Saturday, January 30, 2016

Great guidance...

Before I worked with angels I used to ask, "What should I do?" all the time. Now I don't bother. The angels will always turn it back to me, "What do you want to create?" So I've become pretty demanding over the years! I woke up the other morning with quite the "honey do" list for heaven. "Dear angels, I need to get caught up on a few hundred emails today, do a newsletter, figure out how to get my iPad fixed, generate a little more income to pay a bill, work on figuring out a website redo, figure out why the backups aren't working, drop off the mail, get the groceries..." and the list went on! As always I have no idea how these things will get done! But I am quite intentional and clear and ask for help each morning.

So on Monday, right after finishing a mountain of work, with still a mountain to go, the urge for a pedicure hit me, I was surprised. That wasn't on my list! But I know better! If the urge is there, I drop everything and go for it. Five minutes later my toes were in hot water and I was in bliss after neglecting to pamper myself for the last few months!

It occurred to me that I could run to a nearby grocery store right afterward – not my usual one, but one a few minutes away. En route, I got the sudden urge to abandon that plan and take a right turn on a busy street! As I did so, I remembered that I had to check my PO Box, which was right along that street. I dropped off the mail and sure enough, several people had sent payment for a class! The bills was handled.

Surprise! More help arrived! Right next to the Postal store, a new iPhone and iPad repair shop had recently opened up! I hadn't known! The gentleman working there quickly showed me a way to work around my problem... for free! Five minutes later I was in my usual grocery store where everything I wanted was on sale!

At home I proceeded to make progress on my website upgrades and while doing so a friend called. I hadn't realized the phone was even on, and had the urge to answer so I did. While having a pleasant chat he suddenly told me he had a website backup problem and had solved it. It ends up we had the same plugin, the same problem, and he quickly outlined the solution for me! I didn't even have to figure it out on my own!

This is how God works! This is how the angels guided me. Would you have thought a pedicure would lead to an ipad repair, groceries on sale, and time to do web work, which gave me time to talk to a friend, who solved my problem? Not me! I would have just plodded through each item on my to-do list, trying to figure it out on my own.

However, we are not alone! We have help... and lots of it!

So play with this a little this week. Start asking for help. Viewers of my show have reported SO much help from their angels it blows me away!! It keeps me inspired and going. We are never alone. But we DO have to do our part by owning whatever we know what we want and asking for it. Some days I am specific, and some days I just say, "Give me a magical day filled with love!" Whatever I know, I ask for, I own it, and I expect that help will arrive. It always does, in God's way and God's timing, which most often is better than I could have imagined!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

In my ideal life...

The angels had me ask myself this New Year's Eve, "Who do I want to be?" It was a good question. I like myself as is, but always have areas in which I want to improve. I want to be a gracious, loving person who lives authentically, in balance, has energy, vibrant health, and is confident even when challenged... and so much more! While I achieve these things much of the time, just thinking about it, as the angels pointed out, did bring up areas in which I can improve.

In my ideal life I am active and exercise once again. I let that go because I was so busy towards the end of last year and could not get motivated. I had fallen into the old habit of taking care of my business before my body. It was clearly time to correct that!

At first I didn't change a thing externally. I spent time each day remembering what it felt like to be fit and energetic first. I didn't even bother to push myself to exercise. Gradually the urge to exercise came back and I remembered how good even a little felt. I remembered how much help I received whenever I see my wonderful shaman/chiropractor who assists me in keeping my energy open and flowing so I can channel more for others. (If you are in Phoenix, Dr. Shawn Warwick is amazing!). I got tired of the holiday over-indulgence as I imagined my healthy self, and started craving tasty, healthy food!

Likewise, I started to imagine what it would feel like to live in balance again. I don't get much sleep because most of my shows and inspirations must be done after my client work, however, when I am passionate about what I do, the energy runs endlessly! So I spent time remembering what that felt like, to be so passionate about what I do. Sometimes we just get in our habits and forget to enjoy what we are already doing! I re-read journal entries from 20 years ago and reconnected with the wonder of working with the heavens! I sat down and had a chat with a guide I hadn't talked to in over a decade. Suddenly a childlike sense of delight and wonderful began to re-emerge. Even talking to angels can seem normal when you've done it for two decades! I want to be the kind of person that never takes any of it for granted.

And so on it went, and continues to go in my life. For a few minutes each day, I spend time thinking about the kind of person I want to be, and suddenly I notice areas in life where I need to make a few adjustments. It feels good. Old habits may "die hard" as the saying goes, but with persistence, and your inner eyes on the wonderful way you wish to feel, they will eventually give way to better, happier realities!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Out with the old!

I always spend my week between Christmas and New Year's going through the house, cleaning & organizing closets, drawers, files... everything possible. It is like doing a review of my year, taking inventory of who I've become, and dreaming about who I want to be.

Sometimes its hard to let go of our stuff - both material and otherwise. I'll never forget a few decades ago, the first time I did "big closet clean out" that I had a terrible time letting go of a dress I wore on my first date in college! It was hideously out of style, and didn't even fit, but I was still hanging on to it for sentimental reasons. The angels finally gave me a little trick - hold it up to my stomach and my heart, breathe in all the good energy and good memories, then pass it on. It worked! i was finally able to donate it. I'm sure someone wore it as a Halloween costume and got quite a few laughs!

And then there was my favorite pair of jeans that once fit like a glove, but started falling off me once I stopped eating flour and a lot of sugar. I sat there holding them, wishing with all my heart I could figure out how to tailor them, and knowing I needed to just get rid of them. Once again, the angels got in my head, "Are you afraid of lack Ann? Are you afraid that God can't find you a new pair that fits?" They were right. I was holding on for fear I wouldn't find something better.

We do this in many ways. We hold onto, not only things, but beliefs, situations, etc., that aren't really making our soul sing, for fear we will never find something better. The angels have taught me over the years, to let go in all ways. When something stops making my soul sing, I find a way to release it or change it.

This year's closet clean outs were not difficult at all... I didn't ask, "Does it fit? Will I use it? What if I can't find something better?" My only question was, "Does it make my soul sing now?" and if not, I donated it. I got rid of a lot and it felt great. I'm still cleaning out in fact. It feels amazing. I also took inventory of my life. I sat and thought about what was working, what isn't, and I'm starting to make changes, letting go of habits and situations that don't make my soul sing. I'm doing the clearing exercise after work and trying to get more sleep! Little by little I'm putting more "me" in my life so I have more to give.

It isn't always easy letting go, but usually the only reason we hang onto the past - be it material, emotional, or otherwise, is because we forget we have the capacity to create better... in all those areas. So maybe this week, ask yourself, "What am I hanging onto, externally or internally, that I really want to release? What do I want to create instead?" Then soak up the love and lessons from the past and do your best to let it go by focusing forward... It feels amazing!

Saturday, January 09, 2016

A perfectly guided day

The more I give up trying to control myself, and my life, the better things work! Last autumn I was scheduled to attend an event a few hours north. I woke up before my alarm clock and was ready leave much earlier than usual. It felt right, so I hopped in the car and got on the road way before it was necessary. I didn't have a clue as to what I was going to do when I arrived, but I figured if God woke me up early, and gave me the impulse to drive up early, there was a good reason!

As I drove into town, the guidance arrived – as it always does – very simply. I simply had a sudden craving for the fresh apple cider sold by a little restaurant about 15 minutes up the creek. It appeared I had enough time before the event began, so I happily turned onto the scenic road heading up the creek, feeling that everything was going perfectly!

I promptly got stuck behind "the slowest car on earth!" That's a bit of an exaggeration of course, but my mind started going crazy! What was this about? I was so eagerly looking forward to my destination, that I temporarily forgot to enjoy the journey! Spiritual sanity returned quickly! It was a beautiful day. I realized that if I stopped worrying about what "should" happen I would actually enjoy what "was" happening! So I relaxed and enjoyed the scenic drive... slowly!

I started to feel, in fact, that God was arranging something fun. My feelings were confirmd when I was further delayed at the takeout counter while ordering the cider. I heard a man next to me asking about his coffee and looked up just in time to see why I had been delayed all morning! There stood a person whose work I deeply respect and admire. I've talked to this individual briefly but never had a real conversation. So given the fact that I had more time than I thought, he invited me to sit and chat while I sipped cider and he ate his breakfast. I was able to share some technical information, and in a single sentence he shared from the heart, he validated the entire direction I was taking with my next series of Ann & the Angels... down to the exact wording I'd been using! It was a perfect exchanged of information and inspiration! Way to Go God!

The day kept getting better. I got to my event in perfect timing and enjoyed even more synchronicity.I had asked the angels to "Nail the energy in my left foot to the floor!" The healer whose event I attended, who knew none of this, came to me and stepped on my left foot anchoring its energy firmly! I nearly broke out laughing with delight! God guided him to answer my prayer!

Uncharacteristically I had the urge to dash out as soon as it was over and managed to run into another friend, again just in time!

On the drive home, I was counting my blessings, thinking about the wonderful synchronicities and divine timing, when a huge mass of tangled wire flew out of a truck in front of my car! I had nowhere to swerve, and nothing to do but pray,... and run over it! Of all things, the clock read 4:44! I breathed a sigh of relief! It seemed like all was well and my car escaped without damage. I didn't hear any bad noises!

I exited the freeway earlier than usual, due to a traffic jam... and a loving God. On the exit ramp, while waiting for the red light to change, a motorcyclist next to me frantically motioned for me to unroll the window. He pointed under my car! "You have 50 feet of wire trailing behind you lady! You need to fix that! You're lucky no one ran over it! They could have torn off your axle!" He shouted kindly, making sure I could hear. "Do you think I can get home before I remove it?" I asked. "No!" He told me. "Get that taken care of as fast as you can! Your car could get ripped apart if someone runs it over!" His urgency told me I better take care of this fast as possible!

Shaken, I pulled into a nearby gas station to take a look and was horrified to see that tangled mass of wires was indeed "wrapped around my axle" and trailing 50 feet behind the car. I stood there contemplating how to get it off without tools, when another Good Samaritan arrived. A young man, dressed in what I call "Archangel Michael Blue" hospital scrubs had seen the mess of wires trailing behind my car and thought I might need help! He got on his hands and knees, untwisted those wireds, and shoved them all in a nearby trash bin! I didn't even know what to say, I was so grateful. He wouldn't take a dime so I just thanked him and told him I'd pray for him and his family.

I sat there in the car, thanking God for the incredible love and care I had received all day long - the meeting with a friends, the wonderful healer, the kind and helpful souls that prevented me from what could have been a real mess... and for the metaphor of getting untangled with all that help!

God does indeed care for us in so many ways! I listened to my heart all day and the timing was incredible. the help was incredible, and the earth angels showed up... just in perfect timing. Trust your hearts!