Saturday, September 03, 2016

God has my back

I was overjoyed a week ago on Friday night! All my work was done, the fridge was stocked with healthy food and I was completely looking forward to an uninterrupted weekend to work on my projects. Everything seemed to be flowing like magic… until the power went out!

It wasn't really a big deal. It was around bedtime anyway so I unplugged the electronics to prevent surge problems and went to bed. I awakened to find the lights on, but when I plugged everything back in, my gorgeous, huge computer monitor wouldn't even turn on. I groaned! Not another thing to handle! I was SO looking forward to having uninterrupted time. So much for working on my website! Clearly God had other plans.

Still feeling a bit fussy, I hauled my heavy monitor and computer into the car and headed for the repair shop. En route, looking at the beautiful blue sky and cotton candy clouds overhead, I remembered what really mattered – not my monitor, not my website, not my ads... just loving the moment.  I resolved to look at this change of plans as one big adventure. Immediately, I felt a surge of joy! God's plans were, most certainly, going to be better than my own.

"Divine love what do you want for me now? I asked. "Trust me." I heard. "I've got your back. You'll see." What was the best possible outcome I could imagine? Hmmm... How about a loving day filled amazing grace and either a miracle fix for my old monitor, or an easy time, finding a wonderful and affordable new one...  with loving interactions for all involved! I felt like a kid in a candy store, ready to grab the goodness all around me.

The prognosis for my computer and graphics card was good! The monitor however –  my gorgeous 30" Apple cinema display that I've had for a decade – was almost certainly dead. The repair guys couldn't say for sure, but they were pretty convinced.

I was so sad! We're talking about a ten year relationship here! I've loved that thing longer than I've known some of my dear friends! Driving home with the monitor still in a coma in the back seat, I prayed “God if this really is broken beyond repair, give me a sign.”  As I was praying, a car with IT BRQS (it breaks!) passed me!

That was it! I turned the car around, drove back to the shop, and donated the monitor for recycling! Finally having surrendered to the moment, I posed the next question. "Where can I find a new one?" A store popped in my head – one that just happened to be along the way home. Sure enough, the most delightful, loving, and kind young lady helped me find a beautiful new, and affordable monitor!

Singing with joy I thought the adventure was over... until I got home and realized that no one in town had the right cable to connect it to my computer! Once again I surrendered and asked for guidance. "Ok angels, where do I find a dual link 29 pin DVI-I to VGA cable." God knows I had barely just learned what that was! "" came the answer. Seriously. There it was for $10... but it wouldn't arrive till Monday!

More surrender... All my plans for the weekend were impossible now. No web work, no class ads, nothing! So I sat and prayed again… “God what do you want for me?” 

Ideas started to flow. I weeded out my office, organized my recipes, exercised, watched instructional talks by others, rested, etc. It ended up being one of the most productive and pleasant weekends I could have imagined! 

Monday the cables arrived and I went back to work. The ads flowed easily from the heart since I was so well rested. I've got all sorts of new inspiration for the new site.

And guess what? God did have other plans and God DID have my back... I forgot I had prayed for a better setup at my desk to alleviate back pain and eye strain due to being on the computer so much! The new, smaller monitor sits at the perfect height for perfect posture, and the bigger print it offers has completely alleviated eye strain! If I had to choose a weekend to be without the main computer, I couldn't have picked a better one!

While this is a small example of having plans rearranged, there have been many times when much larger "problems" gave way to much greater gifts... 

A painful case of twisted intestines right before filming the "Manifesting" series of my Ann & the Angels show, inspired me to  manifest one of the biggest healing miracles I had to date. In turn, I channeled that energy into the show, and viewers continue to have all sorts of miracles in their own lives as a result!
Numerous book rejections in my early years motivated me to learn, grow, teach, and eventually self publish. 

I was rejected in relationships so often in my earlier years that it propelled me into a journey of self love, which in turn has enabled me to empower thousands of others over the years.

Life can and will offer disappointments, however, there is always "gold" in the "dirt," so to speak. There’s always something better trying to rise up out of the ashes of wrecked plans.

So... next time life doesn’t look as you wish, trust. Add love. Allow yourself your feelings, but then get up and see what’s next. You never know how beautifully the Divine is trying to restructure your life.

Here are a few tips for handling disappointment:

1. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, then ask "Divine Love, what do you want for me?"

We are human. When things don’t look as we wish, we sometimes have to indulge the inner child in a pity party or quiet tantrum – in private of course!

Don't even try "not to feel." It doesn't work and wastes precious energy. Far better to call in your angels as I do. "I'm bummed! I'm disappointed! I want comfort!" An honest cry for love and an honest expression will get you far more help than trying to be "holier than thou" or positive when you really can't get there.

And then, after you've felt your feelings, see what the Love has in store for you. Trust what you hear, feel, or know after asking the question.

2. Given the situation as it is, Ask yourself, "What is the best possible outcome you can imagine?

After my little pity party, I heard the angels ask me, “What do you want, given the fact that things are as they?”

I wanted the most loving, amazing, productive weekend possible. I wanted either a miraculously fixed monitor or a beautiful, affordable new monitor. I want to have a loving interactions... I felt the heavens smiling. 

When I was sick and didn’t know if I could film, I wanted a healing miracle. I got one. When I was dumped by a cheating boyfriend in my earlier years I wanted some love and nurturing. I was guided to the makeup counter at a local store where the ladies fussed over me until I felt like a goddess.

What do you want to create out of the situation? Imagine the best! 

3. Assume You are Loved.

You are. It is that simple. Life is not against you. Sometimes when life is challenging, it forces us to find our inner power. Sometimes when we face unloving behaviors, we learn to love ourselves more deeply. Sometimes when life doesn’t look as we want, there is better in store for us. Try to assume this at all times. It is true but knowing so will give you a far more loving journey. 

While I wish that none of us would ever feel unloved, our minds are conditioned to believe that lie. In truth, a glorious love lives within all of creation and beneath every seemingly disappointing circumstance. And don't forget to ask, "Divine Love, what do you want for me?" I bet you already know the answer :)

Love you all!