Saturday, December 27, 2014

A year of amazing grace

As I look back on this year I am in awe of how much has transpired. I’ve faced some of my deepest fears and emerged with the ability to channel love so strong is sometimes takes away other’s fears and pains. I’ve gone from not having a clue how to be in front of a camera to managing it in extremely challenging conditions. It has been a year of challenges, growth, but in the end, a year in which I feel the love that breathes life into all of us, more strongly than ever before. I am so grateful for life.

I am humbled when I hear from others who are connecting with the heavens and creating miracles in their own lives as a result of the show I've been doing. Although we're only a few weeks into the manifesting series, one very dear soul wrote to say someone had unexpectedly paid off $6000 in back taxes to save her house… as a gift of generosity. Another wonderful angel wrote to happily share her story of finding designer clothes, in her size for a price so low she couldn’t even find one item for that in a store. People have been telling me they are experiencing their angels' love, assistance, and humor on a regular basis. Every little bit of growth and challenge I've been through is worthwhile when I see how this work is helping others. There is purpose to every moment of our lives.

In 2015 it will be imperative to keep making loving choices. Those who do, will find their streams of grace and miraculous assistance. Those who embrace struggle as an expected way of life will find that amplified. The energy is more intense than ever before. So, we must believe in the love that made this amazing universe and made us all. We are ligthworkers - souls who chose to come to earth, to believe in love and in a kinder and happier way of being. It isn’t always easy, but we have the Creator's love within us and the angels at our sides.

My wish for all of you in 2015 is to feel loved and cherished; to know the incredible power of the Source that lives and breathes life within you. May all your dreams come true, and even better, may you experience all the beauty and wonder that God dreams for you.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Abiding in light

Merry Christmas week to those who celebrate. Happy Hanukkah! And happy holiday season to all of you. It is one of my favorite times of year, a time when people seem to love a little more, open up a little more to feel whatever they are feeling, and certainly allow me to share a little more love as well.

It is easy to share love with the loving. It is easy when life looks as we wish, when people behave as we wish, when things go as we wish. It is easy to feel love amidst beauty and harmony. We are encouraged to do so at every opportunity, because when we practice finding and feeling love in those easier spaces, we can more easily in the darkness.

This week, in the midst of holiday joy, wonderful clients, and baking, I discovered that, for the fourth time this year, a credit card of mine was hacked and used fraudulently. Thankfully the angels always guide me to discover these things before they get out of hand, and I am not charged. However, I had to resist the very human urge to wish that the criminal's computers would crash beyond repair the minute they attempted to steal from me!

Instead I sent them a dose of light and love so strong that their darkness could penetrate my soul, nor steal my joy. They will either leave me alone or deal with the growth such light will inspire in the human spirit. I give them back to God.

While sending love might not stop others from abiding in darkness, it helps us avoid giving away our power, our God given joy, and the experience of connection with the Creator. There will always be demons on this earth - lost souls who do not feel connected to the source and therefore need to bully, manipulate, and steal. Yet, we need not let them jar us from our light. They just don't know who they are. We do.

We can be the light in the darkness. We can prevent others from stealing our God given right to experience and abide in this love. We can be the lamp that never goes out. We have the power to choose to abide in a loving experience or not. No one else can steal that from us. Our Presence is ours and ours alone. The light that abides in our hearts is our Present to the world.

Join me if you like, in creating a little gift for yourself this week. Surround someone who has been less than loving to you with light, and no intent other than "God help them grow into a greater truth." How does it feel? You just birthed the light in humble darkness once again.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Not just a body

I recently caught a little bug guy staring at his own reflection on the window. I bet he doesn’t sit and say to himself, “Am I too green? Why do I look like a leaf? My legs are too skinny. My nose is too big!" He’s just looking at his own reflection with wonder. “Who is that? What is that?” The answer of course is the same no matter who or what form we look at... all forms are a manifestation of God's love. Some know it more than others. The more I identify with this light, the happier my body becomes.

As many of you reading this newsletter know, I have had more than my share of physical lessons over the years. When my spirit does not get my attention easily, eventually my body will! A broken foot and ripped tendon years ago taught me to slow down, take care of myself more, and live in greater balance. Parasites taught me where and when I was allowing other energies to usurp my own knowing and feeling. Twisted intestines showed me when I stuffed my fears and feelings years ago and now remind me to be extra kind to my body. As a result of these lessons I've had a lot of practice identifying with myself as a soul in a body, rather than looking at the body and thinking "that's me!"

I first remember doing this in high school. My first job was at a local fast food restaurant. I remember looking in the mirror and feeling what I perceived to be the indignity of being a 16 year old girl wearing rust brown colored polyester pants, glasses, braces, rubber bands across her teeth and a nice big button that said, "Hi! I'm a Big Mac Builder!" I remember the day I decided I was not going to win friends with my looks, and so, as shy as I was, I decided I would have to use my personality! I remembering just making a decision that I would act outgoing and friendly, no matter how uncomfortable that was. To my surprise and delight, the other kids responded as if I really was!

I recently thanked God that I have learned to identify with my soul more than my body, when I had to film the current "Ann & the Angels" series, looking like a walrus from the waist down! I had a twisted ileocecal valve the night before, and using everything I was about to teach, I managed a miraculous healing! By early morning I was untwisted, out of pain and ready to go! There was only one minor detail. I was still seriously larger than usual, and the only pants I fit into were the yoga shorts I brought in case I wanted to exercise!

So there I was, in the studio, in front of a professional camera, in yoga shorts and nice tops! It became a joke before each episode that they had to "film above the bloat line!" I had to meet new guys who were helping film, and as well a few old friends who dropped by while I was looking my not-so-finest!

In the past I would have been mortified, but after years of working with angels, I truly know I'm a soul in a body. Furthermore, my soul had things to care about and share that were far more important than vanity or an uncomfortable appearance! So next time you start to criticize your appearance think of me looking like a little walrus in front of that camera and remind yourself, "I am a soul! I am light! I am love! No matter what I look like, feel like, or am experiencing, that is the reality of who I am"! Then let your light shine no matter how you feel you look! Let your love radiate outward from you. THAT is what is beautiful!

The other day I was gazing for a dear young client, channeling God's love in a big way. She surrendered to the love coming through my eyes and into her being, and suddenly she started seeing us both as big, bright lights until at long last she even saw through my light body to the door behind us… a little excursion into dimensions beyond the solid one. Something like that changes you - you can no longer pretend that this physical form is all we are.

So, as you look yourself in the mirror today, bring love into the observation. Look into your eyes until you see the light of your soul burning brightly within them. It may take awhile to stop the self-criticisms that so many of us have adopted by habit, but when your mind is finally silent, you can look at yourself with the wonder and awe of a child beholding someone without a shred of judgment. Then you will see or feel that light and know this is what you truly are. You are all so beautiful - love shaped in billions of different forms!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Decorated with love

I love the holidays. I love the cooking, the decorating, the presents, all of it. But I do have to watch myself. There is a tendency to want to think I'm Martha Stewart, Norman Rockwell, and Annta Claus all rolled into one. If I am not careful I get so caught up in what I want to do that I forget to enjoy what I am doing. The past few years have been different however. I've slowed down, focused more on what I authentically feel like doing and have enjoyed the holidays even more.

Somehow even after getting home from one incredible healing adventure in California, and getting to work full time I was inspired during my next office day to decorate. It used to be an ordeal. I have a lot of boxes to lift, and a lot of things to put up. This year I focused only on the moment at hand. I focused on decorating being an act of loving my home. And in less than a day, even taking time out to get my work done, and chat with viewers on my show, everything was up and in place... without any struggle or drama whatsoever, and done with incredible love and gratitude.

Friends and I are also getting more present and real about where we are at this year. We broke with tradition for our Thanksgiving dinner, changed the menu and made dishes that are much healthier and were still incredibly delicious. It was a very relaxed and lovely feast and we all felt wonderful.

So as you move forward through the holidays, enjoy them. Enjoy the festivities or don't do them. Enjoy writing your cards or don't send them. Enjoy your gatherings or don't go to them. You can't possibly "do it all," and yet, so what! you can do what you do with love. I've made peace with not being Martha, Norman, and Annta Claus all at once :) I'm satisfied with being just plain Ann, and enjoying the precious moments of time I have been given. Somehow in that reality, more gets done, and in the most beautiful of ways.