Saturday, September 27, 2014

Real success

Too often in my angel readings, I see people who do not feel like they are a "success" because they have not achieved some arbitrary standard of financial or material gain. The angels are quick to point out every area in these sweet soul's lives where they are a success - as good parents, kind listeners, creative souls - the qualities that last forever.

As well I've seen people get really inspired to embark on a project or dream, and then when it doesn't immediately start to give them material gain, they think they've failed. They forget their joy, work harder, and shift the focus from the passion to the gain. This doesn't work very well. We must always focus on our expression of love. The universe cannot by its very nature support our misery and choices to push ourselves without mercy. It can however, support every loving thought, word, and deed, and even superhuman efforts if they come from love.

I've had quite a few reminders of this lately with my newest project, the "Ann & the Angels" show. It has been a labor of pure love by myself and the Streaming for the Soul guys. We've put our hearts, finances, and many long hours into it, because we are fueled by a passion to share heavenly love and inspiration with the world. God is up to something good and we're only beginning to see the beautiful responses from viewers and the good things happening for people as they start to connect with their angels!

However, I've had a few very human moments when I questioned the entire project! We've had to make some tough technical decisions that make viewer set-up a little less automated than we'd like. I forgot how much much I take for granted as a former engineer and I was not nearly as clear as I thought, in my communications to people about how to help us set them up for Video-on-Demand. Nonetheless, we faced the growing pains and challenges with love, found clearer ways to communicate the set-up and now have things flowing smoothly. (If you are subscribed and having any challenges, please email me. I've revised the instructions to be way more clear!)

Looking back it has been worth every challenge and love-filled late night hour! The show was so beautifully received and the viewers are inspiring us right back! One dear woman asked her angels for help with a physical challenge during the show, and it just went away! Several more said that they saw auras for the first time (mine!). People are starting to write in and share their angel stories with me! It makes my heart sing. This is what I wanted... to create an easy way for people to feel the angels' love and connect with one another.

So, according to the heavenly definition - "to know and feel the joy of embracing and expressing the light within you" - I'd say this show is a success! I can't wait to see how it unfolds for all of us. And I'm thrilled to have finally found a venue to share the angel love and wisdom that I've been so blessed to receive. It really is a dream come true.

Be careful not to judge your "success" in life in terms of superficial criteria. As the saying goes, "You can't take it with you," meaning material things.... but what you do take with you into eternity is the love and goodness that you are and the joyful memories of your own experiences.

Today, look in the mirror today and see the incredible success story in front of you! No matter what your external circumstances, you are kind, loving, souls, desiring to share your light with the world in whatever fashion feels natural and happy for you! That means you - Yes You - are a huge success!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Loving the light within all

I felt such a powerful and loving presence as I typed in that last message. I know Archangel Michael had a lot to do with it. This is one lesson I have been embracing even more deeply as of late - to love even those who hate and seek to harm me.

As many of you have read, I've been dealing with one big nasty energy that seems to have been out to get me. I had a long chat w/the angels and they explained that there are vibrations who seek to expose our fear so they can live off it. Its not much different really from dealing with sociopaths on earth - deeply wounded people who love you if you worship them, but attack you if you don't, and then feel good about themselves and powerful after having knocked you down. It is a sad reality and I pray for all souls who exist in these wounded and uncomfortable realities.

Nonetheless, when a vibration of this nature started attacking me, it wasn't the easiest thing to love it and acknowledge its right to be! I've dealt with angry humans. I've dealt with individuals in spirit who were so lost we'd call them "demons." In fact I've sent more than a few into the light of transformation and now am friends with their souls. But I've never dealt with an entire vibration that loved to poke and prod me to the point of bringing up every little past life fear I've ever had! It even attempting to possess me last month and when that didn't work in the waking state, it tried in my dreams.

This never happened when I was simply talking to angels. But now that I've started spending more time in the Oneness - that energy of God's all-that-is, the angels said, with a bit of humor... "Ann Oneness means Oneness... all of it! You can't pick and choose which vibrations you run into, but you CAN pick and choose which ones you will engage with." They equated it to living in a big city. If you stay securely locked up in your own apartment you will be "safe" for the most part, but if you walk down the street you run into all sorts of characters... and it is up to you to decide who and what energies you will dance with.

So I've been working very diligently to stay in the light. When I feel something icky around me I simply say, "You have a right to be, but not with me." I have been working very hard to face any and all fears that have come up, to love myself through them, and let them go. I've worked more closely with the angels in my own life than ever before to understand how to manage my own energy. Great good has come of this - great strength in my ability to choose the light over the darkness. It hasn't been an easy or a fun lesson, but the angels are always there to help, and I have a solid faith in the truth of God's love.

No matter what comes at us in life, the angels remind us, God is still God. Neither the unkind humans, nor the unkind energies have any power over us other than what we give them with our fear.

So as the world engages in its wars, and as some beings engage in their attacks upon our spirit in the human world - be it an angry ex, an upset coworker, or an energy that simply doesn't like the light - remember, God is still God! Love is the highest power in the universe. Practically speaking, we can choose to focus on the light within all. Imagine even the nastiest beings surrounded with light, and pray for their upliftment. Create healthy boundaries. Do not tolerate unkindnesses in your own life. Do not dignify the darkness with your thoughts even any more than you have to. There is always goodness. There is always beauty. There is always something wonderful happening and amazingly inspiring people on earth.

When you're down or tired, seek out that which inspires you. I turn to happy videos, inspiring books, and my own work which I am passionate about. And even after all these tough lessons, I give thanks to God because something REALLY good is going on if I'm learning to stand even more strongly in the light.

My "Ann & the Angels" show airs this Wednesday. It is the culmination of ten years of intention to reach people with my class material Online. It was born of a pure desire to share love and inspiration every week. I'm excited. I haven't seen any of the shows yet, but I know the material is good...whether or not my hair is :)!! And I am very excited about connecting with all of you. Please feel free to pass on the info, if you are so inclined, to anyone who might benefit from it.

This week, focus on the light and the good in the world, no matter what else is going on. It takes courage and strength not to get sucked into the world's pain but we serve far more beautifully when we do not.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Don't dignify the darkness

I don't generally watch the news, but I was at the gym this week when the news came on... horrific. I almost burst into tears with sadness over the lost and angry souls that feel it necessary to kill a person and worse to sacrifice a human life to illustrate their point.

You cannot kill life. It rises up again. You can't kill a soul. They are alive in heaven. You can't kill an ideology. It just gets passed down from one to another. It is so sad to see those who think that killing solves a thing for in reality the first souls they will greet on the other side some day will be the ones they thought they "got."

So as I felt the sadness, the pain, the disgust, all of the sudden I caught myself. I knew what the angels would say. "Ann don't add to that vibration. Don't dignify the darkness by diving in Focus on truth. Focus on the one and only truth behind all of it... God's love is the constant and exists steadfast, like the sun, even behind the darkest storm. Focus on what is good so you can strengthen it!"

So I used every ounce of willpower to focus on all that is good, beautiful and true in humanity. I played music - first beautiful soothing music, then heart-pounding, energetic songs that strengthened my energy and my resolve to love. I thought of every wonderful, kind, brave soul I knew. And I imagined that column of light that exists connecting us all between heaven and earth in this giant sea of loving energy that we are all swimming in whether we know it or not. Soon energy was flowing like a river up my spine. I imagined light flowing through me, pouring out of my feet, wrapping the planet earth in a cocoon of love. My feet heated up like fire. I went into an altered state even while walking on the treadmill. I felt love pouring through every fiber of my being in a state of silent prayer for all of humanity.

My joy returned, and along with it an even greater resolve to "BE" the light and the love in this world. I prayed for those who were killed. I prayed for the upliftment of those who feel it OK to murder. I prayed for the families affected. I prayed that some day the world would be open minded enough to hear one another's perspectives without trying to snuff them out.

I felt God in my heart, reminding me, "I am always there, waiting to rise up within any human heart ready to receive me. Focus on that. Share that. Be that." We cannot change all the sad and angry acts of others, but we can refuse to "dignify the darkness by diving in" as the angels say. It takes willpower, courage, and commitment, but we CAN bring a greater love into the darkness.

Earlier in the week as I held a flower for a butterfly that was having trouble sipping nectar in the wind I thought of what the angels said to me a long time ago... "Ann, some day the world will realize what is important, like watching a bee on a flower." The eternal flow of life manifests in such beauty, in so many ways, that we need never "dignify the darkness by diving in." Even if we are guided to walk amidst the darkness, to aid in its transformation, and to uplift those stuck in its pain, we need not let its misery infiltrate our natural state of being. "Better to offer someone in quick sand a hand than to jump in with them and let them stand on your head while attempting to climb out," the angels once told me! I love that.

My prayer right now...

Dear God heal all hurting hearts and lift them out of the darkness and pain of illusion into the light of your love.

Have a blessed and joyful week... no matter what the world is doing,