Saturday, January 31, 2015

Let's play!

I work a lot, and thankfully love what I do. This year, however, I’ve resolved to stay in a better balance and I asked the angels to remind me if I started to get “off.” Years ago they emphasized to me the value of rest and playfulness… “Ann, even God rested on the seventh day. Why do you think you can’t?” They had a point!

Several few weeks ago I was planning to work through the entire weekend, but the little voice of guidance was suggesting otherwise. I pulled out my deck of angel cards for fun. As I shuffled, the card entitled “Playfulness” fell out of the deck. “I know,” I said, “but I have so much to do. Are you sure?” I shuffled and picked another card. “Playfulness” once again. I laughed knowing the angels were answering my "please-remind-me" prayer!

I set work aside and decided to visit a friend and go hiking. Three delightful little boys who were with their family ran up to me and started talking. One tiny guy, about five years old, said to me… I play guitar but I have to be quiet doing it because its in mom’s closet and I’m not allowed! His mom says to me, “What did he say?” “Go tell your mom what you told me,” I advised him. He ran up to her and bragged about playing guitar in her closet even though he’s not allowed. She and I both laughed until we can barely breathe. His honesty and his joy were adorable!

Later in the day I ran into two other little angels - a tiny brother and sister, most likely around the ages of six or seven. They were hiking with their uncle and were definitely not as scared as I was about scaling up a steep rock canyon I was considering. I’ve done the climb in the past, but was always unnerved by a few parts of it. They were not daunted at all! “Its good to do things a little dangerous that scare you,” the little blond angel told me, “but not so dangerous that you’re going to die.” I had to smile. More wisdom from a sweet playful soul!

When we are playing we are all equal - souls having a good time, sharing the joy of our own being. We set aside our concerns. We are immersed in the present. We feel connected with life, happy, and secure. I once met a teacher, Fred Donaldson, who told the story of someone conducting play therapy before apartheid sessions in South Africa. Getting people on “opposite sides of the fence” to play like children created the common bond of humanity and their meetings went extraordinarily well. He now teaches play workshops to help people connect with one another and life, and to feel safe (

I got home after my play day refreshed, rejuvenated, and feeling very connected to life. Without even trying, two newsletters came through with incredible ease… something that does not happen when I am am overworked and out of balance.

Play is no longer a frivolous activity in my life. It is a necessity – as important to maintaining my spiritual energy as food and water are to maintaining my physical energy. It raises my vibration, focuses me in the now, and opens me up for the most delightful and surprising God-given interactions.

So this week, add a little playtime, even if you think you cannot. If you don’t remember how to play, think back to when you were very young. What did you enjoy? What did you do when you were alone and had to amuse yourself? Or do this angel inspired exercise… create a list of things that sounds fun "just because." Put each item on a slip of paper. Put the slips of paper in a pretty box, bowl, or jar and pick one…then do it... a playful way to choose some play!

Have a wonderful week with a little dose of playfulness!
Love you all!

PS - Here are a few ideas from my repertoire to inspire your playtime!

• Hike
• Cook, bake, make goodies for myself or friends
• Make spa treats - scrubs, lotions, potions
• Enjoy a spa treat - a pumpkin/honey face mask while working on the computer!
• Visit farms when they're having festivals
• Visit a farm and pick your own produce
• Visit botanical gardens, butterfly gardens, any gardens!
• Sit by outdoor fountains and watch kids play while I read
• Read books, read magazines, Clip recipes
• Sniff flowers
• Crafts - quilting, making jewelry, making greeting cards...making anything!
• Watch upbeat Movies - funny movies, Disney movies, heart opening movies
• Games - like the "Heads Up" App for i-things that will have you and your friends laughing and playing together! 99cents for hours of joy - it films your friends while they give you clues to help you guess words on your i-things!
• Play fun songs on and dance, to liven up during an office day
• Go to concerts
• Surf websites that interest me
• Go on a photo expedition while hiking or doing anything
• Go to the grocery stores searching for fun new foods & see what I can create.
• Go into my closet and create new outfits - dress up day!
• Make or enjoy aromatherapy blends
• Shoot basketball hoops, toss a football, run for the sheer delight of moving
• Collect seashells, pinecones, crystal, pretty rocks, heart rocks, etc...
• Make up games with the letters of the alphabet.... You're Awesome, Beautiful...
• Visit a zoo, wildlife park,amusement park, any park
• hula hoop, jump rope - you don't even know you're exercising!
• climb a tree, lay in a creek, swim in a pond, dive in the ocean...
• roller skate, ice skate...
• write poems, songs, stories for fun
• shut your eyes and listen to beautiful music
• enjoy seasonal play - swimming, sledding, sunning...
.... etc.!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A simple sip of coffee...

I took a sip of my coffee Sunday morning. The angels gathered around. I sensed they were there to make a point. My attention was drawn to the Styrofoam cup with its earth-friendly design.

“People took the time to invent Styrofoam, to shape it, to find a way to fuse the same and seal the bottom and color it with a pretty design so you wouldn’t burn your hands and you would find it beautiful,” they said. “Someone worked very hard to shape that lid so you could sip without spilling. There were hundreds of prototypes and many souls involved.” I looked at the simple cup, something we toss in the recycle bin, with a new perspective and appreciation.

The angels went on… “Someone grew those beans, hundreds picked them, sorted them, bagged them, shipped them, roasted them, bagged them, shipped them again, and put them on display. Someone designed the burlap bags, the pretty packaging, the machinery involved. The farmers, factory workers, delivery person, servers… all love themselves and their families enough to earn a living doing this work. Someone chose just the right combination of flavors and just the right strength because they wanted it to taste wonderful. Someone grew the grass, that fed the cows, that give the milk… and on they went, listing many more individuals who contributed to the beverage I was enjoying, previously without a great deal of thought. I started to sip… and savor more slowly.

“Ann, in that one sip of a simple cup of coffee, you are connected beyond space, and time, to thousands of souls. Thousands of souls labored to express love in some fashion or another to give you that one sip, that one simple pleasure… Can you feel the love that went into it? I took another sip, thinking of the thousands of individuals who worked to bring me this simple pleasure. I opened my heart, felt the sum total of their love, and was nearly brought me to tears.

No wonder coffee is such a spiritual experience!
Everything else too, for that matter…

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Practical Light in the Dark

In my work I see so many, very loving, very well-meaning light workers who are enraged at the injustice, the pain, the suffering, the cruelty, and the inhumanity in the world. It is a righteous anger. It is never the highest path to hurt another. It is never the kindest choice to inflict pain... on oneself or another. The angels acknowledge this anger as having a right to be, and in the next moment in the reading, start to talk about loving approaches that would help create a solution.

Sometimes the loving approach to unloving behaviors is to create a healthy boundary. There are some very beautiful souls who are no longer in my life because they did not treat me in kind and loving ways. It was hard to create these boundaries. None of us ever want to shut another out, but there are certain behaviors that are not reflective of a soul's truth and these do not have to be supported in your life.

Sometimes the loving approach to unloving behaviors is to offer kindness. The angels once had a young woman who was being bullied bake cookies and offer them to the bully with a simple loving statement. "I don't know why you don't like me. I'm a pretty good person. I made you these as a peace offering." The bully publicly thanked this girl on Facebook and was kinder thereafter.

Sometimes the loving approach is to offer another perspective, with permission. "Excuse me, I see you are hurting, may I offer a few thoughts?" People listen better if they've given you permission to give advice. It is perceived as love then, not a "make wrong."

Sometimes the loving approach is to speak up rather strongly... or remain in a powerful silence! If you ever watched "Supernanny" you know that this loving woman does not sit without words or actions when she is with a two year old throwing an unholy tantrum. There have been times in my life when I've had to listen in a powerful silence without being defensive or unkind, then take swift decisive action.

So while we will see the darkness we do not have to focus on it, fear it, and thus feed it. We can starve it with our light, and transform it with our love. This is, ultimately a much happier and kinder reality for all!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Be Who You Are

I got a chance the other day to watch Disney's movie, "Frozen" and I loved it! It seems to coincide with the angels' message today about allowing ourselves to be ourselves without fear. For those of you who haven't seen it, the elder sister has a gift of magic, but when she is fearful, the magic hurts others. When she is filled with love it creates amazing things. There is so much more to the plot, but there are threads throughout the story about how important it is to be who you are, and how loved you are when you are just that.

We have been taught so many conditions in terms of what makes us lovable! The angels have been working with me and through me for years to help me, and others, realize that we are already lovable, exactly as we are. Furthermore, they've taught me that, rather than waiting for others to love me in what I used to consider my "less than lovable" spaces, I must grant myself that compassion.

So when I'm angry, I journal it and sweet talk myself. When I'm sad, I call upon the angels and God for comfort. When I'm in glorious joy I share with those who will celebrate it and stay away from those who wish me ill. I still catch myself judging myself from time to time, but the minute I do, its over, and I start to share compassion with whatever part of my being needs love. As a result joy comes back much more quickly.

While it is beautiful to always try to be a better version of ourselves, and certainly a very good thing to do... the angels wish that we would stop criticizing ourselves and start loving ourselves more, as we are, right here, and right now! It is so much easier to be more loving towards others when you give yourself that gift. It is so much easier not to take on the world's pain when you've made peace with your own. It is so much happier to allow yourself to radiate joy than to worry about whether or not it will upset those around you. I used to actually be afraid of expressing the depth of my love to people in my life because I worried that they would think I wanted something from them! I no longer stuff my tears or my love. I let it all flow...

So this year, when you catch yourself criticizing or judging yourself, stop. Sing that wonderful song from Disney's movie "Frozen," "Let it Go!" and let your particular brand of love out into the world... without censure and without fear.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Predictions or creations

I am writing this newsletter two weeks in advance. I want to take a little time off over the holidays so I’m trying to get all my work done before my vacation. By the time you read this I may have slept late every day or I may have awakened early to make progress on my website upgrade. I may have hiked, visited friends or done any other number of fun things. I am leaving myself open for God to direct my life, and I am very excited about the prospect. Control is highly overrated. Surrender to the real Self is oh so sweet.

In my work people often ask for predictions. As a result, I am often called upon to explain that predictions are only an indicator of where the soul is pointed right now. Most of the time predictions are possible because people are set in their thought and habit patterns and the angels can see where that is leading. But when we break free of those old thoughts and old habits and learn to choose our lives freely in each moment, then we enter into a dance with God in which we are co-creating our lives. Then the best prediction comes from asking yourself, “What am I creating?” When I asked the angels this time last year if my show would be a success, that is exactly what they answered me, "What are you creating?" I chose to create a success for my viewers and a wonderful experience for myself. So far, so good!

What I am creating for a vacation that will be almost over by the time you read this is a time of rest and rejuvenation, of preparation for the new year in whatever way God thinks best, filled with peace, joy, love, magic, and miracles. I am leaving that open to higher power and will see how it unfolds… Last year, to my complete surprise and joy, I surrendered and ended up traveling in spirit to heaven on New Year’s Eve, visiting with deceased friends and relatives! If something amazing like that happens I’ll let you know next week! I am unattached, expecting only goodness.

This year, I intend to live in the Present even more than before, to continue to trust life and God to guide me to wonderful experiences that give me joy and allow me to assist others as well. After the manifesting series I'm going to be doing an entire series on this way of life because it has given me such goodness and joy. I want to help others enjoy this peace, trust, and miraculous existence as well. In 2015 I intend to open up to receiving as much love as I can, so I can spill it over into the lives of all whom I serve. I intend to simplify my life in some areas so I can more passionately focus on others. I pray one of my favorite prayers: "Thy will be done... and make me love it!"

I wish for you in 2015 an unprecedented experience of love, grace, ease, joy, healthy, happiness, abundance, and creative self expression. As our world continues its journey into turmoils, conflicts, and changes, may your hearts be light knowing that in your own lives at least, all is in perfection.