Saturday, October 25, 2014

People are writing in asking me about Ebola, etc. and the angels answer is always the same. There have always been plagues, but the greatest virus on the planet is fear. Fear acidifies the body, makes the adrenals fire cortisol which causes the fight or flight response, tightens the muscles and cuts off circulation which in turn keeps the body from cleaning out correctly. Fear blocks the flow of love and fear is the root of all that we call evil. So what do we do when fear grips our own hearts? As human beings we have all been afraid.

There was a time in my life back in 2009 when totally irrational fears began to grip me. I knew they were crazy and yet I experienced them, physically, as if they were real. My body was reacting as if someone was going to break down my door and kill me. I'm psychic. I knew better. But nothing in me would give me any rest. Typically I sit, breathe, and ask Archangel Michael to readjust my energy and within minutes I am feeling more peace, but during this episode nothing would touch the fear. I shook. I tensed up. I felt crazy.

The angels sent me to get a past life regression from Robin Miller, the musician who plays heavenly music in my seminars, on my CD, and most recently during my show. I didn't know him well at the time but I took their advice, scheduled a session, drove to Sedona, and changed my life. Within two hours, in deep hypnosis, I saw lifetimes which would certainly inspire such fears! Being killed, imprisoned, etc... had left their mark upon my soul. The soul is like a pitcher of water. Each lifetime is like a glass poured out, having experiences, and then poured back in. When we come back to earth, our minds may not remember previous unresolved experiences, but something in us does and it can trigger some pretty crazy fears. To make a long story short, the session cured the fears.

It is not only these "big" fears that can grip up, but also the "every day" fears that are so common we barely notice them - fears of being late to work, fears of saying the wrong thing, fears about paying the bills... you name it. Each time we look at one of these fears we can face it, send it love, and in the case of many smaller fears dissolve them. We can say, "I see you and you're not real." We can breathe deeply, as we inhale, pulling in love, and as we exhale releasing fear and static. We can ask the angels soothe our energy as we do so.

It is very human to have fear, but the truth beneath it all is that we are eternal. We go on forever in our souls. We are cared for and loved by the creator of the universe and it it only our own misunderstandings - conscious and more often lurking beneath the surface subconsciously - that make us believe our fears. This week, pick one fear, big or small and breathe deeply. Ask the angels to help release you from its bondage. Your spiritual "immune system" is love any act of love, great or small, for self or another, will keep the virus of fear, and other viruses away from your system.

Love you all! Have a blessed and happy week.

PS - if you want some help from the angels, you can watch the trailer to my "Ann & the Angels" show... Listen to the music. Feel the words... and know you are loved. I don't know how they did it but it ended up being 4:44 long, and its got some good soothing energy coming through it!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Allowing the feelings

In August and September I started noticing waves of people coming in for sessions, with waves of strong emotion. A phrase I heard over and over was "I feel so overwhelmed." It wasn't the overwhelm that comes from a lot of work, but rather the overwhelm that comes from a lot of emotion. Volcanoes were rumbling and venting in Papua New Guinea, Hawaii, Iceland, Ecaudor, Indonesia, and Japan... to name a few... and with Mother Earth's massive venting, I was starting to witness waves of human hearts venting the pressures they've carried for years as well. If you're not used to having strong feelings, it can be overwhelming when your soul starts to release the pressure and bring the stuffed emotions to the surface.

Over the years, the angels have taught me to accept everything that rises up within me - all of it - the good, the bad, and the ugly. Self acceptance is the key to transformation. So when I started having strong emotions come to the surface, I did what they've taught me to do. The day the tears came up (for reasons I still do not understand), I grabbed a towels and let myself sob without analysis or judgment. The day the upset came up and out about allowing myself to be mistreated by energies that feed off fear, I had a massive rant and rave in private of course. I put a bubble of light around myself so as to avoid sending nasty ripples out into the cosmic pond, and let myself have full range of feelings.

As a result the light is now flowing even more strongly than before. I've allowed these waves of energy to cleanse and purge me and to clear away the psychic debris and there is a new strength of conviction, new abilities emerging, and a renewed enthusiasm for all the projects "on my plate."

As the saying goes, "What we resist persists." When you feel strong emotions coming up, let them pass through you in private. You don't have to overanalzye or judge them. Just let them go, like a storm passing across the land that will eventually run out of energy and leave behind a refreshed and peaceful landscape.

Our souls are already whole. We are already holy. We are simply having a human experience and that sometimes requires clearing away the illusion that we are anything less than worthy of love, capable of expressing love, and in all truth, made of the very same.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Answered prayers

I've been asking for help a lot lately! This new internet show has been such a joy to create and film and yet it has challenged me to grow, have faith, and embrace a level of commitment greater than anything I've had in the past. We can never take big steps in life without growth. This is why we take new steps, in fact. Our soul seeks expansion.

Last week we were so excited to air Episode 3. It contains some extremely useful information about how the angels solve problems vs. the way we humans do it. I was excited. Karl who runs the station was excited about the material. All 78 viewers online in the chat were excited. And then in the middle of the show, the internet at the transmitting end got flaky and the show stopped mid-stream. We were horrified, to say the least! Karl was scrambling to fix things. I was scrambling to try to tell viewers what to do, and texting him at the same time to figure out what to do. We ended up deciding to retransmit the following night.

My faith was sorely tested, but I had to shake my head and grin at the fact that this episode was a show on how heaven helps us solve problems! I have been so guided to do this, so I immediately focused on the love behind it and on believing in a solution. We can't control the internet, so we brainstormed and considered several different options. Karl immediately got the episode up as video on demand so all the viewers could see it as soon as possible, and then came up with the genius idea to transmit the show from a place where he could get higher and more reliable internet speeds. It involved extra time and travel on his end, but he was willing. Once we had the solution, I wrote to all our viewers explaining the improvements.

We re-broadcast Thursday night with a flawless stream and people loved it! One dear angel viewer even received a healing from back pain while watching the show! I know there was huge energy while we were filming, but I had no idea people would be getting this kind of help. Once again, God and the angels came through!

I have been constantly challenged to stretch my beliefs lately! It has been a long time since I've worked with anyone else, and a longer time since I let go of controlling all aspects of a project. In spite of the challenges, the reviews are amazing, the Streaming for the Soul folks are a delight to work with, and the show is working for people in ways we never envisioned! We've had two physical healings for viewers watching the show, huge shifts in thought patterns, people seeing auras, and a ton of reports from viewers starting to have more synchronicities and signs in their lives. People who don't even know each other are starting to connect and we're starting to build that community of positive energy and angelic inspiration that we envisioned when we started out.

So when you have a dream, and jump in, just know you will grow. Being a former engineer I try to think ahead and solve challenges before they occur, but I'm learning all over again, that I'm not in control of everything! I'm being stretched to pray even more, and ask for even more help. Of course, this first 12 week series is on creating a relationship with your angels in a much deeper way! I'm watching my own episodes, challenging myself to practicing what I preach more deeply, and happily watching the solutions and miracles appear in my life as well!

As the angels like to say, "You were never meant to live life on your own!" When a challenge great or small arises, pray for help. Believe it is there. Open to receive. Sometimes the solution is simply a change of heart in which you can accept what occurring. Sometimes the solution is a small change in thinking, or the way you do things. Sometimes the answer involves a lot of work, or getting help from someone else. Nonetheless, the solution to every perceived problem is there, just waiting.

Stop now. Imagine something you need help with in your own life. Ask for help and believe that help is there. Breathe in. You've just begun the process of receiving!

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Deeper desires

So many times we think we want things for one reason, but God knows the reasons go much deeper. When I wanted to quit engineering, I didn't realize my real desire was to find my own heart and soul and share my gifts with the world. I just thought I wanted to feel better.. At the time that was all I could wish for. I was so impatient to leave, thinking at the time that just getting away from an exhausting situation would make my life better. I thought God didn't hear or care abut my prayers many times, and it took years before I received the guidance to quit and move forward on the path I am now on.

Looking back I see that all the growth that was required during the years in between when I had the desire to quit and when I was actually guided and able to do so, was necessary. I had to discover who I was more deeply. I had to develop a greater confidence in myself and a better vision of my own worth. I definitely had to develop greater faith in God's love or quitting a stable career to start an unconventional one on my own would have been impossible. I had to become strong. People told me I couldn't make a living doing this. I had to honor my own knowing. I had to learn patience, trust, surrender, and an abiding faith in God's goodness - all things I can teach now, from a place of real integrity.

Likewise when I lived in an apartment years ago and had a desire for a new home, I just knew I wanted more space and beauty in my life. In the process of manifesting a home I had to learn to trust even more deeply, not to settle, and to have even more faith in God's love. I found a house that was almost right but not quite and when I decided not to settle for less than I truly desired, the Realtor for that house adopted me, and sent me listings. The house I am now in was the first one on the list! I knew instantly it was mine.

When I had the desire to reach more people with my class materials, I had no idea how it would be possible and even when technology became available to do it I didn't know if I could manage it on my own. Again God provided a solution. I just had to be patient and wait.

Two weeks ago I had a deep desire to create an easier sign up process for my show. As of last week we created better instructions, but when I prayed more, a more obvious solution came to me that involves a little extra work on our part, but makes the process very easy for our viewers.

So when you have a dream, don't put it aside just because you don't know how it can come about. Don't settle in your own mind and heart. And on the other side of the coin, don't get so impatient that your own fear blocks the process. Admit your dreams, anticipate your miracles, and wait for your guidance. In the meantime, enjoy your life knowing that you will grow in faith, self worth, and a sense of your own power to bring love to every moment of your days.