Saturday, April 29, 2017

Peace amidst chaos

Several weeks ago Archangel Michael popped into my energy field. I felt his beautiful strength, a searing yet comfortable heat, and an incredibly powerful energy running up my spine. Shutting my eyes, I ignored the housework and began to bliss out in the exquisite embrace of his love. That didn't last long! He interrupted my reverie with an urgent request. "Gaze! Now! We need you. Now!" His words were compelling. I dropped everything, ran to the mirror, and surrendered to the Love that comes through when I gaze.

The power of this Love gripped me in an ecstatic force field. For a brief moment I saw my own eyes glowing surreally, while gold and white light emanated from my physical form. In seconds, everything went white. I was no longer conscious of the mirror, the room, my body, or anything else that had previously surrounded me.

I found myself in a spiritual dimension with the angels, amidst a scene of absolute pandemonium on earth. People were screaming and running in a scene of catastrophe surrounded by old stone buildings. We were invisible to them. I was working with the angels to help some who were fatally injured transition out of their bodies and go into the light. The indescribable peace and welcoming love of the light was in stark contrast to the pain and fear on earth. Those coming "home" were carried into bliss. Those on earth looked terrified. Both the survivors, and those who had passed, were being lovingly tended to by angels.

Suddenly, I was popped back into my body, feeling strangely wonderful in spite of what I'd seen.  The love I'd experienced was profound. I had no clue what just happened. I wrote to a friend about my experience the next day, and we both got chills, when she told me about the chemical weapons attack on Syria occurred at the same time I got "the call." I looked up photos on the web and got more chills. It was the town I had seen while out of body. 

I prayed fervently and asked why I'd been part of this. "Because you volunteered," came the answer. I must have done so in my sleep. I don't remember, but people on the other side tell me I help them transition. Up to this point I had never been conscious of the experience. Usually when I get the "angel call" I lay down and wake up hours later, feeling really out of it, without a clue where I've been.

The angels told me I had finally reached a point where I could see the chaos and fear and not be drawn into it, where I could feel only heaven's love in the midst of panic. They were right. I could not have witnessed such things in my past. It would have devastated me. All I could feel now was gratitude for the magnitude of the love I had witnessed, and for the tenderness of the angels ministering to humanity in the face of their pain and misunderstanding. All I could feel was love.

have worked very hard in this job over the past two decades to avoid being sucked into the earth's fear and chaos. I have learned how to get myself back in alignment with love when I fall out of that space.  It is an ongoing discipline, but it is possible. Far from being uncaring, it enables me to care more. Far from being irresponsible, it allows me to respond to the calls from spirit more. 

We are responsible to Love alone. I work diligently to choose thoughts of love and joy, even as I focus on the world's pain. I listen to my heart far more often than what my head might try to dictate, and in this space, even with a world in total turmoil, I am in joy and can be a vibrational contribution to the solution rather than contributing to the mess.

Even in very practical matters, your peace and joy allow the heavens to help you more easily create positive changes in your life. 

Here are a few pointers to help you master the mind, connect with the Divine, and listen to the heart, so you can be a force of love in the world rather than a contributor to its fear and chaos:

1. Work to master your thoughts
This isn't easy. Think of it as an exercise program for your mind. If you were to begin lifting weights, you might lift only the lightest ones, and only a few times. Try, each time you catch yourself thinking something that does not make you happy, to think of something better that does make you feel good. 

For example, if you think of the chaos in the world, try to also see the fact that people are growing, or be thankful for peace in your own life. If you think of a financial fear, give thanks for all you do have. If you think of someone you don't like, be grateful for all the ones you do. You get the idea. Do your utmost to shift your thinking towards better thoughts, better feelings, more productive ideas... rather than rehashing the ones that make you feel bad. 

This takes time, practice, since the brain biologically soft-wires along well frequented thought-paths. However, over time, you can rewire yourself along better thought-paths to focus more on the feelings you want for yourself... and the world.

This mastery of the mind is the point of many of the worlds meditation traditions, and spiritual disciplines. Pray, practice gratitude, focus on what you do want rather than what you don't... anything to focus the mind on something more loving. 

This will not make you insensitive to the world's pain, nor is it living in "denial' as we like to say, but rather it gives you the strength to deal with life in a constructive manner. You are denying only the illusion that we are separate from love. You are seeking to affirm a greater truth.

2. Connect with the Divine

Divine Love is a love beyond our wildest dreams. When I was out of body amidst death and destruction, all I felt was a love that could not be put into words. It is always there for us whether we feel it or not. Our job it to connect with it, to feel and experience it as often as possible, so we can be ambassadors of this love.

The angels say that any time we take the time to focus on something loving we connect more strongly with the Divine. Love the sunrise. Love the fact that you breathe. Love your breakfast. Go to church if you like, or out in nature. Meditate or listen to beautiful music. Practice random acts of kindness or enjoy a gratitude journal. Find something, anything, that connects you with the feeling of Love on a regular basis.

Divine Love is meant to flow to us and through us. When we focus on love, we are strengthened by love. It connects us with the Source which is the power that creates universes, and a power that can easily assist you in your life.

3. Listen to your own heart

Other people, the news, and your own conditioning will always tell you what you 'should' do and how you 'should' feel. By all means, listen if it resonates with your heart. If not, listen to yourself. You are the authority in your own life. You know what feels right to you and what does not. Your heart connects you with Divine truth and Divine guidance. Ask your heart a simple question when you don't know what to do, "Heart, what do you recommend?" Trust your answer.

For example if you don't know what to do about the world's chaos, ask your heart, "What do you recommend." My guidance tells me to be at peace in my own life, heart, and home so I can be of service. Yours might do the same, or direct you to pray, volunteer, contribute. Each one of us receives our own personal guidance from the Divine.

If you feel you've lost the connection with your heart, take time in silence and just "be" for awhile until the mind settles down. I go for long hikes periodically to reconnect with my heart. Some people cook, listen to music, meditate, watch the clouds... Anything that allows your mind to relax starts to reconnect you with yourself.

This week, try to focus own your mind, connect with the Divine, and listen to your own heart.

In this way, you begin to live the loving, happy life, the creator dreams for you, rather than a chaotic and fear-based life that much of the world would convince you to live. You learn to be in the world, but not of it. Your existence becomes a living contribution towards world peace.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A book or a life...

When I was a little girl I wrote a short story and read it to my first grade class, about how my daddy accidentally made me eat shrimp tails. He thought I was fussing when I was whining that my shrimp were tough, and had no clue I was trying to eat the shells! Needless to say I chewed and chewed after he told me to eat my dinner and he was horrified later when he found out what had transpired. At least I got my calcium! 

Back to the story, my first grade class loved the story and something in me knew right then and there that I was going to write books someday. I didn't have a clue how or when. I was a child and as most children know... anything is possible. 

That vision drove me throughout the years. I wrote poetry in notebooks when I was bored. I taught myself to type in sixth grade and wrote mystery stories. A friend and I spent one grade school summer writing what we thought was a brilliant book about her cat, found the "Writer's Market" at a local library and submitted our hand typed manuscript to a publisher. We got a pretty detailed rejection from the poor editor who had to read it, and decided she just didn't appreciate our brilliance!

Even as an engineer I knew I would write. I dreamed up books about the uprising of the corporate masses. I wrote a daily newsletter to keep hundreds of engineers at Honeywell and Boeing coordinated. I journaled. Ever-present in the back of my mind, the resolve to write a book never left me. I knew what I wanted, but not how it would happen.

The summer after I quit my engineering career I wrote my first real book, sent it to publishers... and got rejected again! They kindly told me I had no experience speaking in my field and therefore was not a salable author.

So I waited. When other books arrived in my awareness, I wrote them and one day, with the press of a "Submit" button on a self-publishing website, I turned into an "official" author. Within a year life conspired to push me further out in public, and I was speaking at conferences with famous authors. 

I never dreamed this is how it would look. I had such a small vision looking back. I just wanted to write a book. God gave me a life working with angels, an international family of light, the urge to finish three books and many more brewing within me, a newsletter written weekly for nearly 15 years, speaking engagement, and now even this gazing that is happening. I never imagined this. It is far better than I would have ever asked for.

You never have to know how something will come about in your life. Just focus on dreaming the "what" into existence, and let the Creator figure out the "how." The Divine mind is brilliant, contains all possibilities, and offers so much more richness of life than any scheme the mind could ever conceive for achieving our goals or solving our problems.

Truly, all things are possible with God.

Here are a few pointers to help you remember that all things are possible...

1. When you have a challenge or a dream, write down at least fifty ways it might come about - ranging from the practical to the ridiculous.
Years ago I made a new friend. I asked the angels how it would turn out. They made me laugh by giving me a huge list of possibilities. They told me we could be best friends for life. I could insist I wanted someone to take care of me, fall out of a tree, and have him help me. We could get eaten by bears... Those were some of the more outlandish ones! The point was that anything could be created depending on our free will and choices. 

Suppose you need to pay a bill you don't know how to pay... I've seen these scenarios: A friend of a friend who doesn't even know you pays for it. A relative pays for it. The bill is forgiven, delayed, restructured. You win money. You sell something you forgot you had. You sell something you knew you had but didn't think you could sell and don't miss it. A relative or friend dies and leaves you money. You forgot you stashed money somewhere ten years ago... 

You get the idea and while this list might not apply to you, it does illustrate just a tiny set of the vast array of solutions I've witnessed. 

2. Review your life to see the many times that things worked when you didn't know how

Sometimes we need evidence from our own life. Go back and look at your life. Think of times you were challenged and didn't know how to solve something. What happened? Think of things you wanted but didn't know how to achieve that you now have or had. What happened. Let yourself be convinced by the evidence in your own life that all things are possible.

3. Read other people's stories

Go to and read stories. One miracle after the next is documented there! After awhile you can't deny that the universe is pretty creative in its problem solving and manifestations.

Enjoy not knowing how occasionally. Focus on the feel of what you want. Dream of it. Then let the universe and the Creator works it magic in your life!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Letting go

On the last day of its life, my oleander tree graced me with one more burst of blossoms in the sunset. I’ve loved this tree so much. Hummingbirds roosted here, pigeons nested under its branches on the roof. I’ve enjoyed rainstorms under its thick canopy and showers of white blossoms from its branches make my yard look like a fairyland every spring. Problem is, its roots have started to go under the house and we can’t do that. It was time.  

Weeks ago, I asked it to send its life force into the other trees and plants and slowly it began to withdraw. The trunk darkened with some fungus. Branches started dying off, and the foliage and flowers became much sparser than usual this time of year. On her last night in my yard, however, she gave me one last bunch of blooms. 

There I am, Miss Mystic crying as I let go of my tree friend, knowing full well that death is an illusion, but also feeling that I’d miss those magic moments spent with her. That’s when I heard the voice of her spirit in a pretty no-nonsense female tone. “Ann, you know I don’t die.” “I know but I’ll miss your form,” I tell her. “Don’t you remember that I AM in all things and when one form goes, another is there? “Yes,” I said, sniveling and starting to feel foolish. “Sit with me,” she said. I got a towel and started to meditate by her trunk, thinking with some humor about Buddha under the Bodhi tree… and how of course it would be funny and fitting to have Ann under the oleander. 

I felt the force of life and love within the form of the tree envelope me with a mighty love. It was like a hug inside, outside, and around me. I felt a warm light go up my spine. “I am your spine,” she said, giving me a chiropractic adjustment as the energy of her trunk merged with mine. I went into that blissful no-mind, feel-everything space, surrendering more and more deeply to the all that is… until the oven timer went off! I had forgotten I was cooking. 

Filled with the bliss of the Presence, I ran in, took the chicken out of the oven and went back to meditate. Now there were no tears, just indescribable joy! There was no tree, no me, just energy… pulsing, blissful energy spilling out in all directions and me with it. I don’t know how long it went on but then I heard the voice again. “Got it?” “Yes, thank you for the reminder," I said smiling. She told me to cut some of her flowering branches and put them in a vase and she’d try to root so I could put her “kids” in a pot elsewhere. Brilliance. 

We all have to let go at times. Sometimes it's something small - we break a glass. Sometimes it's a tree, a house, a job, a relationship. Sometimes our letting go is huge – the death of a dear one. 

In each letting go is an opening to a greater understanding of love. It is not always easy. It is seldom fun. It is sometimes excruciatingly painful. Yet, in each letting go of the form, we start to embrace more fully the essence – the soul, and beyond that, the love that live in all being and all things. We may have to grieve but at some point we start to trust more, to soften, to open. In that space, love rushes in, we feel the souls of those who have expanded beyond our limited realms. They remind us, as the tree reminded me, “We do not die.” In truth we resurrected into a much greater and more amazing reality. 

I feel her spirit within me and in the entire cosmos now. She always did... Nature never harbors illusions of separation, and we are slowly letting go and finding our way out of them too.

Here are a few pointers when it is time for letting go of something or someone you once held dear…

1. Allow yourself to grieve
You are human. There is not getting around that. Depending on the magnitude of the surrender you may need to grieve deeply and you may need plenty of time to do it. Trust your own inner schedule. We would not dictate to a seed in the ground when it should sprout. There is a natural process of death and resurrection we go through when we have to let go and none of us can force it or rush it.  

Be kind and gentle with yourself, knowing each wave of grief will toss you back up suddenly into peace. This is easy to say if you’re grieving a broken glass, and beyond difficult to embrace when you grieve the loss of a loved one. Yet, like waves, grief pulls you inward and always tosses you back up upon the shores of love.

2. Accept the change. Attempt to be present. Create.

It's very human to resist change if it is difficult. If we are let go of something or someone that we love, we don’t want to admit they’re gone. We go back in our minds, and relive the past. Most people relive not only the love, but more often the pain. If you can get present, there is some sadness because you miss them in human form, but you also have opportunity to feel the the bliss of their expanded spirit. If you lose something like a job, or house, there is some sadness, but there can also be the joy of a new creative adventure. Loss is really an opening to something greater when we can allow for that.

The angels encourage me anytime I have to let go of anyone or anything to allow for the grief, but then to be present as often as possible and look for the love and joy and opportunities for expansion and growth... right here and right now. Love the people who are with you. Love your dear ones in the heavenly expanded realms and attempt to sit quietly and feel their presence. Love yourself enough to create a new job, a new hous, etc. in your inner world until it must appear in your outer.

3. Embrace the gifts of an expanded heart

Grief opens you. You have to be more real, authentic, deep. Nothing superficial matters. You want connection. You spend more time praying, if only for comfort. In our tears we admit we are not the ultimate power and surrender more deeply to what is. In your deepest grief, you are also feeling the oceanic depths of your love. Shift your focus to how much you love and suddenly, amazingly if you can manage that, you will feel only that love. 

I con't mean to minimize anyone's loss. I do not mean to compare a tree with a person. Yet the angels pushed me to write this. Each of us on earth is letting go of something most of the time, because each of us, in our soul, has a strong desire to make use of our time on earth – to die unto the small self and resurrect into a gloriously awakened understanding of our indelible connection with all of life. In this reality, there is no real loss. It's hard to get here but worth every step of the journey.

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate! Happy Spring! 

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Peace is an inside job

I used to get worried about a great many things. I carried a lot of fears in with me from other lifetimes. I had memories of being in the wrong place and being killed, saying the wrong thing and being killed, and having disasters befall me. Thank God, this lifetime has not been nearly as "exciting," nonetheless, I harbored a feeling that I better be careful about what I did or said or something awful could happen.

The fear manifested in the craziest ways especially the feeling that I had to be "on top things" all the time, for example. The angels really got my attention one day when I asked them how I could be less anxious. "Remind yourself you are not ultimately in control," they suggested. "An asteroid could come through your roof at any moment." I thought their sentiments about asteroids was silly but amusing. A month later YouTube videos appeared showing asteroids burning holes through roofs in Russia. I was humbled.

I immediately started to remind myself that there were times I was not in control. Strangely that gave me peace. I realized it was the sense that I could control everything and had to control everything that once held me captive. 

Of course, we are in control to a degree. We can control our thoughts if we make the effort. We can learn to allow ourselves our feelings then switch to better ones. We can chooser more loving perceptions. We can change our energy and attract better circumstances. But there are somethings we cannot control, other people we cannot change, and forces of nature that are way beyond our command.... at least until we become so enlightened we merge with the creative force of the universe itself and I'm not there yet.

So how do I find peace every day while hearing people's grief, pain, sadness, hatred, and disillusionment? How do I find peace in a world that is in chaos? How did I ultimately find peace after being spiritually attacked for two years, having life-threatening medical conditions, and a few other challenges these past years...?

The answer is I did what I knew to do, surrendered to what I could not control, and trusted that the power that creates universes was ultimately trying to move me into greater love and happier circumstances. The last time I got attacked by an unpleasant spirit in my sleep, I woke up and simply said, "I love you. I want you to know God's love. I am the ocean and you are the wave and I'm swallowing you in my light." It left. Peace. The last time I had a physical condition I simply spent time each day imagining it gone until I was guided to transmitters of light who helped remove its energy.

After working with angels for years I truly trust that if something doesn't look the way I wish or think it should be, there is something bigger going on beneath the surface, some growth for me, growth for others involved, or growth for humanity, that I cannot always comprehend. I trust that when I have a strong intention and do my manifesting, every thing that happens, whether or not it looks disappointing or not is carrying me towards a happier future.

There are times when the world, or our own lives, look unthinkably cruel. People hurt each other, betray each other, and do horrific acts upon this planet, but in reality it is one giant vibrational dance wherein we learn to grow into greater love. It is hard to see at times. Sometimes I cannot, but more and more often now I can. Surrendering to this brings peace.

Peace truly is an "inside job" and the more we seek lasting peace, the more easily we find it.

Here are a few pointers to help you you find peace this week.

1. Print a copy of the Serenity Prayer and pray it often
"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

– Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

2. Control the things you can

You will feel better in a situation knowing that you are doing what you can. Even if you don't know another thing to do, you can always watch your thoughts and attempt to shift them to be in alignment with the best possible outcome for your life... given the things you cannot change.You can always pray.

3. Trust that there is always a bigger picture. Ask to see it.

Remind yourself often, the angels say:
I am sourced in love, moving towards a greater understanding of the love that I am. Absolutely everything that happens in my life is attempting to help me remember the truth of my being, so at long last I can experience nothing but love.

This one isn't easy when life hurts. It isn't easy when looking at life through human eyes. I often sit during difficult times and pray, "God let me see this through your eyes. Let me understand the bigger picture." The I attempt to surrender my judgments and be open to new understanding.

4. When you can, try to avoid people, things, and situations that disrupt your peace and seek out situations frequently where you know you will find peace.

We can't always avoid disruption and chaos – some "classes" are mandatory! However, when we can it is prudent to avoid things we know will disturb us. If the news disrupts you don't watch it. If reality shows upset you, turn them off. If Facebook posts bother you switch away from them. If a person is upsetting and you don't want to engage, remain silent or walk away.

Then find things that help you access that vibration of peace. For me it is being out in nature. For some playing with the dog... It is different for all.

Just as we feed our body, we must do our best to feed our spirit what nourishes it and avoid what doesn't, when we are able.

There are times when life is unthinkably challenging and it is hard to find peace. There are times when we witness the unthinkable, or worse it comes into our lives. But even then with diligence and a great faith, we can lessen the upsets, and find a peace that truly surpasses all understanding.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Breathing balance

Like many of us, I'm guilty of rushing around and forgetting to breathe deeply some days. I notice the effects quickly. My body tenses. I don't hear my guidance as easily. I feel contraction rather than expansion.

Soon as I catch myself I stop, slow down, and breathe. Immediately in that one moment of conscious presence, peace fills me. I feel the energy of love rushing into my mind, heart, body, and soul. I feel expanded.

I haven't spent much time breathing in specific energies as the angels recommended this week, so I thought I'd give it a try. As I write this it is my home office day. I had several appointments, groceries, yard work, three newsletters to write, Facebook posts to queue, calls and emails to make, new ads to create for upcoming events, a website I'm working on... and the list goes on. It sometimes feels a little daunting.

So I chose to breathe in peace, balance, and the energy of being efficient and productive. I just focused on those feelings and breathed them in, at breakfast, while sitting at red lights, in line at the grocery store, etc. I found myself slowing down and going about my day in a relaxed manner. The entire day flowed so smoothly that I not only accomplished my list but was also able to be centered and at peace when I heard some very sad news and had the desire to send love to the family involved.

I'm going to play with "breathing" specific energies more often. Now it's your turn... Here are a few pointers to help you use your breath as a tool to "tune" yourself into the loving energies you want or need right now.

1. Pick something you'd like to experience today – peace, love, joy, inspiration, vitality, balance, productivity

You can have as many as you want, but for practice, pick one to focus on each day. See if you can imagine what it would feel like to feel that way - peaceful, loved, joyful, etc. Now in that space breathe in slowly and deeply, a few times.

Breathe in this energy throughout the day when you think of it, always feeling the feeling while doing the breathing!

2. If you like, imagine the color and texture of the energy you are breathing in

Ask yourself, if the energy I am breathing in had a color and texture, what might it look like? Smooth, bubbly, effervescant, flowing? Go with what comes to you. There is no right answer since energy appears differently to differen people. For example, as I imagined "peace, balance, and productivity," I saw a soothing electric blue.

If you're breathing in multiple energies you can also imagine what they look like together. Are you breathing in a rainbow? A candy-like swirl? Bubbles of different colors. Just ask yourself, "What might the energies I am breathing in look like?" Or if you perceive musically, maybe you can imagine what they might sound like.

Make this as vivid and real as you can in your imagination because when we focus on something that way we actually connect with it!

3. Breathe on behalf of someone you love

Think of someone you want to help. What energy would you like to send them? Hold them in your heart and breathe in that energy using the techniques above. Breathe in that energy. Exhale.

You have just sent them a gift of loving energy. This works for those on earth and in heaven. Breath is a way our physical vehicle accepts and shares energy and energy transcends time and space.

4. Breathe for health & vitality

Intend to breathe in the frequencies of all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and vital. Do this several times a day for a week and see how you feel.

I've used breath work for years to breath in energy but this was a slightly new twist on the technique for me, and a lot of fun! I'm going to add "breathing frequencies" to my daily repertoire.

In fact, I'm breathing in love now, and exhaling it for all of you!