Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pray with innocence

Ever since the first gaze with Braco in February I have felt amazing. For the first time in my life my monthly cycles have been pain free. My life is flowing with grace and ease. I feel joy and energy running so strongly it blows me away. And so it was a surprise, and not such a great one when I woke up earlier last week with both cramps and hot flashes. I started down an old familiar road in my mind. "Oh no! I'm going to hurt for days. I had plans. have to work all day. And next month this is going to come at a horrible time." My mind, for the first time in months was turning into a runaway train. By the grace of God I stopped myself. "Look at what you are creating," I told myself. "Let's do something better."

So I stopped the whining, got honest without the drama, and prayed. "God, angels, I am discouraged! I've felt so good for so long and this morning I hurt. I want help. I feel cranky, tired, and crampy. I want the pain to go away. I want to feel and know the truth of Your Love flowing through me again. I want loving interactions today with my clients, and I want to experience these cycles as a time of feminine grace." I focused on what this better reality would feel like. I used my imagination to remember feeling wonderful. I watched a few Braco gaze scenes on DVDs, did my morning energy exercises, and in no time, I was feeling the powerful energy of God's love flowing through me so strongly once again. My cramps disappeared. My joy returned, and the day turned out to be amazing. One dear client brought me flowers. Others brought sweet words. My in-box was flooded with a sudden burst of sweet 'thank you' notes. The next day the angels suggested I visit a ne arby thrift store where I found incredible bargains on some very pretty feminine clothes. What could have been a painful, fear-ridden disaster of a week turned out to be a couple of very blessed and beautiful days.

Our prayers are most powerful when we are as authentic and honest as little children. A hurting child does try to fake being positive. A child does not say, "I know I created this and I have something to learn, but please if you don't mind could you help me?" A hurting child screams, cries, and reaches out for assistance until their pains are soothed. Later they look back and learn.

The storms in our soul pass quickly too, when we can be that honest. God already sees beyond our so-called imperfections and recognizes the deepest truth of our being. Our job is to do the same. Can we, when we are tired / cranky / sad / etc., say to ourselves and God, "I am tired / cranky / sad / etc. but underneath I know there is a greater truth to me. Underneath all that I know Your Love is present. Help me feel that truth and experience that love once again!" This prayer is so sincere, so beautiful, and so revered in the heavens. We become as little children, crying from our hearts, calling honestly for love, and Love by its nature must respond.

God loves you. The angels love you. The question for us to decide is whether or not we can choose to love ourselves no matter what. In so doing, we open up to the very great love, grace, and assistance that is available in every moment of our lives.

Try it next time you are down. Talk sweetly to yourself. Be gentle and kind. Give yourself a healthy, private, outlet for your feelings. Pray with sincerity. Soon you will feel the positive love and energy that is always there begin to emerge once again from the deepest and truest levels of your being.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The essence of your dreams now

When I first quit engineering, I spent the entire summer writing my book, "Whispers of the Spirit." I wanted it published right away and never thought to ask why. If I had dropped into my heart, I would have realized that I simply wanted to help others learn what I had learned the hard way. I wanted to do so in a way that honored my own spirit as well. Over time, God guided me to counsel and teach. Years later, when I was finally rooted in a self-loving reality I was actually ready to my personal story.

Likewise, in my thirties, after I transitioned out of engineering and into being an angel communicator, I thought I wanted a relationship. Had I taken time to clarify my desires, I would have realized that I simply wanted to feel loved and validated after I had been rejected by almost everyone in my old life and reality. Had I focused on that true desire, God would have sent me wonderful people to love and validate me. In fact they were all around me! Instead I was narrowly focused on receiving that energy from a man. "Needy girl" met "needy guy" several times in a row, and it was not a fun set of lessons, but I did learn a lot!

For years I prayed to feel and share God's love more strongly, but I had to cultivate so much inside of myself before I was ready. I had to learn so much about being present, about loving myself, about boundaries energetically and otherwise. I had to learn humility, patience, and surrender at deep levels. When I was ripe, the energy came. Now I have a lot more to learn.

Trusting God's timing and learning to seek the essence of what you want to create, can be extremely practical as well. Last weekend, I drove up north to hike. After a beautiful day, I had the desire to get home, relax, swim, and enjoy the evening. Instead I found myself stuck in a twenty mile traffic jam on the highway with nowhere else to go. I could have become frustrated, angry, and impatient, fearing that my evening was ruined. Instead, I realized that I could enjoy the essence of my desire for a relaxing evening, even if I was doing it from my car! I listened to meditations, challenged myself to see the beauty along side the road, and took time to pray for everyone I'd promised to pray for. I ran energy, listened to music, and imagined the searing hot sun blazing through the car window was filling and energizing every cell in my body! A two hour drive took five and a half, but by the time I got home I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

So when you want something, know that God put the truest desires in your heart and they will come to pass as you align your entire being with them. But, don't wait to be happy. Remind yourself that you can enjoy life right now. You can create the essential qualities of what you want right now. If you want money to feel secure, do things that make you feel secure. If you want to avoid loneliness, volunteer your time. If you are bored, try new things until you discover a passion. If you want greater health take time each day to imagine what true health feels like rather than focusing on pain, and take the necessary steps to bring about well being. If you want love, find it inside first and love the world. It'll love you right back and those who don't will leave you alone.

Always, the power to find the essence of the thing or situation you want to create is inside of you. Start there, and you will enjoy a happy existence, even while you are creating more.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New dreams

I have had a dream in my heart for years. This was not the average material dreams because when I want something in the material universe badly enough, I just focus on it and trust, and eventually it comes. Instead I've longed to share God's love and light with people in greater ways. I have believed and prayed for a way to help people's pain and suffering go away more quickly and to help them know how deeply they are loved. I have longed, like a thirsty woman longs for water, to feel the energy of God's love flowing through me more strongly, and in turn to share it.

The first time I felt energy was September 3, 1993. I had a dream shortly before the experience in which my then-husband and I were spiraling up a mountain in Hawaii. A path veered off into the jungle. He said he would continue on the road, while I plunged deep into the dark foliage of a jungle. Eventually I reached a clearing where I met a woman who asked me pointedly, "Are you willing to give up life as you know it?" I must have said yes! When I woke up I found that I was sleeping on three rose petals. I have no idea how that occurred.

That very day I received an invitation to a conference for healers and therapists. I had been secretly reading about energy work so I signed up, took a few days off work, and embarked on a new journey. The minute I arrived at the conference, I sought out one of the energy healers and asked her to explain her work to me. Instead she gazed at me silently, and put her hand on my shoulder. In that instant, lightning shot through my body and soul. It was the first time I felt the non-physical world so tangibly and the first time I felt my heart so clearly. That moment changed my life. I begged my first spiritual mentor to teach me, and within a week I was receiving Reiki initiations, having visions, and starting upon the path that led me to where I am today. I followed this wonderful woman around for another sixteen months, going to all her events, watching her heal and teach people, and learning from her, until I received my Reiki master attunement. Shortly after that, my entire life fell apart and got put back together again in a whole new way.

Not since that time twenty years ago has something inspired me as much as the energy I have felt in Braco's gazes. I didn't know what to expect when I went to see him in February. I had been taking care of my aging dogs, who are now in heaven for over four years. I had been sleeping on the couch for three hours a night at best and doing up to ten loads of doggie laundry a day, while working full time. I was exhausted and yet happy because I had finally found the ability to love no matter what. And then in that first gaze, I felt the light of heaven, as I have only felt in deep meditations, experiences with angels, or in visions of heaven. In the second blissful gaze, I heard my soul say, 'I want to help people this way God!" Immediately, I heard my Ann-self, "What did you just say?" Nonetheless, as in my very first experience with energy, a passion was ignited in my soul to go deeper into this reality, to channel more of this energy, and to assist people i n new ways. I couldn't stop watching videos, listening to his voice recording on the DVD " The Golden Bridge ," or gazing in the mirror, as the angels instructed to me to do on a daily basis. Little by little, in certain sessions with clients, I have guided to gaze into their eyes. They have felt the love, seen the lights around me, seen faces over mine, and had both emotional and recently some physical pain disappear. It varies with the person. I never know what to expect, nor am I in control. I simply feel a profound love and energy pouring through me, and I get to see the person glowing, radiant, and beautiful. I have SO much more to learn about quieting my mind, going deeper into the Oneness, and releasing attachments, and yet it is the beginning of something new and very joyful in my life.

I didn't realize this dream was so strongly in my heart till I experienced it. I was terrified of admitting it until a few weeks ago when I did put a post on the Braco page on Facebook, and was answered by the dear soul who runs it with such love and grace that it healed me of lifetimes worth of misunderstandings and pain.

It IS time on earth when you may reconnect or discover dreams and passions within you. They may be material, spiritual, service oriented, centered on relationship, etc. You may not have a clue how to achieve them, but as the angels say, "God does." Years ago while I worked in engineering, I prayed, "God I want to wake up happy, go to bed grateful, and make a living helping people. Please guide me." I waited, often impatiently, and years later was guided to change my life. For decades now, I have prayed, "God show me how to help people know your love more deeply." I didn't have my own answers to these prayers, but in time, after learning much about patience and faith, they have been answered. I do not know where this is all leading but I am once again deeply grateful to experience new realities. The power which creates us with each breath loves us more dearly than we can ever imagine. If you are brave enough to acknowledge your dreams and str ive to have even a little patience and faith, you can indeed be guided into a miraculous and joyful existence.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Guided to Texas

As most of you know, I live by heart. If I get guidance to do something, I jump. And if I am not clear yet, I wait. So it was with wonder the last month or so that I waited for clarity on whether or not I'd be traveling to Texas a few weekends ago. As most of you have heard, I've been enjoying the work of Braco, a man who silently gazes and allows God's grace and healing to flow through him and resonate the very same up within the hearts of those who gaze back. I love the energy. I love the miracles, and I love sharing time with those of like mind and like heart in a space that feels like heaven. I have been inspired, energized, and motivated as never before by this work.

So when I saw the schedule and found that Braco was going to be doing one more weekend in the southwest, I had a desire to go. However, I didn't yet have the clarity that comes with true guidance, so I watched and waited. For weeks, I saw cars (in Phoenix) with license plates from Texas. I turned on the cooking channel, and there was a lady from Texas. Texas hints were everywhere, and yet when I dropped into my heart I did not yet have clarity... until the Wednesday night prior to the event when all of the sudden, not only the clarity in my heart but also the voices in my head said, "GO!" Everything in me suddenly knew the universe had decided it would be beneficial for me to be there. It made no logical sense at all to spend so much for a three day trip but when the heart knows something the mind cannot yet comprehend, I trust and spring into action. Within three hours I booked plane tickets, rescheduled my very gracious clients that Friday afternoon, made hotel r eservations, bought tickets to the event, got the wash going, arranged a house sitter, and packed. It was a whirlwind of flowing grace. On my way to the airport I got cut off by a bus in traffic... with Texas license plates... again!

I had jumped in the river of Grace and it was apparent at every turn on this trip. A lady on the shuttle from the parking lot to the airport mentioned her deceased parents and soon they were giving her messages through me. In the terminal, I was watching Braco live stream though the iPad and got the sudden inspiration to funnel the energy through to everyone in the terminal in need of love. I lost any sensation of having a body and instead simply felt energy coursing through my being. Even the long plane ride seemed short as I sat next to delightful individuals who entertained me with stories of their travels and adventures. I arrived in McAllen, Texas at 10:30pm, too excited to sleep. The night was warm, humid, and the wind was whipping all over so I went for a late night swim under the almost full moon, with owls dipping and zipping overhead. In the jacuzzi, two little girls who were self-proclaimed mermaids befriended me and swore me to secrecy abo ut their "special powers." I went to my room at long last, filled with excitement and the spirit of childlike play.

The synchronicities continued. I ran into wonderful people at breakfast. The gazes were blissful experiences of Oneness in which I continued to deepen my awareness of the energy. I sat next to people who wanted to talk to their deceased husbands, fathers, friends, and who needed encouragement, faith, and inspiration. I shared my own perspectives and later found out that these inspired others to receive more from the gazes as well. It was a dance of divine coordination that was non-stop. A desire for a late night cup of coffee from the lobby led me to be in the right place at the right time to make new friends, to play like a child once again, and to enjoy the best barbecue I've ever eaten! Even on Monday after the live sessions were done and there were internet sessions being broadcast, I heard voices telling me to leave my hotel room and go outside where I ran into others who had no computer and were thrilled to join me for the online gazing.

What most touched me, however, were the beautiful souls of all those present. I saw hope, faith, compassion, kindness, and a purity of hearts that reminded me of heaven. I swam in the golden light of God's love being broadcast through a pure soul and in that silence learned so much more about the depth or Presence that is required to share more love with my own clients, and the layers of silence that are to be found deep within my own Being. In a place near the border where there were plenty of reasons to see the "separations" in this world, there were no borders, no racial, religious or ethnic barriers between us. We were all equal in the One love that creates and sustains us. I was "home" in this energy. I have a burning desire to continue to share it with others.

Looking back I can see why God had me wait until the last minute before guiding me to go. I probably would have talked myself out of the trip had I received the guidance sooner. It was not exactly prudent to spend my savings, take a long journey over a short amount of time, etc. And yet it was perfect for what I needed, and perfect for what I needed to contribute. God's dance is always Divine, always benefiting everyone involved, and always woven with love.

So if you are not clear on a choice wait. When you get clarity, jump into action. Don't ask, "Why? How?" etc. Just move on your heart's clear guidance. Trust. Control is highly overrated. Surrender is bliss. As the angels often remind me, we are, after all, surrendering only to your deepest and truest Self.