Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Real Self

It would be impossible to work with angels and avoid hearing the phrase, "we are love and light of God" in some form or another, hundreds of times a month! So I know this... intellectually. Nonetheless, the challenge is always to connect with this reality and feel it deeply, even when life or we do not act or look as we wish.

A few weeks ago I wrote about my experience of seeing the light that you usually see when you are dying. It touched me, changed me, and deepened me in way that I'm just beginning to understand. It was alive and spoke to my hear – not in words – but in feelings of acceptance so profound and deep that I have come to accept myself at entirely new levels. It reminded me, via deep feeling, to identify with the love that lives within us all. And of course, in Divine Perfection, this experience occurred the night before I began filming my next series of Ann & the Angels entitled "Magical Self Love!"

We have a tendency to think of our "selves" as our appearance, our personality, etc., but in truth these things are just containers for the greater "Self" – the love of God – that lives and breathes in all of creation. I still look in the mirror and see "Ann." I still have "Ann's feelings and thoughts." But I am experiencing, more often, the greater reality in which "Ann" abides... as if "I-Ann" is the glass of water, but there is a greater reality called "water" poured into all of creation, or "I-Ann" is a unique container for love and there is a greater reality called "Love" from which all of creation is made. The same is true for all of you... for all of "we" I should say :)

So next time you start to judge or criticize yourself, stop. Be compassionate with yourself. You are seeking to remember the love that lives within you. We make what we call mistakes - things that don't have the results we want. The angels called them "opportunities to learn." We do and say things that aren't so loving at times. The angels remind us that we are seeking to experience or express love even in our most un-glorious and unkind moments.

Love always lives within us. We either experience it or not, but we are always – no matter how awkwardly – trying. To the degree we see that, and allow this love to surface in our lives we experience joy. Even in the depths of anger, pain, sorry or a thousand other so-called "negative" emotions and situations, love is there, present in your depths, attempting to surface. Next time you are prone to be unloving towards yourself, judgmental, or critical, remind yourself, "Love is attempting to surface. How might I allow it to do so more kindly. How can I accept myself as I am and love myself more deeply? How can I bring more love into this moment." This type of thinking changes your life, transforms your pains, and helps guide you to kinder realities.

And if you are inspired to learn more, I look forward to guiding you in my new 12-week series on "Magical Self Love." It premiers this Wednesday and if you can't watch now, it will be available as Video on Demand afterwards. I am offering both the concepts, the visionary experiences of journeys before birth, after death, and connecting with your Light, as well as very practical, human, down to earth ways of loving yourself in life, in relationships, etc... no matter what the world around you is doing. I think this is some of the most important material I teach. If everyone really loved their Truest, Deepest Self... then our earthly lives world would be so much closer to heaven :)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Synchronized seating!

I love watching how the Divine creates this beautiful dance in which we are all set up to help one another. A few weeks ago I was flying home from filming my latest series of Ann & the Angels (Magical Self Love!) and even though the flight was pretty full, I found a seat between a sweet lady and a very kind man. Sometimes I am quiet on flights... this time we all wanted to talk. Talk about Divine Orchestration...

The lady and gentleman started comparing their careers which were amazingly parallel in some very unlikely ways! All of us had started out in one profession and changed our lives completely for things that felt closer to the heart. I love to write, and it ends up the gentleman, who still had a "regular" job had also taken a leap of faith to represent wonderful children's books that are spreading like wildfire while teaching children to be safe in an entertaining and inspiring way. The enchanting stories feature "Annica" the good witch who learned not to text on her broom, and had quite an adventure learning to beware of web creepy crawlers!

The books are for kids 6-13 to start teaching them good habits from an early age... that could easily save their lives. It ends up that big organizations loved them and so do teachers, social workers, etc. I've talked to plenty of people on the "other side" who have died from lapses in attention while driving and was thrilled to see someone sending out such a positive message without being preachy! (You can check out the books here! I read both on the flight and they're wonderful rhyming stories with great characters and beautiful illustrations.

So there I was, right after airing an "Ann & the Angels" series on "Living in the Flow of Grace" and right after filming a series on "Magical Self Love" – treating yourself with the respect your soul deserves and allowing your light shine – and I was flanked by two beautiful souls who were doing just that! A segment in the upcoming series is about not hiding your gifts, talents, abilities etc. Because these two wonderful souls did not hide theirs, I was blessed not only with good conversation, great stories, good books, a whole hour full of smiles about divine synchronization, and the ability to share something wonderful with those of you who have children and want to teach them to be safe. As I like to say, "Go Angels! Go God!!" When you open your heart, and if guided, open your mouth...wonderful things can transpire!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Heaven's light, eyes open

Once again I have stepped outside of my comfort zone, taken a risk in being more vulnerable, and touched heaven. I went to film my show last weekend. The schedule is intense. We film 12 episodes in two and a half days. In spite of this however, we decided to livestream me doing a healing "gaze." As many of you know I'm a huge fan of Braco - a man from Croatia with a gift of channeling God's love and healing energy through his eyes. People have miracle healings while "gazing" with him by the thousands. And after I stood in his presence for the first time, the angels began to lovingly push me to get out of the way, as they say, and allow this love to come through me.

When they first told me to do so in a client session, my first thought was, "Who me?" The desire to assist my client, however, was stronger than my small-self. I surrendered. The love came streaming through my eyes and my heart, and this dear lady received assistance. In subsequent sessions people received both physical and emotional healing . The energy continued to get stronger each time I gazed with Braco and received the benefit of his gift, and each time I gazed on behalf of someone else.

When I told the team who films my show – the same team who used to film and livestream Braco in the US – they decided it would be a good idea to do a "test livestream" a few times, with me gazing and allowing this love to come through, just to see if people felt anything. It ends up they did. Some saw Jesus appear. Some saw angels. Some saw lights and auras, and some had their pain go away. Even I received a great gift...

The gentleman who films, set up the stage, set up the cameras, and got all the computers ready to go. He counted me down... "5-4-3-2-1, and the cameras were rolling live. At first I felt awkward doing my own introduction, but words soon came more easily. The energy was already starting to flow, and when it was time for me to gaze, the energy came on so strongly that I felt paralyzed, glued to the floor, and felt a river - a huge force - of love running through me. I saw nothing but blinding white and gold light. It was a state of "no-mind." A few times my own thoughts came back briefly. “Am I still looking into the camera? I can’t see it. Be Quiet Ann. Trust.” Silent mind returned.

It was beautiful to be engulfed in such light and love. That would have been more than enough. However, at the very end, right after the music ended... something so profound and mystical happened for me that I will never forget it. I've seen the light of heaven in visions. I have seen it emanating from Braco too. I have never seen it appear in front of me, in mid-air, as it does when it comes to bring us home at the point of our earthly death.

Yet, there right above the camera, a pinpoint of light brighter than a thousand suns began to appear out of thin air. It slowly, tenderly spiralled open. It got larger, and then rays of blinding white light started emanating from it, reaching back and forth and coming closer to me. My entire being remembered this light. It was alive, tender, sweet, loving and oh so accepting of all that I am. It was the light that exists before birth and after death. It was as if God's love was breathing, emanating from, and reaching back into this light, and reaching towards me.

I remembered this profound and deep and inexplicable love – this feeling of being loved beyond measure, beyond human reason, not for a reason but because this is the only reality that has ever existed no matter what, no matter how deeply we forget....

It was time for me to get off camera. I will always wonder what might have happened if I had stayed there and allowed the light to engulf me, but I trust and knew it was time to stop. I walked off the stage into the control room, sat down, and because the sound was still on, silently cried my eyes out. These were not sad tears, but tears of profound gratitude and humility. How was it that I get to experience “near death” not only in visions in the past, but here, with eyes open, fully alive? I cannot answer that question but I know it touched me so deeply in a way I will never forget.

The next day I filmed six episodes. The following day I was gifted by an experience of being able to attend a session with yet another miraculous healer and transmitter of God’s light. Abdy discovered he had a gift when he touched people and they started to heal. He gives energy as guided, and his guidance directed him to give me a big hug. I always ask my angels for hugs! Yet another wish granted! I felt that sweet light again – that love that exists in all of us – ignite even more deeply in my heart. Later, as Abdy continued to transmit energy to the group. I felt the spiraling of creation moving through me, incredible heat, and an electrified feeling that I know was an increase in my ability to channel healing energy. The session I was blessed to attend is available on "" If you enjoy healers and energy transmitters you might like it since this energy exists beyond space and time and his intent was to transmit to all who watch. He also does shorter free hourly transmissions on his website here.

There are times when we are given the choice to listen to our guidance, leave our comfort zones, take a risk, and trust. So often, it is in these moments of surrender, that the greatest gifts of all are allowed to unfold. When we get ours small selves out of God’s way - our fears, doubts, unconfident areas, etc. - and trust that if we are guided or drawn to something, it is right, then we walk past our fears and walk into the realms of the miraculous.

Love you all so dearly, thank you for being with me on the journey.
Next time I do this on camera, you are all invited - I promise I'll let you know!

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Embracing Divine feminine

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful women out there celebrating today!

I remember when I was little we used to have “the May Procession” at church, a day when we celebrated Mary’s love for the world. It was so exciting as a little girl because we got to dress up and walk with flowers in our hands, next to the “big” girls in eight grade… the young and the “old” being together in celebration of a single humble woman who said, “Yes” to God’s love and God’s plan for her life.

The dedication to Mary runs in my family. My Grandmother was named Mary and had a strong tendency to pray and ask for Mary’s help. In fact I used to sneak the rosary into bed and pray under the covers at night when I should have been sleeping! My Mother is “Carol Ann Mary.” I am “Ann Mary.” and so our family women have carried this name in our lives and our hearts, always remembering that while our society traditionally views God as a male figure, the Divine is beyond human form. And while there is certainly the male / giving / protective side to God, there is also a feminine side to the Divine - gentle, nurturing, receptive, compassionate, and unconditionally loving. I pray regularly for all aspects of this love to take root and grow in my heart.

It is not a surprise that we celebrate Mother’s Day in the spring, when even our Mother earth is open to the welcoming love of the sun, nurturing the seeds that have laid in the ground, and bursting into new life.

I love the angels’ little meditation above - to sit and open up and ask God to allow love to grow in us in a way that serves our spirit and nurtures our being. Feels good.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Venting kindly

I rarely watch the news so it was only due to a post on Facebook that I saw the news of the earthquake in Tibet this past week, the huge volcanic eruption in Chile, and the Hawaiian volcano almost bubbling over. Mother earth is shifting and rumbling. It didn’t surprise me. I felt it in my body and psyche days leading up to the events, and I saw waves of people starting to “vent” and “rumble” as well. We are all connected to the earth, whether we know it or not. Ironically enough these events were sandwiched between two weeks of episodes of my show in which we’re discussing the power and love beneath all emotions. I am frequently in awe of the Divine's intricate sense of timing.

The angels once said to me when I was begging them to help me “not be angry” that Mother earth doesn’t feel any guilt blowing a volcano when her pressure builds up. They told me that the most enlightened thing we can do when we have strong emotions - is not to judge ourselves, or repress our feelings, but rather vent them in a healthy way, often in private in a journal, or with a trusted professional or friend. They never let me blame anyone else for my feelings. They impeccably ask me to own that my reaction to life is “my" reaction, not caused by anyone else. Someone else can trigger us, but our reaction is based on what is within us.

Happily, at our deepest levels something better is always trying to make its way to the surface. If you wanted to run clean water through a pipe, you would turn on the water, but first all the dirt caked on the insides would stream out, followed only then by the pure and clean water. Likewise, sometimes the light inside of us requires us to allow our emotions to flow, in a healthy way, in private, before the real love can reveal itself.

So if you found or find yourselves having strong emotions, let yourself give them expression in private and see what love lurks beneath. You may just be the one that keeps mother earth from having to do the venting for us.