Saturday, October 05, 2013

Others affect but don't control you

I have been affected by the decisions of others many times in my life, as we all have. Some of you have heard this story. Years ago, I dated a man who ran off with $2000 that he owed me. I let him go but was carrying the burden of feeling like there were a million other things I needed that money for. I tried to put it behind me, but in truth was feeling lack. I went on a hike and prayed, "God how do I make more money?" Forgive your ex-boyfriend they told me. I got irate. "I'm not talking about him! I need to make more money." They persisted until finally they lovingly but strongly told me I was making him my God. I was blaming him for my lack, instead of turning to the true source of all abundance. He may have taken from me, but I was forgetting the loving Presence of the One who could give back. They were right. I contacted him the next day and said something to the effect of, "I forgive you the debt you owe me. If you have a conscience you can explain it to God at the end of your life but I'm letting go of all ties with you." It felt SO freeing. Surprisingly, I got a check in the mail from him the next week. I think I was the only woman he ever paid back. Additionally, God gifted me with wonderful new class ideas and blessings in so many forms.

Likewise a few years ago a dear one in my life went through a breakdown and projected quite a bit of pain onto me. For awhile I allowed it and tried to "help" but after it started affecting my health, the angels again lovingly and firmly told me to let go of the unhealthy dance. I did so. It wasn't easy. I felt guilty for awhile. But later I heard that this soul ended up growing because of my decision, and I immediately began to feel healthy and happy once again. I could have looked back and felt victimized and upset, because in truth I deserved kinder treatment, but instead, I was able to see the pain that caused this interaction, to let go, and to turn back to God for my joy. New friendships formed, and I am happier than I've ever been. If God's love leaves you in the form of one who is no longer resonant with your heart, God's love will appear in another more perfect for who you are now. After all, whether people realize what they are made of or not, we are all the many faces of this love.

We do have choice. We can allow others to continue to affect us long after their choices are made, or we can turn to God once again and ask that this Love fix our lives, our hearts, our bodies, minds, and souls. As the angels always remind me, "Ann! God moves the stars in the heavens and turns the seasons! He can certainly manage your life." This always makes me smile. How can we even imagine that we have to handle anything alone?

So this week, try to see where you give others your power to be happy, healthy, abundant, etc., and try to turn back to God again and again and give that power to its rightful source. Even if someone cuts you off in traffic, you can not to give away your joy. That is between you and God alone!