Saturday, May 28, 2016

Unplug to recharge

I am one of the few adults I know who doesn't have a cell phone. I haven't had the need. I love technology but I also love pure, unfiltered, Life. I need to unplug regularly so I can reconnect with God, my angels, and my own spirit.

Towards that goal, I spend a few minutes on the patio every morning over breakfast – smelling the roses, being with beautiful nature, and listening to the birds. Other mornings I read something inspirational or sit and ponder new ideas. It sets my day off to a great start and helps me stay focused on guided priorities.

In a life where I freely offer myself in service, I also have to take a day off periodically and get outside. In the pure energies of nature, I can most easily hear and recalibrate myself with my own heart.

Last weekend, I realized I was long overdue for a hike. When I woke up four hours earlier than the alarm clock, I decided to jump in the car and drive up north. In my zeal to get going, I took off without my camera, left the iPad in the car, and realized the iPod battery was dead,. Without all my devices, I had only sweet silence on those parts of the drive where you don't get radio signals. I felt unencumbered... and free...

Instead of looking for photos I could share, I soaked up the beauty in silence. Instead of being concerned about who was trying to reach me, I reached inward and reconnected with my heart. 

I hiked 8 miles without even realizing how far I'd gone. I walked in cool fresh water up to my knees, sank six inches in the black mud at the bottom of the stream, and luxuriated in the abundance and variety of ferns and wildflowers. I danced, giggling with the butterflies and took a nap near the stream, so far away from anyone else that I awakened to see a vulture – symbol of death and rebirth – circling low over head. "I'm not dead yet! Sorry," I shouted to him, speaking loudly so the words would carry on the breeze. He swooped down low as if to acknowledge me, and flew away.

The wilderness plugs me back into the wild, untamed, and unfiltered parts of my own soul. A torrent of new ideas poured in during the drive home. A renewed zeal for my projects streamed in through the channels of energy I opened up. The iPad, iPod, camera, and other devices were all waiting for me to be charged up again when I got home.... but I was already charged up!

"We need and love our technology... but don't forget your spirit needs a recharge too!" 

So this week if you like, here are a few simple steps you can use to recharge your soul...

1. Set aside time to unplug... Literally

Select an hour, a morning, an evening, or an entire day. Turn off, mute, and/or hide the phone, tablets, TVs, computers, etc. Tell everyone who might be concerned that you'll be in touch later.

2. Engage in "Non-Virtual" Activity

Meet a friend or spend time with spouse, kids, parents or pets – anyone uplifting whose company you adore. Ask them to turn off their devices if possible. Look in their eyes. Hug. Touch. Engage in real "face time" and good conversation.
Alternately, do something you love that isn't online. I love hiking, botanical gardens, massages, home spa treatments, cooking, crafting, etc. Anythin you enjoy that engages the senses and requires your complete presence will work.

3. Plug Back into Your Own Heart

A few times a day, get really quiet and ask yourself one simple question, "What is important to me now?" Are you honoring that? If not ask your angels to help you figure out how to incorporate what is important into your life.

Now plug back in and enjoy your life! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

First live group gaze

The angels constantly remind us that Love is waiting to Love us! All we have to do is open up to receive it! I do this every morning.

Before my "Dancing with Angels" class, I plugged in, powered up, and prayed. Dear God let this day be filled with love. Work through me to touch hearts, to awaken greater love, assist people in remembering what their soul already knows... and don't forget, safe driving and good coffee for all please!

The drive was beautiful! The coffee was great! Setup took less than 15 minutes and we had a glorious group of souls who truly embraced their gifts and opened up to the heavens. A few brave ones, who had not channeled before, got up in front of the group, and in an act of total faith, dropped into trance and conveyed beautiful energy and messages from the heavens! Tears flowed, hearts opened, and I was giving thanks for life.

Things got even better!. Shortly before the end of the day, I felt the gaze energy start to turn on. I'd never gazed in a live group before. I didn't know how it would work. Silly things... Would my head turn on its own? How could I reach everyone? I know Braco does this all the time but he doesn't talk in public and I have no mentor other than the angels who simply, always, advise me to trust! 

So I said to God quietly, "If you want me to do this, give me a sign." Within a minute a dear lady in the audience raised her hand, "Are you going to gaze today?" That was my sign. I said yes.

So for the first time, after class, I surrendered to the energy for the people who wanted to say. Robin Miller's heavenly music played in the background and I no sooner surrendered when a force of love more powerful than I've ever known gripped me and began to flow through me. My head turned on its own. As the energy connected through me with each soul, I felt an expansion of love that seemed to ripple into the cosmos.

I saw the most beautiful things I've ever seen... at first people seemed to disappear! Outfits of clothing stood where they'd been and I could see the windows and walls behind. Then as focus shifted, they reappeared as beautiful, shining, translucent beings of light! We were embraced by a glorious cloud of white light filling the room, embracing us all. I coudn't even put it into words. All I could whisper when I was released back to my normal state of being was, "You are so loved." You are. I am. All of us are. It is beyond our ability to comprehend.

So this week, if you like, try a little practice that I do every day to power up, awaken your spirit, and nourish your body:

1. For a minute or two, connect with the sun... 

Allow the suns rays to shine upon you, even if only only in your imagination. Intend to receive its light. Breathe it in and imagine it can fill every cell in your body. I do this every morning. The energy vibration of the sun awakens the light within us and sparks our soul's desire to love and live each day fully. 

2. For another minute or two, connect with the earth..

Stand upon the earth barefoot, or in your imagination. Intend to connect with her energy that nurtures and enlivens the physical body. You can even have this intention before you go to bed... "While I sleep dear mother earth please allow your healing frequencies to nourish my physical body." 

3. Feel yourself as a bridge between heaven and earth... 

Imagine a column of pure light traveling up and down your perfectly aligned spine. It goes deep into the center of the earth and connects you with the heavens. Breathe. Feel yourself perfectly balanced and centered between, and enlivened by both heaven and earth. 

You've just aligned your energies in a way that will make your day so much easier and more graceful. When you get off center, just repeat step #3 again and feel the energy pouring through you. Love IS always there!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Love is the reward

I'll never forget a time in my thirties when I was sobbing, talking to my angels. "I love him! I love so much I hurt..." sniff, sniff. "That's not love!" The angels were very firm with me. I got offended. "What do you mean?" I protested. That's not love, they said. That's longing. Love feels beautiful. They were right. I was crying that I loved someone when in reality, I was pining away for this person to love me back. The angels told me to stay away from this person completely and work on myself instead. It was tough love on their part, but it was love. They saw the light within me and didn't want me to torture myself looking for a cheap substitute in another who couldn't offer it.

And thus began my exploration into self-love... which in truth is an exploration into the true, beautiful connection that we have with the Divine as it lives and breathes within us. Now, finally, a few decades later I truly know how to love. And it doesn't hurt. It feels amazing.

Just a few days ago I felt compelled to comment on a string of nasty comments under a YouTube video. I gently but firmly reminded others that all that matters is being loving and kind, more so than being right. A rather angry gentleman responded to my comment by saying, "Shut up you stupid $!*!!" I won't repeat the word. It was too vulgar. I felt only compassion for this man. Only a hurting soul could make such a childish and wounded attack. I wrote back, "Thank you and God bless you." I meant it. I didn't accept his pain into my soul. I sent love. "Thank you for showing me you need love. Bless you." He didn't know what to do. It changed his energy. I felt it. He wrote back more kindly and even with a bit of humor.

The more I enter the mystical realities, the less I want to do anything other than let love flow through my being. It hurts to withhold love. It hurts to expect or long for others to love me back if they don't. It feels amazing to create love in my every day life for myself and for others. It feels amazing to simply accept life as it is and myself too and make my decisions based from that very uncomplicated reality. I fill my own cup by doing simple things I enjoy every day. I share when I feel full because it feels good. I hold my head up high whether others like me or not. As Rachael Ray, the famous cook once said when an interviewer asked her what she thought about a "hate site" dedicated to bashing her, "Everyone is entitled to their own opinions." The less attached we are to others' opinions of us, and the more true to our own heart we strive to be, the happier we become.

I no longer absorb, or feel the need to change or even stay around unloving behaviors. I can love someone without liking their behavior. I can love someone with whom I want no more interaction. I am loving the light withing their being, respecting their right to act as they do, while also respecting my desire to spend personal time only with those that uplift my soul. It is a balancing act. It took many years working with angels before they convinced me that honoring my own heart could be loving even if meant someone else might not like my choices. I took awhile to truly believe that when we love ourselves, and honor ourselves, everyone grows. We serve souls, not egos.

Love doesn't hurt, but it does expose the unloving behaviors in ourselves and others... the ones that do hurt.

Even when people cannot love me the way I wish, or don't act as I would like, this light that I have worked to find within myself, rises up and helps me sees their innocence and their need to listen to their own hearts. This light celebrates growth and expansion. This light comforts me even when I don't get my way.

Mother Theresa is quoted as saying, "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." Our challenge in life is to grow through the less evolved forms of human love, longing, expectation, etc., into a deeper form of love - one that wants only to honor the light within ourselves and others. This love truly does elevate our spirit. This love feels as if we are running pure water through our souls. This love makes us feel like our best self, it fills us with joy, and it needs nothing in return. In the words of Thomas Merton, this love "is its own reward."

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Teach me to love myself more...

People sometimes think that because I work with angels my life is without challenge. However, I am subject to the same vibrational laws as everyone else on this planet and like everyone else I continue to grow and find new areas in which I must love, trust, and believe in the goodness contained within every circumstance.

A few weeks ago I did Online gazing. For months now my Internet has worked pretty well. However, the last few weeks, the Internet has been terribly slow. This caused the live streams to look "pixilated" or choppy to the viewers. I was not thrilled! I wondered humorously if Braco ever had to crawl on furniture and play with wires before a livestream! I am tech savvy, but even with all I know, I had no control over the line coming into my house! I could only do my best to work around its sluggishness.

The night before the latest gaze I was on the phone with my Internet provider until midnight. They promised to have the connection working faster by morning. Instead, it was worse! Instead of panic'ing I did as the angels instructed me. I went outside, sat quietly, and asKed, "OK what am I learning here? How am I learning to love myself more?" The answer was the same it has been on all gaze-days. "Trust everything! Focus on the desired outcome. You are not alone." I sat outside in meditation focusing on the streams working and people being able to feel the energy no matter what. I went back in and the speed was no better. Still working hard to trust, I got on the line with Karl, who after making several suggestions told me to hook up my laptop instead of the usual web cam, because it would use less bandwidth. Presto! The stream was not perfect, but it worked! Just as I had hoped, people felt the energy. And I was reminded for the thousandth time that I do not have to solve problems without human help!

The lesson continued that week... a day before my class in Sedona, immediately after I put out a newsletter with a link to the class, my website crashed. "OK what am I learning here God? How am I learning to love myself more?" Same answer as before! "Trust everything! Focus on the desired outcome. You are not alone!" Immediately I got the guidance to send out a newsletter with the info and to call the website folks. People got the info, the website folks got the problem solved, and a few people suddenly got inspired to show up at the class last minute! As always, the Divine knows best... and I will always be learning.

So this week, take a challenge or two and simply ask, "What am I learning here? How is this trying to teach me to love myself more?" If you don't hear immediately trust it will come to you. When we get our lessons... suddenly things start to shift and change as if by magic.