Saturday, December 16, 2017

The power of focus...

Sometimes it is easy to find the light. Other times, it takes a little more creativity...

I was in the midst of Christmas bliss and joy when I awakened at 4am one morning a few weeks ago with a very unpleasant energy in my body. I felt a burning static and a stabbing pain behind my eyes. I still have no idea what or who that was, but I know at the time it didn't feel very Christmasy to me!

I heard the angels in my head. "Focus on the light." So I laid down, breathed, and thought of everyone I love. I called in my helpers, listened to their instructions about how to breathe and move to allow the energy to leave, and prayed for the upliftment of whatever it was. With a violent lurch it left me. I fell back asleep, thinking it was over Unfortunately I woke up with a lot of pain and one eye still swollen and stuck shut.

The angels, ever helpful, reminded me to "focus" on being healed if I wanted my "focus" back! 

So I went within and imagined what it would be like to see clearly by the end of the day. I thanked God for one eye working, warned my clients that I might look like a pirate with one eye shut and proceeded to get to work!

I was right in the middle of a reading, talking to a client about how surrender to the present, coupled with trust, allows God to fix everything, when the eye flew open and I could see again! We both got a huge laugh out of that synchronicity! I was even able to gaze for my second client, although tears were streaming from the injury. However, just as I'd pictured, by the end of the day I was gazing for clients just fine. It was pretty miraculous, and even though it took a few days before I could wear contact lenses again, I healed in record time!
I'm back to enjoying the season and that little adventure is fading into the past.

Life does throw you a few curves at times. It doesn’t always look as we wish. People don’t always act as we want. I am not always the person I want to be. But the angels' advice holds true - Focus on the the light in any given situation and lo and behold, you can transform almost anything into a more loving experience.

I'm back to my holiday fun and the misadventures are a thing of the past!

Here are a few tips to help you sail through life’s challenges without getting stuck in them:

1. Focus on the desired outcome
It is all too easily to feel bad, victimized, or upset when life or people don’t turn out as we wish. You do need to let yourself have your feelings. However, the trick is to let them flow, let them go, and refocus on the desired outcome.

When people are unkind, I feel my feelings, then focus on feeling the love in the entire universe again. When I have unexpected bills, I focus on them being easily paid. When someone is acting up I focus on what it would feel like to handle them with dignity and grace until I can get away from the unpleasant behavior.

If your car was headed into a storm and you kept focused on the clouds, you’d drive right into them. Instead of you focused on finding the blue skies, you’d take a different course.  By focusing on what you want, you aim towards it!

2. Don’t dignify the darkness / turn to the light

No matter how challenging a situation or unpleasant a person’s behavior, we have the choice to focus on it, or to focus on something better. The world teaches us to focus on the darkness, but we can choose to focus on the light. 

If a person is acting badly, focus on handling it with firmness and love, including self-love. Or focus on something else, someone else, or at least the fact that they must be crying for love. If a situation is hard to deal with focus on what you can do, what you do have, or how you want things to turn out.

Turn to the light and your life will transform into greater light. Focus on the darkness and you remain in the dark. 

3. Add humor

As the saying goes, sometimes you have to laugh instead of cry and I much prefer laughter. Laughter dissipates the darkness as surely as a flame melts ice. It is true I’d prefer not to hurtle demons out of me at 4am, or write Christmas cards while waiting for roto-rooter!! However, if I must, at least it makes for some good comedy!

I hope your holidays go better than expected, however, when the unexpected arises, you can transform it quickly by looking to the light. Instant transformation - Just add love :)

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Letting go of expectations

Letting go of expectations has been an ongoing lesson in my life. When I graduated college with a BS in Electrician Engineering, I expected I'd get a good job, get married, have two kids, retire, travel, and fit in a social life and crafts. As the saying goes, "God had other plans." Much better ones.

Everything was working perfectly according to plan with two exceptions: I didn't love my work and I didn't love my life. In fact it wasn't until several years after college that I realized that what was missing in my life was me. I was so focused on "how things should look" that I had never stopped to ask myself, "Do I like what I'm creating?" "An I enjoying the path I'm on?" When I did, the answers were painful series of "no's."

Within years of admitting that truth to myself, and completely letting go of my expectations about how life should look, I quit engineering, admitted my marriage was exactly what I thought it "should" be, but not even close to what I felt drawn to, and discovered that I was called to do angel readings. 

I went into my life changes kicking and screaming. I experienced loss, loneliness, and lack all at once. I grieved and sobbed at night. I felt like a horrible person for "quitting" until I finally had to admit that the creator of universes actually had a better plan for everyone involved than I had conceived. My ex-husband, who is a very good man, remarried a woman just like I thought I was and has been happy ever since. My job was delegated to six other people who then had an opportunity to move up in the company. I ended up in a life I love.

As I wrote last week, my first few Christmases on my own looked nothing like I thought they "should." Instead, guided by angels, they were filled with wonderful surprises. 

Here are a few tips to enjoy the holidays if you are feeling lack, loss, or loneliness:

1. If you are lonely seek out ways to give
Nothing cures loneliness quicker than connection. One of the kindest ways to connect with others is to serve. Volunteer to wrap presents, deliver Christmas angel gifts, hold preemies at a local hospital, read stories, build houses, serve soup, walk rescue dogs... The list of needs out there is endless. Google "holiday volunteer opportunities" with your city's name and you'll find many.

If public volunteering isn't your thing do something quietly kind for others. Slip notes under the doorways of total strangers with inspirational quotes. Give out candy canes. Smile. Hold a door. Help someone in need.

In giving we forget ourselves and find the connection we seek. 

2. If you are experiencing a loss, reconnect with the joy of the relationship

When you're grieving, you can't get around the tears, nor should you. It is best to allow the emotions to come and go in their natural cycles. However, when not engulfed by grief, you can start to develop a relationship with your loved one in heaven so you can continue to connect, albeit in a very different way than you did when they were on earth.

Step one is to create ways to remember the good times. Find every happy photo you can and make an album or a collage that brings back good feelings. Instead of focusing on what you don't have, or won't have, do your best to focus on the beautiful times you did have.

Next make a resolve to grow spiritually and learn to connect with your dear one in heaven. There are many CDs, classes, etc. out there that can help you. I have one with a few meditations to help you connect called "Life After Death" that people report worked well for them. 

If you can focus on finding the connection with your loved one again, then slowly loss turns into an expanded relationship.

3. If you're experiencing lack, dig for the abundance within

Maybe you can't afford gifts this year. In that case, its time to get creative as people have done for centuries and find ways to share your gifts, heart, talents, etc. Maybe you can give the gift of cooking a meal for someone, walking their dog, or creating something inexpensive.

I once gave friends a certificate for a nice home cooked meal every month. It didn't cost me much. It gave me joy to create, and they ate well! Another year I took cheap styrafoam balls, glued them together, rolled them in glue and Christmas sparkle snow from the dollar store and decorated them as snowmen. I included a handwritten poem and my friends loved them.

A letter expressing your love and appreciation for a friend is a beautiful gift. A collection of notes from mutual friends is even more beautiful. You can help someone decorate for Christmas. If you have a voice you can sing them a personalized carol. You can always find inexpensive gifts from your reservoir of talent and care. Rarely does a receiver expect you to give as much as you do.

Gifts from the heart are remembered long after the stuff comes and goes.

I hope this helps you have a happy holiday no matter what is going on in your life and heart. It is after all, always about the love we bring to it.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

A holiday from the heart

I love the holidays. No matter what the world is doing, I enjoy the baking, time with friends, gifting, decorating, and so much more. To some that might seem spiritually shallow, but to the angels, any act performed with love is an act of deep and lasting vibrational value. I know the season is about so much more, yet I love the fact that we can be both deeply human and Divine and enjoy them both. There is no separation.

In fact the more I surrender to my human desires to enjoy the season, the more God works through my joy. In the middle of a day of gazing online with Braco – the miracle healer from Croatia – I was suddenly inspired to run out for a quick holiday errand. The clerk at the store noticed my pendant and commented on how she was really "drawn to it." I told her it was Braco's symbol of the light within.

She smiled, confessed that she didn't tell too many people, and proceeded to share her own miracle story. She was born with failing kidneys. As she grew up, she was slowly dying. Her mom brought her to a faith healer. Being a young teen, she asked God to heal her without making her look silly by falling on the floor or having her speak in tongues. Instead the healer touched her and she felt a huge warmth burn through her, followed by a feeling of being jolted and then, she said, "Suddenly I knew I was healed." She has been healthy ever since. Her doctor was amazed.

We smiled feeling immediate kinship. She was thrilled to become aware of another miracle healer. I was in joy to hear another miracle story. My errand was accomplished and so was God's! 

Trust your own heart. This holiday season, enjoy it however you wish, or not at all. Just be true to yourself. It really is that simple.

As we honor our own hearts, we honor the One Love, and the One light, from which we all are born. As we serve our own joy, we share that joy with others as well. 

Here are a few tips to stay in light and love during the busy holiday season:

1. Only do what you genuinely want to do

You don't have to have a "Normal Rockwell" Christmas unless that is your wish. Do the season your own way. Be authentic.

I'll never forget my first Christmas after a relationship ended. I was alone and although I usually love Christmas, I wasn't feeling at all Christmassy. I decided to do something completely non-traditional, and went hiking alone because nature always nurtures my soul. There, at the top of Camelback Mountain, in the middle of the city, I found myself amidst quite a celebration of strangers all chatting, laughing, sharing cookies, and enjoying the camaraderie of our shared love for nature.

To make matters even better, we were treated to an impromptu concert by a Scottish exchange student, dressed in full Scottish attire, who serenaded us with Christmas Carols on his bagpipes at the top! What are the odds?! It was an unusual but delightful celebration with total strangers.

Had I ignored my heart and tried to feel "Christmassy" at home that year I would have been sitting alone feeling sorry for myself! God had better plans. All I had to do was let go of my "shoulds" and be authentic about what I wanted to do.

2. Do what you love... or find ways to love what you do.

If you find yourself doing something out of obligation, rather than joy, rethink it. Either find a way to enjoy it, find a way to delegate it, or don't do it. It is the season to share love, not to stuff stockings – or stomachs – out of duty.

This Christmas I decided to do what I wanted when I wanted. Instead of writing this newsletter early in the week I dropped it to run to the post office and mail packages, which suddenly felt like a fun errand. Miraculously there was no one else in line! I was in and out in ten minutes.

The week before Thanksgiving, I managed to coordinate work on the house, work with clients, put up Christmas decorations, make Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas shop, and more. Nothing felt rushed. It was fun. I did what I felt like when I felt like doing it.

By choosing to do what we want to do when we want to do it, we place our trust the universe's amazing coordination and flow. 

3. Practice random acts of kindness... for yourself too!

This one is easy. Be kind to strangers. Smile. Give away candy canes (one of my favorite "Annta Claus" activities!). And... don't forget to stop and enjoy the season for yourself.

While I treat everyone else as if I'm a "fairie godmother" granting wishes during the season, I've learned to include myself as well. If I lose a few hours sleep because I've spent them under a warm fleece blanket sipping hot cocoa and watching a heart-warming Hallmark movie, I wake up energized and have even more spirit to share!

Be sweet to yourself as well as others!

I hope you can enjoy the spirit of the holidays, by being loving to yourself first, and then allowing the true spirit of the season to spill over. And if you're not feeling "Christmassy" it's OK... be sweet to yourself anyway and let the Divine work a little loving holiday magic in your own life.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Peace and grace for the holidays

I've been a busy bee these past few months. Since the beginning of October, I've spent a few weekends hiking, had out of town company, traveled to visit my parents back east, have been working overtime on client days , put up the Christmas decorations, had beautiful company over for Thanksgiving, ... and am remodeling my bathrooms, which has been a delightful exercises in surrender and grace.

As I mentioned in an earlier newsletter, I've dreamed of this project for ten years! I vowed to myself, having just taught "Living in the flow of Grace," that I would complete the project without a shred of drama. So far, so good! Jesus and Grandpa are my advisors (both great carpenters), and God is a pretty awesome project manager.

I didn't start with a coordinated plan. I chose cabinets and counter-tops, then sinks and faucets. Next up was paint colors, which admittedly is not my strong suit. I love color and need shades that resonate with my energy. So I painted several sample strips, chose one and proceeded to paint both bathrooms what appeared to be a lovely ivory color.

I woke up to what looked like lemon ice cream on my walls. My energy field rebelled. Back at the hardware store, I found a lovely wheat color that looked beautiful in the sample stripe I painted. Four more hours were spent on the ladder painting in the middle of the night, and I went to bed pleased with my efforts. Unfortunately, I woke up the following morning to something that had dried and looked the color of dead grass in the morning light!

My heart sank. I was tired and achy. Nonetheless, my latest mantras are "If you don't love it, don't do it," "If you have to do it, bring love to it," and in the case of paint colors... "If you can't love it, redo it!" So off to the hardware store I went. The folks in the paint department all knew me by now and started teasing me. I still had paint in my hair (Note to self. Never paint a ceiling without a cap!) Happily three was a charm. I stopped over thinking, dropped into my heart and went with the shade that made my energy hum sweetly. Now, wrapped in a warm fuzzy cocoon of "powdered gold" I am very happy for the "do overs!"

The only way I've packed in so much work and play is to take life moment by moment. I get up in the morning and give thanks for my day. I pray for all to go smoothly and do affirmations like the ones above. Every time I catch myself even straying into stress, I remind myself to get back into the present, drop in my heart... and trust the journey.

My bathrooms are looking pretty good so far – totally different than what I would have usually gone for, and at the same time, much nicer! God knows my heart better than my brain did at times, and the grace-filled journey has proven even more important than the end result.

As you venture into the holiday season here are a few tips to enjoy it with amazing grace:

1. Wake up and embrace loving truth

Print out the angels' affirmations and say them every morning. "

I breathe in the light that I am. 
I breathe in the peace that I am.
I breathe in the love that I am.

I am a magnificent creation, creating a magnificent day.
I create the most loving day I can possibly imagine.
I create grace, ease, and joy today.

I am nothing less than love.
I am so deeply, dearly loved.

2. Practice Peace Pauses

If you catch yourself getting stressed or harried throughout the day, stop wherever you are. Breathe in peace. Remind yourself, "I am peace. I am love. I only have to handle this moment. The rest will unfold in grace." Believe it, breathe it, and that will be your reality.

3. Color the journey with love...

Borrow one of my mantras:

If I don't love it, don't do it.
If I have to do it, bring love to it! 

A simple shift in thinking is often the difference between a chore and a blessing. An obligation becomes a joy when colored with love. Life happens. We do things. Our perception makes us a Scrooge or a Santa Claus. 

Try shifting your thinking this week about one thing you generally don't like. Imagine it is a great blessing. Have fun with this. This is how I turned house cleaning into a meditation, and have opened up to Christ experiences while folding laundry! A

As the angels like to remind us, what we do matters far less than the love we bring to it!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Manifesting from gratitude

I built my entire business as an intuitive on gratitude. Years ago when I started doing readings in a local bookstore, I was scared. I had given up an engineering salary and made $6 a day after taxes and the bookstore fee, if that much. I didn't know how to "build a business." That is when the angels taught me the power of gratitude.

They advised me to do a quick meditaiton every morning – to simply sit in gratitude for the fact that I could do something I loved and then when I felt full of light to imagine this light light beaming out from me in all directions. I was then instructed to telepathically make one simple statement, "If my work can serve you and you'll honor the exchange, please find me."

People started walking into the bookstore. "I don't know why I'm here. I was driving by and felt like someone could help me." I did. The angels instructed me to give thanks after each reading. "Thank you God for the chance to help this soul. I'm ready to serve another." They advised me to give thanks after paying each bill. "Thank you God for the money to pay this bill. Thank you for the refill." I started giving thanks for everything in my life and everyting to come... and it came.

The two slowest days of the week at the bookstore turned into the busiest days. One-person classees gave way to classes for twelve, then twenty, then more... When the bookstore closed three years later I had a thriving home practice. 

To this day, I give thanks for everything present and future. The angels taught me that as long as I can give thanks, I can naturally tap into the abundance of love available in the universe.

Here are a few pointers to practice abundant gratitude:

1. Give thanks for yourself
My mom took classes from a Jesuit priest who encouraged her to go to the mirror each morning and simply say, "Thank you for making me the beautiful soul that I am." Self-appreciation is not conceit. It is an acknowledgement of the the Creator's love that lives within you.

Every morning thank the Divine for making you the beautiful soul that you are. Every night give thanks for at least 3-5 things about yourself whether they are characteristics, features, or loving thoughts, words, or deeds.

2. Give thanks for what you are creating

Giving thanks for your desired future is a powerful way of bringing into the presence. It builds up a field of believe around you that becomes magnetic to what you desire.

When you can truly appreciate your future as if it is here now, you are well on the way to having it appear.

3. Give thanks for things you normally take for granted

Life is a miracle! Give thanks for the sun shining upon you, the rain that nourishes the land, the folks that grew your coffee, for the locks on your car door that someone took hundreds of hours to design, running water, your beating hear... You get the idea!

Everywhere you look there are loving creations and we take so many for granted every day.

Extra credit - Give thanks for something that was painful or challenging

This one is not easy, but when you can authentically give thanks for the love and lessons even in your toughest challenges, you have completely transformed them and have made huge progress in mastering your thoughts.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Coming together

I grew up in a family of strongly opinionated and strong-willed people – me included. There were often conflicting points of view... and that used to bother and frustrate us all. I'm certainly not the person anyone (including me) thought I would turn out to be.

In years gone by, I spent many upsetting conversations trying to convince my family to believe as I did, to enjoy the healing modalities I did, and to accept my points of view. I spent many more frustrating trying to be accepted for my beliefs without being able to prove them. My dad is a physicist. My mom has done accounting and office work. My brother is of a religious persuasion and was concerned about my soul. In my younger days, we had some mighty arguments. In retrospect I know we all just wanted to be accepted and understood.

Over the years the angels have helped me accept myself so thoroughly that I was able to give up my need for validation, approval, and acceptance. As a result have no need to push my beliefs on anyone. I've also realized I have no need to please anyone by trying to be anything other than who I am. We all get along beautifully now. We all take a much greater interest in one another.

My dad, a brilliant physicist and college professor, now listens to my stories of life working with those on the other side. When I recently went home for a visit, he gave me a tour the research lab where he and his students are studying cold fusion. My mom and I now talk about recipes, my nieces, jokes, and angels. My brother, who once feared for my soul, is a wonderful dad who shares his heart and home with us. I feel as if we've graduated. In fact, I just returned a few weeks ago from one of the most loving and beautiful visits in my adult life – truly a victory celebration of unity in the diversity!

Here are a few pointers to find / feel more unity this week:

1. Seek to understand
Rather than judging another perspective, seek to understand. Ask, "Why do you feel that way? I'm interested." Don't jump to conclusions or make assumptions. When we grant others understanding, they frequently return the favor. If they don't at least you'll understand them more deeply.

2. Give acknowledgment when you don't have agreement

If you don't agree with someone at least acknowledge their perspective. "Oh, I see what you mean." The angels beg us not to try to change others but rather allow ourselves and them the courtesy of simply being acknowledged.

I talk to people everywhere. Sometimes someone will go on and on about a belief that I simply don't share. I just say, "Oh I see what you mean," and that is enough.

3. Enjoy the differences

Enjoy cultural diversity. Savor the flavor in life! If you find someone's perspective absurd to you, laugh about it. What is absurd to you serves a purpose for someone else.

I can't wait for the day when we all return to that innocent state of being where we are naturally and simply curious about the differences. Variety is truly the spice of life!

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Self love is innocent

Like many of us, I grew up witnessing a culture of self-critical women. My mom learned it from her mom, and I learned it from her. I grew up feeling like I had to be perfect, and it wasn't until I started working with angels that I realized we all, already are – not according to some superficial human standard, but rather in the eyes of God and the angels.

I used to be a "sorry machine" – apologizing for everything in advance to avoid criticism. 
I used to put myself down very easily. It took years to break those habit patterns. The angels once made me go to the mirror every time I criticized myself, and apologize sincerely!

Finally being around children, animals, and other innocents taught me how to easily return to a natural state of being.

I used to go sit by an outdoor fountain in the summer at one of the local outdoor malls just to work and listen to the screams of delight from the little ones playing gleefully in the water. Each one, clearly, was in tune with their own beautiful nature.

Some gingerly patted the water. Others shrieked and splashed all over. Some sat on the fountains while others ran through so quickly they barely got wet. Some organized little groups while others preferred to play alone. No matter what their personality, these kids were quite comfortable being themselves. They sorted themselves out easily into groups of like mind. Very little adult intervention was required. In a natural state of joy, these souls knew exactly where and with whom they belonged.

I never once saw any of these children criticizing themselves. They showed off. The stuck out their big bellies and bragged. The ones wearing casts sat at the edges and proudly told everyone who walked by what they'd broken. If someone was unhappy they pouted or shouted, and then it was done – no shame, no blame. If they hurt another kid's feelings, you'd see them stop, think about it, and then go back to make a peace offering.

Kids come to earth already perfect, knowing how to love themselves. I adore watching their very pure interactions. I believe this is the reason that we must "be as a child to enter the kingdom.

When I forget how to love myself, I simply remember the innocent child within and the perfection that lies beneath the surface of all human interactions, mine included!

Here are a few ways you can be kind and loving to yourself this week:

1. Every time you criticize yourself counteract it by giving yourself three genuine compliments.
Every habit takes repetition to break. If you are in the habit of criticizing yourself, catch yourself in the act and give yourself 3 compliments. I still do this and inevitably I feel better, change my vibration and often end up laughing at my own humanity.

2. When you are hard on yourself stop. Treat yourself the way you'd treat a child.

When I get upset, rather than criticizing myself, I talk to the innocent child within, "That's OK honey! They were hurtful! You have a right to be mad." Within seconds the anger dissipates. When I become fearful I tell myself, "It's OK, we have angels. Everything is going to be alright." When I become sad, I grab a blanket and surround myself with love and warmth. Treat yourself with the same kindness, acceptance, and love you'd give a child. That innocent child still lives within you.

3. Give yourself treats

Every now and then, or better yet often, stop and do something kind for yourself. Treat yourself to a massage, time to read a chapter in a book, or time to daydream. Go get, or cook, a nice dinner and eat by candlelight. Play beautiful music on your commute. Buy yourself flowers. Do anything healthy and uplifting that you'd normally reserve for "special occasions" or for others. Gift yourself with your own love.

Let's all work to end the cycles of self-abuse and instead embrace a kinder, happier, more self-loving reality.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Conquering fear

I don't have anything against spiders. So when I was staying at a friend's house and a nice furry two-inch, eight-legged girl started crawling on the kitchen counter it surprised me that I got a bit startled. I calmed down, grabbed a container and began to talk to her. "Hi Honey. You're awfully big and you're scaring me. Do me a favor. Jump into this container and I'll get you out safely. We'll both be better off!"

I held the container about four inches beneath the counter top and lo and behold, she lowered herself in. Gently I carried her outside, opened the lid, and she hopped out looking directly at me with those two big eyes sticking out of furry posts on top of her head. I wonder what on earth she was thinking! I know what my friends were thinking. They call me "the bug whisperer!"

Happily spiders are not one of my phobias from another life. I used to have a fear of icy water. The angels told me it was because I drowned as a five year old on the Titanic! I had a fear of tight things around my neck. Apparently I was choked . I used to have a fear of storms. That came from being chained to a wall in one life and left in the elements. It amuses me that I now sit in total comfort writing to thousands of loving souls all over the world. I like to joke thatI've been roasted, toasted, sliced, and diced, and now my life is very nice! We are indeed eternal and indestructible souls!

This understanding is what gives me peace when I see such death and destruction on the news. I have huge compassion for what we go through, and yet I know that no matter how hard a life is, it is just a role in the giant masquerade ball we call life. Eventually we remember who we are as we transition back into the light.

We come to earth time and again until we remember that there is always love beneath the mask. And while we know this intellectually, until we embrace it 100% we all fall prey to fears from tie to time.

So, in honor of Halloween here are a few pointers to help you find your way out of fear, when "real" life appears scary.

1. Replace Fear with a Fantastic Fantasy

Most of you have heard that FEAR = "False Events Appear Real." Fear is rarely about what is happening right here, right now. It is instead a scary projection on the future. You might get rejected. You might not be able to pay the bills. You might get sick. If something is in front of you here and now, you just handle it even if you're having a biological fight/flight reaction.

So when you feel fear, remind yourself. I'm fine now. Things are manageable now. No one is hurting me this second. Now is doable. Next, think of the best possible outcome. Fear is basically a negative fantasy. Replace it with a better one.

2. Shake, Quake, or Bake

Seriously, sometimes viscerally dancing or shaking/quaking like a dog shaking water off its back after a bath is a great way to clear fear! So is exercise. If that fails "Bake" - sit in a warm place, wrap up in a warm blanket, or sip a warm drink. Physically warming your body helps release tension and relax fear.

3. Imagine how you would deal with what you fear

Fear makes you feel like you couldn't handle a situation. In reality you've handled every fearful thing you've had to face so far. Come up with at least 3 to 5 ways you'd handle your scary situation.

4. Try a regression or other hypnosis

If you think you have unreasonable past life fears as I did a past life regression hypnosis works wonders. Even if your fears are debilitating ones from this life, hypnosis and various other reprogramming techniques like EFT, EMDR, etc. are extremely helpful in changing habitual brain patterns.

Have a Happy Halloween if you celebrate it and don't forget that even the candy is a great metaphor... Anything scary can be counteracted with something sweet!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

You don't have to know how

It was an almighty revelation to me when the angels finally impressed up on me that the universe follows our direction whether we set it consciously or not. I grew up steeped in the belief that God had my life planned out and I was rewarded for following “His” plan, or punished if not. According to the angels, and the experience of many embracing a more accurate paradigm, it doesn’t quite work that way.

In reality we choose a destination or goal (either consciously or unconsciously) and then the Divine tries to guide us there in the most loving and joyful way possible – a way that is typically so elegant and beautiful that it is often beyond our wildest dreams.

Take one of my clients for example. He was doing very well at one point in his life and then he went through a tough phase where he wasn’t sure how to pay the bills. He ended up driving Uber and hoping for good tips. That’s when he started manifesting seriously. His goals were pretty “unrealistic” in human terms, given his current situation. He wanted to live on a large piece of property that could support horses and eventually start a charity.

He stayed in touch with his heart, even though appearances would have him doubt his dreams were possible. He worked diligently to get his mind in the right place, until he knew, without knowing how, that someday this life would come about. He spoke confidently about his future. I could tell his energy was lined up perfectly with his desires.

One month after months of working on his inner world, the little miracles started to show up in his life. A few weeks later, the big one arrived. Out of the blue, an old family friend he’d not heard from in years called. This angel had just “thought of him” when a local store in her town was about to shut down. Being an astute business woman she talked to the owner and conditionally orchestrated a deal where my client could take over the business for free, with no money up front, and pay it back in several years. Added to that she offered him a place to live on her large property! "By the way," she told him, “I know how to write grants if you ever want to set up a non-profit.” Way to go God! He is off to his new adventure, manifesting even more.

This is how life really works. We weren’t taught that. We were taught to believe only in what we know. How sad it would be if we did. I don’t know how to make rainbows, nor paint the trees with autumn colors. I don’t know how to pick or roast coffee, nor do I understand how my car works. I don’t even understand the half of it when it comes to how my own body works. Why, oh why then, do we believe we have to know how our dreams will come true?

This week, allow yourself to dream… then, here are a few pointers from my Manifesting in the Flow of Grace playshop to help you get your energy lined up with your desires.

1. Get juicy with your imagination

What would life look and feel like to have your dreams? What would have changed? Who would be in your life? Who would move along. Fill in as much as you can imagine. Details don't matter so just pick ones that make you feel good. The feeling is most important. How would you feel? Really get into it.

To the degree you can feel your dreams, you send out a strong signal. 

2. Look for examples of people who have what you want

If someone else can create the life you want, you can too. It has little to do with money, circumstance, etc. It has everything to do with their beliefs about what they can have. That is why they have attracted the money, help, and/or circumstances. The universe and the Divine have infinite resources. God is your benefactor and mentor... and may show up in many forms!

Seek out examples and learn from their mindset. Don't worry too much about how they got what they have. Focus more on their mindset .

3. Find ways to feel the feeling you ultimately want... now

If you want something in the future, it is always because you want the feeling it will give you. How can you feel that now? Get creative. Years ago a friend wanted a new car. She decided it would make her feel classier since her old one was pretty tired looking. In the short term, she cleaned up and detailed the old car with a paintbrush, knowing that when she was done with it it was likely turning to parts. She felt better already, classier, and more willing to go places. Sure enough she manifested a new one in a lot less time than she thought was possible.

Find the feeling and you're tuning your inner dial into the energy of what you want.

Miracles happen on a dime. We don't have to know how. We just have to keep our energy in the right space. Find that feeling this week and enjoy the journey!

Love you all!

PS - I can't keep this a secret! You are the first to hear ! 

I’ll be teaching Manifesting in the Flow of Grace on October 6, 2018 in Sedona, Arizona, and for the first time, for those of you who can’t attend live, we are going to live stream the class!!!! I’m so happy. I didn’t plan that either :) Save the date!

We'll also be doing Dancing with Angels live again on May 19, 2018 but that one won't be streamed.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Remodeling in the flow

I never thought I'd find myself standing on the bathroom vanity wearing hiking boots, old jeans, a purple winter jacket, and heavy work gloves.The vanity was thoroughly padded per the instructions of my deceased Grandpa who, along with Jesus (my other favorite carpenter in heaven) was instructing me on how to remove two very large mirrors... I hadn't planned to do that at 9pm after work one night, but the urge hit strongly.

First a little back story - Three weeks ago I taught my signature class, Love is the River: Learning to Live in the Flow of Divine Grace. I was deeply grateful for the opportunity to share an entirely different way of life than the one we were taught to embrace – a way of life that involves being present, surrendering to one's heart in the moment, and trusting in the flow of life that you set in motion through your wishes and desires.

So when it came time, after ten years to do some work on the bathrooms I decided humorously that I was going to "remodel in the flow of grace!" No drama. No schedules. No pretending I was in control! I envisioned it unfolding easily, gave up my need to know how it was all going to work, and simply started doing what felt right when it did.

A few days prior to my adventure, I got the urge to stop in the cabinet shop. Good thing! It ends up they were planning to deliver new cabinets within a week and hadn't told me. I had to get the old ones taken out or reschedule till after Thanksgiving. That didn't feel right, so I called my dear contractors who agreed to come by if they could manage to get an hour free. I was amazed that they considered it, given their schedule.

I kept the delivery dated and gave the problem to God... hence the guidance to remove mirrors a few nights later. So there I was, a 5'2" female standing on counters that Grandpa had instructed me to pad well, dressed in hiking boots, jeans, and a winter coat for padding, taping, decaulking, and removing two 42" x 72" mirrors, with step by step instructions from heaven!

Somehow I managed. Gingerly, I scooted them onto two step ladders that Grandpa told me to place strategically and then managed to lift them to safety. (I looked like an ant carrying a leaf!) Next, Grandpa told me to rip out the caulk around the cabinets. The rest was beyond me, so I waited and trusted...

Sure enough the next day the contractors called. They had a little time to spare. Pleasantly surprised that the cabinets and plumbing behind them were all that was left, the job was quickly done... just in time for my new delivery!

I could go on and on with stories about how the timing of everything has been insanely perfect as I continue to just do what feels right when it does. In between all this, I've gone out of town one weekend, am spending a week with family, had out of town company, and am working full time! I'm doing my fall hikes, cooking, and living pretty much normally in spite of the mess. I still plan on cooking for my company for Thanksgiving whether or not the job is done.

Even things that are usually hard and complicated don't have to be. In fact, life flows gracefully when we don't try to control it so tightly but rather work on controlling our thoughts, focusing on the positive desires, trusting and enjoying the journey!

Can you imagine if we had to figure out how to run the universe? Thank God, we don't!

We don't have to figure out how to run our lives either. We just have to stay focused and faithful, and act when guided...

Here are a few more words on how to do just that:

1. Stay focused

If you want something you want it. Focus on it a few minutes a day. See it. Feel it. Anticipate it is coming even if you don't have a clue how. Don't talk yourself out of your dreams. Focus and know, they're coming – not because you have proof but because you know how the universe works.

2. Stay faithful

It is human to doubt what we cannot yet see. However, as you know, faith is believing in things unseen. While doubts will almost certainly sprout up, and try to talk you out of your own dreams, you can talk back.

I tell my doubts, "Sorry! I'm creating! When I don't know how, God does."

3. Act when guided

If you find yourself agonizing over what to do next, how to solve a problem or create a dream, stop. Ask yourself only one question, "What do I feel like doing now?" Do it if you can. OR alternately you can ask your angels, "What do I do next?" If you feel/hear nothing, there's nothing to do now. It really is that simple. Enjoy the adventure of life.

The angels once said, "Ann, we want to pour oceans of love into your lives. Your hands are on the faucet! Will you allow a trickle, or rivers of grace?" Let the universe do its job by trusting, acting when inspired, and knowing you will get where you want to go.

Love you all!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Trust your feelings

The earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods don't surprise me. Neither do the volcanoes. I feel these things in my body and soul as emotional energies, usually a few weeks in advance, and I see the waves of people feeling them as well. The world is shaken, stirred, and now blowing up in various ways. Even Mother Earth is venting to release the pressure.

My in-box is full of emotional storms. I wake up to emails talking about death, bleeding hearts, hatred, unforgiveness, suicide, and despair, all from dear souls who are simply going through some very tough times. My heart goes to each and every one. I do my best to be compassionate and share the wisdom I’ve been given.

I have to be careful however, to maintain my own joy, or I start getting sucked into the pain. In that space, I’m of no use to anyone. If I see the world as broken, I support its brokenness. If however, I can simultaneously witness the pain with compassion while focusing on the the ever-present perfection trying to emerge, then I can truly help to elevate souls.

So when I started getting cranky last week, and seeing “stories” rather than “souls,” I knew it was time for some time alone. It is a rare thing when I don’t want to serve, but last week all I wanted to do was run away from the world’s pain. So I did. I know better than to ignore my own heart. I turned off my emails and headed for the hills.

On a beautiful, crisp, blue-skied, sunny Sunday I loaded up the car and hit the open road. The farther I drove, the clearer I felt. I had no commitments, and no schedule. Windows unrolled, hair waving in the wind, country music blasting on the radio, it was just me, God, and the angels. I felt like I could breathe again.

I parked, tossed the camera in the backpack and wandered into the forest in silence. There in nature’s cathedral, among towering aspens and ancient pines, with grasses up to my knees and ferns up to my waist, I reconnected with my own soul. Using my backpack as a pillow, I laid down on a massive boulder surrounded by ferns and trees reaching skyward. Their leaves fluttered. Their trunks bent and swayed in the wind. Sunlight dappled warm shine on my face while chilly breezes danced across my skin.

In the ever present now, I drifted into sweet slumber to the sound of chirping birds, ravens crying overhead, and the roaring whoosh of wind through the trees. The last thing I remember is the smell of baked grasses and Christmasy pine…

Some time later, I awakened to the plunk, plunk, plunk of golden aspen leaves raining down upon me. It was a long time before I could move. I had melted into all-that-is. I felt invigorated, inspired, and deeply passionately in love with life… just in time to come back and help people deal with death, divorce, suicide, the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, and the volcanic emotions arising within so many that mirror Mother earth’s current venting.

It is only in being present to, and honoring our feelings that we can return to joy. It is only in our joy that we can truly be the light and beacon of hope that this world requires. 

Here are a few pointers to help you weather the torrents of emotion that might be rising up from within:

1. Honor your feelings... All of them

The angels can’t stress this enough. Every feeling is coming from Love that wants to rise up within you. Like a volcano however, if the emotional pressure builds up for two long, we are likely to erupt at some point in time.

If you are angry, ask yourself, “How can I better care for myself? What do I need to change? How can I be part of the solution?” The answer might be as simple as getting enough rest, exercise, and good food. The answer might be the need to change an attitude. The answer might be suggesting you get to work helping others. If you’re sad, ask, “How can I comfort myself in a healthy way? How can I create change?” Remain open. Trust the answer.

Listen to your feelings. Don’t run from them. They have valuable messages for you.

2. Don’t judge yourself

It is so easy, as spiritual people, to judge ourselves when we’re not in a great space. Instead, relax. Be compassionate with yourself. You’re human. Rather than wasting time judging, just tell yourself, 

I’m sad/angry/jealous… and that is OK.
Let’s see what this feeling is attempting to say

The minute you own the e-motion, you allow it to be in-motion and it starts to move through you.

3. Remember, honoring your feelings makes you a contribution

Because I had taken care of myself this weekend, when I heard of the horrific shootings in Las Vegas, I was able to bear witness to the pain without being engulfed by it. I was able to immediately go into Silent Presence, pray, and send love. Had I not honored my feelings I would have fallen into the world’s despair and been useless.

Instead, I know the deceased are celebrating their homecoming in heaven, knowing a deeper love than we can ever imagine and wishing that for us. The murderer is lost in darkness, being watched by angels who are waiting for him to find the light so they can cast out his demons of despair. The countless souls who remain in grief and pain are lovingly tended by angels and, if willing, are going to see immense growth and change in their lives. You never value life so dearly as when you know you might not have it. I know that from personal experience.

As I stumbled on a website littered with sad and disturbing photos, I was also brought to tears by the best in humanity – a man who literally laid down his life to save his wife, and many others who willingly jumped to cover those closest to them. The Christ showed up in human hearts in the midst of such tragedy. The love is there even in the darkness. I could never have held this focus had I not honored my feelings this weekend.

When you listen to the love beneath your feelings, you are more able to see and share love with the world. 

This week, love yourself through your own pains, fears, tears, anger, sadness, and any other state that feels less than loving.  Always and forever, Love is trying to surface.

Love you all!

PS - My friend Summer Bacon who channels a dear angel emailed this free channeling about the senseless acts we witness, just as I was finishing up my newsletter. Listen here.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cells and souls

Late in the evening, over an herb crusted salmon dinner, I began to read Bruce Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief.” It has been on the market over ten years, but as the saying goes timing is everything. Candles flickered on the table. Robin Miller’s “Dreams of Heaven” played softly in the background.

There in my own little piece of paradise I came to an entirely new appreciation of the miracle that lives inside my own body. I fell madly in love with my cells.

If cells were souls, I later learned each of us would house at least the population of 4000 earths. 30 trillion cells is a conservative estimate. Many are saying we have more now. Each one is like a little person. It has a “skin.” It digests, excretes, and metabolizes. It reproduces. It moves towards what nourishes itself and away from what doesn’t. Sound familiar? The only thing cells don’t do is make unhealthy choices or hang onto suffering! They’re programmed to stay alive and well. We, on the other hand, have free will.

I marveled at the kingdoms within our own body! The kingdom of the lungs takes in air, sends it to the kingdom of circulation which brings it to vitalize each cell and releases what is not useful. The kingdom of digestion takes in the outside world, filters what is useful and releases what is not. The kingdom of our skin takes in what is useful and filters out what is not. As above so below. Each system in the body is open to life, but designed to allow in what it can use to be healthy and filter out what doesn’t serve.

We’re that way too. We’re designed, not to shut ourselves down to life, people, and ideologies, but rather to remain open to all of the above and simply discern or filter out what doesn't serve us.

Shutting down to life hurts. I’ve done it. Every time I’ve shut down, stuffed my feelings, wanted to clam up and close down, I’ve created illness. When I breathe life in, allow myself my own my feelings, and simply discern / filter or let go of what doesn’t work, then I feel fantastic.

We don’t stay healthy by closing ourselves down to life and one another.We stay healthy and happy by knowing who we are enough to discern and filter life - What gets let in and what gets released?

Indiscriminately shutting ourselves down leads to disease, pain, suffering, and ultimately death as surely as if we decided not to eat at all because we didn't like certain foods.

Learning to open up to life and discern leads to vitality, joy, and a life as long as our soul has planned. People don’t die of old age. They die of being “tired of life and shutting down to its life-giving flow.”

I intend to keep opening up to the flow of life, allowing it to nourish me, heal me, and bring me new joyous opportunities. You can too!

Here are some pointers this week to stay open to life this week while keeping only what you want in your experience:

1. Learn to discern

If something feels right to you now, it is right, right now. If it doesn't feel right, right now, it isn't right now. It is important to note that discernment is about "now." Today I may crave vegetables. Tomorrow I may want meat. Today I may want nothing to do with a person who has been unkind. Years later perhaps we both will grow. Today I don't feel like watching the news. Some days, suddenly I do. There is purpose to everything.

If you listen to your own heart and your own feelings you will always know what is right for you, right now.

2. Unclarity means "No, not now."

If you are unsure what to do, or unsure whether or not something is good for you, wait for further guidance.

For example, you might want to run errands but you don't feel like moving right now. Five minutes later the cloud lifts and you feel like going. You may just have avoided an accident by waiting for clarity.

I was unsure about a house that I liked, even though it wasn't perfect. I couldn't decide if I should put an offer on it and try to afford it. Instead, I waited and got the home I love now.

Better to miss an opportunity than to jump into one that doesn't feel clearly right. In the words of a dear client, with a delightful southern accent, "Oh! It's either a 'hail' yes or a 'hail' no!"

3. If you make a choice you regret, start to fix it immediately by getting back in the present. What feels right, right now?

It is easy to hang onto the past, even if it is a choice you made yesterday. There is far greater power and joy in getting present once again, allowing life to flow into you and seeing what feel right now.

For example, I purchased an online class that looked wonderful. I loved the instructor. It felt right. After watching a few segments I realized I didn't need it. My old patterns would have had me shut down, take the loss, and beat myself up – all things that close us down to the flow. Instead I sat and breathed, remembered I could get a refund. I quickly applied for one. It was in my account the next day, no harm done.

In high school I got a job that sounded fun, but after the first day I was in tears. I realized very quickly it wasn't for me. I went home, told my parents I needed a new job and quit. A better job opened up soon after.

A dear friend who had a contracting job signed a contract to get her kitchen remodelled. She was layed off the next day. Cancelling her kitchen remodel didn't feel right even though it made sense, so she waited. Three days later she had a new job!

Never bind yourself to an unloving choice. Just breathe in new life, release the old as you exhale and see what feels right now. 

I hope you have a beautiful week, breathing in life, and releasing all that doesn't serve with each exhale.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Be a Soul Whisperer

I was hiking earlier this year out in the desert. My mind was clear. My heart was happy. I was silent in the deepest levels of my being. Suddenly I heard my soul start talking to the soul of one of our world leaders. “If you want to be great, you can be. You have that power. Promote peace. Go down in history as one who truly created a better world, not one who created more division. Please use your power wisely.” It came out of nowhere and was not coming from my conscious mind. This happens every now and then.

I forgot the incident until I recently attended a friend’s channeling session. Summer Bacon is an amazing mystic. She too stood up and talked about how from the depths of her soul she found herself talking to another world leader’s soul – a different one that appears to be filled with hate. She found her spirit saying something very similar.

At our deepest levels we are all “Soul Whisperers.”

I first understood this years ago. A person with whom I had a very good relationship started dating a girl of a different religious persuasion and within weeks became very judgmental with me. I found myself repeating over and over, as if to his soul, “Please! Judge not lest ye shall be judged!” Immediately he stopped making judgmental comments. I was in awe. Did he hear me? I now know that his soul did.

A few years later a friend was complaining about a boss who was being very unkind. I found myself speaking to the boss’s soul. “Your employees want to make you a success. Just support them please.” The boss started being nicer.

I was in traffic the other day behind a car going 15 miles per hour below the speed limit. A huge line of cars had formed behind this one. I lovingly whispered to the soul in the slower car, “If you wouldn’t mind pulling into the slow lane we’d all be so grateful.” Within a few minutes, this car moved over. “Thank you. Bless you.”

I could go on with stories such as these, but they make the point. We all have the power to lovingly connect and converse with other souls. We all have the power to whisper loving truth to one another.

We do not have the power to bully, manipulate, or coerce anyone in spirit, anymore than we could at the conversational level. Souls recognize truth. Souls recognize love.

We don’t have the power to make anyone change. We can only make loving requests. However, a vast majority of people respond to love.

So when you have a problem with someone who doesn’t listen at the human level, or someone you don’t personally know, try to whisper something kind to them… "You have the power to do better. Please let’s get along…” or whatever comes into your heart.

You never know. You may just change a life, or… change the course of history. 

Here are a few pointers to “make love not war” by being a Soul Whisperer this week:

1. Whisper to someone with whom you do not get along

Pick someone in your life that you find difficult to talk to, or someone with whom you’ve had to disconnect. Whisper to their soul. Imagine you are sending a message. Make it loving and kind.  “Please let’s get along.” “I believe can handle this in a mature way.” “I forgive you and wish you peace.”   If you can’t say something loving, pass on this for now.

You may or may not get validation from them that they received the message, but you will feel better, and you will attract better.

2. Whisper to someone who needs love

Do you have someone in your life you can’t reach?  Use Soul Whispering to bolster their confidence, help them heal, or assist them in general. “I believe in you.” “I see you as whole and healed.” “I have faith in you.”

Your loving energies will make a difference and may even seep into their human consciousness at some point in time. I’ve seen miracles happen when people choose to support others this way.

3. Extra credit - Whisper to someone in public whom you dislike - Be loving

Pick someone you don’t know and don’t care for.  Make some loving recommendation. “Please be kinder. Please be more honest. Please  I believe you can XYZ…”

Talk to the light within them. Tell them you see their light, you believe they have good intentions, etc…  If you can really do this you’ll feel amazing afterwards because love is what makes you feel most like you. 

Can you imagine if we were all to whisper lovingly to those who want war… “I believe you can find a peaceful solution. We want one please. Your soul will feel so much better…”

I wish you a peaceful and loving week, knowing you have the power to affect hearts and souls with your love, even when personality issues make it a challenge. As I type, I hear the angels whispering to all of us… “You are so very loved."

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Living inside out

I once asked the angels how to calm the anxiety I was feeling at the time.Their answer made me laugh. "Remind yourself you're not in control of the world! A meteorite could come through your roof any minute!" Within months, meteorites were falling through roofs in other countries. The angels made their point.

I started to work diligently on mastering my mind and my inner world rather than trying to control my outer.
At first, I practiced in simple situations. In traffic I'd catch myself becoming fearful and impatient until I reminded myself, "You're not in control. Just change your inner world." I started to pray for the happiness of everyone in traffic, and within minutes traffic moved.

When someone was unkind I used to get angry. They need to change! It wasn't OK to treat me that way! How could they? Now I ask a different question, "How can I improve my inner world? How can I look at this in a way that feels better to me?" Perhaps I view them as an upset child. Perhaps I remind myself their behavior has nothing to do with me. As I shift, many times they've shifted too.

As Hurricane Irma approached, she looked disastrous. There was nothing any of us could do externally to calm that storm. All we could do is go within, find the peace amidst our own storms of concern and abide prayerfully in that space. I joined the countless others praying and sitting in silent Presence.

By calming the inner storms of chaos, worry, and fear, and praying to minimize the disaster, humanity did indeed calm that storm. Your prayers and loving energy made a difference. While millions of lives and homes are still deeply –  and in some cases tragically – affected it was far calmer and kinder than anticipated.

If, collectively, we can calm hurricanes, certainly we can manage our inner world to calm the storms of stress in our own lives.

Here are a few pointers to work with your inner world to shift the outer...

1. When someone's behavior bothers you...

Breathe deeply. Say to yourself:
  • Everyone has their own story. 
    Everyone has their own reasons. 
    Everyone has their own lessons. 
  • I don't have to understand them. 
    They don't have to understand me. 
    Their behavior has nothing to do with me. 
  • I am not responsible for their behavior or their happiness. 
    I am only responsible for my own joy. 
Then, ask yourself, "How can I think about this situation in a way that feels better?" Miracles are possible when you stop waiting for others to change and take charge of your own happiness.

2. When you feel stressed because you don't know the outcome of a situation...

Suppose you want a job, a new home, for your child to be safe – something you want but cannot control in any sort of normal way. You can worry, or you can create. 
Every time you feel worry, try to re-focus on what the desired outcome would feel like. Speak words of "gratitude in advance." Think of it as building mental muscle. Keep diligently shifting your thoughts and feelings from worry to creating until you feel 100% confident you will receive "this or better."

Instead of guessing the outcome, you determine the outcome by mastering your thoughts and manifesting "this or better." 

3. When you are stressed for no good reason...

Sometimes you have been under stress so long that the stress remains even after the traumatic life situation is gone. In this case, there are many things you can do physically to calm the adrenals such as taking certain supplements, or doing restorative yoga.

You can also learn or engage in various techniques to help reprogram your inner world, such as Gary Craig's Optimal EFT (Gary is a wonderful teacher/healer and has a free book on his site called "The Unseen Therapist" that teaches you a very simple but effective practice of self-healing. My assistant, Daniela is also studying a technique called EMDR that helps people reprogram after trauma. I'll let you know when she's certified.

On your own, you can remind yourself, over and over, "I am relaxing into the arms of the Divine. The creator of universes is looking out for me. In this energy, I am safe. I am safe. I am safe." As your repeat this, simultaneously, imagine that you are safe and relaxed. Ask your body, "What does it feel like to be safe and relax?". Let the body answer, not the mind.
You are reprogramming your inner world to relax into the arms of God.

The more we focus on mastering our inner world, the less we are buffeted by the outer... and the more we can create loving influence in our world and in the lives of others. I haven't mastered my mind completely of course, but every time I point it in the right direction life shifts in miraculous fashion!

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Spiritual Assistance

Mid week I started having "the third eye call." It feels like someone is pressing their thumb on my third eye, and my physical eyelids become so heavy can barely stay awake. I can't easily fight it.

I laid down and Immediate felt myself sucked out of body. Sometimes I remember where I've been. Other times I come back with a sense of it. It seems to happen more frequently a few days before a disaster. The angels told me I help them "transition" souls who are leaving. Only once did I actually remember vividly.

Coming back is a challenge. I feel the weight of my body and have a hard time keeping my eyes open. It takes awhile to remember what day or time it wasI felt swirling sensations in my body and knew we were in for another hurricane. That is when a client told me about Irma. 
I rarely watch TV but I turned on the news just in time to watch hurricane coverage, hear about the 8.1earthquake off the coast of Mexico and read about the epic solar flares this week. My heart sank watching all the suffering.

The angels, as always, drew my attention to stories of love that were coming in rapidly – people helping total strangers, people who had survived talking about their gratitude, and so many who were sending assistance.

It is easy to feel helpless when we witness the suffering of our fellow human beings. They are family. We care. We put ourselves in their shoes and wonder what we'd do. We thank God if we are not. We wish we could help.

We donate, volunteer and do what we can at the human level.

We can also help to ease human suffering, calm the fears of those in dire conditions, and share love, by working in the spiritual realms.

If you can and if you're guided, contribute what you can in the human realms. Here are also a few ways to assist in the spiritual realms this week:

1. Pray

This seems obvious, but prayers must have conviction and feeling behind them in order to ripple out strongly into the cosmos. We are not children imploring a parent for mercy. We are powerful creators sending signals out to the universe and the Divine, much as the nerves send signals to the body. We are sending an energetic command to the universe. Pray powerfully...

"Dear God, Dear Angels, bless and protect all those being affected by disasters, natural or man made. Guide them out of harm's way. Help them hear you. Comfort, console, and carry them through this."

2. Visualize

Together, with faith, focus, and feeling, we could calm the storms. Our collective vibration creates them. Our collective peace can calm them.

Imagine earth being stable, hurricanes dissipating, fires being rained upon gently, people livingin peace and calm, and of course, peace in your own life.

3. Be the Angel

Sit down. Become peaceful, perhaps through breathing or by listening to beautiful music. Ask your angels to connect you in spirit, to someone who is in need of love.

Ask if the individual is male or female? Young or old? You can ask what part of the world are they in. What is their situation. Some of you will see visions. Some will just know. Some will get a feeling. Some will hear words. Trust.

Now imagine you stand next to this soul in the invisible realms as an angel. You whisper to their soul, "You are loved. God is with you. You are not alone," and whatever else comes to mind. You are speaking to them, kindly entangled for that moment in the quantum field. Gently return your focus to the room when you're done.

Periodically I feel a beautiful comforting presence come over me. I know it is someone sending me love. We can be this for souls we may never meet. It is very real.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

The eclipse and the energy

I knew earth was in for some changes when I started to heat up like an oven just before the eclipse a few weeks ago. I had planned to meditate through it but my reminder alarm hadn’t gone off and I was too engrossed in my work to notice. Luckily the internal clock was more accurate.

I dropped everything, shut my eyes, and dove inward. The angel who comes through my friend Summer Bacon had recommended that we experience the eclipse within ourselves – the coming together of dark and light. I focused on that intent and within seconds was drawn into a visionary experience.

Strands of dark and light were being pulled from the cosmos into the center of my soul, combining in one massive sphere of light. It looked like a sun, spinning, and sparkling with love. As I watched the diverse energies dissolving into the “One,” I heard a booming voice. “I AM."

Humorously I thought to myself, "Why does God always sound male?” Within seconds, I heard the most comforting, strong, yet nurturing voice say gently, “I AM.” I smiled. I’ve heard that voice so many times.

I started spiraling inward into this light. I felt my awareness merge with it. I felt all that I was being accepted by it. I dissolved into it, maintaining my awareness as “Ann” but also knowing myself as part of this light. Indescribable bliss filled my being. I understood.

The eclipse marked a time on earth where we must own and love all that we are. There can be no more pretending we are something, when we are not. No more stuffing feelings. No more being “OK” with things that aren’t, and no more saying we "OK" with things, when we actually want change.

Inauthenticity is becoming excruciatingly painful. Being honest with ourselves about our own feelings, is opening us to a glorious flow.

The energies of this eclipse cut loose a huge torrent of spiritual and emotional energy that is flooding our hearts and minds, washing anything we've repressed up to the surface of our conscious awareness.

People have been uncharacteristically light... or cranky. Hopeful or despondent. These past few weeks I've seen a massive intensification of emotional energy.

And then comes Hurricane Harvey, flooding Texas and flooding human hearts. I know people there. I'm praying, picturing them safe, and of course contributing as guided.

We are the calm and the storm. We are the pent up energy that gets released in a cosmic event, and the peace that follows. We contain the floods of tears waiting to be released and the raging winds that resist change. The cosmos lives within us. We are all part of each other and all responsible, at least vibrationally for the state of the world around us.

While we must help each other at the human level, as we are guided, it is equally important that we begin to accept everything within ourselves – our strengths and weaknesses, our joy and our sadness, our blessings and our anger, so the earth does not have to release these pent up emotions for us.

While we don't want to hold onto the denser emotions, it is important to acknowledge them, grow from them, and find the love beneath.  It’s time, the angels say, to free ourselves from our self-imposed barriers to love.

Here are some tips for loving it all within you:

1. Write a love letter to yourself, as if you were someone else. Spell out all the beautiful things you see inside of you.
Seriously, pretend you are in love with yourself. Write a love letter. No one ever needs to see it. Own how wonderful you are.

2. Write a letter of encouragement.
  • Pick a feeling inside of yourself that you consider to be negative.
  • Pretend your best friend was beating themselves up for these qualities.
  • Write a letter of encouragement to the friend, imagining that you are being completely, unconditionally love and accepting of their feelings, and at the same time, trying to helping them accept themselves more.

Example 1: If your best friend said, "I'm a horrible person. I want to be loving but I'm still angry at my ex," you might say, "Of course you are. He/she was so unkind to you. You're human. Anger is your soul's way of telling you to grow. You'll work through it. Look how you've learned to be kinder to yourself."

Example 2: If your best friend said, "I hate my body! I'm ugly. I'm fat. No one will love me." You might say, "I understand you don't feel good about yourself, and that's human but you're so beautiful inside and out. Look how many people you help. Look how many already love you. This is temporary. I understand your feelings, but I love you and all I see is your beautiful soul. Tell me how I can support you."

Example 3: If your best friend said, "Everyone thinks I'm so good at my business but I feel like a fake! I'm never confident. I'm scared all the time. You might say, "Look how much you risked to follow your own path! Of course you're scared. It's normal. Psychologists call it the impostor syndrome. You'll get more confident as you go on. It's OK to feel this way." 

3. Now read the letter of encouragement to yourself

Allow yourself to receive the love and acceptance you'd give another.

We can weather the shifting energies with grace. A little loving self-acceptance, for all that lies within, makes a dramatic difference in the quality of life these days. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Guilt free

I did a reading a few weeks ago for a dear client who is leaving this earth very soon. She wanted to be prepared. As we discussed the dying process and the journey into heaven, the angels interrupted with a tenderness and love that almost brought me to my knees...

"You have not failed," they told her. They acknowledged how hard her life had been, how many betrayals she had experienced, the abuse, the unkindness, etc. They acknowledged her tender caring heart and how hard it had been for her to be human. 

They reminded her gently that her desire before coming to earth was to learn to love herself in spite of all odds
 and she had indeed learned to accept her own feelings. The emotional pain that had festered over the years had turned into a cancer. Her body was dying, but they reminded her, "Your spirit is bright." "You have not failed." I was overtaken with the magnitude of their love.

She needed the message. I realized after her session that most of us need the reminder too.  We have been born and bred in cultures that readily employ guilt as a method to control one another. I used to feel guilty because Eve ate the apple. I felt guilty every time I couldn't please someone. I felt guilty when I did something for myself, knowing others were in need. I even felt guilty at times when I chose to continue eating my dinner when I could feel someone longing for me to get up and check emails. It was insane.

Years ago, when the angels challenged me to see how guilt had infiltrated my consciousness and polluted my experience of life, I was shocked to see how deeply its unkind tentacles reached into my reality.

I started to systematically eliminate the "guilt habit" from my consciousness. Magically people started to treat me more kindly. Abundance flowed with greater ease. I felt free and joyous. Guilt is a poison to the soul. The good news is that its damage is never permanent and we can, through our own dedication, cure it.

"You have never failed."

I pray that the words of the angels echo in the heart of this dear client of mine and echo in the depths of all human hearts.
 Hearing and feeling the love behind those words changed me, drove me deeper into self love, and made me even stronger in my ability to be authentic.

You cannot fail. Just be yourself. You are perfect exactly the way you are... even as we all expand into greater awareness.

Here are a few pointers to help you live guilt-free and remember that you have never failed:

1. Imagine everything you say to yourself, you are saying to a child
My two year old niece recently hoisted herself on the kitchen counter and shared a tub of butter with the dog! She didn't feel guilty at all and she didn't get sick!

You were born pure and perfect. This innocent child still lives within you. Find a picture of yourself when you were young. Look at it every day. Send the child so much love.

Imagine this child stands next to you and everything you say to yourself this week, you also say to this innocent child. 

Guard the words aimed at yourself and this child. Make them loving and kind.

2. Reframe your guilt trips...

Throughout the week make a list of everything that makes you feel guilty. It might be, "I feel guilty about resting. I feel guilty because I left work early. I feel guilty because I ate an extra cookie." Include anything and everything that trips your guilt trigger.

Near the end of the week take each one and reframe it. Start out with "I am brilliant..." "I am brilliant because I rested. I am brilliant because I listened to my guidance and left work early and beat traffic home. I am brilliant to grant myself a little extra sweetness and create incentive to exercise a little bit more." 

See the positive side of your guilt-trip triggers.

3. Own your sucesses

Pick a day. Right before bed, list all the loving things you did, said, or thought that day, about yourself, the world, and others. They can be large or small.

"I helped a friend. I admitted how much I've grown. I appreciated my lawn. I savored my food. I didn't lose my temper with that drive in traffic. I loved myself enough to get upset at that driver because I want more kindness. I kissed my dog. I "liked" a Facebook post..." List all things great and small. 

The mind tries to negate our "small" successes, but as the angels like to say, "Love is love. Any love is the only love."

I wish you a guilt-free week and a guilt-free life filled with amazing grace :) 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Dealing with anger

In what seems like another lifetime, but was really only decades ago I was an angry young woman. On the outside I was sappy happy, sugar coated, syrupy sweet. On the inside, buried so deeply I didn't even know it, I had a simmering rage. It popped out occasionally.

I felt it when someone attacked me with their words. I felt it when I saw someone being unkind to another, and when I witnessed the world's violence on TV. I felt it so strongly once I hurled a pair of scissors like a javelin,straight into the wall. I didn't aim it at others. Instead I let it fly in private or aimed it at myself.
Inwardly, I blamed others for my anger, but the angels taught me otherwise. "Anger," they say, "is a force that causes the seed to burst open and reach for the light." It is meant to be a catalyst for our own growth and change, not a tool for aiming at and hurting others or ourselves.

So when you feel angry, instead of changing another, it is time to grow.

When I got angry at dangerous drivers in traffic, the angels tasked me to have more faith in God and to know I wasn't going to die before my time!

When I got angry at people who attacked me with unkind words, the angels taught me to see them as hurting children and to pray for them.

When I got angry at the violence in the news, the angels asked me not to contribute to the vibration of hatred with my own, but rather to pray, send energy and light, and contribute to the vibrations of peace and love by being peaceful and loving in my own life.

When I got angry at the jealous person who sent me spiritual attacks the past few years, the angels helped me get over my fears and learn to love "the other as self" so deeply that nothing could touch me.

As I took responsibility for my own energy, my own thoughts and my own feelings, I stopped being angry. As I embraced a greater faith, I stopped feeling as if the words and actions of others could damage me. Instead of anger, I felt compassion. Instead of contributing to the energy I disliked, I became part of the vibrational solution.

Here are a few tips to help avoid becoming upset or fearful when you witness anger or violence in the world:

1. Use anger as a catalyst for growth and positive change
When you feel anger or fear, ask yourself, "What do I need to change? How do I have to act, think, or feel differently in order to feel good again?"

This is a hard question to ask because it removes us from our external focus and points us inward. However, it helps us stop giving others our power. It gives us back out God-given right to feel better. The answers may not come right away... but if you keep asking, a light will be revealed in the darkness.

There are many ways to shift your vibration into greater love. Get creative. Above all know that you have that power.

2. Practice Ho'oponopono 

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice popularized in the modern world by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. He helped cure criminal patients through the knowledge that we are all One. He worked on healing himself and they magically healed as well. The process is simple. Imagine you can say these things to the soul of the person who has upset you.
  • I'm Sorry
  • Forgive Me
  • Thank You
  • I Love You
Here is my interpretation: 

"I'm sorry" because I have contributed to the vibrations that you aimed at me, either in this life or another. At some point in my life I have been angry or unkind. At some point in my life I have been afraid. I have added to these energies at some point in my existence. "Forgive me."

"Thank you" for showing me areas in which I can heal and love more deeply. "I love you," because in our depths we are One.

3. Turn the other cheek

There is a mistaken notion that when Jesus said, "Turn the other cheek," He meant so we could get slapped on the other side! Nothing could be further from truth! He told me he meant that we should "look away" from the darkness, and look towards the light and truth in the world! 

Try it. Give yourself permission to focus on what is good, beautiful, and true, rather than what is dark and painful.  

I think this topic is incredibly important given the recent terrorist attacks and the ensuing pain and anger around them. Together, we have a powerful collective light.