigns are built on it, Reality shows thrive on it. The news feeds us this reality every day.

However, if you want spiritual freedom, it is incredibly, powerfully freeing to take responsibility for our own feelings and to take back our God-given power to be happy.

Here are a few tips to help you escape the blame and shame reality and once again find yourself, as the angels say, living in the “image and likeness of love.”

1. Allow yourself a moment of righteous anger & let it point you to a greater truth

Always start where you are authentically at. If something upsets you acknowledge your feelings. Own them, but then just as quickly shift them to what you want. For example:

"I'm upset people drive like crazy. I want to be safe." "I'm upset that this person lied about me. I want people to know who I really am." "I'm upset that my ex doesnt' take any responsibilty. I want help raising my family." "I'm enraged that people abuse animals! I want people to be kind. I want everyone to know they have souls." "I can't stand prejudice! I want the world to know we are all equal."

You get the idea. Own your upset, then shift quickly towards the kinder reality you desire... without asking the other person to change.

2. Set a healthy boundary if you need to

Sometimes behaviors do not belong in your life. Decide what you will permit and communicate clearly. Then enforce your boundary.

I have a "three strike policy." I communicate kindly first, firmly second, and if the person still doesn't honor my boundaries, then I use silence or my heatlhy behavior to enforce it.

If someone speaks unkindly you may have to say, “I care about what you have to say but we’ll wait to talk until you can do so kindly,” and walk away or remain silent. Mean it. Enforce your boundaries with behavior rather than insisting others change. Actions speak louder than words and silence speaks louder than actions.

I once had to tell a former friend I could no longer be in her life because she had really started acting crazily and I couldn't support her chaotic and unbalanced reality. She needed professional help. I told her kindly once that I would no longer be in contact. When she ignored me I told her firmly the second time. The third time I blocked her calls and emails and ignored her. It was horribly hard and felt unkind but the angels lovingly reminded me that being healthy is not unkind.

2.Remind yourself – the unkind are wounded

Next time someone acts badly around you, say to his or her soul (telepathically perhaps), “I am sorry you are hurting but I'm not taking on, or dancing with, your pain.”

This immediately diffuses the anger and returns you to compassion, where you feel the truth of your own loving soul. It also gives you permission not to "do the crazy dance" of engaging with them in their angry or wounded state.

While I will help anyone honestly seeking to improve themselves, I no longer permit people to aim their unkindness and dysfunction at me. There is a world of difference between helping someone who wants help and being a punching bag for someone who simply wants to diffuse their pain.

4. Allow your light to possess the darkness

I will never forget when I was afraid of someone’s bad behavior the angels said, “Ann why do you let their darkness possess your light! Allow your light to possess their darkness!”

Now when people are aiming something nasty towards me – anger, ill will, manipulative energy etc. I just imagine my light filling my body and spilling into my aura and burning up any darkness, just like a bug zapper! 

This technique works to diffuse any unkind or unhealthy energy that is aimed at you whether it be anger, ill will, chem trails, etc.

While I’m not perfect at these techniques yet, the more I practice them, the more I allow myself to be the loving, joyful soul that I truly am. In that reality I can do far more good in the world and help those willing to receive. You can too!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Blessing in disguise

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a glorious 8 mile hike. I didn't quite stay on the path! A few days later, a perfectly heart shaped patch of poison oak rash appeared on my leg. It was a blessing in disguise.

Of course, I didn’t see it as a blessing immediately! Instead I started to berate myself. "Why can’t you pay more attention when you get happy! You know you’ve been going through a detox. You should have been more careful…” On and on I went until I caught myself in an uncharacteristic litany of self criticism and started laughing. Enough!

I shifted my thinking immediately. “Its really not that big. Most of my skin is nice and clear. This too shall pass. And look, it’s cute! What are the odds it looks like a heart? Ok God, I want a miracle healing. I don’t want to itch and suffer for three weeks, and I want to know what to do right now!” I allowed myself my feelings, shifted my thoughts, and awaited guidance.

A phrase popped in my head and I googled it. Lo and behold, I found a natural remedy I had forgotten all about. Within a day the itching stopped and within three days the rash was almost gone. Here's the blessing part. While googling the cure for the poison oak, I ran across an ad for liver pills. I had never heard of and had no reason to pay attention. Nonetheless, something made me take note.

Feeling better I started to celebrate and reaffirm my intentions, “I have pure and clear skin. Every new cell that grows in my body grows with the imprint of Divine perfection.” A day later I went into an extreme allergic reaction. I wanted to cry. “Enough God! I know I’m detoxing, but really? Fix me. Now. What do I need to do?” I started to sit and breathe and receive my angels’ love…

Suddenly those liver pills popped into my head. That was my answer! I was having all these reactions because my body was clearing old frequencies from this and past lives, and it was more than my little liver could handle. That explained why I had suddenly lost my taste for meat a few days prior, and was craving only clean vegetarian food. The universe wanted to make sure I got the message. Within seconds an email came in from a dear client with “more” and “liver” in her name!

I got the supplements, gave my body what it wanted and the allergy was gone in a day. I feel amazing. It was a miraculous shift. That little heart-shaped patch of poison oak was indeed a blessing in disguise! And now, every new cell is indeed growing in Divine Perfection!

Here are a few pointers to help you feel your feelings and then shift to better...

1. Don’t stuff your feelings

At least once a day, take the time to check in with yourself and note what you are feeling. If you need to, you can share your feelings with your angels in private, in a journal, or out loud. You can sit in quiet contemplation before bed. Simply acknowledge, “I am joyous. I am anxious. I am sad. I am upset.” Your feelings won’t kill you and you will experience far greater relief if you can face them, rather than stuffing them or avoiding them in anxious or addictive behaviors.

If you have a sudden burst of emotion due to an event, condition, or someone’s behavior, try not to take it out on anyone else! Instead talk to the angels, journal, or take a brisk walk. Move the energy in a healthy… don’t aim it!

2. Focus on what is already good and beautiful in your life

Problem situations are often like splinters. They may be small compared to all the good in our lives, but they feel like one huge irritation. See if you can focus back on all that is good. This puts things in perspective. 

When I got poison oak I focused on the rest of my skin that was clear! When the allergy hit, I thanked God for bringing the need to eat clean and take supplements to my attention to support my overall well-being. Even clients who have had huge lawsuits have conquered their thoughts by focusing on their beautiful homes, family, and quality of life. Suddenly what was once an all consuming irritation was put in perspective… and in this new vibration… they won.

3. Figure out what you want next… pray for it & focus your intention

Now you can pray. “Dear God thank you for my beautiful life!” “Dear God, fill my mind with your peace and comfort.” “Dear God, bring me inspiration and help me find joy once again.” “Dear God I’m so angry I don’t know what to do. Show me where I need to make changes in my thoughts or behaviors.” By simply admitting your feelings to yourself, you will know what your heart authentically wants. By finding your heart, you’ll know what positive things you are seeking. This is an act of self love, and it will help to shift your vibration.

Then, do your part by focusing on what you want to create more than what you don’t! 

By keeping the energy moving in such a fashion, you will weather your challenges with grace. You will purge the emotions that no longer serve you and through your prayers, start to think more loving thoughts, and then be guided to make changes so your life becomes more joyful.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Freedom from fear

Years ago I was laying by the pool at my apartment complex, when a man started talking to me. I could feel my stomach tighten. He was being pleasant enough at first, but something felt very wrong. He asked what I did for a living. “I’m a spiritual teacher” I replied. His face suddenly turned beet red. His jaw tensed. His throat bulged as he hissed at me,“Spiritual???” “My EX-WIFE thought she was spiritual. I studied under..." and then he named some guru, continued to curse his ex-wife and made fun of me.

The conversation took a bad turn as he started to make inappropriate and lewd comments. I wrapped my beach towel around my me, and as calmly as possible, excused myself. He shouted after me as I left the pool. For months he harassed me. He seemed to appear out of nowhere, hurling angry, nasty remarks at me nearly every time I left my apartment. He terrified me.

I prayed for him to go away or to stop. I begged God to help me. Crying one night I begged the angels for help, “Why is he being so mean! I didn’t do anything! I’m a good person! I help people!” The answer was lovingly honest. "Misery loves company. He upsets you and feeds off your fear. If you had no fear, he’d have no food for his anger. He is showing you those areas deep in your soul where you don’t trust God to protect you. Stand in your light and all of this will stop.”

I felt their truth and their love. I knew they were right. He was feeding off my fears. I knew I had to trust God and get back to a loving state or else this lesson would keep appearing – if not in the form of this man, then in another.

The next day he and a friend started making their usual unkind comments. I felt the strong presence of angels around me. I ignored the two of them and walked past calmly. The friend yelled out, “You’re a real B-TCH.” They started laughing. Then, in answer to my prayers, the loving power of God possessed me.

I stopped, calmly walked back to face them and looked them in the eye. For the first time I truly saw them. They weren't monsters. They were terrified little boys in big angry bodies. I saw the pain that possessed them. They were men who felt like failures with women, and only by attacking me and making me more fearful, could they feel any semblance of power. Their fear had helped me see my own.

Compassion washed over me, and the strength of Archangel Michael. Softly and kindly I said, while still maintaining eye contact, “Actually I’m a really good person. I help people every day. I donate a lot of my time to helping those who are wounded and in grief. If your friend were kinder, I wouldn’t seem like such a B*TCH to you.” Silence. Gazing into their eyes with God’s love and truth I felt compassion rush through me again. They looked downward, as their souls recognized truth. I walked away. They never bothered me again. I prayed that they might find peace.

Here are a few pointers to help you look in the mirrors of life this week

1. Choose a few things, or some people you admire, and acknowledge their qualities in yourself

What you admire in others lives within you. Do you love the softness of a blanket that comforts you? Maybe you have a soft sweet side that needs comfort, or maybe you are a comfort for others. Do you like fast cars or the wind against your face? Maybe you like the sensation of movement and change. Do you admire someone in public? Why? Those qualities live within you too.

You'll see the beauty, grace, and goodness within yourself by looking in the beautiful mirrors of life. 

2. When someone upsets you ask yourself, "In any way – small or large – where I am treating myself the way they are treating me?"

If you are bothered by an angry person, ask yourself, "Am I angry at myself, perhaps because I can't find a nice way to interact with them or change them? Have I been unkind to myself at all? Do I push away my own anger and judge it or do I have compassion for myself when I'm upset?" Do a little soul level digging and see what you find. If there were no anger within you at all, you still might not like their behavior, but it would no longer create an emotional charge.

Say someone has lied to you. None of us would like that. However, if it creates great upset, ask yourself, "Is there any area in my life where I have been lying to myself?" I was once horribly upset with someone who lied to me and cheated. My self-lie and self-betrayal, was that I was ignoring my own heart. I knew they weren't being honest and I didn't want to look at that. I was trying to tell myself everything was ok, when I clearly felt differently. I was lying to, and betraying, myself.

You might never like the behavior but when you are healed of anything that resonates with it, there will be little to no emotional charge. 

3. If you need help, ask your angels for insight

Simply ask. Enjoy your day and trust they'll get the answer to you somehow. They might have someone else give you the insight. It might pop in your head, or you might flip open a book and find the answer. There are many ways they will work with you.

These are advanced lessons. It is often awe-inspiring and humbling to see your own beauty and grace in the mirrors of life. It is often incredibly difficult to focus on yourself when you don’t like the behaviors of another. Nonetheless, it is the most powerful way to create lasting change in your mind and heart.