Saturday, May 31, 2014

Two little warriors

My journey with the angels over the last 18 years has been one of incredible self-acceptance. Just when I think I’ve accepted everything within me, something more comes to the surface for me to love. In truth this is our journey here upon the earth - to realize that we are made of love and that everything in us, no matter how crazy is attempting to find its way back to love. So is everything outside of us as well.

Just last week I found more that I was judging within. I’ve had fibroids for nearly a decade now. They are harmless tumors that can create a lot of discomfort from time to time. My mom had them. My grandma had them. And although I refuse to accept that our biology is our fate, I know that the emotional patterns we accept from our lineage can certainly recreate the biology we are predisposed to bear. When we change the pattern, we can change the biology.

For years, when I was pushing myself without mercy, they were horrible and huge, and I was in pain three weeks out of the month. Over the past several years, I’ve worked with them as energy, created a life in balance for the most part, enjoyed the work of miracle healers… and as a result they have shrunk to the point where they’re not an issue. Hoewever, from time to time, when I get off balance, they flare up. It amazes me that something can grow and shrink so quickly in response to my energy. The body is an incredible refection of our energy field, and mine seems to change on a dime.

After a recent period of all work and no play, they became uncomfortable again and I got irate and started judging them. “I hate those things! I wish they’d just go away!” I was on a tirade for a few minutes until the angels gently reminded me that only love can heal anything. They reminded me that I created these things and I could uncreate them as well. They were, of course, right!

I called upon my sense of humor and got creative. I decided to name these little tumors and make friends with them. I went into a meditation and promptly asked them to give me their names. Would you believe it? I heard two names and when I looked up their meaning, both meant “warrior.” Seriously! I laughed so hard. And like hardened warriors, these two little tumors inside of me thought they were there to protect me… to let me know when I was doing something that didn’t serve my own well being! Never mind that they were loving me to the point of pain, these little energies were attempting to help! And in truth they only became painful when I forget the softer, feminine side of my being. They only grew when I was pushing myself, instead of relaxing into the flow of life. They were my teachers.

I went deeper into meditation. I thanked these two little warrior energies for letting me know everytime I got off balance. I told them they had done good work and and I would listen from now on. I immediately took a few days the following weekend to immerse myself in the feminine side of the energy - just relaxing, eating well, laying by the pool, and pampering myself. I embrace “being” instead of “doing,” yin instead of yang. The website waited. The show waited. Emails waited. I got strong guidance about certain exercises that always help. And suddenly these little warriors shrank in size and are no longer bothering me at all! They serve a purpose, so I’ve learned to love them for that. And the more I love them, the more they dissolve.


In my reality, “miracles” are what happen when I let love flow to those areas of my mind, body, soul, and life that I have not loved.

So this week, try to accept who you are in this moment, and all that exists within you… for it all serves a purpose. Accept who you’ve been. Love the things you’ve created and ask them how they are seeking to love you. And then, in the very next breath, decide who you want to become. That is the quickest way to evolve, transform, and create a kinder reality for everyone… you included :)

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Magical true self love

When you know who you really are, you can simply enjoy the rest of your life as an adventure! You are an eternal soul walking around in a temporary body, and yet your physical life receives so much attention! You believe it controls you. You fear that it will not look as you wish. You identify with your bank accounts, your bodies, your situations in life, the people around you, and yet dear ones the greatest identification you can make, is that with love. For indeed your are fashioned in the image and likeness of God, and that truth alone will transform your existence.

Are you tired of not "having enough"? Then dear ones look into your spirit and see where you are depriving yourself of your own love. Are you wanting to feel better in your body? Then look inside your heart and see where you can feel better in your soul. Are you desiring companionship? How can you be a better friend to yourself and allow others closer to the real you? Always and forever we encourage you to look at your material world as a mirror, and then to ask yourself, "What can I change inside of me first, in order to shift my outer reality?"

You are not the body. You are not the thoughts. You are not the circumstances around you. You are nothing less than a being created from the very heart of God, a being fashioned of love, created uniquely and beautifully from this love.

Embrace the fact that you are a soul. Embrace the fact that you came to learn that you are nothing less than love. Embrace the fact that at every moment in time, whether awkward or graceful, you are attempting to create a more loving reality. And from that perspective, by all means shape your outer world as you wish. Decorate your homes. Choose cars you like. Preen, primp, and take care of your bodies. Your spirit can, if you like create a wonderful adventure here while upon the earth... as long as you remember, you are spirit first, and from that reality, all else will follow.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy now = happy later

I have had a lot of practice bringing my best self to the moment lately, in spite of less than ideal circumstances! Last week when I had health problems and decided to drive up north to help friends anyway, I really had to focus on the moment. Being bloated to three times my size, and in a lot of pain, I found solace in thinking very uplifting thoughts, listening to beautiful music and breathing deeply. I focused on what it felt like to feel good, and affirmed I would soon be better. I focused on the blue sky, the beautiful natural world all around me, and the fact that whether or not I was walking or waddling, I was going to have a good time!

Sure enough I did have a good time. I think the fact that I was not focused on my condition helped me heal faster. Instead of whining about not being able to hike, I rested more than I had in ages. Instead of complaining about not being able to eat much, I focused on the fact that I could enjoy a good cup of coffee and some delicious fish I had prepared. Instead of thinking of hurting, I helped my friends and enjoyed good conversation. Instead of being all wound up about what I could not do, I relaxed into appreciation for what I could. I will look back upon those few days and completely forget the pain but instead will have some very happy and fun memories!

Life does happen now. The angels constantly remind me that although we all have bigger goals, why wait until achieving them to be happy? Why not give yourself permission to be happy even before the bills are paid, even when you don't feel too wonderful, even when someone hasn't been nice or someone hasn't been helpful? Why wait? We can wait a whole lifetime to be happy, always putting it off until something changes in the outer world. Or, we can make the best of now. One good now, turns quickly into another, and another, and another, until you are having a really good life.

I've had more than my share of pain, betrayals, disappointments, unkindnesses, etc over the years. And yet when I look back on my life I see beautiful moments, one after the next, peppered occasionally with a few that I'll remember humorously as crazy creations that taught me a lot about how to be kinder to myself.

So breathe! Now is pretty good. Now you and I are sitting somewhere comfortable, and we're connecting, perhaps half way around the world, in a moment of shared unconditional love and truth. Come to think of it, "now" is pretty wonderful!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Strength in Adversity

I had a chance to get stronger a few weeks ago. I went to bed feeling fine on a Tuesday night and woke up Wednesday morning with twisted intestines. I was bloated so large I looked pregnant, and to say it was painful was an understatement. To make matters worse I had been scheduled to drive two hours north the following day to assist friends. There was no way I could think that far ahead. I surrendered, prayed, and focused upon relaxing enough to heal.

Thursday morning I woke up still with a desire to help my friends. I hadn't slept much, was still in terrible pain and didn't even know how driving would be possible. But I prayed, visualized, and affirmed the best. Soon an idea popped into my head. "Look for healers up north and in Phoenix. See where you can get an appointment Ann." It ends up the only place I could get an appointment with the right kind of healer was up north! And so despite excruciating pain, and against the odds, I loaded up the car and drove two hours doing deep breathing and prayer and focusing on the present until I arrived, just in time for my treatment! Happily I was on the road to recovery.

I was still in pain the next several days but was joyful that I was able to help my friends. Focusing on others made me forget my own problems. Focusing on all there was to be grateful for helped me heal more quickly. I was grateful for extra time to rest, the beautifully clean and clear air, the song of the birds, for the ability to walk at all, and the ability to heal quickly. I got to meet girlfriends and attend a beautiful concert. I got to stand in the creek, and I even attended a session where the folks who filmed my show were filming Robin Miller - the beautiful musician who plays heavenly music at my seminars! (I'll let you know when his concert is going to be aired Online too. Can't wait!! I saw some sneak previews and its going to be awesome!)

So in spite of excruciating pain and a seemingly hopeless situation, God found a solution. I found a path to do what I wanted to do and to heal as well. I found a strength I did not know I had through the power of focusing on the good in my life and trusting that I would be guided all the way. I can't believe I enjoyed myself in spite of my physical condition but as I told one of my friends, I will forget the pain and remember the goodness alone.

When you find yourself in challenging times when it seems there is no hope for things to turn around, have faith. Focus on the outcome you desire. Trust God loves you and will help you find a way. And be strong in your resolve to be loving and kind to yourself and others, for in so doing, you will find joy even in life's most challenging times.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

A cooperative dance w/life

In the last 18 years I have learned to ask the angels for help with everything. When I feel rushed, I sit with them and ask for peace. When I have too much to do I ask for clarity, inspiration, and assistance in doing things efficiently. When I am tired I sit with them and ask for a refill. Unlike humans, they never tire of our requests. They have taught me that" Love loves to love." Who am i to get in the way?

Today I am enjoying an angel inspiration to grab my portable computer and do my office work at the local butterfly garden. There must be something going on with the timing. I kept trying to leave the house and I kept getting delayed. However, I am finally here, sitting here under a bamboo canopy, showered by mist with Costa Rican Blue Morpho butterflies skimming my head. Children are screaming and laughing with delight. Instead of thinking of the sounds as a distraction I revel in the energy of their joy.

As I write this a man passing by my spot accidentally steps on a butterfly who flew right under his foot. He feels terrible, so I offer a few words of comfort and ask the angels what to do. They tell me the butterfly is going to die so I offer a hand and the little one crawls on my palm for a final burst of love to help him release himself from the body. He passes quickly in the energy of my love. I then ask the angels to help the man who still feels very bad about this unfortunate accident. Another butterfly immediately lands on his shoe as if to say, "It is OK. God's creatures understand the cycles of life and death far better than you humans." The man gets the message.

I did not plan to write about this. I didn't even plan to leave my office today. But when I ask God and the angels for help in every aspect of my life, I enter into a Divine dance where I am blessed, even as I am able to assist others. And while my life is busy but peaceful at the moment, the angels have helped me in times when I had life threatening health conditions,when I was financially not sure how I would make it, and especially at times in the past when I was working through betrayals, disappointments, and abandonment. They've guided me to allow a broken heart to become a heart broke open wider. They've helped me see the root causes of my lack. They've taught me to live and let live, love and let love. They are there for you too.

So no matter how big or small the request, don't attempt to manage life on your own. Ask for help, and then when inspiring or joyful ideas arise, take action. I love living in a reality in which I exist in a cooperative dance with all of life. Best of all, it is there for all of us.