Saturday, March 26, 2016

All stirred up

The energy is indeed stirred up. I've been receiving hundreds of emails a week from people who are going through very difficult circumstances, sudden deaths of loved ones, people flipping out, you name it. I've felt the energies on this planet running through my body, sometimes in dizzying swirls, and have been hearing similar reports from sensitive souls. I won't even go into the spiritual insanity we are witnessing in our politics here in the US, terrorist attacks, and weather-wise, many winds of change.

It could make one feel as if our planet is heading downhill. Thankfully that's not the way the angels see it! Imagine if you only had a trickle of water running through a stream bed. Weather and erosion would deposit a lot of junk in there – branches, leaves, etc. Because the current is so weak, not much would get moving. Now imagine the spring rains come and a torrent of water floods that stream bed. Suddenly all the junk is stirred up and gets moving. You notice it. It looks like a big mess for awhile until the water washes it away.

So too, the energies on this planet are stirring everyone up! But in a way this is good! Our fears are being stirred up to be moved out! I shook like a leaf before filming Series 7 and prayed for Archangel Michael to suck out my fears! As a result I entered and taught the Oneness, in such a beautiful way I have never felt my connection to the Divine more blissfully.

The energy is also stirring up passions and dreams. I was perfectly content with life for awhile and all of the sudden I'm dreaming of a future where I can contribute more, in a way that is even more in balance in my life.

If you choose to point your thoughts in a good direction, things are coming into our lives like magic! I wanted a piece of equipment that was more than my budget, so I gave it to God... "Thank you God. I'm ready for this in the right time / right way." Within a week I found a used one on sale for exactly the amount I saved on taxes this year!

I wanted a new pair of gold sandals. At an event where we had to take off our shoes and put them in a pile, I went to slip my shoes on in the dark and didn't realize I was wearing someone else's home! I returned them, of course! I felt bad about inconveniencing the owner. Yet, here was a perfect make and model for me... with no shoe shopping required! All I had to do was go order my own pair on the internet :)

So it is getting quite humorous how quickly you can manifest if you focus on the good things that your heart truly desires! And if you find yourselves in fear, just pray before bed for the angels to help vacuum it out while you sleep. You never have to change your energy alone! And ... stirred or not, enjoy the ride. Life is an adventure. Its all about love, and as soon as we start to be kinder and gentler to ourselves, things can shift quickly!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Love beneath all

The angels have trained me to look for love everywhere, even in the situations and circumstances that do not always feel like love to me. For example when things don't go my way, they remind me to trust that the Creator is working "behind the scenes" to help bring more joy and goodness into my life. I have to trust.

Recently over the past few years when someone aimed incredible pain and darkness at me, and I don't mean just personal, but an entire vibration of darkness, I had to look beyond those clouds to see the love behind it all too. It catalyzed phenomenal growth. I faced past life fears of possession. I had to learn to love those who hate. I had to learn that, what we call evil, is more of a vibration that has simply lost its connection to the Divine and lives in a sad survival mode. I had to identify with the light within more strongly than ever before. I face my fears of physical ills, as this vibration and my reaction to it caused quite a few conditions to surface in my body. And once again, I grew in faith, in light, and in compassion even for the most wounded.

As I went to film Series 7 of Ann & the Angels which is a journey into your true mystical nature and a journey into mystical realities, I shook like a leaf! I actually, physically shook, as fears of lifetimes were leaving me. In other lives when I stood in public declaring the truth of a Love far grander than the much of the world dares to believe in, it hasn't always come to a good end! But shaking and quaking I got in front of that camera and as the energy of truth began to turn on, the peace, the calm and the light flooded me. I don't think I've ever put out a more powerful body of work than this next series. It is the cumulation of lifetimes. It is simple in the earlier episodes as I get people grounded inside of themselves, then gradually builds to a loving reality where I was standing in a love so beautiful, the room disappeared and there was nothing but a vast and profound love surrounding us all. I think this series is not only going to be an eye opener but a game changer for many. It was for me.

I went home and as I looked at the crowds milling through the airport, I saw only love. I saw love beneath the scowling, stressed out faces. I saw love in the man who nearly ran me over because he was reminding me how protected I am. I saw it everywhere. I saw love in the souls needing my attention, as they were simply saying, "Please remind me I am loved." And I know in my heart, that while I do not need to serve every personality, I can now, in a much larger way, serve the light within.

So look "beneath the surface" in life and ask, "How is life trying to bring more love to the surface. Even the people who hurt us the most are used by the Divine to help us reveal and heal those hidden areas where we haven't yet learned to love ourselves. Meanwhile, the ones who are obviously loving and kind shine a spotlight on those areas where we have learned to treasure ourselves and to bring our love to the surface.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Give & Receive authentically

Almost always I seem to want to let love flow through my heart for others. But I have been guilty on many occasions of forcing myself to give because I feel I "should." Its old programming and every now and then it comes to the surface for me to have a look at it once again. In almost every case, when I give in-authentically, I get myself into a challenging situation. Luckily it is much rarer these days but I offer these stories as inspiration for you to listen to your own hearts and not learn the hard way as I did!

Years ago I helped friends move. I loved them and it sounded like a joy to assist. However, only two of us showed up to move an entire house. Instead of asking them to call additional people or calling friends of my own, I pushed myself to work harder, faster... and I tripped and nearly knocked my tooth through my lip. It was not a pretty sight and reminded me that when you don't speak your truth it hurts. Good wisdom... teeth represent wisdom in fact!

A few years ago a friend asked me to watch an event with a person in public I didn't resonate with. Out of respect for my friend, and against everything in me I did. I tried so hard to like this person and yet I just didn't resonate. I ended up getting myself in tangled energetic mess with this soul who ended up sending me immeasurable amounts of nasty energy! I should have left well-enough alone.

However, when I give from the joy in my heart we all win. A friend I've known for some time told me right before Christmas, when I was pressing him for gift ideas, that he'd like a contribution towards a keyboard. I hadn't even known he played piano. I worked overtime and got him a moderately priced one. It felt so heavenly to help bring the music back to this person's life. Often I answer nearly 100 emails a day because I feel the energy moving and the desire to help people. When I am tired however, I stop. I got in trouble years ago pushing myself to respond to everyone even when I was exhausted. Now the energy as well as the advice comes from love.

Receiving was a learned skill for me. I still have to bite my tongue and say thank you when people give to me. The angels taught me that it is not "better to give than to receive" but rather it is better to "give and receive with love." Why on earth would it be better to give if the receiver was not supposed to receive as well? Nature teaches us this principle. When a human breathes out, a tree must breathe in, and when the tree breathes out, we breathe in. God's love flows between all of creation!

So this week see if you can catch yourself stifling the urge to share love, however simply, and instead let it flow. Catch yourself when you're not receiving graciously and see if you can just say thank you. Only do so when it feels truthful inside of you. See how it feels and see how it starts to make changes in areas of your life that seem unrelated.

As the angels like to say... "When the love starts flowing, everything else gets going!"

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Savor the moments

You’ve probably heard the quote, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” It doesn’t take something big to take your breath away. The dewdrops on the leaf in this week’s photo stole my breath. A miraculous universe existed in that small space.

This week the angels have been talking a great deal about how precious each moment truly is. These dewdrops on the photo above last for such a short time and yet they’re magical! If I had not slowed down to look around and see them, I would have missed a chance to shift my energy into a sweet space of wonder.

Perhaps these moments mean more to me than many because I live with a constant awareness of life’s temporary nature. Dealing with death is part of my life. I know, that no matter how long we live, life is temporary. I also know better than to take a breath – or a loved one – for granted. The only thing we regret at the end of our lives is missing opportunities to love ourselves or others.

As I’ve talked to deceased loved ones I’ve marveled that some, although young, had no regrets whatsoever. They lived their lives fully and completely, doing what gave them joy, relating to people in a loving way, helping others. These bright spirits so easily find their place among the angels in heaven. Then there are others, who sadly regret not spending more time doing what they loved or being with those they loved. In heaven there is complete acceptance and understanding. You feel unconditionally loved, but you can also see, very objectively, what you missed.

And so the dying have taught me to live. Whether I am joyous or crying a river , I know there is beauty in feeling and loving so deeply. I treasure the sounds of beautiful music, the hum of the bees, and the birdsong that welcomes each new day. I value the sun knowing its nothing short of miraculous that a self-generating star can warm my face every morning. I look for dewdrops, savor raindrops, and do my utmost to not take the goodness on this earth for granted.

It is not always easy. I don’t always appreciate the moments when faced with pain or challenge. Nonetheless, the minute I can get back to that practice, the energy shifts. Everything starts to get immediately better.

So this week try your best to look for the everyday grace and beauty around you. It is true we live in a world with a lot of misunderstanding and darkness, but we also live in a world where there are miracles in our coffee cup, and shining brightly in the sky overhead. Savor the moments. Take sweet sips from life’s sweetness. Now is all we have.