Saturday, February 25, 2017

Loving the unkind

I got an angel reading through my friend Summer Bacon, at the end of last year, just for the comfort of hearing my friends "outside" of my own mind! "Next year," they said, meaning 2017, "will be the year you learn to be attacked and not take it personally." Oh joy! I can honestly say I didn't do the happy dance over that proclamation! It has proven true, however, and the lesson hasn't been as painful as I thought.

Within the past month I've been called a charlatan, divisive, commercial, clueless, unaware, uncaring, etc. Some of these were misunderstandings. I Some were true (I am clueless about many things!). And some were simply unfounded. In years past, I've been told several times I should kill myself. I've been offered a "boob job," told I should "stop writing such senseless drivel and stop the spread of the north American union" (whatever that is), and so much more attacks upon my spirit. Happily, for every unkind comment there are hundreds of beautiful, kind, and loving ones.

Somehow it is all too easy to forget the kind words and let the unkind ones stick... but only if we have "Velcro" for them, the angels say!

Most of you have seen Velcro It's a strip of fabric with tiny hooks on it, that almost every other piece of fabric will stick to - especially a matching piece of Velcro Our spiritual "Velcro" is our own pain, insecurity, and unclarity. If we were 100% rooted in peace and self-acceptance, we'd have none of this "Velcro" and no unkindness would "stick" to us at all! 

Even the hurtful folks serve a purpose. If they trigger our anger, they show us where we need to grow. While that is, admittedly, not an easy truth to embrace, they help us in our spiritual evolution. They show us where we are not yet in total self-acceptance, where we have not yet rooted our spirit in self-love, where we are not yet solid in peace, and stabilized in clarity.

Our job is not to stop the unkind souls by killing off their perspectives or ideas, or by making them wrong. Nor is it our job to immediately kill off our own ideas by deferring to all others. The fight/flight response IS biologically programmed into us, but we can rise above it. Our job is simply to own our own truth, let others have theirs, and walk away (with no Velcro!) from what does not resonate.

As we look at the unkind statements of the world, whether aimed at us or others, we can look for shreds and kernels of truth, look for the love the person is attempting to bring forth, and disregard the rest. 

This process is very much like digestion... and this is why I've had so many digestive problems as I learn to process the world's energies at greater levels!

Ideally, you take it all in, chew it all up, absorb what is useful, and release the rest! I know first-hand, from tough lessons, that when you don't exist in this natural flow of energy it hurts. When you are able, however, to leave your heart open, take it all in, savor what is good and true, and release the rest, you do indeed exist in that peace that surpasses all understanding
I'm not there all the time... but when I am it feels blissfully loving!

Here are a few tips to handle the unkindnesses of the world this week...

1. Look for kernels and shreds of truth
Try, if you can to look at the message and ignore the "packaging." If someone says something unkind, ask yourself, "Is there any bit of truth to it." Set your ego aside and see if there's anything to learn. 

The ego wants to be right. The soul seeks greater love and truth.

2. Look for the love the person is attempting to bring to the surface.

Most of the time, when someone attacks a perspective, they have a strong need for acknowledgment, solidarity, validation, or approval. If they were secure in their view they might come across firmly but they would not need to call names, belittle, or make wrong. They would simply share their perspective with conviction.

Caroline Myss, a great spiritual teacher once said, "True power is inspiring. False power is intimidating." I love that. I've seen it time and again.

So if someone has been mean-spirited or unkind to you, or you witness an attacking missive, pray. Ask to see through "Angel Eyes." "Show me what part of that person's soul needs love. Show me how they are trying to bring love to the surface". It takes surrender, prayer, and practice, but in time you may see the wounded child within, the frustrated angel, the person who cares so much it hurts...

When you see through "Angel Eyes" you can send light to empower that part of their soul that is good, beautiful and true.

3. Let it Go...

It doesn't nourish you to gnaw on a bone with no meat. I love dogs, and dogs love bones... but we're not trying to sharpen our teeth. So when you've done the previous two steps, and you've "digested" the love from an unkind exchange the next thing to do is release the unkind energies from the exchange... and let it go.

There are several ways you can do this: (1) Journal until you get out all your feelings and then burn, shred, or delete the pages. (2) Symbolically wash your hands and see the icky energy running down the drain. (3) Hold a stone or point your hands to the earth and drain off the angry energy into the earth. She neutralizes it. If you are willing, (4) pray for the person and yourself to find peace. Do this until you release any upset. It might take days in some cases, but the goodwill will eventually replace the upset. Love always wins if you let it.

And, if humor works for you, sing Disney's song from Frozen... "Let it Go! Let it Go!" 

The world is pretty stirred up now. Everyone has strong opinions. And while that is a good thing, not everyone is sharing them kindly. I hope this helps you find peace, even in the face of unkindness. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Pissy vibes, Peaceful prayers, & Thoughts on the World...

A Sunday morning rumination on undying love that lives within it all...

I woke up this morning after only 3 hours sleep craving a glass of water. The craving turned to one for Kombucha, which I do like, however I wasn’t awake enough to discern whether the new craving was coming from another or me. As I reached for the glass bottle in the fridge, an angry spirit pushed me. The glass bottle flew from my hand and shattered all around me. I remained unharmed. Not wanting to give the prickly, staticky vibration another bit of energy, I peacefully cleaned up the mess and prayed for whomever was sending this unkindness.  I celebrated the opportunity to clean my floors, and gave thanks for my life.  I prayed for the upliftment of all angry souls.  The light bulb above me started to hiss and wine and blew out!  I noticed the roses on the table had wilted and when I put my hands over them to send light I felt an angry spirit coating them spitefully.  I knew it was time for some big light and prayers to be sent, and walked through the house filling it with love and praying for whomever or whatever was sending me the unkindness to know God’s love or to leave.

This is my life.  This is part of what occurs when you attempt to leave vibrations that have been able to manipulate and derail you for centuries.  They just try harder for awhile, showing up in many different forms.  It doesn’t matter who or what form they appear in. Anger is anger. Unkindness is unkindness, and love is love. I knew someone was in need of love.

So I got my original glass of water, sat on the patio and prayed some more.

Afterwards I was contemplating the current anger on earth over the politics of the day, and praying that someday the world would come to know that the only way our outer dramas on earth would be solved permanently was to solve the inner dramas.  What we witness in the news today has gone on in ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, and  in and most governments throughout history.  We have cell phones and iThings and Internet now, and so we see what used to be hidden. History and herstory repeats.  As the angels say, “Earth is a school and the students cycle in and out but the classes tend to repeat until there is no longer a need.” 

We are the students here.  If we don’t want to see manipulation and lies, we must not allow our heads to manipulate our hearts. We must not lie to ourselves. If we don’t want to see bigotry, we must avoid judging even the judgmental.  If we don’t want hatred, we must learn to love ourselves… exactly as we are.

What I judge in another is always what I judge within myself.  What one judges in me is what they judge within themselves.

People ask me all the time, “How can that be.” I’m not a violent, angry person.  The angels respond, “You judge your anger and do not allow for it when it arises naturally. While we don’t encourage anger, sometimes it is there, and you don’t allow yourself to feel it. You feel less than Divine when it arises. And therefore you will always judge anger in others.”

People say, “How can I be bigoted,” and the angels will lovingly point out where we judge parts of ourselves as having “no right to be.”

People say, “I can’t stand the ignorant! I’m educated. How can that be a mirror?” and the angels kindly point out that the person would judge themselves when they don’t have all the answers, or when they made a mistake.

This mirroring of judgments is often subtle, rather than a direct and obvious mirror,  yet it is spiritual law.  At some level whatever we judge in another is what we have not yet owned and made peace with inside of ourselves.

I’ve seen many of my past lives and know this to be true within myself. I’ve been a spiritual innocent that was killed by those “in power” and so the next lifetime I incarnated “in power” to explore that ideology.  It was a thankless job. I found that the masses didn’t want to assume responsibility for their own lives but rather just wanted someone to fix their lives.  So I tried other lifetimes, both spiritual and material. I tried being an unobtrusive peasant but the one time I spoke my mind I was thrown in a dungeon and rotted to dust. 

I tried lifetimes of being “a normal person” and was horribly victimized in those because I attracted it. I carried within me a vibration and judgmental feeling that I had failed God in other lives and so I allowed others to beat me up as subtly, I had been doing to myself.  This lifetime, my angels told me that I argued about coming to earth. I didn’t want to come back to such an angry place and get attacked again, but they convinced me that if I could do so, avoid attacking anything within myself, and stand in my spiritual truth in spite of the varying opinions and unkindnesses… then I would not only help the earth, but achieve my own soul’s liberation as well.

It is easy to love in private, among kind souls. It is big growth to love in public when those who both hold you to impossible standards and those who disagree will attack. Luckily the love far outweighs the hatred and judgment, but the hatred and judgment stings nonetheless.

So there is always vibrational justice in the greater scheme of eternity.   Those who judge people of a certain religion will almost certainly reincarnate within that group in a future life.  Those who put down women or men will surely choose their next life as the ones they judge.  If we beat ourselves up without mercy, we may find ourselves attracting attack. If we feel we must martyr ourselves to be loving souls we will attract those willing to assist. There is always a vibrational match in this life and others.

This is not God’s punishment or cruelty. Reincarnation, and anything that happens to us in fact, does not occur because we get an “eye for an eye” but rather is a result of the soul’s desire to learn about loving those it did not love, and those vibrations within itself it once judged.

The soul seeks, through its many incarnations to find what it already and always has within it.  The Soul seeks “enlightenment” and tries to find “Love” only to find it already and always has been enlightened, and it is sourced and indelibly therefore, connected to love.  We are the ones we’ve been looking for, as the saying goes.  When we reach that space we see only love, feel only love, and feel the incredibly sweet bliss of Divine love no matter what is going on around us, we are free. We listen to our guidance and trust that we are where we need to be to contribute to the good of our own souls and the whole of creation.

I’m not there yet all the time. I have periods of time in this space and it is heaven on earth. It is my unfolding journey… and all souls’ journey… to eventually seek to reunite our awareness with the truth of our being, sourced in Love and the value of our individuality as created and directed, with love, by the Divine.

We are waves seeking an awareness of the ocean, colors seeking an awareness of the light that sources us. We are notes seeking to love all music created within us and by us.

We are nothing less than those we love… and those we judge.

So what do we do with this practically speaking?

Use those who bother or upset you as a mirror. Ask yourself, “What part of their vibration will I not love and allow for within myself?”  If you judge the angry, do you judge yourself less than worthy of love when you are angry? If you judge the bigoted, what part of yourself would you kill off, if only an errant thought?  If you judge a certain person, ask yourself, “If I knew their vibration lived within me,” because it does, “have I judged that” or “am I willing to love it into the light.”  We all have inner Trumps and inner Hillary’s. We have the inner Christ, which is our deepest truth, and the inner Lucifer, that urges us to hate, judge, and buy into illusions of separation.

These lower vibrations are certainly not our deepest truth, but we will never rid ourselves of their influence until we embrace, all that lives within us, with Love in its totality.  Can a screaming parent calm an angry child?  I witnessed this the other day in a store. A child was crying in upset and the parent, obviously tired and frazzled was loudly and angrily telling the child to be quiet. The baby screamed even more.  Another parent in a similar situation picked up their screaming child and had the emotional fortitude and strength of love to hold and hug their child in the midst of a monumental tantrum until the little one’s upset subsided and the baby rested and fell asleep in the arms of love.  We have these screaming children inside of us.

Within each of us, we have the hungry child, the tired child, the angry child, and the child that wants its way and screams when it doesn’t get it. Will we judge these children within? Will we angry at these parts of self, sending them slinking off into the background of our consciousness only to reappear at the next available opportunity, or will we instead, love that part of ourselves we don’t like until at long last it subsides, relaxes into the arms of love, and transforms into a higher state of being?

When you are angry, stop. Breathe. Ask yourself first, ”What is it I want to kill off within myself or another?” Next, ask, “What is it I’d rather see within myself or another.” Then bring those qualities to the surface in you, and in your life. You can’t change anyone else, but you can change a vibration within you, and for each soul willing to do so, our world truly evolves and becomes a better place.  Through a shift in vibration, we create a better, more evolved human race, one soul at a time.

The journey on earth is about you – your enlightenment, your connection the Divine, your willingness to embrace love, or not.  You could change everyone else, feed the poor, stand for political change, and while that is beautiful, good and loving, it is of merit, only if you do it with love.  For in truth, others will incarnate in this endless school called earth to learn from poverty, upheaval, etc., but if you LOVE, and truly allow your actions to come from Love, then the souls you love will know they too are worthy of love… and so will you know this as well. We will find ourselves and our “classmates” here in this life raised up in spirit, not just in body and life situation.

The political climate and state of the world is indeed tumultuous, chaotic, and filled with upset.  We get to choose whether or not we participate in these vibrations. You can be a peace-filled and loving activist or a hateful pacifist. What you do is of no consequence to the soul unless you do it with love.  So try… do your best, to first love yourself in these “uncertain” times and from that place of self-care and self-love you will be better able to contribute your love and light  - if not your “like” – to all souls equally. 

For in truth, no matter how the waves look – weak or strong, angry or peaceful –  they are all part of one Ocean. And we, no matter how we look, are all part of one love.

Love you all. Happy Sunday.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

When we don't get our way...

'm sure, you, like me, have had many times in your life when things didn't go your way. In my younger days I used to get very frustrated and irritated about such things! If I had plans and had to focus on a bill, a repair, a tax item, instead, I'd get all worked up! If I wanted to hike but the weather didn't cooperate, I'd experience similar disappointment. It took me many years to absorb what the angels say - that every moment offers equal opportunity for love! Now I focus on how to bring love into a situation rather than whether or not I get my way. And magically... life is much happier!

Sunday I did my livestream gazes on Facebook. I thought I had everything figured out. Last month the streams were cutting out so this month I turned off every blue tooth and wireless device that could conflict with my streaming platform. That problem appeared to be solved! However, I didn't realize Facebook changed the way they format video and now I had a little sliver of a vertical video instead of full screen. I had a moment of pure annoyance. I tried to find a solution. Half an hour before I was going live, I still hadn't found a solution. So I did what the angels suggested and asked myself how I could add more love to the moment.

The answer was to give up worrying about it and eat breakfast! As a result, cropped video or not, I was in a beautiful and relaxed energy and ready to gaze. People felt the love too! I'm not sure if I'll correct the issue or leave it alone. Some people said it was easier to focus on my eyes. It may be a blessing in disguise!
The day before I had another exercise in not getting my way. I was so excited to go hiking for the first time since the fall. I willed the weather to be sunny and the sun came out from behind the clouds. But I didn't realize that my favorite hike which usually meanders over a gentle stream was inaccessible due to snow melt and spring flooding! Instead of the sweet little creek, I found a raging river! Plan B anyone? Instead of whining I went up the ridge without a trail and enjoyed beautiful views that I'd never seen before. I drove farther up the creek and enjoyed an hour of meditation in the woods by a raging river. I stopped at a cute shop on the way home and got some spicy chile peppers. I felt invigorated, alive, and ready to share the energy. I didn't get "my way" but had a glorious day doing it "God's way!"

So here are a few tips for handling those times when plans change or things don't go your way...

1. Assume that life is really working for you, not against you
Life is always in a vibrational dance. It is trying to help us, not hurt us. It is trying to show us areas where we need to grow in faith, trust, better beliefs and habits, more love, etc. Assume something good is going on. Ask what it might be and trust the answer you get.

2. Ask how to add more love to the situation

If you have a surprise bill, a dashed hope, a disappointment, rather than focusing too long on negative feelings (you may have to be human and wallow a little!)... start to ask yourself, "How can I add love to this situation? How can I love myself or someone else better, given the way things are right here and right now?" Adding love changes the whole vibration and attracts better circumstances much more quickly.

3. Trust the journey...

If you have focused on your desires and believe you'll receive them, even if you have a temporary disappointment, you can trust that good is coming! As the angels like to say, "Ask. Believe. Receive." "Tell God what you want,not how to bring it." Then trust, trust, trust, trust trust. We really do have help!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Healing the roots

I had some gorgeous oleanders growing outside my kitchen and living room windows. They provided much needed shade, a space for birds to sing and abundant blossoms. The branches were beautiful, filtering the sunlight as they waved in the wind. Unfortunately the roots were starting to creep up under the foundation of my house, and if not handled quickly, would have created trouble. I had to have my beloved oleander trees removed.

It struck me as the glaring sunlight poured in through my now-unobstructed view that we often put up with what we see on the surface, while all the while ignoring the roots of a problem... until it becomes too painful to put aside. We've all done it. We've all ignored subtle signs of trouble in our lives until the problems make their way to the surface and become glaringly obvious.

It happens when a relationship starts drifting apart but you ignore it until it is in crisis. It happens as a few pounds creep up on us, or a few pains start to manifest... before one day we realize we really don't feel so great. It happens when we subtly find ourselves becoming irritable because we're ignoring our hearts until at long last we wonder why we can't stand our lives. I've been there... many times.

So how do we address the roots of a problem before it reaches the "branches" and manifests as a real challenge in our lives? I think the solution is as simple as being honest with ourselves in each moment. When I am honest with myself I avoid trouble. When I neglect what I am feeling or knowing, I create challenges. It really is that simple.

I'm not concerned about the state of the world. I'm committed to contributing to its peace rather than its chaos. I know your energy and mine is at the roots of the vibrational balance on earth and we can keep our vibrational energy in a good space. 

As the angels say, one soul standing in the light is far more powerful than those in darkness. 

A tree with strong and healthy roots can grow through anything no matter what the state of the branches.

Here are a few tips to help us pay attention to what is beneath the surface in our lives this week... 

1. Notice any small pains, areas of discontent, or irritations
These are early warning signs that something needs to change "beneath the surface" in your life. If you are in pain, breathe into it and ask it what it is trying to tell you. If you are discontent, admit it and immediately start to focus on what you want. If you are irritated, ask yourself, "What must I say or do to shift this?" 

Address the roots of an issue before a situation becomes painful.

2. If you have a challenge in life that has become difficult, go back to your roots...

No matter what is going on in your life, some basic nourishment for your soul starts to shift your vibration back into a better space. 

Practice self love - do or say something nice to yourself every time you are tempted to criticize. Eat kindly. Get some fresh air. Move. Take care of yourself and suddenly the vibration of love will start to shift your situation, no matter what it is.

3. When you find yourself worried about the world, ask yourself, "How can I be at the root of the solution?"

If you fear war, stop the wars within your own head. Stop warring with people you don't like. Stop battling your issues and love yourself through them. Avoid hating the haters. Pray for the bigoted. Let us create healthy, strong energies in our deepest selves, that nourish all of humanity.

This week, practice getting at the roots of your challenges, and empowering the solutions at the roots as well. It is what lies within us that branches out into our outer world. 

Let us water the soil of our souls with kindness and nourish our collective selves with the light of love.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

No fear in the present

In the words of the old Britney Spears song, "Oops I did it again." As a spiritual teacher, you think I'd learn. As a channel for energy that sometimes creates miracles, it is embarrassing. Nonetheless, once again I stood in a huge flow of energy, experienced an intense emotional release from many lifetimes, got impatient with the tears, and stopped the flow. Within hours I had another case of twisted intestines and was in excruciating pain.

I had to resist the urge to beat myself up and criticize myself. I had to resist the urge to despair that another week of my life would be spent healing from one poor choice. I had to stop, breathe, and trust the journey once again because when you're in that dire a physical condition and you don't want to run to the emergency room to be operated on, the mandate becomes "trust or bust" – literally.

As the spasms of pain gripped me, fear started to grip me too. Even though I've been through this before I wasn't sure I had the strength to go through it again. Luckily I know that when we don't know how, God does. I quieted my mind, got intensely present, and prayed. "Dear God, I don't know how to do this. You do. I trust you. Show me how to surrender to this and heal completely. I breathed again and relaxed as deeply as I could into the Presence of love." 

The idea to put a prayer request on Facebook popped in my head. I did and hundreds of dear souls started sending me energy. Another idea to contact a dear friend who calms me and makes me laugh popped in my head. I asked to interrupt his busy schedule for a phone conversation and felt intensely comforted. I got over the old reservations about not wanting to "bother" people, and not wanting to "ask for help" and immediately began to feel a mental strength that I knew would get me through the adventure.

Of course I healed. I just kept relaxing and surrendering to my guidance in the moment. Within two days I was able to gaze for myself and started healing much more quickly. Within a week I was eating again. Strangely, without food or sleep for about five days I was more energized and alive than I'd been in ages. 
I experiened quite tangibly a beautiful truth – When fear loses its grip and we get intensely present, we are most strongly plugged into the source of all energy, all love, and all solutions.

While this certainly wasn't a fun way to grow, the lessons learned have already changed the way I'm living. I'm trusting even more deeply than before, surrendering to the present even more deeply, and as a result, intensely energized and happy with my life. 

There are situations in life which force us to face our fears head on so we can at long last surrender into deeper levels of embracing truth, trusting the Divine, and ultimately knowing how deeply we are loved and guided.

Here are a few tips to face fears this week... 

1. Get present
When something starts to alarm you – be it a bill, the state of the world, or a physical condition – stop your mind from running out into the future. Fear is all about what might happen, not what is happening right now. Look around and notice your surroundings. Count your blessings. Acknowledge what is good right here and now. Fear can't possess you in the present.

2. Remind yourself - "When I don't know how, God does"

Fear has more power when we feel alone to solve our challenges but in truth the entire universe is there to assist. When we don't know to solve something, the Source does. Take a breath, drop into your heart, and ask, "What next? What now?" and listen to those little urgings.

3. Know you are ready for a breakthrough into greater power

When fear comes up it simply means that you are ready to break through an old limitation, illusion, or pattern. Ask yourself, "What am I afraid of?" then change it to "What am I creating?" Be powerful. Intend what you desire, not what you fear. Strengthen your mind by constantly refocusing on what you want.

When I was sick last week I spent a lot of time in meditation remembering what it felt like to feel good until my brain and body started to respond. 

There's a lot of fear going around due to the state of the world. We need not allow it to possess us. Instead we can face our fears and walk right through them into a more powerful, healthy, and happy reality! I am happy to be alive and well once again!