Saturday, October 10, 2015

Love my inner voice!

I love my inner voices! Sometimes they give me what appears to be "big" guidance. "Go to Texas next weekend," ... where I meet the film crew I'm now working with. Sometimes they just delight me, in ways we might consider "small" but in truth, any guidance towards a loving experience is worth heeding.

I was hiking up north a few weekends ago, and feeling extremely peaceful. I love the solitude, walking amidst the trees that were just beginning to turn colors, and hearing nothing but the whispers of wind. I love dissolving into nature where I am not a spiritual teacher, author, healer, but rather just part of creation moving amidst itself... regarding the diversity of life's many forms with a sense of wonder and awe. I have no thoughts. I am just pure Being. I feel the energy moving in me, to me, and through me, in a beautiful dance of life.

Suddenly the inner voices spoke. "You are going to see a deer." "Cool!" I couldn't help but fall back into thought. How wonderful! Suddenly the guidance got very loud. "Turn left here. Go to that rock. Sit on this log and get into gazing energy. Stay in that energy for a bit. OK, now, now get up and walk to that rock, turn right...." OMG! There was a young male deer not twenty feet in front of me, gently munching on ferns.

He looked up, regarded me peacefully and went back to snacking. I stood in reverent awe of such a beautiful being. He looked up for a bit and we both stood there, locked in a loving gaze. I felt my heart expanding beyond its boundaries as I sensed his peaceful and beautiful soul. Eventually, another hiker in the distance spooked him and he ran off. I, however, had to sit down and give thanks and praise for the glory of that beautiful moment while I continued to bask in the blissful feelings of shared connection. There is nothing so sweet as the divine presence within your own heart touching that same energy in another being or aspect of creation. It is what we all crave so dearly, to feel this love, to share this love, to be this love...

I feel like I'm living the "Romance of Life" series that I'm doing on the Internet now. These moments are happening everywhere. Not just for me either. The gentleman filming the show wrote in his newsletter that he had the sudden urge to go get milk and as soon as he stepped out of the car to go to the grocery store he was transported to heaven by a young violinist in the grocery store parking lot. Who would expect that? Nonetheless, the creator of the universe knew that a need for groceries could lead to a magic moment... if only we listen.

Love is everywhere. Life wants to love you. The creator wants you to experience the goodness in the world. When we listen to those impulses and urges, and sometimes voices that kindly guide us, then we find ourselves having more and more of these magic moments. We all look for the "big" things to make our lives happy, but in truth life is made of far more "little" things. Why not enjoy them, and give thanks for the beauty that exists right here and right now? After all life is happening now. And love is here for you now... and now again.