Friday, April 05, 2013

Miracles happen when you release expectations

This past Easter weekend absolutely nothing went as expected. A caulking job I expected to take only a few hours on Saturday was interrupted so many times that I had to finish it Easter morning. A handy man I had expected to do a good job years ago had made a horrible mess of it and at the time I was so steeped in expectations and upsets that I didn't see the obvious solution which would have been to call him back to fix it. I expected to at least have a nice brunch with Lucy, my little old Labrador, on Easter and instead ended up doing laundry for her while she pouted and glared at me because her lunch was late. I knew I had to release my expectations quickly and embrace the present or I was going to sink into self-pity. So I did what I always do when I am in need of help. I prayed. "Please help me with Lucy. I love her. I want to find a way to convince her I DO love her even when she doesn't get her way. I'm doing everything in my power not to f eel bad when she glares at me, but I need help." I felt the warmth and presence of angels.

After going into what I call a "conference" in which I see the angels talking amongst themselves about the best way to guide me, I heard one say, "Give Lucy her own Facebook page." You should have seen the look on my face! "Really?" I started to laugh out loud. The idea was hilarious! I continued to question my heavenly helpers, "And what do I say on it? I made mom do six loads of laundry before lunch?" I was still giggling at the thought. "Channel her sweet spirit," they told me. "Tap into the reality of her soul. You'll see!" So I proceeded to give my dog her own Facebook page. I quieted my mind and tapped into her soul, and connected with the sweet little innocent puppy girl who just wanted to be loved. By the end of the night she had over one hundred friends! I have been laughing ever since. People are writing to her, asking her questions, posting pictures of their dogs to show her, and h aving wonderful conversations. I quiet my mind, tune into her soul and let her spirit answer. I read her the loving posts... and she smiles! There's even a picture of her on Facebook admiring her page on the iPad!

Now when she glares at me every morning and most days after work, I get inside her dog brain and want to just laugh! Its like tuning into a cantankerous two year old. When I start feeling uppity about messes and laundry I look through her eyes and laugh myself silly. The expectations are gone. Now I exist in a state of wonder as in, I wonder what she will say about this! She is always sweet to others so if you need a dose of dog love or dog wisdom on Facebook, you can LIKE her here. As her personal assistant I do try to keep up channeling answers to her posts

And while this is all very silly and fun, the truth is that as I released my expectations I opened up to a crazy solution that has changed my attitude and made my life infinitely more enjoyable. After four years without two consecutive nights of eight hours sleep and enough laundry for a hotel, I'm still smiling. In fact I'm rolling with laughter lately. My body is healing in ways I never expected thanks to the encounter with Braco in February (more on that in another article). I'm motivated to exercise now, and also to fix a number of little annoying things around the house. I'm slowly working at a book that may take longer than I expected... and its all good!

Life is life. Others are who they are. We are who we are in any given moment. Let life be. Let others "be." And then knowing who you are, right here and right now, make your intentions to the universe clear and leave your expectations behind. You may just get a solution to your life's challenges that is as crazy and wonderful as the one I just received!