Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Real Self

It would be impossible to work with angels and avoid hearing the phrase, "we are love and light of God" in some form or another, hundreds of times a month! So I know this... intellectually. Nonetheless, the challenge is always to connect with this reality and feel it deeply, even when life or we do not act or look as we wish.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience of seeing the light that you usually see when you are dying. It touched me, changed me, and deepened me in way that I'm just beginning to understand. It was alive and spoke to my hear – not in words – but in feelings of acceptance so profound and deep that I have come to accept myself at entirely new levels. It reminded me, via deep feeling, to identify with the love that lives within us all. And of course, in Divine Perfection, this experience occurred the night before I began filming my next series of Ann & the Angels entitled "Magical Self Love!"

We have a tendency to think of our "selves" as our appearance, our personality, etc., but in truth these things are just containers for the greater "Self" – the love of God – that lives and breathes in all of creation. I still look in the mirror and see "Ann." I still have "Ann's feelings and thoughts." But I am experiencing, more often, the greater reality in which "Ann" abides... as if "I-Ann" is the glass of water, but there is a greater reality called "water" poured into all of creation, or "I-Ann" is a unique container for love and there is a greater reality called "Love" from which all of creation is made. The same is true for all of you... for all of "we" I should say :)

So next time you start to judge or criticize yourself, stop. Be compassionate with yourself. You are seeking to remember the love that lives within you. We make what we call mistakes - things that don't have the results we want. The angels called them "opportunities to learn." We do and say things that aren't so loving at times. The angels remind us that we are seeking to experience or express love even in our most un-glorious and unkind moments.

Love always lives within us. We either experience it or not, but we are always – no matter how awkwardly – trying. To the degree we see that, and allow this love to surface in our lives we experience joy. Even in the depths of anger, pain, sorry or a thousand other so-called "negative" emotions and situations, love is there, present in your depths, attempting to surface. Next time you are prone to be unloving towards yourself, judgmental, or critical, remind yourself, "Love is attempting to surface. How might I allow it to do so more kindly. How can I accept myself as I am and love myself more deeply? How can I bring more love into this moment." This type of thinking changes your life, transforms your pains, and helps guide you to kinder realities.

And if you are inspired to learn more, I look forward to guiding you in my new 12-week series on "Magical Self Love." It premiers this Wednesday and if you can't watch now, it will be available as Video on Demand afterwards. I am offering both the concepts, the visionary experiences of journeys before birth, after death, and connecting with your Light, as well as very practical, human, down to earth ways of loving yourself in life, in relationships, etc... no matter what the world around you is doing. I think this is some of the most important material I teach. If everyone really loved their Truest, Deepest Self... then our earthly lives world would be so much closer to heaven :)