Saturday, October 31, 2015

Never gone

I certainly never thought I'd speak to those in heaven as part of my work! I started out channeling angels, but one day, when I was psychic in the window at a local bookstore, a whole new world opened up. A young woman sat in front of me, and instead of angels, I started to feel the presence of an older woman in spirit. She was kind, but very insistent on getting her message through. "Tell her I am SO grateful for how she took care of me! I am so grateful for her visits!" The young lady confirmed she had just lost an elderly friend whom she visited and cared for. The lady in heaven continued..."And tell her I LOVED my bon bons!" The young lady started to smile broadly. She had indeed, snuck little chocolate candies into the nursing home for the older woman. It was their secret. I was in awe of how the little things mean so much.

When my grandma died, she showed up to me very strongly! "Annie, its grandma! I'm in heaven with the Virgin Mary! Check your emails. Your mother needs you!" My grandma never touched an email but she did love Mary, her namesake. I checked my emails. Sure enough my dad had written to say that grandma passed and mom needed me. I was able to tell my mom that her mother was feisty and happy as ever!

When my grandpa died years before, my dad's father this time, my phone (an old fashioned one with a DIAL!) chirped for weeks. RRring, no one there. Rrring, no one there! I finally figured out he was telling me he was doing great!

Over the years, the sheer volume of people I've spoken to in the heavens, as well as my own experience of popping into heaven a few times, has shown me beyond doubt that life after death is a beautiful thing, that love lives for eternity, and that even the most hard-headed and hurtful folks on earth can soften up and become kinder after death. This job has given me both hope and peace. I know that whoever I lose, I will find again. My dogs that "died" a few years ago are very present. Animals psychics who come for readings see them as much as I do. My grandpa comes and holds my hand at times... I always warm up on the right side when he's around. My grandma... mom's mom, sometimes interjects her opinion in readings and it is almost always hilarious!

So while it is SO sad to lose someone we love, and it IS hard to not see and feel them on this earth, the thing that I have seen heal people in deep grief is to first, allow themselves their emotions, but then also to realize that their loved ones are still here. Heaven is not far away. Heaven is not a place on a cloud. It is a different channel on God's radio, in a way, a different dimension only. Our loved ones, if we want them to, can stand right beside us, hugs us, help us, and love us just as easily if not more so from the heavens.

If you like you can cultivate the ability to speak to your loved ones. You can sit quietly and hold out a hand and start there and ask them to touch you. Give them feedback.. "I feel a little buzz. I feel heat. I feel nothing." Spend just a few minutes and try again another day. Tell them what time you will sit with them. Maybe ask a question and trust the very first thought or feeling you get. It takes dedication and practice but anyone can cultivate a relationship with their loved ones in the other dimensions. It just takes time to wait and see how they get through. Some are better at it than others. The shy ones are harder to hear! The loud crazy ones almost always find a way to get through. Give it a try... they love you dearly and would love to let you know they're alive and well! And if that's too spooky, just ask the angels to comfort you and they will do everything they can.

And Happy Halloween to those who celebrate!

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Years ago when I wrote "Love is the River: Learning to Live in the Flow of Divine Grace." the angels gently reminded me that if the Divine could handle my breathing, the Divine could also handle my life. It seems so simple. And yet it is so easy to get worked up about all we must handle in life. How are we going to pay the bills, fit the things in that we want to do, get our work done, be with our friends and families? it all seems quite overwhelming at times.

So the minute I start to feel overwhelmed, I slow down. I stop. I breathe deeply and remind myself that there is a force that gives me life, that loves me, that planted the desires in my heart that I am now trying to fulfill, and who wants to help me fulfill them. I stop, breathe, and ask, "OK God what do you want for me now?" and then I pay attention to what is in my heart right then and right there.

This week on my home office day I was tired. In addition to a lot of driving and a lot of work, I had been watching Braco's Online gazes last weekend and as always when I participate in stretching my capacity to give and receive energy, it takes awhile for my body to acclimate to the new flow.

I woke up with grandiose plans! I wanted to work on the next series of my show, do my newsletter, get to my phone calls, and manage a whole lot of other office work. I got quite a few things done when I started to feel as if I could not keep my eyes open. I know better than to push. I stopped, breathed and said, "OK, God, What do you want for me now?" I got the "spirit call" as I call it - it feels like pressure on my third eye - and then it feels like I am being drawn inward. I laid down quickly and was instantly I was out of body and dreaming. Of course, later, the rest of my work got done, but had my mind planned my day, a nap would not have been included!

This has been happening a lot lately. As I learn to surrender more while gazing to let more healing love through my body, I am also learning greater levels of surrendering my plans in my life. I am learning to trust the divine coordination more and more. I am learning to trust more deeply that if God puts something in me, all the strength and resources I need will be given if I just keep trusting. I've gotten over the "who me?" question about the healings. It isn't the "Ann" me. Its the power that runs through us all. I've gotten over, "Where will I find time?" and am just making time because it compels me to do so. I will have to work with God and the angels to be more efficient. I have no idea how! They do! There are many more questions I have around this – both emotional, practical. and financial, and yet I'm surrendering those to God too. Can I handle the growth that will come of it on my end? Can we somehow pay for the streaming and bandwidth used? God must think so. Am I committed enough to deal with all that will come of this – both the beauty and the challenges. With God I am.

So when you don't know how to handle a challenge, or a dream, or something in your heart, stop and breathe and ask what to do, right here and right now.Guidance is always best in the moment. Trust that when we don't know how to do something, God does. When we don't know how to handle something God does. When we don't think we have the resources, God knows how to provide. I'm still going deeper and deeper into this reality. It isn't always easy between the ears, but I can vouch for the fact, that the more I trust, the more the love deepens, and the more I get out of the way and allow the Creator of the Universe to demonstrate that truly, "All things are possible with God."

Love you all! Have a blessed week. Perhaps I'll "see" you on the streams on Wednesday :) We've tried to include times that might be convenient for various time zones!

And this is hilarious! I "accidentally" sent the message Sunday and heard from a ton of people that it was perfect timing! Minutes later plans for Monday got rearranged! Too funny!


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Family is everywhere!

When I do a new series of my internet show I challenge myself to live it. So, while we are airing "A Romance of Life" about finding and creating love everywhere in life, I've been particularly open to those magic moments. I just had another one a few weeks ago... and humorously enough, it created a story for my next series too... but that will be for another day!

A few weeks ago I got "the call" to go to Goodwill, a thrift shop nearby. It comes as a sudden urge to drop everything and get in the car. I know better than to argue. So I dropped everything and went to the thrift store! I knew I was there for a reason but didn't know why. "Perhaps I was there to get some new outfits for the next series," I thought to myself. That seemed likely... until I started running into a lady over and over, almost literally! Hmmm... I was here to meet this beautiful soul.

I started a conversation. I learned that this delightful woman from Hawaii raised orchids. Many had died while she was taking care of a family member who was also dying, so she was in the process of raising new ones. After awhile, she told me she was writing a book on native, natural cures. Now she had my attention! I love natural remedies! I offered her the name of my publisher and asked her to let me know so I could facebook it when she was ready. She started to realize I wasn't some crazy "haole" (white woman!) but rather a kindred as well! The connection was beautiful. I felt compelled to share a little more with her as my angels told me she was on a tight budget but helped so many. She had tears in her eyes. I had tears in my eyes. She called me "sister" and we exchanged numbers and went our separate ways. I felt so blessed, she felt blessed and our global family expanded just a little bit more!

The next week – logically unrelated, but spiritually connected – the orchids started to arrive. Clients started bringing me orchid plants! The picture advertising Braco's gaze showed him among orchids. I was seeing signs of Hawaii everywhere! I felt like the Divine was celebrating our exchange.

So when you feel yourself drawn to speak to someone, don't hesitate. You may look crazy. You may be ignored. But maybe you'll find a kindred spirit. God does not make mistakes and we are often guided to cross paths with those whom we can assist and those who will inspire us as well. I reconnected with an old friend this week and we were overjoyed to talk about the growth we've both accomplished over the last decade, as well as how we can help one another in the future.

We are all family. We all crave connection with the Divine, with our deepest truest selves, and with one another. The Creator lives and breathes in all of our hearts and seeks to reveal itself through our beautiful and loving interactions.Open up this week and see what family members you discover here on this beautiful earth. Whether you make a friend for life, or a friend for a few seconds... love is love, and love feels beautiful!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Love my inner voice!

I love my inner voices! Sometimes they give me what appears to be "big" guidance. "Go to Texas next weekend," ... where I meet the film crew I'm now working with. Sometimes they just delight me, in ways we might consider "small" but in truth, any guidance towards a loving experience is worth heeding.

I was hiking up north a few weekends ago, and feeling extremely peaceful. I love the solitude, walking amidst the trees that were just beginning to turn colors, and hearing nothing but the whispers of wind. I love dissolving into nature where I am not a spiritual teacher, author, healer, but rather just part of creation moving amidst itself... regarding the diversity of life's many forms with a sense of wonder and awe. I have no thoughts. I am just pure Being. I feel the energy moving in me, to me, and through me, in a beautiful dance of life.

Suddenly the inner voices spoke. "You are going to see a deer." "Cool!" I couldn't help but fall back into thought. How wonderful! Suddenly the guidance got very loud. "Turn left here. Go to that rock. Sit on this log and get into gazing energy. Stay in that energy for a bit. OK, now, now get up and walk to that rock, turn right...." OMG! There was a young male deer not twenty feet in front of me, gently munching on ferns.

He looked up, regarded me peacefully and went back to snacking. I stood in reverent awe of such a beautiful being. He looked up for a bit and we both stood there, locked in a loving gaze. I felt my heart expanding beyond its boundaries as I sensed his peaceful and beautiful soul. Eventually, another hiker in the distance spooked him and he ran off. I, however, had to sit down and give thanks and praise for the glory of that beautiful moment while I continued to bask in the blissful feelings of shared connection. There is nothing so sweet as the divine presence within your own heart touching that same energy in another being or aspect of creation. It is what we all crave so dearly, to feel this love, to share this love, to be this love...

I feel like I'm living the "Romance of Life" series that I'm doing on the Internet now. These moments are happening everywhere. Not just for me either. The gentleman filming the show wrote in his newsletter that he had the sudden urge to go get milk and as soon as he stepped out of the car to go to the grocery store he was transported to heaven by a young violinist in the grocery store parking lot. Who would expect that? Nonetheless, the creator of the universe knew that a need for groceries could lead to a magic moment... if only we listen.

Love is everywhere. Life wants to love you. The creator wants you to experience the goodness in the world. When we listen to those impulses and urges, and sometimes voices that kindly guide us, then we find ourselves having more and more of these magic moments. We all look for the "big" things to make our lives happy, but in truth life is made of far more "little" things. Why not enjoy them, and give thanks for the beauty that exists right here and right now? After all life is happening now. And love is here for you now... and now again.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Perfect as is

The angels worked with me for years, and still do, to help me catch myself in even the slightest self-criticisms. It is fine to acknowledge when we can do better, be better, look better, or act better, but we can make those decisions, without beating ourselves up, judging and criticizing ourselves.

Every time I teach "Magical Self Love" I make mistakes either in or before the class, and am challenged to not feel stupid about them. The first time I taught the class, I asked the audience to share their worst "flaw" or "self criticism." A woman in the front raised her hand. As I went to give her the microphone, I slid down four stairs and landed on my back, then popped up laughing. I had no clue why it was funny. Rather than running in embarrassment, changing the topic, or apologizing profusely, I continued on with the class. This wonderful woman looked at me strangely and said, "That's odd. I was going to tell you my worst flaw was that I'm uncoordinated!" We howled with laughter. I could have judged myself and not even given her the chance to share. Instead, because I had learned to trust in the perfection and love beneath all things - that perfection and love was revealed!

When I filmed the "Magical Self Love" series, my face broke out the night before! I knew as soon as I woke up and saw myself, that this was all about me knowing who and what I really was and getting over any silly small concepts of self... which was exactly what I was teaching! Those breakouts had a purpose and a mission! They forced me to walk my talk! Probably because I embraced them rather than judging, by some technological miracle, the editing process managed to make them disappear. There is perfection in all things. All things are trying to lead you back to love.

There have been times when, quite unconsciously, I've said things that weren't meant to hurt, but did hurt people. Instead of beating myself up, I apologized, learned from them, and became more sensitive with my words. The angels won't let me indulge in self-criticism. They ask me only to learn.

So this week, try to love yourself rather than judge. If you want to change something about yourself, that's fine, but do so with love. I've had women in my workshops lose weight when they stopped criticizing themselves and instead chose to love themselves as is. I've had physical conditions heal when I sent them love and thanked them for teaching me. I've seen people suddenly find they had talents they couldn't believe when they stopped putting themselves down and simply made the commitment to try.

We are all perfect as is, even as we grow into a greater awareness of the beautiful light that we are! As the angels remind us... the acorn is perfect even as it grows into the oak! We are too.