Saturday, March 28, 2015

A higher order

I dance with life all the time. My way is not always the way things work... in fact quite frequently my schedule gets rearranged by a higher power. It happened again last week....

I often spend special days in silence communing with God, my angels, and all that is. And so on my birthday, I was running out the door, with my hiking shoes on, backpack stuffed, and water bottles ready, when the sudden guidance to visit a friend became very strong. It was so strong that I changed clothes and changed my plans. I felt the angels smiling but had no idea what they were up to. And sure enough, I couldn't believe the outpouring of love that surprised me during the day as synchronicity after synchronicity brought me in contact with the kind and generous hearted people who made the day even more special that I could have asked for. I ended up hiking the following day and so was blessed doubly.

On an office day earlier this week I was running errands. Again, I got in the car, with my plans as to what I would do first, second, third, etc. It made "logical" sense. Instead things got rearranged. I had the impulse to change the order of my errands. As I was dropping off some items to donate at a thrift store, I thanked the young man unloading the car. He stopped in his tracks and asked me what color my eyes were. "I'm not sure today." I answered honestly, "They change." Quite innocently, he came up to me and peered into my eyes as if looking into the depths of the ocean. Without warning (to me!) the healing energy that comes through my eyes turned itself on. My heart felt big as a barn and it felt like a river was pouring through me. He stood transfixed. I'm not sure what he felt, but suddenly he broke the gaze and shook his head and wished me a good day, looking back as he went into the warehouse. I felt so much love pouring through my heart it was amazing. I may never know what just happened there, but I do know God was pouring love through me to this soul that I encountered in a dance of divine timing.

So when you think you know how life "should" look, as the angels say, lighten up a little. Be willing to change plans, be flexible, and trust that if you get the urge to shift things around or if something doesn't look the way you thought, just dance with life as the angels say. People are not always cooperative... move around them. Life does not always look as we think - Assume there is a higher order. It is a more relaxed and wonder-filled way to live :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Glad to be alive

I turned 51 today and I am grateful for every breath of life. It is a gift, not to be taken for granted. Some of you have heard this story...

The year before I turned 46 I had the sudden urge to pray for my life. I had no idea why. "I want to live God. I have so many things I want to contribute. I have no idea why I'm praying this but let me live a long life." And so it went, with these spontaneous prayers arising from my heart. Friends started checking my car tires, to the point where I felt uneasy and had them replaced even though they weren't that worn. Clients who were psychic started emailing me and calling out of the blue to see how I was doing. "Fine," I responded, wondering what on earth was going on.

A week later, a car nearly sideswiped me and it was only the new tires and the angels that had me swerve out of the way of what would have been a very bad accident. A week after that, another car pulled out in traffic gunning the engine just as I was passing. Some angel took my hands and I swerved out of the way, shaking and thanking God. The driver, an elderly gentleman, was visibly shaken, as was his wife. That was the same year I got parasites, and other conditions that were pretty serious. Everything broke down in my house that year - all the appliances, windows, the roof, you name it.

I went for a reading through a dear friend of mine to see what was going on and the angel who came through her said to me, "Congratulations my dear! Before you were born you planned to die before your 46th birthday, but you changed your mind! You chose to live! We are so excited for you." I burst into tears, feeling the weight and the truth of what was being said. Ever since, no matter how challenging things get, I have treasured this life.

Earth and life upon it, is a gift. I look at the skies, the forests, the mountains, the ocean, the rivers, the grass under my feet and see miracles wherever I go. I sit on the earth and feel her supporting presence, and at times I have been moved to tears by the love coming back to me after I pray for her as well. Life is not always easy. To this day I continue to have challenges as a result of lessons in the past, but life is a gift and a blessing, and there are miracles and joy to be found at every turn.

It is likely by the time you read this I will have retreated somewhere in silent communion with the creator to give thanks for the privilege of being alive. I pray every year for health, strength, stamina, and the ability to stand strong in love and light so I can continue to serve in even more joyful ways. I pray for everyone to know how deeply and dearly they are loved at every moment in time.

This week take a minute to connect to the earth and feel her strength beneath your feet. Imagine the energy she is sending you coming up through the soles of your feet and the base of your spine. Thank her for her love. And then breathe in and receive her love in return. You may just be overwhelmed by the magnitude of it.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Life is magical now

As I put together my new internet TV series "Living in the Flow of Grace," I challenged myself to practice all I preached. Even after teaching this material for years, and living it to a large degree, I still found areas where it is wonderful to go deeper.

I am writing this newsletter on Monday morning. Before I filmed the series, my car angel told me the car would need some big maintenance when I came back. So as I drove into the repair shop this morning, I challenged myself to get intensely present and to look at the beauty in life all around me. I used the tools I'll be teaching in the upcoming episodes.

Suddenly I was looking at a magical world, filled with light, color, interesting people, and cool stuff... while still sitting in traffic on the freeway. "Wow, God, this is really magical," I prayed, as I sat there feeling so present that there was nothing but one big field of energy in many amazing forms. I seem to have mystical experiences in the oddest places. As I was enjoying the delicious feeling of "being" One with everything, a car pulled in front of me with the license plates, "MAGICL2" I burst out laughing!

It ends up I do have a huge repair bill for my car, but driving home, practicing the power of being in the present, I still felt nothing but wonder and magic all around me. The morning was beautiful. The mountains are tinted green after spring rains. The sky is so blue I could drink it into my soul... and life is good. I have a million things to do today as always but I'm only focused on this one, this sentence, right here and right now.

We spend so much time in worry, fear, drama, and other needless emotions, when in reality the "here and now" is usually pretty amazing... if you're really in the "here and now" :) Our worries about the future, and stuff we drag around from the past that cloud us from receiving our guidance, the love that's there, and truly and enjoyable life. Bills get paid one way or another. Stuff gets fixed. But I'm grateful for teaching what I wanted to learn more deeply - that life happens now and now and now... and we may as well enjoy every little last bit of it!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

The boundary bat

I once had a friend who was severely abused during her childhood. As she worked through the wounds, she became incredibly empowered and incredibly angry at anything less than loving treatment. Those closest cheered for her because we knew that she was learning to take care of herself and set healthy boundaries for the first time, and we knew the anger would pass, as it always does when she got comfortable with her new boundaries.

At first she felt terribly guilty feeling this way. She had learned, as a coping skill, to be "nice" all the time even when things or people weren't "nice." Wanting to support her we played a little joke and got her a big green plastic baseball bat. We labeled it "the boundary bat" and encouraged her to take an imaginary swing at whatever wasn't right in her life. We laughed ourselves silly and she burnt off some steam.

Those of us who want to be loving often do feel terribly uncomfortable when we have to set a healthy boundary, release someone from our lives, or say "no" when someone else really wants you to say "yes." And yet, to do anything less is inauthentic, dishonest, and actually not so loving after all. So often, I see this in others, and have seen it in my past, anger and upset do come up when we find ourselves uncomfortable in such situations. As we become more comfortable saying no, setting healthy boundaries, and walking away from darkness, things feel better.

For example, say you've listened politely to a friend complaining for months. Suddenly you grow and realize that these complaints aren't serving either one of you. You now have new choices to make if you are to be in integrity with yourself... speak up kindly, spend less time with the friend, or figure out another way to handle the situation in a different way. If you are not comfortable with these, chances are you'll get angry with the friend. And while all feelings are valid, the angels implore us to look at them before we take them out on another and see what they are trying to tell us. Are we really angry with the friend, or are we just frustrated because we don't know how to handle the situation in a loving way? If we're honest, it is likely the second. We all want to be more loving, and it is frustrating when we don't know how. That's when we pray "God show me the way to honor myself, and the light in the other?" Notice I am not saying honor the "other's ego!" When we choose to honor the light in another, sometimes we turn away and do not dignify the darkness.

So this week, take an honest look at your life and see if there's anything upsetting you. Do you need to set a boundary, turn away from something, or maybe just change an attitude? Pray over it and the answer will be revealed...guiding you back to grace and peace.