Saturday, May 25, 2013

Helping as guided...

I did not find out about the tornadoes in Oklahoma until I was in a chat room during the Braco live streams. A woman mentioned that she was there and the sirens were going off but she was fine. Her heart was peace in the storm and her home and family were mercifully unaffected. You see stories in every disaster of houses being spared by tornadoes in strange ways,and stories of people in hurricanes whose houses wash away, but who are miraculously tossed into safe spaces. I have a friend who long ago was spared almost certain death as waves of a wildfire in California miraculously went around the house where she was trapped and praying. We too can be peace in the storms of life. We too can have the faith that no harm comes to us unless we have something to learn or contribute through the experience. And when our lives are going well and we witness others going through sometimes unthinkable disasters and pain, we can be the angels who offer hope, relief, and compassion.

So how do you know what to give and when? Like many others, when I watched the recent tornadoes from the safety of my own solid home, I felt a mixture of both fascination and awe with the powers of nature, a sense of gratitude for my peaceful life, and huge waves of compassion for those affected. I wanted to reach out and hold some of those people in my arms, but instead I sent my soul and prayed for them to feel the ever loving embrace of God rise up within them. When I am guided I donate money. After one disaster, before I had even paid my own bills I heard the angels giving me a specific large amount to contribute. I wrote the check without thought, knowing my needs would be met as well. After the hurricane back east last year I was guided to connect those with supplies and those in need, even though I was nowhere near the area. Trust, that you will know what to do.

So when you see the tough things going on in the world, quiet your minds. Drop into your hearts. Ask a simple question, "God/Source what do you want me to do here?" You may get nothing. In that case, the answer is, "Nothing." You may get pray, play, contribute, etc. Trust your own heart and your own guidance. It may not seem like "enough" but trust again and always that the power that moves the stars in the heavens can coordinate the gifts of those "who have" with the requirements of those "who need."

I know that by continuing to celebrate my happy life, while at the same time offering immense light, love, compassion, and contributions as guided, this will be the way I can uplift souls. Some are guided to fly in and shelter or feed others. Some are guided to pray. Some are guided to counsel or console. Many are not guided to do a thing in one case or another. Your love in any aspect of your life, whether directly related to the disaster or not, contributes to the greater good of humanity.

So if you are affected, we send you great love and acknowledge you for your strength and for demonstrating the best the human spirit has to offer. And if you are not affected, ask if there is anything you can do to love those who have been affected. Listen to the still small voice of you heart, for this is where we connect with the One Love that binds us all together.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Being me leads to serving you

I've had a lot of me in my life lately. That means a lot of things going on because I love my job, I love teaching my classes, and lately I've loved the experience of gazing with Braco, the healer I've been talking about. Healer may not be the accurate term. I'd say he's a tuning fork that resonates you up into the highest light you can reach at the time.

So although I had to prepare for my class this week I still took two days to go see him in person and times to do the live-streams on the internet. It is Monday as I write this and I know I'm in for a packed week. I also know that by honoring my heart in all ways, the class will be better than I could have made it had I not! After all, it is a class on self love and practicing what I preach gives me the ability to teach with greater authenticity.

It took a long time for me to unlearn old habits. I had to learn that if I took care of my own joy and well being that I would be able to serve in deeper and more authentic ways. When I thought I had to answer hundreds of emails a day all day in every spare minute, I got hundreds of emails. When I got sane and decided to answer only a few times a day or when I felt like it, then I got nicer and fewer emails. When I thought I had to work seven days a week, I did, and burnt out. When I listened to the angels and cut back, my life got sane,the bills still got paid, and now I find other ways to contribute to the world through inspiration that inspires me right back.

A times it does take unlearning old habits to put more YOU in your life. You have to decide that you are equal to everyone else. You have to remember God loves you as much as everyone else. You have to make a decision to trust in ways you might not have trusted before, that if perhaps you goof off insted of doing the chores, they will go more smoothly later! Or if you say "no" to something you really did not want to do, eveyrone will be fine. Real friends will stay; others will drop away when you are more YOU. The greatest service is achieved when you serve from the heart, not from a fear that you are a bad person if you don't.

So try this week to see how you can put a little more you in your life. In doing so, you will find that things will ultimately flow more smoothly. You will attract the people who really belong, and you never know... it might just lead to all sorts of ideas about new careers as well. I didn't intend to talk to angels. It was simply by exploring my own interests that I ended up here. Often I see people who start businesses that were once hobbies in the kitchen, or they meet future employers while volunteering at things they love. The universe loves love, and if you choose to honor yourself you will get the honest echo back in miraculous fashion!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finding it on the inside

I remember the days when I was looking for love in all the wrong places. I met my first spiritual teacher on September 3, 1993. Through her, I experienced the energy of God, tangibly, for the first time. It was what I had been searching for my entire life. In that instant, I knew I would never be the same. My calling was calling. My heart was opened to a greater truth. And suddenly everything I thought had value in my life looked worthless compared to learning about and sharing this energy. I knew who I was and what I was to do for the first time. Within three years, my entire life was torn apart. My marriage of nine years dissolved. I quit my successful engineering career with its nice salary and prestige, and I became psychic in the window at a local bookstore making $6 after taxes, a day, if I was lucky. I was terrified half the time, but knew this path was not optional. God had planted its seeds in my heart and they would grow.

In the process of all this change I lost every single friend in my life but one dear one who remains today. My parents didn't know what to do with me. My mother feared for my soul, and my father was concerned about my ability to support myself. My brother, a devoutly religious man, was concerned that I was dancing with deception. I went from being totally socially acceptable and validated by every person in my life to having to stand strong in God's love and in the arms of the angels while everyone else I'd ever cared about dropped away or thought I was crazy. God's love sustained me, even through the most difficult of lessons.

At first I sought out validation in others. I dated "spiritual" men who turned out to be sociopaths who helped me beat myself up. I looked to others to make me feel good about myself, only to have them make me feel worse. I finally got the point - I had to learn to love myself. I had to give myself the validation I was seeking in the world. After all, God had planted a seed and a calling in my heart and my job was not to seek approval but rather to allow this love, energy, and wisdom to flow through me as it desired to do so.

So I sat in that bookstore and trusted that if only one person came to me, that was the person God wanted to love through me that day. In time the days became packed. I taught one-person classes if only one showed up and I gave that person the full force of my love the angels' wisdom. In time I have spoken at conferences with some of the most famous authors on the planet. When I stopped needing validation, I got it. When I stopped needing love from others and learned to find it inside, I found it mirrored everywhere. When I stopped caring if others acknowledged or even agreed with me, I was able to embrace other perspectives and choose love whether or not someone else loved me. It truly is a reality of heaven on earth, once you find what you are seeking from within. It takes persistence, work, the willingness to receive help, and always a recognition that God is within all things, and all people --- including you :)

This is why I am teaching Magical Self Love once again. When you discover the divinity within - beyond concept, beyond thought, and as a feeling of goodness and truth inside of yourself, then you are set free. I feel so grateful these days. You have walked with me on this journey, witnessed my own dives into the darkness, and I hope shared the highs as well. We are all in one beautiful school called earth and I feel so grateful to share it with you.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Love from within

Lately I have been feeling the love of God in every facet of my life. My days have been magical, easy, and blessed by greater joy rising up within my heart than ever before. My errands and work are getting done in a beautiful flow, and I feel God's presence rising up in my heart spilling over in every area of my life. My doggies in heaven are ever present and I feel a connection with life that is beyond description. I am thanking God with every breath.

This magic didn't come to me by magic however. It came because I sought to bring this love to the surface in some of the most emotionally and physically trying times of my life over the last several years. Most of you have heard of my doggie adventures. For the last four years I have cared for elder dogs - first Bruno, then Lucy - until they transitioned in beauty into the higher realms. I slept on the couch for years so I could let them out easily at night. I did 5-10 loads of laundry a day, prepared special meals, helped them walk, and spent thousands on their care. Bruno howled at me impatiently for my attention during the last several months of his life, and Lucy glared at me on a regular basis for the last thirteen years when she did not get her way. In many ways, I laid down my life to care for these two beings whom I dearly loved, and I would do it again if I had to. Honestly, however, I didn't always do it with the greatest love. There were many times when I was exhausted, short on patience, and not always convinced I was worthy of the love of God in these lesser moments. I knew better. I didn't always feel it.

However after years of working with the angels, I knew that I had to set aside these feelings that I was anything less than the pure love and light of God, as we all are. I learned to have compassion for myself as a human being. I had to find love when love was not easy - both for myself, and at times for my glaring little furry girl. I had to find a strength that came, not from sleep but from tapping into the endless source of creation. And I had to trust, trust, trust, that God who animates and cares for all creation would take care of the financial needs as I watched my money flow out the door and down the laundry. I had to learn that being true to myself, my deeper and more loving self, would also catalyze the growth and movement in others around me.

In the end I learned to find God's love within me, so strongly that I could bring it to the surface no matter what - for both myself, my dogs, people who hated me and those who loved me. Within weeks of finally managing this level of mastery, God sent me to Braco whose powerful healing energy gave me the strength to love through the final challenging months of Lucy's life, and through whom the power that runs the universe reached into my heart to wash away my grief. I was gifted on the outside with the Divine love I had found within - magnified and deepened in ways I had not thought possible. I was granted healing of my body, relief from guilt and sadness, and a sustaining force of light that I can now share more deeply with others.

So even when you find yourself in circumstances where it is hard to love, love yourself. When you are not your best, choose to be compassionate to yourself. When you are tired, be kind to yourself and sit with God and the angels, simply breathing, and asking to be recharged. And endless source of energy flows through all of creation. We can tap into it. An endless source of love is available. It is inside of us. An endless source of inspiration is provided in the form of others who need the love you have to offer. Offer it.

The rewards are worth the work. Since Lucy's passing, the love she, Bruno, and I have shared is beyond description. I spend time with them in spirit every day. We have gone hiking, visited friends, and swirled in and out of each others' souls. My days are flowing with a grace and ease that started even when times were much harder. My dog's passing did not render my life beautiful. Love rendered my life beautiful. And while there were many times in the past that Lucy and I could have done better, I choose to focus only upon the love we did find for one another, for in the end this is the only thing that matters.

So this week, be kind to yourselves no matter what the circumstances and challenges of your lives. Be true to your own hearts first, knowing that as you are, all those around you will grow. Be compassionate with yourselves. It is not a sin to be human. It is a glorious opportunity to deepen our awareness of the Love that we are.