Saturday, December 07, 2013

Good is everywhere!

I love the holidays! It is a time when my playful and creative spirit comes to the surface and spills over. I have been known to "elf" people by making wreaths that I then stick on their doors late at night, leaving them to be found the next morning. I like to carry candy canes in my purse and give them to the clerks at the stores. I swap recipes with strangers in the grocery store. I share my home with friends, make homemade goodies, and allow myself to sit on the couch and watch happy Christmas movies. I share a little more deeply with people, and I can't stop thinking about how to create beauty in the lives of all those I care about. The seaon gives us all a reason to love a little bit more, to look a little more deeply for the good in others, and to draw from our hearts the good that is always there just waiting to be shared.

There is a human tendency to focus on what is wrong with the world or wrong with our lives. And yet how much more beautiful to look at what is right. I've told this story before. I was in a store when a lady was complaining loudly to the poor young clerk who could not fix her problem. I silently looked for something good in this woman and saw laugh lines on her face. "At least you have a sense of humor," I telepathically sent her soul the message. She stopped, looked at the clerk and said something to the effect of, "Well, I guess we just have to laugh at this!" I could hardly believe it! Another time I had run to the store to get some supplies for a spontaneous trip. I heard two girls loudly arguing about what sort of bug spray to get to prevent bedbugs! Their discussion was so loud and went on so long, I knew the angels were trying to reach me. "Ok God, NO bedbugs for me!" I prayed. Sure enough some folks in the hotel where I stayed got b ed bugs, but I did not. These girls, whom most would have considered obnoxious were a good warning in my life, even as they struggled to keep their own travels easier! The glass is always half empty and, at the same time, half full... what will we focus upon?

When we look for the good in another, we draw it forth. When we look for the good in our world, we empower it. When we focus upon something we give it our energy, our light, and the most precious gift of our present moment in time. I no longer want to waste precious moments of life focusing on what is wrong with this world. Instead the angels have taught me to look around, or as Jesus said, "turn the other cheek," and look for what is good in the hearts and souls of human beings. It certainly makes our lives a lot happier, and as we shine this light of our acknowledgment upon others they just might step into greater light themselves.