Saturday, June 29, 2013

Perfection in rejection

A few weeks ago I had to get my car tires replaced. Since it was going to take an hour or so, I walked to Starbucks with the iPad and decided to get some work done. I was happily sipping my coffee, visiting with sparrows, and typing fast and furiously when a man started trying to get my attention. "You are typing so fast!" he said. "Yes," I smiled and went back to my typing. "What do you do?" he asked me. I had that feeling I have had many times when I know where the conversation will be going. "I talk to angels and dead people," I replied honestly. His eyes widened. He rolled them in disbelief, shook his head, looked away, and started talking to another woman as if I no longer existed. I resisted the urge to giggle and went back to my work. This has happened so many times.

I truly do not exist in the reality of some people, and it's perfectly fine. The reality in which I live is not one that everyone chooses to dance in right now. Sometimes I have this conversation and am guided to continue with it. Sometimes I have this conversation with people who long to know more. However, this time, it was quite clear that this man was finished with me or more accurately the reality I represent. I quietly sent him a dose of love, knowing that somehow his soul wanted a little opening - just a tiny crack in the doorway of his mind. He peeked into a new reality for just a brief second then slammed the door shut again... for now. When it is time for him to open up more, God will give him that opportunity.

Everyone has a right to live in the reality they choose. I no longer have a need to justify the reality in which I exist, therefore, I can also allow everyone else to choose their own. Their rejection of "me" is not personal. It is simply their choice to embrace a different set of beliefs.

While this is a humorous example of disagreement, there are far more serious ones that arise. So many times, for example, I see clients in incompatible relationships. If they cannot agree to love and just disagree, it is unlikely that they will remain together. The angels would rather see people move apart than be unloving towards one another.

It is possible to thoroughly disagree and still love. I have a dear friend with whom I disagree on almost everything except the fact that we are all based in love. We share our opinions freely in a way that often sounds to others like a hot debate but in reality is just an expression. I once taught a class with a friend in which we shared very different perspectives and people loved it. My brother and I differ in our spiritual beliefs and yet we love each other and respect one another's lives. My Mom and Dad often see life through different lenses, but after fifty years of marriage, they have learned to find the common ground and enjoy the things they do agree upon. I have learned to let me be myself, let others be themselves, and to simply move away from the ones that I do not resonate with enough to enjoy.

So, do your best to be honest with the world, and to make room for differences in opinion. When you get "rejected" in any way, just smile and know that you are part of the eternal dance of the universe in which people are trying to figure out where they choose to exist right now. Maybe they don't belong in your reality at this moment, and that's OK! Just be yourself and the world will sort itself out around you! Those of like mind and heart will love you and want to be around you and those who do not espouse the reality in which you live will reject you.

One of my all time favorite angel quotes - "Rejection is redirection!"

Enjoy the journey and may you get rejected/redirected kindly by all who do not belong in your life, while moving gracefully towards those who love and adore you!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I strive to live by heart in each momen, and although I do a good job of it, it seems there are always deeper levels of listening, trusting the flow of the universe, and finding more joy when I do. Heaven truly is found one moment at a time.

My recent “office day” was yet one more example of this. I have been running huge amounts of energy through my body, and have had huge intentions to return to an incredible state of heath, vibrancy, well-being, and perfect alignment. I’m ready to feel 100% amazing in this body, and the miracles to facilitate this have been occurring at a rapid rate.

So It was not too surprising that although I had intentions to edit sound files from my recent class on a recent office day, I got the urge instead to go see Dr. Shawn Warwick who is an incredible chiropractor and energy worker. I felt pretty good to begin with but knew better than to ignore such a strong feeling. So off I went. I lay on his table for two hours as he came in and out and adjusted my energy field until the flow was incredibly strong. I still didn’t know why I was there, but I left feeling great.

I went home, still intending to get some work done, but the feeling to go sit in the Butterfly Garden was overwhelmingly strong that I surrendered once again. Instead of working, I sat in silence amidst these beautiful creatures and experienced a deep, waking two-hour meditation. I came home feeling even more relaxed, peaceful, and present, without having a clue as to why my day had been reorganized for me to relax so deeply.

The answer came the following day, when all of the sudden I got up to walk and my left knee locked up in such screaming pain that I collapsed onto the floor! Strangely, I didn’t feel any fear. Something in me knew that my intentions to realign my body were being fulfilled and this just wasn’t the most graceful part of the exercise! So I lay there, like an upside down bug, with my knees bent and sticking up into mid air, contemplating my next move! I knew if I attempted to walk I’d rip something in my knee, so I just called upon my angels and the healers I know and waited for inspiration. Suddenly I had the urge to get to the nearest chair. I could not unbend my knee without excruciating pain so I waddled like a duck, reached the chair, and pulled my leg into a position that simply felt right. I sat there breathing and waiting patiently for more guidance, when suddenly, “POP!” I felt either my kneecap or a tendon snap back into a new and far more comfortable place . I got up and walked easily, feeling more aligned and balanced than I have in years! Even better, an ankle that has been somewhat locked up for years was now moving easily. My prayer for alignment was totally being answered, and all the relaxation the previous day allowed my body to shift into a new position without injury. Suddenly I felt like a marionette with all my tendons and joints popping back into a new place!

The “listening” exercises, however, weren’t over yet! I had errands to run during my lunch break so I hopped in the car. Before I even left the driveway something told me to pay attention to the fact that my car felt “bouncy.” I had recently put air in the tires, but the feeling to get them checked was so strong, that I changed plans, surrendered to the fact that my errands might not be accomplished and drove to the tire shop. “It’s a good thing you came in!” the mechanic told me. “These tires are worn down so far they aren’t even safe!” Within minutes, he scheduled an appointment to have my tires replaced a few days later. I drove off, completed my errands, and had time to eat just before my afternoon clients arrived!

I could have been in real trouble if I hadn’t relaxed the day before my knee realigned. I could have torn a ligament or tendon if I had been stiff. I could have been in real trouble had I ignored the feeling to get my tires checked. Instead, I’m standing taller, my car is safe to drive once again, and everything is being accomplished in God’s time.

So this week, trust those urges within you even when you don’t have a clue why they are there. The Creator loves you. Your angels love you. You have a team in the heavens doing everything in their power to guide you to live a more joyful and grace-filled life. It is our job simply to be present to ourselves, to listen to our hearts and guidance, and to trust

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learning from the body

As children, most of us are very connected with our bodies. Babies cry when hungry, spit out what does not taste good, and reach for what does. Often, throughout life, we learn to stop listening to this very instinctual nature and start listening to our minds. The body, as a result, often suffers.

When I was a child I remember bragging about my "iron" stomach. I would eat a huge meal, and then run to ride an amusement park ride that had me spinning upside down and around with no ill effect. I could spend hours in the sun and tan without a problem. I was active. My mom fed us well, and I was lucky to be fairly care free at a young age. Over the course of life and lessons, as many of us do. I started to judge myself, stuff emotions, and to ignore the signals of my body and soul. As many of you who have received this newsletter for years know some of my greatest lessons, for which I will be forever thankful, have been through physical pains. Those are the things I cannot ignore.

Recently however I've been feeling amazing! Due to stuffing some emotions last year, I had twisted my intestines twice. Suffice it to say I've never been in pain like that. It left my digestive system in a sad state and although I recovered to enjoy life thoroughly, I was still on a diet of fairly soft foods that were easy to digest. After enjoying the Braco gazes in February, I was completely healed and able to digest anything! I was ecstatic! However, instead of listening to my body and eating in moderation, I somehow decided that just because I could digest anything, I should be able to eat anything and everything that I wanted. After feeling the powers of heaven in that beautiful light, I wanted everything in my life to feel so sweet. I cleaned out the house. I bought myself flowers. I got rid of clothes that were not comfortable. I changed my activities to honor my need for more quiet time and time in nature. And, disregarding the voices of my body, I ate enough sugar to make up for all I had been giving up the past four years! Oh the joy of it! My inner child was ecstatic! My body was not, however. On a daily basis, I was drinking delicious coffee creations loaded with sweet flavors, eating gelato, having dark chocolate as if it were one of the major food groups, and drinking smoothies that contained enough fruit (and su gar!) to feed a grown bear. My body was trying to talk to me. "Ann, a little more protein please. A little more real food please." I heard it but feeling as if I had a right to eat so ridiculously after having years of moderation, I ignored my body. Needless to say, the sugar party didn't last long. After only a few months I came up with a skin condition on my back that was burning, itchy, and very uncomfortable.

Luckily the angel that comes through my dear friend Summer Bacon helped me out. He had me laughing at myself, and reassured me that although they could give me topical suggestions, I had to solve this condition, as with anything in life, from the inside out! My body had been trying to tell me that. Clearly it was time to listen. Once again I gave up sugar except in very small doses, proceeded to detoxify my body, and returned to a moderate and healthy style of eating. In less than two weeks, I felt amazing. My skin is healthy and I am once again talking to my body on a regular basis, asking it what it needs and wants. I am enjoying the real sweetness I crave, which is time spent feeling the energy of God flowing through me. The angels told me that I was just releasing any energies of old irritations and sure enough things that used to bother me don't even affect me anymore. It feels incredible.

So if your body is not as you wish, take a few deep breaths, shut your eyes and simply ask, "What are you trying to tell me? How can I best care for you?" If you can't yet hear your own answers, get assistance. There are wonderful health care providers, intuitives, etc. And if your body is fine, continue to nurture it and treat it with tender loving care. It is after all a great blessing to be on earth and to be human, and we do need to treat our vehicles with the respect and care they deserve.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Love is always in you

If there is one thing I know in my life, it is that we are loved so deeply, and so dearly that there is nothing any of us could ever do to separate ourselves from this love. The love of God and the angels is so different from the love of human beings. When human beings say, "I love you," often what they mean is, "I want you to love me," or "I love the way you make me feel," or "I love what you represent," or "I love what I fantasize you will be in my life," ...and so on. How rare but precious it is, when someone sees your soul and because they know their own, they can recognize the light of God within you. That is real spiritual love, and it is the most incredible gift we can give one another. That is how the angels love.

We have all "loved" for so many reasons, but in reality, real love needs no reason. Real, spiritual love is a love that simply exists within, and wants to flow through us. This love does not need love in return. It does not need acknowledgment. It does not depend on how others make us feel. It is instead a well-spring of truth within us, a feeling of fullness that must run over into the world. This love is an awareness of the light within us, and therefore the light trying to surface in every other soul on the planet.

I was not able to feel and share this love with others until I found it in myself. I had to learn to sit with God and the angels on a regular basis in silence, or to hike in nature, or to do a thousand other things that make me feel connected with life itself, in order to feel this love. I must cultivate this love, treating myself as if I know the light that lives within me, so I can know, see, and love the light that exists within all others. I no longer love people because of what they give me. I enjoy that! I delight in it and I appreciate the gifts! But I can love whether or not someone loves me because I know who and what they are, no matter what they present to me on the surface.

What if, every time you looked in the mirror, into your own eyes, you saw the light of God? I have enjoyed miraculous healings and changes in my life resulting from the healing gazes with Braco because I see the light of God shining through his eyes and as a result I feel it so much more easily within myself. However the angels have tasked me to gaze into my own eyes every day until I see and feel that very same light emanating from my own soul. They want me to enjoy it coming from others, but also to find and see it in myself. So, every day I turn on beautiful music and gaze into my own eye with tenderness until I see the lights turn on, and feel the waves of energy emanating from my own spirit. Each time I do so, I feel as if I have opened the floodgates of my heart to allow God's love to flow into the world, to me, through me, and outwards to those whose lives I attempt to touch. We must take the time to find that love for ourselves first, and then by its very nature this love will want to run through us into the world.

You are all so beautiful no matter what you are feeling now. If life is not acting yet as you wish, love yourself through it. Refrain from judging yourselves. Never, ever call yourself a failure. You are nothing less than the light and love of God striving to remember that very same truth... no matter what. I see that light within you. The angels see that light. Try to see it for yourselves, or at least acknowledge it when you can't yet feel it. Any small step towards that truth is a giant leap in the mind of God. As the saying goes, the truth will set your soul free. The truth is we are all so very perfect and beautiful, even as we grow into a greater awareness of our deepest truths. Look into your own eyes, and see for yourself...

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Opportunities to love

I have prayed recently with all my heart, "Dear God deepen my awareness of your Love within me. Allow me to love others in even more deep and profound ways." I thought I had achieved a degree of mastery with my dog Lucy when I learned to balance love for myself with loving here even when she was upset or glaring. In a beautiful way we brought the amazing, deep, and profound love between us to the surface before she passed. It was the culmination of a lifetime to feel such love with a soul who had challenged me so greatly. However, as I continued to pray this prayer, and as I experienced the divine love coming through Braco's gazes as of late, I knew I was also going to be propelled into more opportunities to love. As Oprah once said (and I am paraphrasing), When I pray for courage, I didn't get courage, I got opportunities to be courageous. As I prayed to be more loving, I knew I would receive opportunities to do so, both for myself and oth ers.

So during my class on self love, when I asked the audience to give me examples of their worst criticisms, I was not surprised when I slid down four stairs in front of the entire class en route to handing the microphone to one lady who volunteered to share with us! I was unharmed, and actually got up laughing, knowing God's hand was at work. I knew this was one of my opportunities to either criticize or love myself. I was teaching a class on self love so I chose love. Little did I know the amazing grace at work here until the wonderful woman who had courageously agreed to share, looked at me in amazement and said her worst criticism was that she was uncoordinated and sometimes clumsy! I could have apologized, felt bad, been embarrassed, switched topics, etc., but in choosing to just love and trust the incident, wonderful magic unfolded. We all saw Divine grace at work and I know this dear soul will never criticize her coordination again without thi nking of my glide down the steps!

And while this is a humorous example of how bringing love into a situation works, I have been attacked, judged, criticized, and admonished more than usual lately. Instead of taking this personally, I know it is simply my opportunity to both love, honor, and express the truth in my own heart as well as the path God has given me, while allowing others to express their truth as well. After all, God/Source expresses itself through each of us in different ways. We live in a kaleidoscope of existence with so many diverse people and pathways creating a beautiful picture of God's vast love. There are as many perspectives as there are beings upon the earth, and we can still love in spite of the differences.

I will never forget years ago when I was new to the psychic work and praying for my family to understand me. I called upon Jesus who has been a dear friend in spirit since the earthly days of my upbringing in the Catholic church. "Jesus how do I get them to understand me," I prayed. "I know you're OK with me. I feel you all the time." He appeared to me in a vision, bathed in brilliant light, and I felt his loving comfort wrapped around my entire being. "Stop trying to get them to understand you," He said. "They will understand your love." That one line, "They will understand your love," was life changing. I have done my utmost to live by it ever since. When people want to engage me in mental arguments, when loving folks with different views attack me for my angel newsletter, when people call me arrogant for choosing to honor my own truths, I remember that line, and I try with all my heart to simply allow the love that is ever present within us all to surface and create a bridge between us that needs no words. Sometimes others are willing, sometimes not, but in any case, I have loved. And while I am not perfect in this and there will always be more to learn, the more I love, the more I feel wonderful. The more life works. The more I tap into the river of God's grace, that I not only have written about but love to live within.

People have written me often saying, "I DO love, but all I get in return is to be used or dumped on." And while I understand the feeling, and used to feel that way myself, I have come to know that when we "love" with an agenda to be loved back, this isn't really love. This is a currency of sorts. "I give you something. You give me something." However, the love the angels speak of is different. It is an acknowledgment of your own heart as being valid and correct for your own path. It is a willingness to take rsponsibility for and honor what you find within yourseslf, while at the same time acknowledging that which others choose to embrace for themselvs is right for their own soul's growth. It is a deeper understanding of the common phrase, "Live and let live."

Do your best. If all else fails, be kind to yourselfeven in the depths of your humanity. We are all works in progress, growing and expanding into greater awareness of who we really are.