Saturday, September 12, 2015

True service

Self love doesn't come easy to those of us who were raised in the martry-is-holiest culture. Some people on earth were called to be martyrs. Jesus and Joan of Arc were amazing souls who did agree to take on the pain of the world to help transmute it. Somehow, so many of us thought that was the way to go too!

However, after working with the angels for years, I realize that each of us receives different direction from the Divine and very few are called to martyrdom. That's why it hurts when we self-sacrifice for others if we are not guided to do so! When the Divine wants you to serve, the joy, the desire, the resources, indeed the calling will be there. You will not feel used, bitter, empty, exhausted, and all those other things that arise when we volunteer to be victims in the guise of helping others. Instead you feel inspired, energized, joyous and as if a greater force of love compels you when you are truly called to do something.

Some people serve through conventional service - serving the pool, counseling, healing, etc. Some serve through quiet but completely essential tasks – accounting, legal services, managing our electricity, taking out the trash, trimming trees.

Some people serve through inspiration – living beautiful lives of love and joy, being amazing parents, traveling the world and sharing the diversity...

This list of ways we can serve is over 7 billion long because there are that many people on earth and each of us serves most authentically by simply being ourselves. Each of us has a calling in our hearts at any given moment in time and it is almost too simple... it is what you feel like doing that feels like love and joy. I was going to get up and exercise this morning and then do errands. It felt more joyful to do the newsletter, shower, run errands, then exercise later. How is that service? If I take care of myself, then I am energized to do all else.

I just got back from an amazing conference and will share more on that in future newsletters. I have four days to create six more episodes for my series, come up with 12 outfits, memorize 12 again and film. By the time you read this I'm in front of a camera serving through my joy, sharing through my show how the angels have taught me to live. It is more work than I have ever agreed to before. I still work full time with clients, do my newsletter, daily Facebook posts, and now this healing gaze that is causing even more grown on my end but creating some amazing healings for others. I am not doing these things because I think, "I want to serve," I am doing these things because my heart compels me. And some days... my heart compels me to go to Starbucks or to hike, or sleep so I honor that too :)

Serve through an authentic life! You are of value if you are happy at the grocery store! Your vibration ripples out into space and time when you are in a loving vibration! You are a lighthouse and a beacon of Love! And if you feel like joining in my class next weekend, I'd love to share more. This is one really awesome way to live!