Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fear and the baby goat

A few weeks ago I was quaking in unreasonable, but nonetheless, very real fear. I had decided to remove a few fast growing little moles on my legs with an herbal salve. I didn't apply it correctly the first time and had to reapply. I was unprepared for the pain... and the fear that ensued.

I spent an entire night awake shaking as if I was being attacked. I knew it was ridiculous. I've had all sorts of different pains before and have just breathed through them and surrendered. This was different. I knew I was unearthing some deep old fear from another life. Intellectually, I knew I'd be OK and did everything in my power to return to truth. I asked the angels for help, watched soothing videos, talked to dear friends, and gazed for myself. Within a few days I was feeling much better. Without the fear, the pain wasn't so bad. The salve started doing its job. Nonetheless, every now and then the fear crept in, and I started shaking uncontrollably. If I hadn't gone through this process a few times I would have thought I was crazy... but after years of this work, I know better. 

Conveniently, my friend Summer Bacon – one of the clearest trance mediums of our time – was having an open session last weekend. While not everyone gets to ask a question, I called upon all the self-love I've mastered over the years and decided my name would be picked. It was... and the answer to my fears was hilarious!

I asked Dr. Peebles, the angel that comes through Summer to make sure the problem areas in my leg were going to heal. "Now that's interesting," he told me. "You're dealing with a lot of past life fear. You need to do a little forgiveness here." I readily agreed, knowing the fear was not from this life! "Well," he said, "you were stabbed in a vineyard and you were so terrified you never went back." I breathed a sigh of relief. The pain had felt as if I was being stabbed. We were getting closer to the real solution. "OK. Who do I have to forgive?" I asked, expecting the worse. 

After conferring with other guides of mine, he said, "Its not what you think. You see you were stabbed by a goat, a baby goat named Molly, and she is terribly sorry." I had my eyes closed as he answered and sure enough, there in spirit, I saw a precious little goat looking at me with the eyes of an angel, clearly apologizing for what must have been a very traumatic experience to me, as a little girl in a past life! 

What a relief! This cute little furry critter had inspired all this fear? She showed me her razor sharp horns, then looked a me again, ever so sweetly. I started to laugh. Ironically the problem areas in my leg were spaced about exactly as far apart as baby goat horns would be! Laughter rippled through the room as well. Instantly the fear disappeared. That night, the salve worked its magic on one of the areas and drew out a now-inactive set of little tumors, relieving me of the pain! The other one is healing now too, and I'm still laughing. I spent all day shutting my eyes and kissing sweet Molly – the cute little goat in spirit – to reassure her that there is nothing but love between us! 

Happily, many of you will never need be concerned with crazy past life adventures such as these! Nonetheless, there have been many times when perfectly normal fears hit me. In each case the angels' advice and assistance has truly worked wonders! When your inner energy is returned to love, your outer life can't help but follow along!

Here are a few tips to handle fears of any kind...

1. Ask yourself, "What is happening right now, within me, in this very moment." 

The answer will likely be that you are afraid. Get more specific. Find the fears to the degree that you can. Keep asking "What am I afraid of..." until you get down to the core. In my past life example, all I could find on my own was, "I am afraid of being attacked and in pain." I didn't know details. It wasn't rational. But it was honest. You might be afraid of losing your home, afraid you can't provide for someone you love, afraid of losing a job... keep going till you find the roots.

2.Next admit your fears to God and the angels, in private, and ask for comfort, reassurance and guidance

Be as a child here. Dear angels, I'm scared. I need your comfort, reassurance, and guidance. We have free will. We can try to solve everything on our own, or we can ask for help. Sit still while doing this. 

3. Breathe. Receive

After you have asked for help. Shut your eyes. Breathe deeply and slowly. Repeat, "I am loved. I am love." Breathe deeply again and again say, "I am loved. I am love." You can say this internally, or if you can, aloud. Do this over and over until you begin to begin to feel sweet relief.

5. Lastly, ask "What is my next step?"

Now that you've asked the angels to help calm the fears, you can hear more clearly. If you get a next step – a thought, feeling, image, etc., trust it. If not, try again the next day. Perhaps there is nothing yet to do. 

Fear plays games in our minds. It tries to project scary scenarios into the future. We believe it, until we stop, look within, ask for help, and receive. In the heart space of receiving comfort, reassurance, and guidance –  as innocently as a child – the fears dissolve.

No matter what the politics, the economy, the weather, or the health of our bodies and lives... love can transform anything in the light of its truth! 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Backyard guests

In my role as an angel communicator, I have witnessed the incredible tenacity of the human spirit, and the incredible power of asking the deeper questions. One amazing woman comes to mind as I write this. She is an angel on earth. She raised her beautiful kids, took care of grandkids, and worked even to support a her husband who wasn't making so much. They had a beautiful family for a long time. However, somewhere along the line, the drift began to pull them further apart. She was working so hard, without much support in any area of her life. Needless to say there wasn't much time for dating or romance. He was feeling bad about not being able to contribute more, and to make a long story short, he cheated on her and told her he was leaving the marriage. 

This sweet angel came to me sick, financially in a quandary, and left to care for the kids all by herself. What amazed me was that she had the courage to ask the deeper question. She didn't ask, "What do I do?" or "Why did this happen?" first. She asked "What do I have to learn from this?" I was in awe of her willingness to embrace spiritual truth at such a difficult time in her life.

The angels kindly showed her how she had asked for help, but had given up after being ignored a few times. They showed her how she never insisted that her husband contribute more when he could, how she had put herself last and everyone else first, and sadly... everyone else put her last too. To her amazing credit, she embraced the task of learning to love and care for herself with gusto. She was able to find her power, forgive her ex, improve her finances, and be a happy empowered woman with beautiful, amazing kids. Her willingness to remember her own beautiful spirit transformed her life.

So when the tough stuff happens, and it does while we're on earth, it is fine to ask, "Why?" and "What do I do?" but first trying the angels suggestions and seek the deeper solutions. 

Here are a few tips to handle life's challenges this week...

1. Pick one challenge and ask yourself: "Dear Divine Light within me... What am I seeking to remember through this situation? How am I seeking love?"

I've got rats living in my backyard, for example. I don't want to hire someone to kill them, and I don't want them living there! So I asked the questions above. The answers came quickly... "You are seeking to remember that you can co-exist with even the so-called pests and parasites in life as long as you don't feed them. You don't have to go to war with them. You don't have to be upset. You can simply stop leaveing food out and ask them to leave. Give them fair warning and if they aren't out, then you will be seeking to know it is self-loving and absolutely OK to set a healthy boundary about who and what exists in your space in life."

Clearly this answer was about more than rats, and I knew if I embraced the message, I'd have an easier time dealing with uninvited energies of any sort...

2.Next ask, "How does this apply to the rest of my life?

I knew the answer to this one. I've been really upset a few times this year about people who felt they could push their way into my life, and assert their will over my own. Life was telling me to stop "feeding" those folks with attention and leave them alone, or if necessary, not to feel guilty at all about about choosing to be around kinder individuals. I got the message

3. Take guided action, "Divine light, show me the next step in addressing this challenge."

If you change your energy, the situation will automatically starts to self-correct. Nonetheless there may be steps to take now in the physical world. Rather than wracking your brain to figure out what to do, just ask.
In my case, I stopped putting out birdseed. When I saw the rat community out for a sunset dinner, I went outside and told them very directly that they had to go live in the field down the street because if they were here in a few months I might have to take drastic measures. I even had a chat with the fairies in the back yard, asking them to help facilitate a peaceful solution. Only a few stragglers have been around since. The rest are either in hiding or contemplating a move!

While it is easy to seek superficial solutions for life's challenges, if we dive a little deeper and get to the root of the matter, then we learn our lessons. In the long run that means we get to live a happier, easier, more grace-filled, and loving life.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

3 days out of time...

Well this is embarrassing!  A few weeks ago I realized that I had become obsessed with time. Of course I must pay attention to it on the days I have appointments scheduled. We don't trust our guidance so deeply that we can coordinate our lives without it... at least not at this stage of human evolution!

Nonetheless, I had slowly slipped into a reality where I allowed myself to feel controlled by the clock! Had I exercised before 9am? Had I answered emails before 10am? Was the newsletter written by 1pm? Would I get to bed by 11pm? Was it time to eat? I caught myself checking the clock all the time and judging whether or not I was having a good day by how much I packed in! It was an old habit and I'd allowed it to slowly start polluting my joy in the present.

I realized the complete absurdity of this behavior, the weekend my computer monitor broke. Suddenly I had no plans... and still I was checking the clock!
That did it! The moment I saw how I'd strayed from the present moment, I taped sticky notes over every clock in the house – on my computers, my microwave, my oven, the alarm, you name it! 

I promised myself I wouldn't peek. For the entire weekend and my entire office day on Monday, I promised myself I would not look at a single clock! I would drop back into my heart, and do what I felt like doing in the moment! I would eat when I was hungry, sleep when I was tired... and trust. I knew I needed to return to my natural rhythms.

At first it was humorous. I actually caught myself looking at every clock in the house, and way too often! I couldn't see them with the sticky notes taped on top, so it made me laugh. No cheating. No peeking! I stuck to my resolve.

With no clock to dictate "what I should be doing and when" I started once again to do what I felt like doing in each moment. I felt relaxed, unhurried, and highly productive. I enjoyed my meals, had time to relax in the evenings, and went to bed when I was actually tired. I started feeling the grace and love of the Divine moving me – naturally – once again.

By the end of the weekend I had accomplished more than I thought possible and was completely rejuvenated! I had lived a three day meditation, purely present, in bliss, and in tune with my own soul. By the time I removed the sticky notes, on my next client day I had returned so completely to my natural rhythms that I barely had to check the clocks... I was back "in tune" with "now!"

Have you ever gotten to this point where you feel ruled by the clock? Have you ever slipped into judging your success based on how much you accomplish? 

If so here are a few tips to balance your need for keeping time, with living in the present... 

1. Set aside some time to "Get out of time"

Set aside anywhere from a few hours to an entire day somewhere in the next month. For the entire time avoid looking at the clock. Do what your heart wants in each moment. If you don't know what your heart wants, sit quietly and just "be" until something arises. If you can set aside time each week, even better.

If you absolutely cannot take this sort of time, try covering up your clocks and programming an app or timer to buzz when you absolutely need to do things throughout your day. Avoid checking the clock otherwise. Slowly allow yourself to focus on the present, knowing your timer will let you know when you must shift. You will be less distracted and more productive, and more importantly you will recalibrate yourself to your more natural rhythms.

2.Try to be fully present with whatever you are doing now

If you are with someone give them your full attention. If you can't, excuse yourself or be honest that you have to focus on something else. I had a friend who used to say to her child, "We'll have mommy time after I fix dinner!" 

If you are doing some work, try to minimize distractions. The angels once jokingly told a woman she should put police tape across her office entrance the first two hours of each day so she could get her most important work done without interruptions. I turn the phone off and let it go to message while I'm working, and turn the sound off on my computer when I must concentrate so I don't hear incoming messages. 

Being present allows you to enjoy your current reality, or at least notice when you are not enjoying it so you can create change. 

3. If you have trouble being present, journal your distracting thoughts.
Write down all that distracts you – all your regrets about the past worries about the future, etc. Put them in a God box (a box you intend to contain all your prayers) and give them to God. Now try to focus on the now.

While we certainly need time to coordinate ourselves, we don't have to allow our happiness or feelings of self-worth to be ruled by the clock!When we get present, we see clearly what supports our aliveness and joy and where we must begin to manifest change.

And while I completely understand packing a lot in, the truth is simple. Our joy in the present is of far more value that what we think we must accomplish in the future. Give it a try... when you have time :)!!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

God has my back

I was overjoyed a week ago on Friday night! All my work was done, the fridge was stocked with healthy food and I was completely looking forward to an uninterrupted weekend to work on my projects. Everything seemed to be flowing like magic… until the power went out!

It wasn't really a big deal. It was around bedtime anyway so I unplugged the electronics to prevent surge problems and went to bed. I awakened to find the lights on, but when I plugged everything back in, my gorgeous, huge computer monitor wouldn't even turn on. I groaned! Not another thing to handle! I was SO looking forward to having uninterrupted time. So much for working on my website! Clearly God had other plans.

Still feeling a bit fussy, I hauled my heavy monitor and computer into the car and headed for the repair shop. En route, looking at the beautiful blue sky and cotton candy clouds overhead, I remembered what really mattered – not my monitor, not my website, not my ads... just loving the moment.  I resolved to look at this change of plans as one big adventure. Immediately, I felt a surge of joy! God's plans were, most certainly, going to be better than my own.

"Divine love what do you want for me now? I asked. "Trust me." I heard. "I've got your back. You'll see." What was the best possible outcome I could imagine? Hmmm... How about a loving day filled amazing grace and either a miracle fix for my old monitor, or an easy time, finding a wonderful and affordable new one...  with loving interactions for all involved! I felt like a kid in a candy store, ready to grab the goodness all around me.

The prognosis for my computer and graphics card was good! The monitor however –  my gorgeous 30" Apple cinema display that I've had for a decade – was almost certainly dead. The repair guys couldn't say for sure, but they were pretty convinced.

I was so sad! We're talking about a ten year relationship here! I've loved that thing longer than I've known some of my dear friends! Driving home with the monitor still in a coma in the back seat, I prayed “God if this really is broken beyond repair, give me a sign.”  As I was praying, a car with IT BRQS (it breaks!) passed me!

That was it! I turned the car around, drove back to the shop, and donated the monitor for recycling! Finally having surrendered to the moment, I posed the next question. "Where can I find a new one?" A store popped in my head – one that just happened to be along the way home. Sure enough, the most delightful, loving, and kind young lady helped me find a beautiful new, and affordable monitor!

Singing with joy I thought the adventure was over... until I got home and realized that no one in town had the right cable to connect it to my computer! Once again I surrendered and asked for guidance. "Ok angels, where do I find a dual link 29 pin DVI-I to VGA cable." God knows I had barely just learned what that was! "" came the answer. Seriously. There it was for $10... but it wouldn't arrive till Monday!

More surrender... All my plans for the weekend were impossible now. No web work, no class ads, nothing! So I sat and prayed again… “God what do you want for me?” 

Ideas started to flow. I weeded out my office, organized my recipes, exercised, watched instructional talks by others, rested, etc. It ended up being one of the most productive and pleasant weekends I could have imagined! 

Monday the cables arrived and I went back to work. The ads flowed easily from the heart since I was so well rested. I've got all sorts of new inspiration for the new site.

And guess what? God did have other plans and God DID have my back... I forgot I had prayed for a better setup at my desk to alleviate back pain and eye strain due to being on the computer so much! The new, smaller monitor sits at the perfect height for perfect posture, and the bigger print it offers has completely alleviated eye strain! If I had to choose a weekend to be without the main computer, I couldn't have picked a better one!

While this is a small example of having plans rearranged, there have been many times when much larger "problems" gave way to much greater gifts... 

A painful case of twisted intestines right before filming the "Manifesting" series of my Ann & the Angels show, inspired me to  manifest one of the biggest healing miracles I had to date. In turn, I channeled that energy into the show, and viewers continue to have all sorts of miracles in their own lives as a result!
Numerous book rejections in my early years motivated me to learn, grow, teach, and eventually self publish. 

I was rejected in relationships so often in my earlier years that it propelled me into a journey of self love, which in turn has enabled me to empower thousands of others over the years.

Life can and will offer disappointments, however, there is always "gold" in the "dirt," so to speak. There’s always something better trying to rise up out of the ashes of wrecked plans.

So... next time life doesn’t look as you wish, trust. Add love. Allow yourself your feelings, but then get up and see what’s next. You never know how beautifully the Divine is trying to restructure your life.

Here are a few tips for handling disappointment:

1. Allow yourself to feel your feelings, then ask "Divine Love, what do you want for me?"

We are human. When things don’t look as we wish, we sometimes have to indulge the inner child in a pity party or quiet tantrum – in private of course!

Don't even try "not to feel." It doesn't work and wastes precious energy. Far better to call in your angels as I do. "I'm bummed! I'm disappointed! I want comfort!" An honest cry for love and an honest expression will get you far more help than trying to be "holier than thou" or positive when you really can't get there.

And then, after you've felt your feelings, see what the Love has in store for you. Trust what you hear, feel, or know after asking the question.

2. Given the situation as it is, Ask yourself, "What is the best possible outcome you can imagine?

After my little pity party, I heard the angels ask me, “What do you want, given the fact that things are as they?”

I wanted the most loving, amazing, productive weekend possible. I wanted either a miraculously fixed monitor or a beautiful, affordable new monitor. I want to have a loving interactions... I felt the heavens smiling. 

When I was sick and didn’t know if I could film, I wanted a healing miracle. I got one. When I was dumped by a cheating boyfriend in my earlier years I wanted some love and nurturing. I was guided to the makeup counter at a local store where the ladies fussed over me until I felt like a goddess.

What do you want to create out of the situation? Imagine the best! 

3. Assume You are Loved.

You are. It is that simple. Life is not against you. Sometimes when life is challenging, it forces us to find our inner power. Sometimes when we face unloving behaviors, we learn to love ourselves more deeply. Sometimes when life doesn’t look as we want, there is better in store for us. Try to assume this at all times. It is true but knowing so will give you a far more loving journey. 

While I wish that none of us would ever feel unloved, our minds are conditioned to believe that lie. In truth, a glorious love lives within all of creation and beneath every seemingly disappointing circumstance. And don't forget to ask, "Divine Love, what do you want for me?" I bet you already know the answer :)

Love you all!