Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don't settle, create miracles!

I have been doing this exercise quite a bit lately. The heart energies I experience in the gazes with Braco (going on LIVE this weekend Sat-Monday and via live stream - see below) are so profoundly loveing that in that space it is easy to focus on all good things. And in that space, good things come so easily - healing, life flowing smoothly, etc.

A few weeks ago I dropped out of this space. As I wrote last week I worked very hard on my vacation to change a lifelong pattern of reacting to my dad's mannerisms. It wasn't easy. And honestly I got upset with myself for not handling it better at first. The energies I play in are too strong for me to beat myself up. The day after I got home I woke up with the worst flu I have had in years. I don't catch colds or flu's often so it got me by surprise. My throat felt like fire. My chest was burning. I was hot and cold. My head was throbbing, and my entire body felt like I had taken a beating. I started down a traditional line of thinking, "Oh no, I just got back. I have to work. I don't want to cancel clients that have been waiting forever. I have so many fun things coming up and now they're ruined..."

Suddenly spiritual sanity set in and I thought to myself, "I know how I created this and I can stop it right now. I don't have to suffer and I'm not going to." The gazes with Braco in the past helped greatly. I remembered the love of God that I felt there and I focused on that love. I forgave myself for being so hard on myself. And then I dropped into my heart as the angels advised in the meditation above, and I focused with every ounce of my willpower and imagination on feeling wonderful. I remembered breathing easily, swallowing easily, swimming, hiking, etc. Suddenly the heat in my hands began to burn. I put them on my throat. Heat flamed throughout my throat, chest, and head, and within minutes the burning throat and chest were reduced to just a minor irritation. I did this on and off all day and the next. I rested and every time I had an "oh no" thought about this condition I stopped, dropped into my heart, and focused on feeling well. Within two day s what could have been a nasty three week virus was almost completely gone. The angels told me I was not contagious and I was able to work! I was so excited.

You don't have to accept suffering as a way of life in any area of your life. But you do have to exercise some mental muscles to overcome our conditioned way of being which is to accept it, focus upon it, worry about it, and therefore anchor it more deeply into our reality. Instead drop into your heart as the angels advise above and focus on what you DO want to have in your life. This is not denial. I rested and took all my natural remedies, knowing my body needed assistance, but I also decided not to catastrophize, worry, or focus unduly on the current condition - just enough to handle it. Then with every ounce of willpower I focused away from the bad feelings and inwardly to those that were better. It works. In a way you are sending your spirit into the desired realitly by using all of your senses to imagine it. In that moment of being in the heart and stepping into the desired future, everything pulls you towards it. Don't ask, "Is it working? Did I do it right?&q uot; Don't check for symptoms of the old mess. Do handle what is in front of you but then soon as you can focus on imagining yourself in the desired future. It truly is a powerful way to live!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Being who we are, allowing others to be

As I walk through the forest in the summer, I am always in awe of the hundreds of shades of green, and the diversity of the textures of the plants and leaves. It would be pretty boring if there were only one color or one type of plant. Instead I see a diverse ecosystem where everything from the towering pine to the rotting fallen tree on the forest floor serves a purpose and has a reason to be.

We are like that too, according to the angels and yet, at times, when you interact with someone whose way of being is different than your own, it can be a challenge to find that balance between allowing yourself to be who you are and allowing them to be who they are as well. If you can master this with someone who is not in agreement with you, that's really an achievement.

I thought I had achieved a degree of mastery in allowing myself and others to be and in truth I have, but the real test came last week when I spent a glorious week on an Alaskan cruise with my dear parents who celebrated their fiftieth anniversary this year. I was so excited to go and to see them, that I couldn't wait! So it was with some shock and upset that I remembered at times when we interacted that my dad and I, in spite of our many similarities, have a few glaring differences, that arise out of the necessity of our being. He was a Captain in the navy reserves - a job that calls for barking orders and having others follow them immediately. He is by nature a leader. I am such a sensitive soul that words spoken harshly even if not aimed at me in anger often feel like a slap or a punch in the gut. So the first time my dad spoke strongly to me, I found myself, much to my great upset and embarrassment reacting in an angry and defensive way. He didn't mean a thing by it, but it still didn't feel good. I saw a lifelong pattern that I had of reacting to this and knew it had to stop.

So I did what the angels taught me to do. I took some quiet time and allowed myself my feelings in private. I prefer kinder conversation, but I had to come to grips with the fact that while we often had this between us there would be times when we would not. I knew there were times when we would not always make the same choices, even when walking from point A to point B. I decided as the angels often say, that it is better to be loving than right, and really what is "right" anyway but "right for yourself" and "right for the other." So, not altogether gracefully, but eventually in a way that worked, I reminded myself that dad's way of speaking did not mean anything personal. I know he loves me very much and I focused on that. I reminded myself that while my own way of being involves meandering according to my heart in the moment, his as a scientist involves doing things the logical way. I surrendered to the logic reminding myself that a loving interaction is ultimatel y what the heart wants more than anything. My ego had to take a back seat. It turned out to be a loving and beautiful trip.

So when your way of being is at odds with another you have many options. You can part ways. You can initiate a conversation if that is possible and come to a compromise, or you can simply let someone else be in charge for a short while. There is no clear right vs. wrong here, only a need to drop into your heart and pick the path that feels most right to you. It is a waste of time to try to change the essence of who you are or the essence of who another is. However you can if you like, alter your behavior without altering your heart. In some cases I would walk away from these behaviors, but in the case of my family, this is not what was deepest in my heart.

Love is ultimately who we are, and ultimately we can always be that :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Guilt free!

Sometimes reaching the next step in our evolution involves crossing a few rocky areas in our consciousness. I have been praying to channel God's healing love and energy in ever expanding ways and I know this means I have to clean out any illusions that make me feel undeserving or incapable of that. Water cannot flow clearly through an crusted pipe and pure spiritual energy cannot flow as easily through a soul still clinging to to anything less than love. As I have often said, spiritual growth is not for the faint of heart!

A few weeks ago I prayed for the root causes of any tension in my body to be exposed, shown to me, and healed. Old stuffed tears came up. The angels told me I was still allowing guilt to plague me. "Guilt? About what?" I asked. I couldn't imagine. "All sorts of things," they replied. I couldn't see it. "Show me then," I asked, remembering at the last moment to add, "kindly please."

The following, through a comedy of errors, which were half guided, I missed an appointment I really wanted. The next Wednesday due to a temporary distraction, I backed into another car in a parking lot. In both cases, my automatic reaction was to feel horrible about inconveniencing another human being. I live to uplift people, not disrupt their days. "Meet your guilt Ann," the angels kindly suggested. I've had no guilt about mistakes that only affect my life, but I saw clearly how I have harbored guilt about "mistakes" of mine that seem to adversely affect someone else.

I saw it. I stopped it, and prayed for abundant blessings for the souls involved in my "mistakes," both of whom could not have been more gracious, kind, compassionate, and understanding. In fact I have had far less loving interactions with people whom I've helped. In both cases, they did not allow my "mistake" to ruin their days. Furthermore, the car repair place ended up being three miles from home. The estimate took a half hour. The insurance company handled everything including my rental car and other than an expensive deductible which I will just pay off in time, the entire incident took less than a total of two hours of my life. Guilt would have propelled me into crazy mental dramas. Just handling things was easy.

God/Source cares deeply about each and every one of us. When things look "wrong," look again. Look at your prayers, your intentions. Maybe there is something to learn in these so-called "mistakes" and "wrongs." I still do not like inconveniencing other human beings. I still would rather not make what we call "mistakes" but I have seen quite clearly that the guilt I used to automatically enter into was not only not necessary, but highly unproductive. Better to live, learn, move on, and save my precious energy for doing more good in the world. Better not to let guilt dim my light. Live, learn, move on. And a bit of my humor from the angels - one of my all-time favorites…. "Ann, if you're standing in the toilet… don't flush!"

So next time you start engaging in guilt, stop it. Ask yourself simply, "What do I have to learn here?" Don't even bother to analyze why you feel guilty, whether or not you should feel guilty, etc. That can distract you from the real issue, which is simple. "What did I learn?" And when the lessons are learned, congratulation yourself. Celebrate! You just got a little closer to the truth of your soul... guilt-free.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stop, drop, & roll

When I was a little girl, we learned a mantra in case we were ever in a fire, "Stop, drop, and roll." I now humorously think this applies to life too. When we find ourselves confused, consumed with worry, or feeling "off," try to remember this. Stop what you are doing. It isn't working anyway. Drop into your hear and see what you find in there. What is it you really want to be doing now? Roll with it! Do what you really want to do as soon as you are humanly able to do so.

I woke up feeling "off" a few weeks ago. I realized that it was because my to do list was so huge I didn't have a clue how I was going to fit everything in and I had immediately started to formulate plans in my mind upon awakening. I hadn't done my morning meditation, nor had I allowed myself to wake up slowly. Instead I had jumped out of bed and sprung into hurried action. Not good! So I stopped right then and there, knowing that this sort of energy was not going to support a grace-filled day. I dropped into my heart and realized I wanted to slow down and have breakfast on the patio. I rolled with that and a mere fifteen minutes of outdoor time, reset my spirit. The rest of the day was blissful, beautiful, and highly productive.

I have used these principles in far more serious situations. Years ago when I realized I didn't want to be an engineer forever I was panic'd about creating a new job – so much so that I made a fool of myself trying to procure one. After one particularly unproductive phone call, I stopped. I realized that I was not going to figure this out on my own. I dropped into my heart and realized I wanted to hike a local mountain, and I wanted to know what to do next. I rolled with it and on the top of that mountain, looking down at the numerous paths below, I got my answer. I realized that God could see a path to my desired life from a higher perspective, whereas I had been on one road, seeing only one possible path, and feeling trapped. After that day I surrendered, stopped trying to figure out what I was going to do with my future, and decided to trust. The rest is history and here I am today, in a career I love. It didn't happen because I planned it. It happened because I s topped trying to control my life, dropped into my heart, and rolled with it, trusting God would guide me.

So the next time you start feeling off center or disconnected from your spirit, remember, "Stop, drop, and roll!" Stop for am minute. Relax and breathe. Drop into your heart and see what it really longs for. Roll with that as soon as you are humanly able. When we do this, we recalibrate our energy to align with our spirit. We realign with the streams of grace. And we enter a far kinder, more loving reality once again.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

A natural flow

There is a lot that I wish to accomplish this lifetime, and sometimes the mundane chores of life seem to get in the way. After years of old programming, I have to remind myself that nothing need get in the way of creating a loving reality, not matter how much I have to do. I drop into my heart and trust the moment and then things really do get done.

Last weekend for example, I had all sorts of plans for work, and many got done early, but around lunch time, my day was interrupted by the angels who suggested I go to a nearby thrift store. They make me laugh. When God wants me to rest, the angels know just the way to get me to do so. They entice me with nature, butterflies, good food, or bargains! Anyway off to the thrift store I went, where I discovered several items I'd been wanting at a price so low I couldn't make them for that price. I came home energized and was able to get even more done.

A few days prior I was at the gym on the treadmill where the angels gave me an inner vision of everyone being guided by streams of energy - things that called to their hearts, pulling them in a certain direction. I watched the people in the gym and could see quite clearly which ones were in their streams, flowing effortlessly from one piece of equipment or person to the next vs. which ones were in their heads, pushing through life. I have pushed through life in the past. I no longer have any desire to do that.

A few times a year I take inventory of all my activities, making sure that I am doing them from love, not habit. I ask myself if there is anything I can do in a more loving way, because in truth life changes and we change and grow too. I find that this simple exercise keeps me tuned in to my own streams of grace. This is why my newsletter got a makeover. I finally had the desire to create greater simplicity for myself and everyone who receives this.

Sometimes we think we need to do things a certain way and yet when we loosen up, drop into our hearts, and do what calls to us first, then there is indeed a natural flow to life. Give it a try and see how it feels. It has made my life infinitely more pleasant while still being very productive.