Saturday, February 22, 2014

Miracles when you say yes

The angels have taught me to acknowledge the desires in my heart even if I have no clue how they will come about. A few weeks ago I heard that Braco (pronounced Brahtz-so), the healer I've been following, was coming to California. Every time I stand in a room before him, my own ability to help others increases. However I didn't have this trip in my budget and wasn't sure how I could make it happen. When I clearly got the guidance to go, I said, "yes" and then prayed what I jokingly called my "Jerry Maguire Prayer," ... "If you want me to go, show me the money!" Within six days the money for the trip arrived in miraculous fashion. A dear soul I helped years ago sent me a check out of the blue. Another dear soul sent me a check saying God had asked him to do this. I was dumbfounded but should not have been. I know how God works. Love plants seeds in our hearts and if we acknowledge them, love makes them grow.

And so I went to California for five straight days of standing in front of a man transmitting energy and light so bright that I felt as if the floor was moving and my head was in the ceiling as I experienced the enormity of the soul as it extends way beyond the body. I witnessed phenomenal miracles. People told stories of healing from PTSD, Agent Orange poisoning, fatal cancers, financial stresses, and other intense life situations. I witnessed personally people whose pain went away, vision was healed, and best of all many whose hearts were healed. It was so inspiring, and when I came back today I gazed for a client and the energy came through me and helped to rid her of her intense sciatica pain. I am so grateful to God and so amazed, and yet I know this is how life works.

Sometimes our desires are small and yet acknowledging them leads to the miracle we need in the moment. This morning I woke up very tired from stretching my capacity to channel energy, and asked the angels to wake me up. I went to play a song on my iPod and instead my angels made a play list of music that was so relevant to my life I fell into fits of laughter... Songs like "In Love's Gaze!" Really!!! The angels have such a sense of humor!

Sometimes we can fulfill our own desires. I was hungry a few minutes ago so I stopped working on the newsletter and ate. It seems simple but had I not done so I would not be able to write with a clear mind.

So drop into your heart as the angels say. See what lies within. It might be small. It might be large. But love knows no limits in its ability to create miracles and it is so easy to simply say, "Yes, I find this in my heart and God and the angels, please assist me. Thank you!" If you can fulfill your own desire, by all means do so. If not, pray and surrender. Then, get on with life and see what transpires for you. It certainly will be better than if you never acknowledged your heart in the first place... and it might just be miraculous!