Saturday, June 06, 2015

One step at a time

I am glad that twenty years ago when I listened to my guidance and quit my job in the avionics industry, that the angels didn't tell me where my life would lead. Had they said, "Ann you will be talking to angels, doing readings in a metaphysical bookstore, going out on your own when the store closes, teaching classes, speaking at conferences, and eventually ending up doing a show on camera, then facilitating healing by allowing God's light to come through your hands and eyes." I would have run! I would have resisted! I would have said, "No way!!! That's too weird. I can't do that!" I was acorn with no concept of the oak! It was better that I was guided to live my life, one step at a time. I often joke that God tricked me into this life that I now love so much.

There are so many times when we don't know the reason we are doing something. It just feels right and you find out, sometimes months, sometimes years later, that there was purpose. I used to write a daily e-newsletter for hundreds of engineers to keep everyone informed and coordinated. I even included little inspirations. I had no idea I'd be sending out a newsletter world-wide someday! I ended up on a management team sending out inspirational posts. I had no idea I'd be coaching. I thought I was giving a lecture to 10-12 people the first time I spoke in public about angels. Thank God no one told me the entire second floor of the bookstore would be packed with no room to spare and over 75 people! I would have run! Thank God again no one told me I'd be standing in front of a camera for hours! It takes hundreds of selfies for me to get a good photo. I would have insisted there was no way I could do it!

So sometimes you do something and wonder why. Sometimes you are guided without knowing the purpose. I can honestly say after two decades of living in faith and trust that if you just take the next loving step... the Divine knows a greater and more beautiful plan for your life than you can imagine. As at the angels like to say, "The power that moves the stars in the heavens and makes the seasons turn... can surely manage our lives!"