Saturday, November 14, 2015

What next?

There are many reasons in my life, on a regular basis, not to be peaceful! I swim in the world's pain in my work every day. I have a busy schedule and often don't know how I'll fit everything in. And I love the holidays. I joke that I bring out my inner Martha Stewart around Thanksgiving and Christmas! It is part of what gives me joy. Given the sheer volume of activity, It would be very easy to get stressed.

However over the last two decades the angels have worked with me, and continue to work with me, on accepting life as is in each moment and creating better the next. So when I find myself getting frazzled, I take a step back and simply say, "OK what do I want and what next?" Its better than wasting time wishing something that already has happened did not. Its done. Its better than wishing someone was not as they are... they are! Its wastes far less time and energy than guilt, shame, blame, and drama between the ears. Life just is... now what?

None of us are exempt from times when we wish things were otherwise. I still make plenty of decisions that could be a lot smarter! I banged myself up on a roller coaster while not listening to my guidance both last year and earlier this year. Instead of beating myself up, I focused on healing. I did the martyr-thing and got shingles while wishing I could take it away from a friend a few months ago! Same story - I didn't waste time beating myself up. I just focused on learning, loving myself through it, and healing. I've made uneducated financial decisions in the past. When I was in my late twenties doing very well as an avionics engineer, I made an investment without doing my research and lost a lot of money. I didn't waste a tear over it. I learned and moved forward with greater wisdom. I called it my "college education in financial naiveté!"

The angels once said, "Ann if you are driving and want to see the view ahead clearly, you look through the front windshield, not the rear-view mirror!" What a great analogy!

So yes, peace comes from saying, "Here I am now. This is how I feel now. This is what the people around me are doing." No resistance. "It is what it is," as they saying goes. But I would add... "It does not have to be that way in the next moment!" If you're sad cry. If you're upset, vent privately. If you're worried, pray or call someone comforting. Think about what you want to create next and make choices accordingly. If I don't like something, I don't waste time resisting it, I decide how to respond instead. I try to see the situation through the eyes of love. If I don't like myself at the moment (it does still happen occasionally!) I try to see myself through the eyes of love and then make a choice to improve. This way life moves forward more gently, gracefully, and lovingly.

Try it this week. Life is as it is. You feel as you feel. What next?