Saturday, February 22, 2014

Miracles when you say yes

The angels have taught me to acknowledge the desires in my heart even if I have no clue how they will come about. A few weeks ago I heard that Braco (pronounced Brahtz-so), the healer I've been following, was coming to California. Every time I stand in a room before him, my own ability to help others increases. However I didn't have this trip in my budget and wasn't sure how I could make it happen. When I clearly got the guidance to go, I said, "yes" and then prayed what I jokingly called my "Jerry Maguire Prayer," ... "If you want me to go, show me the money!" Within six days the money for the trip arrived in miraculous fashion. A dear soul I helped years ago sent me a check out of the blue. Another dear soul sent me a check saying God had asked him to do this. I was dumbfounded but should not have been. I know how God works. Love plants seeds in our hearts and if we acknowledge them, love makes them grow.

And so I went to California for five straight days of standing in front of a man transmitting energy and light so bright that I felt as if the floor was moving and my head was in the ceiling as I experienced the enormity of the soul as it extends way beyond the body. I witnessed phenomenal miracles. People told stories of healing from PTSD, Agent Orange poisoning, fatal cancers, financial stresses, and other intense life situations. I witnessed personally people whose pain went away, vision was healed, and best of all many whose hearts were healed. It was so inspiring, and when I came back today I gazed for a client and the energy came through me and helped to rid her of her intense sciatica pain. I am so grateful to God and so amazed, and yet I know this is how life works.

Sometimes our desires are small and yet acknowledging them leads to the miracle we need in the moment. This morning I woke up very tired from stretching my capacity to channel energy, and asked the angels to wake me up. I went to play a song on my iPod and instead my angels made a play list of music that was so relevant to my life I fell into fits of laughter... Songs like "In Love's Gaze!" Really!!! The angels have such a sense of humor!

Sometimes we can fulfill our own desires. I was hungry a few minutes ago so I stopped working on the newsletter and ate. It seems simple but had I not done so I would not be able to write with a clear mind.

So drop into your heart as the angels say. See what lies within. It might be small. It might be large. But love knows no limits in its ability to create miracles and it is so easy to simply say, "Yes, I find this in my heart and God and the angels, please assist me. Thank you!" If you can fulfill your own desire, by all means do so. If not, pray and surrender. Then, get on with life and see what transpires for you. It certainly will be better than if you never acknowledged your heart in the first place... and it might just be miraculous!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be the best you can be

I've got my share of issues and lessons but thank God the need to compete in an egoic sense is not one of them. When I first became a psychic I was told by one well-meaning individual that I could not possibly make a living out of it because there was "too much competition" in Phoenix. I chose to ignore the advice and poured as much love as I could into each reading. 18 years later, I've still never felt a need to compete. I do things when I feel guided and do them to the best of my abiltity.

Its hard in our society when we are taught from our early days to compare ourselves with one another. If you get the best grades you stand out. If you are good looking, you get more attention. If you make more money much of society gives you more respect. However, the truth is, we are all equal. And when you really embrace that, new gifts, abilities, and resources open up that you might not allow for yourself if you compete and compare.

Many in our society thinks that people with more money have access to more joy, but in reality our ability to call forth miracles and joy in our lives is equal. Many think the prettier people get better relationships, yet those who love themselves and others get the best. And while most of you on this list will say, "I know that," I do hear in my office, these very same things from very spiritual people. It is one thing to know the concepts, another to put it into practice.

Do you believe you are worthy of the love of your life now, or only after you lose a few pounds and look more like some arbitrary standard of beauty. Do you believe you are able to manifest the life you want now, or only when you make back the money your ex took from you? Do you believe you can have a successful business even though there is "stiff competition?" Do you believe it is OK to be beautiful, powerful, abundant, and to stand out as a beacon to others while still not stepping on anyone's toes? The angels say that "the stars in the heavens do not fear they will dim one another's light." I love that.

This is why I refuse to compete for anything with anyone. If someone feels the need to compete with me in an argument, for example, I either remain silent or speak my peace the let go. If someone feels the need to tell me why they're smarter not in so many words, but by their actions and arrogance, I stroke their ego and let them, as I would assist a child who needs to tell me something I learned decades ago. I have found far more peace in letting go than in getting sucked into useless competitions of any sort. And in this reality I simply need to be the best me I can be.

I will never forget years ago when a friend gave me a bit of her grandmother's timeless wisdom. "There are two ways in town to build the tallest building. Either build the tallest building or knock everyone else's down." I believe in simply being the best me I can be.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Trusting God knows best

Lately I have seen so many times how what appeared to be "hardship" was really a blessing. I broke a toe, had to rest, and had the best mystical experience of my life. Furthermore I was not able to hike, coincidentally during a time when a woman was attacked less than a mile from my favorite hiking spot.

A few weeks ago I felt like staying at home on the weekend rather than driving up north which I had considered. Monday I was going to stay at home and work during my office day but I suddenly remembered I had a few errands. I got in the car and it broke down in my driveway. This was much easier than if I had broken down 100 miles from home or somewhere along the highway as would have been the case if I had driven up north. All I neeed was a quick call to a tow truck and I soon was at the repair shop where I got my office work done, enjoyed their massage chairs, and snacked. I even had time to watch some instructional videos I had been interested in. The errands got handled on the way home and the day was absolutely easy and graceful.

Last weekend the same lesson transpired. I got up ready to do more office work and discovered a few items in the yard that needed to be handled. I surrendered and actually enjoyed the work. It was a beautiful day outside, and by the time I was done, I was so energized that the office work took no time at all.

There are many times in life when life does not go my way. There were relationships in my past that I begged for. In hindsight, I am blessed they did not occur. There were times I wanted money so badly but looking back I realized I would have spent it unwisely. There were times when I had ill health and I learned some of my biggest lessons.

So now when something happens that isn't exactly what I want, I just trust. I wanted to have my internet show all put together by now, but in truth I have barely begun doing it. The inspiration isn't here quite yet, so I wait patiently knowing that I am learning and can share all I learn from an even greater understanding when it is God's time.

Try this week to be patient with life - to say, "Ok, maybe I didn't get what I wanted, but I can either change it, learn from it, or embrace it," depending on circumstance. Whatever you do, try not to fall into the trap of feeling unloved or ignored by God, because those things are simply not true. You are loved. You are assisted. And just maybe... God really does know better than us :)))

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Getting your energy right

I spend time every day allowing the energy and light to run through me. I usually do this for at least ten minutes each morning and fifteen at night. I don't always feel like it. Sometimes I'd rather watch TV or sleep a little longer, but I know from years of experience that if I allow this light to flood my being, then suddenly I am awake. I feel fulfilled, and my life flows with greater grace and ease. When I need more money I do not work more... I am already working as much as I can without burning out or sacrificing the quality of my work. Instead, I take time each day to slow down, to focus on the abundance of life around me, to give thanks, and to express gratitude for my life. In that vibration, the honest response of the universe is to echo my feelings of abundance back to me.

When something happens that I don't like, instead of throwing mini-tantrums, as I did when I was younger, I take a breath and remind myself, "Ok this is in front of me. Deal with it kindly and lovingly." In this energy, everything gets resolved very quickly. I recently had a very big test of my ability to stay inwardly balanced . On my online advent calender this past December - the one I do as a gift to all of you - I used a photo from Facebook, that was not marked as copyrighted or watermarked. Ignorance is not bliss, as I discovered. I found out when I received a letter from the legal department of a photo site, that the photo was indeed copyrighted and that even though I had no earthly way of knowing it, I was responsible for paying a very hefty fine. I was informed that if I did not I would be subject to a lawsuit. Ouch.

I wasn't thrilled. If it were me I would have handled it differently. In fact, I once found a woman whose website had text copied off mine, word-for-word. I had rights there too but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and simply asked her to remove it, before I even considered legal action. I had faith that we could resolve it as adults. She removed the copied materially immediately, apologized, and the matter was closed. However, no mercy was shown to me in this recent case. Was it fair? I could see both sides of that argument, and fair or not, this company had legal rights. I dropped the useless discussions in my head, decided that it was a hard lesson learned and put the bill on my credit card. I stopped, breathed, gave thanks for all I did have in life, and got back into the frequency of abundance. Within the week people who had owed me suddenly paid, money came from unexpected sources and I went on with my life, smarter about such things, and with no ill effects. I could have wasted a lot of time and energy on this, but I know, from so many years of working with angels, that no outer circumstance is more important than keeping my inner being positive and grateful.

It is a waste of time to fight life trying to make things change from the outside, if we are not willing to get our energy in alignment with the desired intentions first. If you try to find a relationship but are not self-loving, you'll find a lesson. If you try to increase your finances from a place of fear you'll constantly work hard to counteract your mentality of lack. If you hang on to feel victimized after someone does indeed attack you, you'll likely perpetuate your bad feelings and postpone your healing. If you are involved in activism, you can't create peace with warring attitudes, or lovingly educate people while steeped in anger. Always, always, we must get our body, mind, and soul in alignment with the the light and love we are made of and from that place, our outer actions are more effective and graceful. Even life's tough situations are more easily handled if you can find the loving energy within.

Have a beautiful week... starting from the inside out!