Saturday, June 15, 2013

Learning from the body

As children, most of us are very connected with our bodies. Babies cry when hungry, spit out what does not taste good, and reach for what does. Often, throughout life, we learn to stop listening to this very instinctual nature and start listening to our minds. The body, as a result, often suffers.

When I was a child I remember bragging about my "iron" stomach. I would eat a huge meal, and then run to ride an amusement park ride that had me spinning upside down and around with no ill effect. I could spend hours in the sun and tan without a problem. I was active. My mom fed us well, and I was lucky to be fairly care free at a young age. Over the course of life and lessons, as many of us do. I started to judge myself, stuff emotions, and to ignore the signals of my body and soul. As many of you who have received this newsletter for years know some of my greatest lessons, for which I will be forever thankful, have been through physical pains. Those are the things I cannot ignore.

Recently however I've been feeling amazing! Due to stuffing some emotions last year, I had twisted my intestines twice. Suffice it to say I've never been in pain like that. It left my digestive system in a sad state and although I recovered to enjoy life thoroughly, I was still on a diet of fairly soft foods that were easy to digest. After enjoying the Braco gazes in February, I was completely healed and able to digest anything! I was ecstatic! However, instead of listening to my body and eating in moderation, I somehow decided that just because I could digest anything, I should be able to eat anything and everything that I wanted. After feeling the powers of heaven in that beautiful light, I wanted everything in my life to feel so sweet. I cleaned out the house. I bought myself flowers. I got rid of clothes that were not comfortable. I changed my activities to honor my need for more quiet time and time in nature. And, disregarding the voices of my body, I ate enough sugar to make up for all I had been giving up the past four years! Oh the joy of it! My inner child was ecstatic! My body was not, however. On a daily basis, I was drinking delicious coffee creations loaded with sweet flavors, eating gelato, having dark chocolate as if it were one of the major food groups, and drinking smoothies that contained enough fruit (and su gar!) to feed a grown bear. My body was trying to talk to me. "Ann, a little more protein please. A little more real food please." I heard it but feeling as if I had a right to eat so ridiculously after having years of moderation, I ignored my body. Needless to say, the sugar party didn't last long. After only a few months I came up with a skin condition on my back that was burning, itchy, and very uncomfortable.

Luckily the angel that comes through my dear friend Summer Bacon helped me out. He had me laughing at myself, and reassured me that although they could give me topical suggestions, I had to solve this condition, as with anything in life, from the inside out! My body had been trying to tell me that. Clearly it was time to listen. Once again I gave up sugar except in very small doses, proceeded to detoxify my body, and returned to a moderate and healthy style of eating. In less than two weeks, I felt amazing. My skin is healthy and I am once again talking to my body on a regular basis, asking it what it needs and wants. I am enjoying the real sweetness I crave, which is time spent feeling the energy of God flowing through me. The angels told me that I was just releasing any energies of old irritations and sure enough things that used to bother me don't even affect me anymore. It feels incredible.

So if your body is not as you wish, take a few deep breaths, shut your eyes and simply ask, "What are you trying to tell me? How can I best care for you?" If you can't yet hear your own answers, get assistance. There are wonderful health care providers, intuitives, etc. And if your body is fine, continue to nurture it and treat it with tender loving care. It is after all a great blessing to be on earth and to be human, and we do need to treat our vehicles with the respect and care they deserve.