Saturday, December 31, 2016

Embracing the past

The angels sent so much love to you as I channeled their message today, that it reduced me to tears. I hope you can feel the energy behind the words.

Every year, on New Year's Eve, I take time to look back as the angels have taught me, to appreciate what I've done well and to acknowledge Love's attempts to surface in those things I'm not so proud of. It has been a year of deep growth, challenge, beauty, and change for me. 

I finished filming 84 episodes of Ann & the Angels this spring and can't believe how much we managed to pack into 21 months of filming. Looking back. I feel I've got my life's work to date online now, at least the core of it, guiding people through seven series that take them on a spiritual journey into Oneness. I couldn't be happier with what I've heard back from viewers in terms of the miracles and shifts in their perspectives and their lives. 

I got redirected more into the gazing than I thought I ever would. That energy still continues to scour my soul clean of illusions. In fact, the reason I take breaks from gazing online from time to time is that I am going deep within, dealing with the spiritual, physical, and emotional detoxes that such beautiful light seems to catalyze within me. I want to be a pure and clean vessel to the best of my ability and my body continues to be forged to allow for that. 

The desire to know the Divine intimately has grown ever stronger this year, and with it has come a commitment to love relentlessly. Being upset is now a driving call to love more deeply. Being uncomfy in my body is simply a wake up to examine where I am blocking love. Being anything less than joyful is a reminder that I'm not in truth at the moment. 

I've embraced, more deeply than ever this year, the power of being present to my heart and my joy in order to turn everything around in a heartbeat.

I've had human fun too! Through the generosity of others, I've travelled with free airline passes to meet out-of-state friends for lunch and flown back the same day! I've hiked waist-deep in crystal waters miles from anyone with just the glorious silence and beauty of nature around me. I've played with butterflies, hosted a visiting coyote in my backyard, enjoyed celebrations with dear friends, and walked for miles on the beach in stillness until I merged with the ocean and felt as if all of life was making love to my soul. 

I've struggled as well - to release my expectations of life and others. I've gotten my stomach all twisted up over unkindness, and relaxed deeply when I forgave what never even needed forgiveness. I've chosen to be kind to myself when others have not. I have worked very hard to focus more on being loving, and loving myself, than to focus on people and situations in the world that are less than loving.

I can't wait to see what the new year brings. I have big dreams, things I want to experience and contribute. We shall see how life unfolds. As always, I dance between my human desires and the calling within, and look forward to seeing where this marriage of human and spirit will take me! 

Here are a few tips to embrace the past year and open to the next... 

1. List 5 (or 500!) Things You are Proud of This YearSelf Appreciation Tunes you into Divine Love

Make a list of all you feel good about this year. It can be grand, like getting a degree or getting married, or it can be "tiny" in the eyes of the world – holding the door for a stranger, giving change to the person in line at the grocery store, or choosing to love yourself when you didn't feel so great. It can be cleaning out a drawer that bothered you or building a house. Scale does not matter. What matters is looking back at those moments where you chose to love yourself or contribute something to life. I bet you can come up with a very long list if you try! 

2. List 5 things you wish you could do better & Acknowledge the LoveLove is attempting to surface even in our painful & ungraceful moments 

Looking back over the year, find a few things you didn't enjoy, didn't feel proud of, or want to change. Before resolving to change, first take time to appreciate and acknowledge the fact that love was trying to surface. Can you find it?

In pain, for example, there is a need to slow down and look at what the body needs. In sadness is a need for comfort. In anger is a need for change. In all those situations that didn't work, love is whispering... 

3. What would you like your life to look like this time next year
Dreaming opens the door to guidance & miracles

Let yourself go... What would you LOVE your life to look like this time next year? Are you committed to it? You don't even have to know how to get there, but are you committed to focusing on this to exclusion of doubt, fear, discouragement, etc? Are you willing to believe? Are you willing to spend a few minutes each day imagining, feeling, breathing it in? Are you willing to act when guided... If the answer is yes, get ready for the loving ride of your life! 

I give thanks for a year well lived, a year where all of us witnessed a world in fear, a world of change, a world in which Love is attempting to surface through the chaos. We can find peace in simply acknowledging this love, focusing on it, and breathing it in. 

I wish you all the Most Magical & Miraculous New Year that you can dream, and an experience of Divine Love beyond your wildest dreams. I love you all so much and appreciate our journey together.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Be the light, feel the love

I love Christmas. I have ever since I was a little child. The lights remind me of heaven. In the songs I feel hearts reaching out to share good cheer. In the food I find an excuse to nourish others. I love to give presents, not because material objects have meaning, but because the love behind them does, and I know when someone enjoys a gift, they are reminded that they are deeply loved.

It is Divine love that wants to pour through each of us into this world, and Divine love that is allowed to shine more clearly this time of year.

That said, I know there are many who don't feel special about the holidays. It seems to hurt if you've lost someone, feel alone or unloved, are going through a hard time, or just don't share the same enthusiasm for the glitz and glitter. We are all unique, and the greater the love on the planet, the more we feel everything else. 

I have spent Christmases alone. I felt sorry for myself, years ago, being so far from family, newly divorced and in an apartment that I decorated but not nearly as beautifully as the home I left. Most of my friends had abandoned me after my marriage ended and I left my job in engineering. I had only one friend left from my old life and a few new ones. I sat in meditation asking the angels how to make my Christmas beautiful and the thought came to invite my girlfriends over for a special Christmas eve dinner. It was simple, beautiful, and filled with love and laughter.

In choosing to love others I was choosing to love myself. In giving to others I received. In creating a special Christmas celebration for friends, one of whom admitted this was the Christmas she never had, I filled my heart and home with the spirit of the season. Twenty years later, these same friends and I still gather for a dinner over the holidays. We don't see each other too often otherwise. Our diets have changed and we no longer go crazy with presents, but the love and support for one another's journeys remain. The spirit of the season and our time together has carried our friendship throughout the years.

So if you find yourself among family and friends, count your blessings and send a shout of joy up the heavens. If you find yourself alone, reach out to others. Buy Christmas angel gifts, volunteer at a shelter for humans or animals, or sit in silent prayer for those not as well off. In giving we receive. In receiving we give. The cycle of love and life is most poignant in this season of light.

I often think of tonight's humble beginnings – a young, scared, unwed couple in a cold manger, giving birth without pain pills, without nurses and doctors, or even a bed – without anything but a trust in the process of life itself and the light that lives within us all. Can you imagine? 

Give thanks for the love in your life. If it isn't coming from others, give thanks for the love in your own heart, for we are never ever without the light in the darkness and the love that is birthed within us with each breath.

Here are just a few thoughts to make the season special...

1. Give the gift of sharing your heart with someone
Whether your share your love deeply with a family member, spouse, child, client, or total stranger, open your heart a tiny bit more and share the love within it. Say what you are normally afraid to say. Tell someone how much you admire them. Compliment a stranger. Offer hope and your faith to someone who is having a hard time. Give the gift of your love.

2. Receive Graciously

Don't just open your presents... open them with Presence. Hold them to your heart. Feel the love that the giver intended. Soak it up. Express your appreciation and, if you're as old-fashioned as I am, send a thank you note or email. Gracious receiving is a gift to all.

3. If you don't feel the spirit of the season, give yourself permission to create whatever type of holiday you wish

There are years of change, pain, grief, loss, when you just don't feel like celebrating. It is part of the human condition. Give yourself permission to abandon tradition and do whatever you feel is most kind to yourself, whether it is escape on vacation somewhere special, or to sit at home and clean the closets, or hold the hand of one soon to leave this planet. You don't have to follow tradition if that is not in your heart this year. Give yourself the gift of doing whatever you wish, traditional or not.

No matter what you celebrate, or whether you celebrate at all, I wish you a blessed, peaceful, and holy holiday. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah may the light within your heart shine brightly.

I love you all,

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The way out is up

There have been many times in my life when I did not feel free. When I was working in engineering and wanting to get out, I felt trapped until the angels taught me to pour all my love into my job and the people I worked with. It was a fantastic lesson for me. I learned that choosing to bring love into a situation that I didn't like transformed it... and more importantly, transformed me. I discovered deep satisfaction in service, and after truly embracing this lesson, I was guided to quit.

There have been times I felt trapped in my body due to illness or pain. I once wrote a friend and asked for a few words of encouragement. "Fear not, we will not be in these bodies forever," he said. I laughed so hard! Of course I didn't want to wait until dying to feel better! Nonetheless, I knew he spoke truth and was reminding me to appreciate the experience of being in a body no matter what! The laughter itself began to heal me.

Now, I rarely feel trapped. The way "out" of a situation is always to go "up" in vibration – to find the good in each moment, and to bring as much love into the situation as you possibly can. In this reality you become a beacon for love everywhere you go, and sooner or later, in one form or another, love always comes back.

I had a beautiful example of that recently. Three years ago I was standing in a long line waiting to get into a Braco gaze in Portland. I knew it would be an hour wait. I was like a puppy waiting to go for a walk, because I was so eager to experience the energy. To pass the time, I started chatting with the gentleman behind me in line. It ends up he had just received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. I'm sure nothing could make a person feel more trapped than to hear you are in a body that is going to kill you. 

Nonetheless his attitude was amazing. I was inspired to inspire him. I told him all about Braco, how to best receive the energy, encouraged him to believe he would be healed. Another woman with wonderful energy and resources chimed in, also lending support and encouragement. The hour in line flew by, and soon we parted ways to find our seats. I saw him on and off throughout that day but never knew what came of him.

Last weekend I was in Santa Monica at a live Braco event. I saw a man who looked familiar sitting a few seats from me, but I couldn't figure out how I knew him. He got up in front of the room to share. "Three years ago," he said, "I had terminal cancer and I went to see Braco in Portland for the first time, not sure what to expect. I stood next to this lady named Ann and she told me all about him..." and he went on to share his story of receiving miraculous help and healing. I burst into tears. 

A boring wait in line turned into a chain reaction that not only helped this dear soul receive the energy that kept him alive, but now he was an advocate for others with cancer, helping them on their journey. His amazing attitude and willingness to receive freed him from the bondage of his disease. He came back to his seat, and in front of the whole room, we hugged and cried.

Here are a few tips to experience your freedom this week... 

1. When you feel trapped, remember, the way out of a situation is always to go up in vibration.
There is a tendency when we feel trapped, to desperately trying to figure out a way "out." Better to stop, breathe, and go "up" by raising your vibration. Ask yourself, "What is good about right now?" "How can I bring love into this situation?"

2. Choose thoughts that free you to create your future, rather than thoughts that enslave you to your past
Our conditioning can be like a jail cell that holds us captive in a very limited reality. "My life will never change." "I'll be stuck in this job forever." "I can't do what I want because I have to be there for others." I hear these things in my office frequently. 

In reality, these are conditioned beliefs. Question them. Are you really as trapped as you think? Ask friends for alternate solutions. Search the Internet for stories about people who have overcome the situations you feel trap you. Be open to new ways of thinking.

3. Imagine the reality you want to create

The minute you imagine and feel the reality you wish to create, you begin to vibrationally free yourself from present conditions and attract miraculous help from the universe. Free yourself to dream new realities!

This week, even with all its fun, obligations, and intense feelings that the holidays tend to bring, stop and breathe every now and then and remember you are eternally, in each moment, free to embrace a loving reality!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

What does love want

I was born almost directly between the two most opposite signs on the Zodiac. I barely squeaked into Aries. I'm inwardly sensitive, psychic, artistic, and emotional, while being outwardly strong, capable, intellectual, and no-nonsense. I like to joke that I'm "Bi-soul-ar!"

This frequently has me stuck in an almost humorous mental tug-of-war between opposites. I want to be with others, and I want to take off alone in nature. I want a cozy collection of decor in my house and yet I want it to be clean and orderly. I want to take charge and yet sometimes I wish someone else would... and so it goes. This used to drive me crazy!

Now however, when this inner conflict starts to grip me, I turn to the guiding light within, and ask, "God, Love, what do you want for me now? How do you want to be birthed within me?" I trust the first thought or feeling I get. Even if I can't figure out why I get a certain answer, it always makes sense later!

Last weekend, the folks that film my show were in Phoenix live streaming an amazing conference by the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. They invited me to attend the conference during the weekend since I didn't have clients. It sounded fun. However, I desperately wanted to get out and going hiking... at the same time!

When I focused on my heart and asked "God/Love what do you want for me? Love how do you want to be birthed within me today," the answer was clear. "Go to the conference." I surrendered, trusted, and went.

It didn't take long to figure out why I was there. I connected with so many people, many of whom had died and come back to tell about it. Their energy was so loving I felt among family. I ran into the conference organizers with whom I also connected very deeply and to my surprise they invited me to speak at an upcoming event. I certainly didn't dream up that idea when I was stuck in indecision! God did.

This is how I live my life. I ask Love to guide me and I trust. Sometimes my guidance is obvious... I just feel like doing something. At other times I'm conflicted between too many good choices and I simply have to ask. In all cases, when I listen to my heart and my guidance, life flows in a magical, synchronistic, and beautiful way.

So this holiday season when we have so many choices, and so many things to do, take time to drop into your heart, and ask what love wants for you!

Here are a few tips to practice this week...

1. When you feel like doing something naturally, do it. When you don't, don't :)

That sounds so simple and obvious, and yet how many times do we want to rest and push through it? How many times do we have a sudden inspiration and feel like we have to finish a chore before we take action?

Try to listen to your natural impulses and inspiration and act on them.

2. When you feel overwhelmed, or indecisive, stop. Take a deep breath. Imagine focusing on your heart. Ask, "God/Love what do you want for me now? How do you want to be birthed within me?"

Just trust the first thought, feeling, image, or knowing you get. Guidance comes quickly and subtly and without any strong feeling attached.

3. Trust

Your guidance may or may not make sense. You may want to figure out a present for someone and be guided to rest instead. Maybe you'll wake up with an idea. Maybe you'll find one later. Maybe you'll be delayed and run into someone you need to meet! You may have plans but suddenly feel like changing. You may think you "should" do something but love dictates something else. The Creator has reasons we can't even see... Trust.

I love you all. Let love lead you this holiday season and you'll be filled with heavenly peace :)

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Open to adventure!

In early October, Braco – the man from Croatia whose gift of channeling energy through his gaze has transformed the lives of thousands – was in California for the premiere of a documentary about his life. Unfortunately the show was originally scheduled for the day before I taught a class in Sedona. There was no way I could attend. I sent out the signal to the universe, "I'd love to be there but I can't. Maybe next time." Soon I found out the date had changed to one day earlier! I was elated! I could fly to California Thursday morning, attend the even Thursday night, fly back Friday and drive to Sedona the following day to teach my class!  

A dear client gave me free standby airline tickets. I found a cheap motel. I got tickets for the event to the late show and later when a dear friend couldn't go, she gave me her tickets to the early one. I was going to meet friends early for coffee then lunch, and just see what showed up in terms of which show I would attend and who I'd go with. Everything seemed like such a beautiful plan. 

I got off the plane and the friends I was going to meet for coffee had a change in plans. So I did as I always do and went inward. The guidance was to sit at a coffee shop and review my class material. In the two hours hadn't anticipated having free, I rearranged the class to be more to my current state of understandings and was quite pleased with it! Sitting outside of a coffee shop;, enjoying the cool California air wasn't a bad place to work either!

My friends showed up and to my surprise one of them told me she was going with me to the Braco event. We left for Hollywood early and had a delightful afternoon skipping along the stars on the sidewalks, exploring vintage clothing shops and finally making our way to the premiere. Neither one of my tickets was on the books so they let us in to the early show. Innocently we, and a few others, went to the theater early and got good seats before they let everyone else in. 

Braco came out for a live gaze after the movie, and once again I surrendered completely to the adventure, trusting God to bring through whatever I needed. Before he even walked out, my energy expanded way beyond my physical body and began pulsating as if I was a giant heartbeat in an infinite energy field. I turned to light and watched him turn to light then saw everyone else dissolve in a sea of white light... while only eyes connected. I would have been satisfied with this miraculous day as it was, but the icing on the cake was meeting friends for a dinner I had not expected.  

I got on the standby flight the following morning without a problem, flew home, studied for the class and was filled with energy to teach the following day!

Life can be such an adventure when we dance with it, releasing ourselves from plans if things look differently and just anticipating that God is up to something good!  

Here are a few tips to enjoy life as a joyful adventure this week... 

1. Make your plans but if something doesn't look as you wish, open to the loving adventure of life
If something doesn't go according to plans, rather than assuming the worst, wallowing in disappointment, or fretting that everything is ruined, stop. Take a breath. Ask a simple question, "OK God, what do you want for me right now?" Trust the answer.

2.Assume the best

The Divine and the angels really do want to love us more than we could ever possibly even begin to imagine! Think of someone you love. Think of how much you desire to share with them, how much you want to give them, how much you would love to make their lives easier. Now multiply that by infinity and you'll know how loved we all are! Its nearly inconceivable!

However, there is one catch! We have to stop trying to control how everything must look! By all means, intend what you want but be open to more. Assume you are being guided always to the most loving experience. Adopting this attitude alone, this truth, will change your life! 

3. Listen to your own heart, even if it disagrees with your own plans

Sometimes we think we really want to do something and then we change our minds. You get all dressed up to go out and figure out you don't really feel like it. You have this huge ambition to send holiday cards but then you think of something more fun to do. You dream of cooking a "Martha Stewart" meal but you really just want to order out and spend time with friends. Let your heart rule your head even if that means changing your plans!

Here's a wish for a blessed and joyous beginning to the holiday season. May it bring us all a more loving adventure of life!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

God is still God

I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I am human. And beyond that, "I AM" – a living breathing field of love that takes shape as Ann, as you,as the oceans, the mountains, the Hilary's, and the Trumps. Each of us is not separate but rather many different forms all made of the same light. In much the same way each wave upon the ocean is both an individual wave AND the ocean made manifest, we are individual and yet we contain within us currents of all other beings that have ever lived and ever will. We have an Inner Christ, and an Inner Hitler. We have love that is so deep it hurts when blocked, and we have judgment so deep it could easily kill off another's ideology... or even our own feelings. Each of us, without exception is capable of all.

So here we are in the US after a presidential election that was so polarized and divided that many spun into fear, depression, anger, and even hatred. We've got a president elect that some hope will fix the country and some fear.

Rather than hoping for, or fearing what one man can do, the angels say it is far better to realize that we, as a collective human race, are the ones "in Power." 

We vote vibrationally with our energy field in every breath
. We vote for love or we vote for hate. We vote for fear or we vote for faith. We vote for unity in the diversity or we vote for divisiveness and separation... in every breath. In each moment, collectively, we create the next. We ripple the field with our every thought, word, and deed.

Each time we criticize ourselves or another we bring our inner "judge" or "dictator" to the surface, and broadcast the energy that empowers judgment and bullying. Each time we love ourselves or another with compassion, we bring our inner "Christ" to the surface and broadcast the energy that empowers unconditional love.  

This discussion is not about a man, not about a political party, not about a right vs. wrong, good vs. evil but rather simply about love or fear, spiritual truth or illusions of separation. It is time to realize how powerful we really are. The ones we love in public iconify all that we love in ourselves. The ones we can't stand iconify things we may not yet have owned or made peace with inside of us... if only in the smallest ways.

I am choosing not to hate the haters, not to be prejudicial against the prejudice, not to separate myself from those who would see to separate humanity and pit one against another. I am choosing to love, to pray for the union of souls, the upliftment of humanity. I am choosing to be kind to people who are difficult, and to be kind to myself with greater fervor and commitment than ever before. I am choosing not to judge others and not to judge myself, but simply to discern who and what belongs in my life.
I am choosing to love relentlessly. The world is in need. One man is simply an iconic representation of all that has been broiling beneath the surface of humanity - both the passion for change and the illusions of separation. It is time we look at these superficial separations – both externally and internally –  and decide if we are going to join the vibrations of fear and judgment, or instead stand in a more beautiful vibration of love.

Here are a few tips to help you stay in love while watching things on the news that could otherwise inspire fear, hatred, and judgment...

1. Remember God is still God
No matter who is in "office" no one and nothing has more power over your life, well being, and finances than what you choose to give them. Literally. God is still God. The universe operates by the laws of vibration. Have faith in the Divine and the Divine can pour countless blessings into your life no matter what the economy does, no matter what programs stay or go, no matter who is in "power." The Dalai Lama, when asked why he didn't hate the Chinese once said, "I gave them my country and many of my people. Why should I give them my mind?"

When you begin to fear the state of the world, finances, etc... remember, the Creator's love remains constant just as the ocean remains constant beneath the surface. Put your faith in the Infinite and you will be "in the world but not of it." Take time in stillness to reconnect with peace each day, if only for a song, or a few breaths. It matters.

2. Don't hate the haters / Don't judge the judgmental

This one can be tough! We don't like people who are mean, bigoted, etc. We don't want to be around them. We don't like to listen to them. However the angels say that the angry only "make you" angry if you have anger in you!

Remember the scene in Star Wars where Darth Vader was trying to bring Luke to the dark side? He taunted him, attacked him and then goaded him to "use your anger," telling him anger would make him powerful. This is the lure of the "dark side"... although in truth there is only light and misunderstanding.

When you are tempted to anger or judgment, remind yourself... I don't have to like the words or actions, but I can send light to the soul. I can love the light within that person no matter how buried. I can be more effective in changing them if I pray for their upliftment, send light, or ask for truth to be seen. There is no point in judging or hating, other than to make us feel powerful and right when we feel powerless. We are not powerless. We have the capacity to direct the love that created Universes. Love Relentlessly.

3. Listen to other peoples' perspectives, but hold tight to your own

This is a challenge. Listen with respect to others' perspectives even if you would not normally respect them. Ask why they feel that way. Seek to understand rather than to be understood. A funny thing happens. Suddenly people start to care about your perspectives too.

I have had many people in my life who don't really care about anything other than sharing their own opinions. Some of them I could walk away from. Others' I've worked with and couldn't. The angels taught me to think of them with curiosity... "Why do you feel that way? Why do you think that way?" This leads to far deeper and more interesting discussions than trying to convince anyone I'm "right." I am right... for me! You are right... for you! If we could honor our own perspectives but listen with respect and seek to understand our world would be a better place.

We can make this world a beautiful place by embracing only those energies we want to see. As Ghandi said, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. ... We need not wait to see what others do.”

I love you all... may you feel the peace of truth within you.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Givng thanks for it all

It is easy to give thanks for the things we love and the things that feel good. It is easy to give thanks for the beautiful, loving people in our lives. It is easy to give thanks for the surprises and gifts, the kindnesses we didn't expect, and the things that stand out in our thinking as special.

It is more challenging to give thanks for the things we usually take for granted – our breathing, our bodies, our clean water and good food... the bed we snuggle into each night, our Mother earth, the freedoms we enjoy...

And more challenging still, we can even give thanks for what has been painful in our lives for it causes us to grow and seek greater self love, greater truth, and greater light.

This week I give thanks for all of you. I've been writing these newsletters weekly for over 15 years now. At times it is a joy. At times it is very difficult. I've been challenged to share both the joys and the pains. You have made it safe for me to be vulnerable and share my heart, and the truth of my life. You have been the ones that inspire me right back. You have been the ones who so vulnerably share your struggles, hopes, and dreams with me so I can surrender to the help that wants to come through.

I give thanks for your love, your kindness, and the pure joy of traveling this path with so many souls striving to live more loving lives.

Here are a few tips to embody the spirit of gratitude this week... 

1. Give thanks for someone who has touched your life...

It is easy to assume people know what they do for you. Take time this week to jot a short email to someone, perhaps even from your past who did something sweet for you, or someone who affected your life. If I see someone on TV whose words touch me, I don't assume that my thanks will be insignificant compared to their celebrity. I let the gratitude flow.

2. Before you go to bed each day try to give thanks for several things you normally take for granted... 

Here is a short list of my daily gratitude ramblings... I give thanks for the beauty and perfection of the eggs I eat every morning, for the sunrise, the sun shining upon us from so far away. I give thanks for my delicious tea and milk, for my patio, for the songs of the birds, for the miracle of the Internet, for my deliciously cozy blankets and my comfy bed... I give thanks for a body that has healed from so much, the flocks of angels that support us, and for sweet little treats such as the joy of another license plate message from heaven... the list goes on!

3. Give thanks for someone who has hurt you or some challenge you have faced...

A diamond is formed under heat and pressure. Iron is forged in fire. And we too find strength and healing in our deepest, darkest challenges. When you can truly give thanks for something hard you have garnered all its gifts and you are done with the vibration.

I give thanks for the challenges of an angry powerful soul aiming their attacks at me the last few years because once and for all I have learned to love those who hate me, and their woundedness no longer has power over my soul. I give thanks for tough and unloving relationships in the past because they taught me where I didn't know how to love myself.... Now your turn... what has helped you become the amazing soul you are now?

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Handling unmet expectations

I don't know anyone, myself included, who lives without expectations of themselves and others. Yet these very expectations, however noble and well-intended, can cause great pain when they are not met. 

There was a soul in my past whom I expected to be very supportive of me, to understand my heart, to want the best for me, etc. However, this very soul ended up being an emotional child, wanting only for their needs to be met, wanting only to be heard, while not being willing to hear much of what was important to me. This soul wanted me to be around when they were in need and ignored me when they were not.

At first I was angry. I felt they "should" have cared about me more. I expected them to do so. But the fact remains, they did not. My expectations and the resulting anger hurt only me. As I learned, grew, and looked back I realized this soul simply wasn't able to be who I had once hoped and expected they would be. Their childhood woundedness prevented them from being able to care too deeply about anyone other than themselves.

Recently I had a conversation with this person once again. I prayed over it, and chose to release myself and them from all expectations. I simply listened with compassion. I choose not to dance often with them, but when I do I will just take the most loving course of action. As the angels always say, "Love just feels better!"

Here are a few tips to help you deal with unmet expectations...

1. Know what you will do if your expectations aren't met

Write down on a piece of paper... "I expect myself to..." and fill in the blanks with as many things that come to mind. Write down "I expect others to..." and fill in the blanks with as many things that come to mind.

Now, next to each expectation, write down a loving response that you could choose if the expectation isn't met. This way if you, or others, don't live up to your expectations you have already created a loving way to respond.

Years ago after an abusive ex-boyfriend unceremoniously left my life, I wrote "The Ten Commandments of Ann" – how I expected to be treated and how I'd deal with it if I was not. While this was done out of pain, if actually served me well as I went into the future. I had created a "game plan" that helped me to treat myself with far more kindness and respect, and others with far less upset.

2. If you are upset at someone ask yourself, "How can I free them and myself from the bondage of my expectations?"

If we could truly accept others as they are, we'd get momentarily angry at mistreatment, then in the very next breath, decide how to powerfully and lovingly handle it, taking into account love for self as well. We perpetuate anger if we hold onto the expectation.

For example, I met someone who was very pushy earlier this year. I lovingly told this person that I was going to listen to my inner guidance over what they thought I "should" do. They continued to insist I was wrong. I had to let go of my expectation that they would be willing to let me be me, and accept they had a burning need to be right. I stopped communicating and blocked this person's calls. Once I released us from the bondage of my expectations – for them to change, for me to "make nice" – the healthy choice became obvious.

Most of us expect our leaders to be honest, to behave in integrity, and to make decisions for the good of all. Sometimes they do not. We can hold on angrily to our expectations and drain our own joy, or we can say, "I have no control over their behavior. I will place my joy, safety, freedom, and abundance in the hands of God."

3. Be kind to yourself if you don't meet your own expectations.

I expect the best from myself, but I don't always manage it. I make mistakes, forget things, and sometimes still fall into self-defeating thought patterns. However, I no longer "perpetuate the pain" by beating myself up for not meeting my own expectations.

The angels once, very humorously made this point by saying, "Ann! If you're standing in the toilet, don't flush!" I howled with laughter.

If you don't live up to your own expectation, speak to yourself as you'd speak to a sweet innocent child... "Its OK honey, you'll do better next time." Be kind to yourself. Make a loving choice to learn and move forward.

We all have expectations. However if they're not met, better to accept life and yourself as it is, and as you are, and create a loving dance with the present moment! 

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Ok to disagree!

It is election week here in the United States. Tempers are running high. Judgments are running rampant. Anger, upset,and disgust are being discussed everywhere I turn. At the same time, the angels are celebrating the expressions of diversity and the fact that human beings are starting to bring their viewpoints to the surface, while longing to create something better. They know that sometimes, a little "stirring up" is what is needed to create growth and change. They see the election as simply another catalyst intended to stimulate the evolution of humanity – not by virtue of selecting the "right" leader, but rather by virtue of making everyone dig deep and find what is important to them.

So rather than worrying about, "what everyone else should believe," ask instead, "What do I believe? How can I structure my life around my own principles and be in integrity with my own soul? How can I listen to others without necessarily agreeing?" These are questions worth contemplating.

So many times I have been called to listen to those who have attacked me or to people with whom I vehemently disagree. Years ago one of my best friends was a guy with whom I agreed on only one thing – We are all made of one love. We disagreed on most everything else! We had fantastic discussions and came to understand different ways of thinking. Neither of us budged in our personal views or how we lived our lives, but we respected each others' souls.

Years ago a skeptic attacked a friend, and I began an angry email until the angels stopped me and had me write and ask him why he felt the need to attack without info. We had an amazing dialog and ended on a friendly note whereupon he decided I was misguided but well-intentioned and I felt the same about him.

Another time I wrote to a lady who ran a hate site for a celebrity I admired. I asked her why she was motivated to promote hate. She explained it started as a joke and took on a life of its own and now she felt trapped by her own "fans." I felt compassion for this soul that had backed herself into an uninspiring and hurtful corner of life with her dark humor. Nonetheless, we spoke to each other with respect and kindness.

Here are a few tips to deal with the differing opinions on this earth...

1. Remember, we are not all meant to agree

Rather than arguing a point with anyone, simply ask, "May I share my perspective and thoughts on this and if you don't agree I'd like to understand yours." You will have a much better discussion than if you try to beat your point into someone or vice versa.

If someone else is trying to make you agree with them, try this. "I understand this is the way you feel..." and then repeat what they said to acknowledge you have heard and understood it. "May I share my thoughts. They are a little different but they work for me."

In this fashion you create a space for understanding. If the person insists on an argument, stop sharing. No need to be right, as the angels say. You already are right for yourself!

2. Rather than getting upset about other perspectives, give yourself permission to have your own

If you give yourself permission to have your own perspectives and sacred point of view, you do not have to get worked up over others. I can now listen to people with widely differing views from my own, either share my own or remain silent, ask questions, and still go about life according to my own God given guidance.

If you don't like another's perspective, that's fine! But if you find yourself getting riled up over it, there is still something inside of you that feels a need to agree, make others agree, or "make nice." Just own what you believe and observe everyone else like a curious specimen in the human species, or better yet, if you can "turn the other cheek" and look for more resonant examples of the human race!

For example, I do not resonate with much of what goes on in our political campaigns so I do my civic duty, but I don't watch the news. The roses are blooming. The lemons are starting to turn yellow. There's a hint of fall in the air, and I'm feeling God's love ever more strongly as of late... That is my news. That is my perspective. It may or may not be yours. Accept yourself and then allowing others to "be" as they are becomes easier.

3. Remember, God is God

Dialog – even strongly sharing your views – is good! However, we fall into fear and judgment and arguing sometimes because we fear that someone can have more power over us than the Creator. Many fear that a country's leader has power over their lives, finances, etc. In reality, the angels caution us not to "worship false idols." Live by the laws of course. Know that you'll be affected by the decisions of those "in power."

Remember, however, there is only one true power and that belongs to the Divine. If you keep yourself in a loving space, and give your problems to a higher power you'll sail through anything created by mankind unscathed.

For example, self-employment insurance costs have become obscenely high thanks to changes in the law in recent years. Rather than waste my precious energy getting all riled up over something I don't like, don't agree with, and can't change right now, I give even my bills to God. Far better to live in faith and trust and act as guided, than to allow others' choices to drag you down.

So this week, see if you can "own" your own point of view, without getting into arguments. Instead of seeking to be right, seek only to understand and to be understood. We could create a much more peaceful world in this way!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

See beneath the mask

The more I gaze and the more I work with angels, the more I am able to see the beauty in people's souls, no matter what they bring to the surface. I walked through the airport after filming series 7 of "Ann & the Angels" last spring just marveling at the fact that one light and one love animated all these people running around – some happy, some sad, and yet all made of the very same. I felt Love itself looking through my eyes at itself in hundreds of different shapes and sizes. There was no possibility of feeling alone in that light :)

More recently I got to go to Los Angeles to see a premier of a movie about Braco and to see him gaze. I sat in a theater with hundreds of people and once again witnessed everyone turning into the One beautiful sea of white light that sources us all. I had the sense of being family amidst strangers. It was lovely!

The more we acknowledge this light in ourselves, the more we can love ourselves, no matter what is going on. The more we can see it in others, the more we feel the bond of our shared human experience... and the less we take bad behaviors personally. We're all the same, just different expressions of Light and Love in 7 billion different "costumes." Some remember, some forget, but we can choose to live in the peace of remembering.

Here are a few tips to make this awareness more practical...

1. Imagine earth is one big costume party
As human beings we are Divine love in costume. See if you can regard everyone this week with a sense of wonder, curiosity, etc. Why did they dress that way? Why did they choose to be male/female, tall/short, etc. Why are they angry or happy? Just look at them with wonder, knowing there is One light clothed in so many different forms. So much energy is freed up witin us when we no longer have to judge but can just regard everyone with wonder.

2.Practice "Namaste" 

Many of you have heard the phrase "Namaste" which means "The Divine in me honors the Divine in you." See if you can imagine the light within you looking through your eyes, witnessing itself beneath the surface of everyone else's human "costume!" Imagine that light inside of everyone you see this week, no matter how brilliant or dim. It feels wonderful!

3. If Someone is Upsetting, Focus on their light, not their darkness...

If someone is upsetting, try not to judge them or take their behavior personally. Instead try to observe them, as a child would, with a sense of wonder. "I wonder why they act as they do?"

If you don't want to be around them leave, by all means, but see if you can imagine the spark of light within them, at their heart area, and imagine it expanding to fill them. Even at a distance you can imagine their light, rather than focusing on their darkness.

4. Remember YOU are this love and light too!

Look in the mirror. Look in your own eyes. Ask to see the Divine light inside of you. How can you ever criticize that? The rest is just a costume.

Enjoy the many costumes that Divine love wears this week, and celebrate that light inside of yourself. Have a Happy Halloween if you celebrate that too! 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vibrational opportunities

It was an old habit for me to have a little frustrated reaction when faced with what I considered to be a "distraction." I have so many things I want to accomplish in a given day, and so many more in this one lifetime! However, the angels have taught me to trust that everything, no matter how unrelated to my dreams it might seem, is there to support me in achieving them.
So, for example, when I want to get home but get stuck in a traffic jam, how does that support my dreams? Maybe I am avoiding an accident. Maybe I'm getting out of a rushed and hurried vibe and learning to surrender more so I can allow God and the angels to work more clearly in my life. Maybe I'm reading something, listening to something, or practicing my visualizations in the car. Maybe I'm letting spiritual energy flow through me to everyone in traffic and thus opening my own channel even more... so I can gaze more strongly for others. Maybe I'm getting slowed down to run into someone helpful later... There are a million reasons why that traffic jam – that seems to be a distraction – might be just the thing I need in that moment. 

When I was queuing up these newsletters last week, I had quite a few distractions. I had promised to meet a friend for coffee at noon and had hoped to get three newsletters done early that morning. They take an hour or two each, sometimes more. Instead I felt like exercising. Then I noticed things that needed attention in the yard. I forgot I had to do the laundry, put the dishes away, etc. In the past I would have been very frustrated and felt terribly "behind." However, there is no "behind" in the present! SO I surrendered, got my house and yard in order, met my friend, and the newsletters poured through easily because I was so open and relaxed later that day!

Even funnier, a few weeks ago I decided to create a wonderful, beautiful day outdoors with friends riding the chair lift on Mt. Humphreys, then going for a hike. It appeared to be a distraction when the sunny day started to be darkened by ominous dark grey storm clouds. We used that as an opportunity to manifest the weather we wanted! 

Being quite full of ourselves, we got our tickets and lined up for the lift as I was doing one of my favorite hiking affirmations... "I am the sun that parts the clouds!" A man got off the lift shivering in front of us! "It was raining, freezing, and hailing at the top!" he told us. We saw the sun breaking through the clouds. Sure enough our positive energy cleared the clouds over our own heads and gave us the incredible view in this week's photo... complete with a heart made of blue sky!

So this week, here are a few tips to see your "distractions" as "opportunities"...

1. Print a copy of the Serenity Prayer and put it where you can see it. Keep a copy in your purse, wallet, and car. Repeat Often.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” – Reinhold Niebuhr

In surrendering to what we cannot change we find peace.

2.When you feel something is a distraction, ask yourself, How might this be an "opportunity" to get me in the right vibration to manifest my dreams?

Suppose you are finally planning to take time to rest, and suddenly someone needs your attention. Can you list at least five ways that this might be an "opportunity" to get your energy in the right space to allow you to rest more often?

• Perhaps this is showing you where you need kind boundaries.
• Perhaps this is giving you an opportunity to say "no."
• Perhaps you will feel great and rest without guilt after helping this person.
• Perhaps this is helping you learn to surrender and thus adopt a more restful attitude in general.
• Perhaps this motivates you to turn the phone off or go on vacation more often in order to have time to yourself.

Suppose you are in a new a relationship and the person you thought you connected with, suddenly has something come up and cannot see you for a few weeks. How might this is be an"opportunity" to get your energy in the right space to enjoy a loving relationship?

• Perhaps it is an opportunity to see where you can give yourself more of what you want from the other, thus creating a more mature form of love
• Perhaps it is an opportunity to heal an old feeling of abandonment
• Perhaps it is an opportunity to be more compassionate and see the innocence in another
• Perhaps it is a red flat that this relationship is not what you want
• Perhaps it is time to visit with friends and others whom you love...

You get the idea... there is always a vibrational opportunity that is attempting to help you with your creations.

This week, every time you feel something is a distraction use it as an opportunity to get your vibration in harmony with what you seek to create!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Easy changes

I'm constantly in a process of change! I have a simple rule in my life. If something doesn't make me happy, I get rid of it, or start to change it.That applies to stuff, activities, and my very own beliefs.

For example I have a yearning to clean out the closets these days, but not much time to do it. So instead I take one small step a day. I try on one outfit I've not worn in awhile and if I don't immediately like it, I set it aside to donate. Granted, this is a slow process, but it feels good. It creates movement.

I've had to look at my activities too. I've slowly let my time in nature slide away. Now that the weather is nice, however, I've re-prioritized and reorganized so I can get outside once again. My hikes give me the energy to accomplish even the things I set aside more quickly.

I've even been examining my beliefs to see what needs to change. For example, I've had a belief that it is normal to go through a "detox" reaction after dramatically increasing my energy flow. I learned that from many spiritual teachers over the years, have witnessed many others who have the same reaction and assumed "that's just the way it is."  However, since our beliefs filter pure love into our experienced reality, I'm trying out new ones... "I don't have to detox! I just shift in a joyful way." Reality is starting to mirror this new belief. After some big energy work a few weeks ago my throat started to get scratchy and I felt a cold trying to come in. In the past I would have said, "Oh... Sigh... Another detox." This time I said to my body, "We're not doing that any more. We shift in joy now." The cold never took hold. It left without a trace in less than 24 hours.

Every day I'm making small choice, small changes, and small shifts in my thinking to create a life that is even more joyful, and authentic. You can too!

Here are a few tips to make easy changes this week... 

1. Examine Your Stuff as You Use it

Does the squeaky door bother you? Does an outfit no longer look good? Does the junk drawer in the kitchen drive you crazy? If some "thing" in your life is no longer serving you fix it, ask for help with it, or get rid of it. If you can't afford to change now, start asking your angels for help!

I once realized that I had been suffering through a "cord drawer" in my office that made me nuts. It was such a simple thing but every time I opened that drawer, I groaned and my energy went down. So I asked the angels for a solution. Two days later I was in a store and saw cheap jewelry organizers... on sale! Now all my little USB cords sit in pretty little compartments where I can easily find them. This is such a simple thing, but every time our energy goes down instead of us, we can start to make changes. 

2. Examine Your Activities

Do your daily activities bring you joy or drag you down? What can you change there? I know you can't immediately quit your job or make your kids walk to school, but you can get clever and make even the un-fun things a bit more enjoyable. I brought comforts of home to work with me when I was in a corporate job. When stuck in a traffic jam the other day with friends, instead of moaning, we sang and joked. If you have a long commute, you listen to good music, educational programs or digital books. If you hate cleaning house, turn on some good music. If you're part of an organization you no longer enjoy, make plans to transition out of it... Start shifting to be more authentic.

3. Examine Your Beliefs

Do you catch yourself repeating disempowering beliefs over and over? Try out new ones! Books have been written on the power of our beliefs to create our reality. The things we tell ourselves become our "truths" and are mirrored all over our lives... which just reinforces them even more! Do you believe you are sick? Try telling yourself, "Every day I'm getting healthier." Do something healthy for yourself every day so its true. Are you feeling broke? Try counting your blessings and look for abundance... What we focus on is what we experience more of... so try out new, more empowering beliefs. We wouldn't wear an outfit that doesn't serve us, but we do "wear our beliefs" quite literally in the circumstances of our lives.

This week, try to create small, positive movement and change in your life. You are never stuck. If the only thing you can change is your mind, go for that... Any loving movement is good movement, as it opens you up to the flow of love in the universe that is always trying to help!

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Tips for self love

I am teaching Magical Self Love today and by the time you read this I'll be happily plugging myself into an energy that is so beautiful and big that it is hard to imagine at times that this lives inside of us!
If a drop of water had a human mind it might have a hard time comprehending that it is born of the same as the mighty rivers and the vast ocean, and yet it is! The rivers and the ocean live in that drop and it lives in them.  Likewise, the vastness, beauty, and power of God live inside of us. I feel this many days. Some days I must seek it out. Other days I really have to work to get my way back to truth. In all cases, however, returning to this truth shifts my entire reality.

I remember a time when I had twisted intestines. It was excruciating, and it was born of a lack of self love. I had been fearful and hadn't asked for comfort. I had been judging myself... and I knotted up inside. The cure? You guessed it. In addition to the physical things I had to do... self love. I looked in the mirror... I released the notion that I was my body. I released the notion that I had failed at my spiritual growth. I reaffirmed..."The light of God lives within me!" I waited till I saw the spark in my eyes. Relief coursed through me and the healing began.

Another time I had been hard on myself and I was struck with all sorts of bills. Clients were late paying, and I was pretty lean to say the least. I didn't know what to do but the angels reminded me. Back to self love. I looked in the mirror and prayed to see the truth in my eyes. It took awhile. I released the notion that I "should" be doing better. I released self-criticism. I released the lies that any circumstance could ever change my essential being. I waited, watched, and breathed. Suddenly I saw the lights inside. I felt the love rising up within me. Within days, people started paying me again. Things in the house stopped breaking. 

When we shift inside, we shift outside. Self Love IS magical! 

Here are a few more tips to make that shift to self love this week... 

1. Say, "I love myself" over and over and over.

Seriously. You may not believe it, but even loving words will start to cleanse and transform your energy field. Keep it up as often as you can. 

2.Find a picture of yourself as a little child. Tell him or her how much you love him or her.

Having a visual representation of the innocence that lives within you is helpful if you are hard on yourself. Its far more difficult to criticize yourself when you realize you are criticizing that sweet child within.

3. Ask yourself... "If I loved myself, how would I treat myself? What changes would I make?" 

Commit to at least one.

Self love, as the angels discussed last week, is acknowledging the Divine light within you. It is not always warm and fuzzy and it takes unlearning old habits and learning new ones to put it into practice. But it is the most practical skill you can learn if you want to live a happier, sweeter, and more empowered life!

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Self love transforms lives

I'm passionate about sharing self love because it changed my life. I thought I loved myself when I was younger, but I realized I loved the superficial - my job, my marriage, my looks. I didn't know who or what I was and when all that was stripped away in my late twenties/early thirties, I experienced not only an identity crisis, but a seriously long period of self-hatred. As a result, I attracted plenty of people to help put me down, verbally abuse me, and beat me up with their behaviors. I knew I had to change.

I started doing nice things for myself. That worked to a degree. But then I had a pretty serious injury a little over a decade ago and was grounded. This time I had to go within. I had to find who and what was inside of me to love when I could barely do anything for anyone else, let alone for myself. It was then I started to see myself as the angels do... and it changed my life. 

I no longer felt the need to please everyone. I started to put my own priorities first and was able to help others more. Within a year I was dating a man who became a dear friend and remains so to this day. I wrote books, spoke at conferences, and started to love not only myself, but my whole life, in a whole new way.

This is why I teach self love. I've seen its miracles firsthand, not only in my own life, but in the lives of friends, students, and clients. It is not just a "feel good" thing because you can love yourself even when you don't feel good. Its not just about being kind to yourself – that is a consequence. It is not about being better than anyone else, and it is the farthest thing from being selfish. It is, simply, living in a deep space of spiritual truth.

Here are a few tips to help you embrace that space of self love this week... 

1. Look into your own eyes in the mirror every day...

As you look into your own eyes, say to yourself, whether you believe it or not, "I love myself. I love myself. I love myself. Breathe through resistance and blockages that will almost certainly come up. Just keep it up till you feel a softening.

2.Stop the self-criticism

I know this is a hard one! When I was unlearning old, bad, self-critical habits, the angels sent me the mirror... to apologize to myself!

Now if I catch myself in a self-criticism, I actually say to myself, "I'm so sorry honey..." and then something positive! Imagine a child came running up to you and said, "Someone called me ugly!!!" You would likely say, "Oh honey, I'm sorry! You're beautiful!" Do that for yourself when yourself call you ugly, a failure, stupid, etc... Be kind to you!

3. Realize self-love is an act of worshiping the Divinity within

Ask yourself... How would I treat myself if I knew that the Divine was having an experience of life on earth through me?
When you embrace the deeper mystical truth that the Divine lives in you as surely as the ocean lives in each wave, you start to treat yourself, and others, with greater reverence and respect. You – the physical human you – are a temple for spirit. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself... and you are loving God. 

I wish you all a beautiful week of Self-love as an act of worshiping the Divine within! If you need more assistance getting to that point, you can reread newsletter archives, come to the playshopwatch the self-love Series of Ann & the Angels Online as unlimited video on demand, or listen via CD/download! I try to make this as accessible as possible.