Saturday, June 27, 2015

Surrender is bliss!

It is such an easy concept to surrender to the heart in each moment, and yet such a challenge to unlearn all our old programs and allow ourselves this natural flow of life. I've been working so hard lately on projects I truly love - with clients, the newsletters, Facebook posts, the Internet show, and I'm now setting up to do healing transmissions on the Internet eventually. It is a juggling act. But when the hot weather started to arrive I thought to myself, "Dear God, I want to enjoy this summer too. I want some lazy days. I want time to do all these projects that I have a passion for and still feel like I'm living a balanced life. I have no idea how, but You do. Adjust my life. Adjust my heart... I surrender to your wisdom. I choose to believe so I can receive!"

I prayed this over a month ago. At the time I had the sudden urge to block off a weekend on the calendar in June and make sure I prepared as if I were going to be taking a few days off. I didn't know why, but I did it. It didn't make sense because I've been saving up to go film my shows. Nonetheless, when I get these feelings, I trust. I queued up my Facebook and newsletters in advance. Three days before the time off I didn't have any guidance as to where I was going or what I was doing. Two days before, the guidance came. A client whom I am deeply grateful for gave me some free airline passes and suddenly I knew that I could spare two days to go on a little excursion to the beach. I trusted that even flying standby I'd get on flights. I trusted that even during the summer I'd find an affordable room and car. Two hours later a coupon for rental cars came in the email. A little motel came to my attention. Within hours I had a little trip to the beach scheduled. Needless to say I did get on the flights... in fact there is a wonderful story about that which I'll share in a future newsletter .

And after two days off work, even with getting up at 3am to fly early, playing all day for two days then flying home, I feel like I've had a great summer vacation before summer had even arrived! I'm rejuvenated and have more to give. It was "irresponsible" of me to take time off at the moment, according to conventional standards, but completely in-response to my soul's needs to get grounded after some huge energy work, and to refill before preparing the next series. So while it is not always "logical" to listen to the heart, if you trust in the Love that wants to love you... really trust... you open up to better possibilities than we can even imagine!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

An answer to a prayer

The more I surrender to my heart, the more I find that God is sending me help – not only with challenges, but also with dreams in ways I couldn't have imagined. Most of you have heard me speak of Braco, the man who transmits God's love and healing through his eyes. A week after I first had an amazing experience of his work, my angels told me to start gazing similarly for clients in private session. My first thought was an immediate, "What? Who? Me?" However after working with angels for so long, I trust them.

Each time they advised me to do this in a session, I dropped into my heart, surrendered my entire being, and let love flow. People started healing, some instantly. Migraines, sciatic, pains, grief, disappeared before the love coming through. The angels told me to start practicing every night, just opening up to allow this love to flow to all whom I've agreed to pray for. So every night I stand before the mirror, drop into my heart, and get my "Ann-self" out of the way, allowing love to flow. I also continue to gaze with Braco every time he live streams on the internet in an attempt to allow the energy coming through him work on me. His gift is amazing. People heal from fatal diseases, terrible life situations, etc. His website is if you want to check out times for his next gazes. I highly recommend it. Even if you don't feel much, there is tremendous love pouring through. I always notice positive changes in my life afterwards.

Nevertheless, I've not met Braco except nearly literally running into him a few times at public events. He doesn't speak to anyone except his private circles, nor does he teach, endorse, or share his beliefs. I stood before him, the same as thousands do worldwide. And so when it started happening through me on a smaller scale I was surpirsed, a little scared, and not sure about what it all meant in my life. Nonetheless, I love channeling energy. I love helping people... and I trust God. I've prayed for years for ways to help more without burning out and I pray daily that I be able to help people know God's amazing love for them and to experience the joy of feeling heaven on earth. Here was an answer to that prayer in a way I never imagined.

We did a test gaze online a few times while I was out filming my show. I stood in front of a camera, got my small self out of the way, and let energy flow through me. People watched and reported back. Some had pain go away, some saw spiritual figures and angels in the energy. Most felt an intense and beautiful love overcome them. Recently some people have seen their deceased loved ones appear in the energy. And just this past few days, a friend asked me to gaze for a family member who had pneumonia and she healed in two days. It is not me-Ann doing this. I have no control over what occurs. I'm just opening up to a Love that lives within and loves us all.

So when you have a challenge or a dream, trust that if you just take life one day at a time, praying and surrendering to your heart, the solution to your challenge or manifesation of your dream may end up looking much different and even more beautiful than you might ever imagine. You might have to stretch and grow beyond who you thought you were. However, as the angels like to tease us, the creator of universe does a pretty incredible job or managing our lives!! :)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Transformative love

I was taught that "loving" others meant "pleasing" them, "agreeing" with them, and "helping" them in the way they wanted to be helped. Sometimes that is true. However it is not always the most loving choice. The angels say that loving others means simply acknowledging the light within them – looking for the love that is trying to emerge – and acknowledging how that same love wants to move within us. In other words, saying, "Others have a right to be as they are. I have a right to be as I am. Given the way we are, do I want to dance... and if so, how?"

Here's a practical example. I recently found myself in the company of a someone who was profoundly negative, nervous, and annoying. I couldn't get away immediately, and so I was "stuck" in their company. In my younger days, I would have tried to fake politeness and agreement. Then I went through a phase where I would have tried to ignore them, since that was a little more honest. Now however I pray as the angels have taught me, "How can I bring love into this moment." It became a game. "How can I be the angel here and bring love into this, given that I'm temporarily stuck?" This person kept complaining. Suddenly loving words came to me and through me. "Wow, life has been hard on you. You need a hug." I gave this hurting soul a huge embracing hug while calling on the energy of the angels to hug them through me.

The person calmed down immediately, became quiet, walked away for a little while. When he came back, he started telling me about a project near and dear to his heart that had once brought playful joy to others while creating quite an income for himself. I couldn't believe it! Moments ago he had been complaining about his horrible life and terrible lack and now he was telling me how much money he used to make, creating things that made people happy. In my mind, I thought to myself, "Amazing! He's gifted and talented, and he forgot!" I encouraged him to resurrect his project. He left inspired. I left blessed by seeing the light within his soul come to the surface.

I am constantly amazed at the power of love to turn things around. I've seen hundreds of such cases - where a simple prayer - "God how can I bring love to this situation, for me and all involved," is answered in a truly simple and yet miraculous way. Sometimes you add love and the other person walks away. Sometimes you add love and they transform. In either case, you feel that you have been true to your deepest and most beautiful self.

We have incredible power to be a force of love, truth, and goodness in the world. Sometimes we can find it in ways that look loving as we have been taught. Sometimes we must add love simply by allowing ourselves to be sad, upset, or whatever we are in the moment, in a way that doesn't hurt anyone else. Whatever it looks like, adding love to the moment is a wonderful recipe for the happiest now... and an even happier future!

Saturday, June 06, 2015

One step at a time

I am glad that twenty years ago when I listened to my guidance and quit my job in the avionics industry, that the angels didn't tell me where my life would lead. Had they said, "Ann you will be talking to angels, doing readings in a metaphysical bookstore, going out on your own when the store closes, teaching classes, speaking at conferences, and eventually ending up doing a show on camera, then facilitating healing by allowing God's light to come through your hands and eyes." I would have run! I would have resisted! I would have said, "No way!!! That's too weird. I can't do that!" I was acorn with no concept of the oak! It was better that I was guided to live my life, one step at a time. I often joke that God tricked me into this life that I now love so much.

There are so many times when we don't know the reason we are doing something. It just feels right and you find out, sometimes months, sometimes years later, that there was purpose. I used to write a daily e-newsletter for hundreds of engineers to keep everyone informed and coordinated. I even included little inspirations. I had no idea I'd be sending out a newsletter world-wide someday! I ended up on a management team sending out inspirational posts. I had no idea I'd be coaching. I thought I was giving a lecture to 10-12 people the first time I spoke in public about angels. Thank God no one told me the entire second floor of the bookstore would be packed with no room to spare and over 75 people! I would have run! Thank God again no one told me I'd be standing in front of a camera for hours! It takes hundreds of selfies for me to get a good photo. I would have insisted there was no way I could do it!

So sometimes you do something and wonder why. Sometimes you are guided without knowing the purpose. I can honestly say after two decades of living in faith and trust that if you just take the next loving step... the Divine knows a greater and more beautiful plan for your life than you can imagine. As at the angels like to say, "The power that moves the stars in the heavens and makes the seasons turn... can surely manage our lives!"