Saturday, June 01, 2013

Opportunities to love

I have prayed recently with all my heart, "Dear God deepen my awareness of your Love within me. Allow me to love others in even more deep and profound ways." I thought I had achieved a degree of mastery with my dog Lucy when I learned to balance love for myself with loving here even when she was upset or glaring. In a beautiful way we brought the amazing, deep, and profound love between us to the surface before she passed. It was the culmination of a lifetime to feel such love with a soul who had challenged me so greatly. However, as I continued to pray this prayer, and as I experienced the divine love coming through Braco's gazes as of late, I knew I was also going to be propelled into more opportunities to love. As Oprah once said (and I am paraphrasing), When I pray for courage, I didn't get courage, I got opportunities to be courageous. As I prayed to be more loving, I knew I would receive opportunities to do so, both for myself and oth ers.

So during my class on self love, when I asked the audience to give me examples of their worst criticisms, I was not surprised when I slid down four stairs in front of the entire class en route to handing the microphone to one lady who volunteered to share with us! I was unharmed, and actually got up laughing, knowing God's hand was at work. I knew this was one of my opportunities to either criticize or love myself. I was teaching a class on self love so I chose love. Little did I know the amazing grace at work here until the wonderful woman who had courageously agreed to share, looked at me in amazement and said her worst criticism was that she was uncoordinated and sometimes clumsy! I could have apologized, felt bad, been embarrassed, switched topics, etc., but in choosing to just love and trust the incident, wonderful magic unfolded. We all saw Divine grace at work and I know this dear soul will never criticize her coordination again without thi nking of my glide down the steps!

And while this is a humorous example of how bringing love into a situation works, I have been attacked, judged, criticized, and admonished more than usual lately. Instead of taking this personally, I know it is simply my opportunity to both love, honor, and express the truth in my own heart as well as the path God has given me, while allowing others to express their truth as well. After all, God/Source expresses itself through each of us in different ways. We live in a kaleidoscope of existence with so many diverse people and pathways creating a beautiful picture of God's vast love. There are as many perspectives as there are beings upon the earth, and we can still love in spite of the differences.

I will never forget years ago when I was new to the psychic work and praying for my family to understand me. I called upon Jesus who has been a dear friend in spirit since the earthly days of my upbringing in the Catholic church. "Jesus how do I get them to understand me," I prayed. "I know you're OK with me. I feel you all the time." He appeared to me in a vision, bathed in brilliant light, and I felt his loving comfort wrapped around my entire being. "Stop trying to get them to understand you," He said. "They will understand your love." That one line, "They will understand your love," was life changing. I have done my utmost to live by it ever since. When people want to engage me in mental arguments, when loving folks with different views attack me for my angel newsletter, when people call me arrogant for choosing to honor my own truths, I remember that line, and I try with all my heart to simply allow the love that is ever present within us all to surface and create a bridge between us that needs no words. Sometimes others are willing, sometimes not, but in any case, I have loved. And while I am not perfect in this and there will always be more to learn, the more I love, the more I feel wonderful. The more life works. The more I tap into the river of God's grace, that I not only have written about but love to live within.

People have written me often saying, "I DO love, but all I get in return is to be used or dumped on." And while I understand the feeling, and used to feel that way myself, I have come to know that when we "love" with an agenda to be loved back, this isn't really love. This is a currency of sorts. "I give you something. You give me something." However, the love the angels speak of is different. It is an acknowledgment of your own heart as being valid and correct for your own path. It is a willingness to take rsponsibility for and honor what you find within yourseslf, while at the same time acknowledging that which others choose to embrace for themselvs is right for their own soul's growth. It is a deeper understanding of the common phrase, "Live and let live."

Do your best. If all else fails, be kind to yourselfeven in the depths of your humanity. We are all works in progress, growing and expanding into greater awareness of who we really are.