Saturday, September 26, 2015

Accept yourself.. all of you!

I have worked for years with the angels to learn to love and accept myself exactly as I am. That means I celebrate the times I am doing well and I have compassion for myself when I am not. I cry when I'm sad, and vent in private when upset... although after working with the angels for years, I find that love comes easier than upset and sadness passes quickly.

As they've worked with me to accept myself, both in my so-called positive and negative spaces, I've learned to love myself unconditionally... even on those days when I don't really like myself! As a result I've learned to love others too, even when I don't care for their behavior. I feel as if my heart has been freed from the bondage of our human conditioning that say we can love ourselves and others only when we "look right," "behave right," etc.

This level of self acceptance has created miracles in my life. It guided me to people with whom I love working. It has helped me open up to channel energy that does things for people that I could not have imagined. It has blessed me with people in my life that love and accept me for all of who I am.

Most recently it helped me film my next series! I had shingles two months ago, worked over time to make up for it, had to delay filming, went to a conference, came back and had four days to work, prepare 12 outfits, create the remaining episodes, and get on a plane to film all 12! I didn't have the episodes memorized and therefore took much more time between each to memorize them. I could have beaten myself up for getting off schedule, but instead if gave me opportunity to start gazing in public. I could have beaten myself up for not having been as prepared as I'd like, but it ended up that the filmers had time to accomplish other tasks. I could have picked on myself for having hair that to this day, frizzes the minute I get in font of the green screen! Instead we laughed. It has become a joke!

There will always be reasons to criticize ourselves. There will always be reasons to feel we have "fallen short" of where we'd want to be. There will always be a deeper and more loving self that we "could have been." However, if you can truly love and accept yourself, as you are, trusting that all is in divine perfection, you will grow so much more quickly into better and more beautiful spaces. You will accomplish more, waste less energy, and feel happier. You'll stop putting the pressure on others to love you more than you love yourself... and as a result you'll be able to accept them exactly as they are too.

So, as the angels say, if you are looking for love, start by giving it to yourself. Start treating yourself the way you'd like another to treat you. Start being compassionate to yourself when you're not at your best, and celebrate when you are. We can truly become the love of our own lives, and in that space, others and Life itself will echo so much more love back to you!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Love is everywhere

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the yearly conference for the International Association for Near Death Studies in San Antonio, TX. It was a little bit of heaven on earth with the lovely river walk outside the hotel and a few hundred people running around who had died, been to heaven and returned to tell! The energy was palpable and the speakers who shared their stories, so inspiring! The message from everyone who had been to heaven was the same. We are love. We are here to love. There is nothing more important than to love ourselves and love others! The angels were cheering! We cannot hear this message enough upon our earth.

I have been putting together my new series of Ann & the Angels, "A Romance of Life" and living it while doing so. It has been so much fun! Its based on the premise that with or without a "special someone" in your life you can have love and feelings of romance, if you are willing to put in just a little effort to change old habits and seek love, see love, and be love. I've made friends with total strangers, connected with people in airports more intimately for even a few moments than some men I dated in my younger days, and have had hilarious connections even with animals in my backyard. A pigeon and I fell in love so deeply that I caught him trying to stick to my stucco and flapping his wings so he could press his little face against the window and watch me in the kitchen! I had to run outside... "Honey! You need a birdie girlfriend!" The next day he brought his new feathered friend to show off! It is such a blessing to know that love is just everywhere we look. And better yet, what a blessing to know love lurks inside of us, just wanting and waiting to pour out into the world the minute we get out of its way!

So this week, see if you can look around and tell yourself that love is everywhere you look, sometimes more deeply beneath the surface than in other cases, but always there!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

True service

Self love doesn't come easy to those of us who were raised in the martry-is-holiest culture. Some people on earth were called to be martyrs. Jesus and Joan of Arc were amazing souls who did agree to take on the pain of the world to help transmute it. Somehow, so many of us thought that was the way to go too!

However, after working with the angels for years, I realize that each of us receives different direction from the Divine and very few are called to martyrdom. That's why it hurts when we self-sacrifice for others if we are not guided to do so! When the Divine wants you to serve, the joy, the desire, the resources, indeed the calling will be there. You will not feel used, bitter, empty, exhausted, and all those other things that arise when we volunteer to be victims in the guise of helping others. Instead you feel inspired, energized, joyous and as if a greater force of love compels you when you are truly called to do something.

Some people serve through conventional service - serving the pool, counseling, healing, etc. Some serve through quiet but completely essential tasks – accounting, legal services, managing our electricity, taking out the trash, trimming trees.

Some people serve through inspiration – living beautiful lives of love and joy, being amazing parents, traveling the world and sharing the diversity...

This list of ways we can serve is over 7 billion long because there are that many people on earth and each of us serves most authentically by simply being ourselves. Each of us has a calling in our hearts at any given moment in time and it is almost too simple... it is what you feel like doing that feels like love and joy. I was going to get up and exercise this morning and then do errands. It felt more joyful to do the newsletter, shower, run errands, then exercise later. How is that service? If I take care of myself, then I am energized to do all else.

I just got back from an amazing conference and will share more on that in future newsletters. I have four days to create six more episodes for my series, come up with 12 outfits, memorize 12 again and film. By the time you read this I'm in front of a camera serving through my joy, sharing through my show how the angels have taught me to live. It is more work than I have ever agreed to before. I still work full time with clients, do my newsletter, daily Facebook posts, and now this healing gaze that is causing even more grown on my end but creating some amazing healings for others. I am not doing these things because I think, "I want to serve," I am doing these things because my heart compels me. And some days... my heart compels me to go to Starbucks or to hike, or sleep so I honor that too :)

Serve through an authentic life! You are of value if you are happy at the grocery store! Your vibration ripples out into space and time when you are in a loving vibration! You are a lighthouse and a beacon of Love! And if you feel like joining in my class next weekend, I'd love to share more. This is one really awesome way to live!

Saturday, September 05, 2015

The power of focus

When I was sick with shingles several weeks ago and asking the angels about whether or not I'd be well enough to do all sorts of things on my schedule, the angels kept asking me, "What are you creating? Make a commitment? Focus on perfect health." And so every morning while doing all my self care routines, I also did beautiful visualizations - imagining light flooding every cell in my body, dissolving dark patches and programming my cells to respond only to love. I imagined beautiful skin growing over the hurt patches, and I imagined my system taking in only the frequencies it needed and releasing all it did not. It is amazing how very little scarring I had, how quickly I healed, and how responsive even the body is to the energies we imagine it accepting. I think I just may keep doing these visualizations frequently to help program me for vibrant health!

When I ask if something is going to "work" in my life, the angels always respond, "What are you creating? What are you committed to?" They are loving but tough with me because they know I want to step into a deeper and deeper understanding of my true being. What am I creating? I ask myself that now, often, daily, hourly. When reality does not look as I wish, I stop, sit, breathe, receive, and ask the angels to help me get both my energy and my attitude into a space to create what I want... or better, of course. Sometimes the Divine has an even better idea of what we would love or need than we do, so I always leave room for that!

I suspect none of us would ever worry about a thing if we knew that all we had to do was live in a space of being honest with ourselves, honest with God, and honest with one another. We'd know that the love of the universe flows through us, give to us to aim in any positive, loving direction we like. And while it is true that there is sometimes a "higher plan," tuning into the reality we want is often just saying "yes" to that, because if there is a true, heartfelt desire in your being, the Divine is the one who inspired it!

So this week, challenge yourself. Are you tuning into what you want or what you don't? A world of chaos, or a personal life of peace regardless of what the world does? A body informed by love, or plagued by fear. A financial situation reflecting the abundance of your soul and faith in the Divine, or one wrought with worry? We are powerful. We are nothing less than Divine love shaped into different forms and personalities and that love does live and breathe within us. The more we access that love, the more amazing our lives can become!