Saturday, March 16, 2013

Will for love

Sometimes I have no clue why the angels write what they do. Other times I feel as if I am getting a loving lecture. This was one of those times. I got up last weekend so excited! I had two whole days with nothing planned. It was a perfect rainy day and I was really looking forward to staying inside and writing. I set the alarm clock late, looking forward to a delicious morning of sleeping in, sipping hot tea under piles of polar fleece, and progress on the book. Instead I was awakened by the sounds of Lucy, my little elderly Labrador, running through the house. She didn't quite make it to the door. And then to make it even more of an adventure she walked through her trail of stinky stuff and tracked it throughout the entire house as I ran after her trying to guide her to the back door. What a game in her mind! Mom is playing! She's chasing me! Never mind that her legs can barely walk at times, she was hopping all over like a happy bunny rabbit!

Within minutes, 15 non skid mats, 20 towels, and 7 pee pee pads had been soiled. That translated into a marathon day of laundry and disinfecting half the house. Lucy was feeling awesome. I was not quite as thrilled! She took one look at my dejected face and began to pout and glare at me, wondering why on earth I wasn't sharing her bliss. To ward off total frustration, I prayed to see her through God's eyes until I felt better and she stopped glaring and smiled once again.

Needless to say my peaceful day of writing was not going to happen. With a sigh of seeming surrender, I asked, "OK God what do you want me to do?" "Sit and rest between loads of wash," came the answer, "and nap in between cleaning." That wasn't what I wanted to hear! We rarely get rain in Phoenix and when we do I love it! It inspires me. I feel creative. I didn't want to "waste" another day off sleeping to make up for doggie wake ups and messes. I got willful, and not in a way that was aligned with my body or God's guidance.

Instead I pushed through the day, doing 16 hours of laundry and a lot of cleaning. I did have a little fun with photography which felt amazing, and Lucy and I did have some snuggle time, but in general by late afternoon I was tired. I was still zipping around the house trying to get things done when I tripped and came down hard on my left foot (yes left side = feminine energy which I was ignoring!) It bruised so badly that time on the couch was no longer negotiable. Rest was going to be enforced the rest of the weekend.

God didn't trip me up. I did. If I would have listened to my body and guidance, I would have avoided injury, rested, and had a totally clean house by the end of Saturday which would have given me the energy to do all I wanted to accomplish on Sunday. Instead I pushed through my day and got injured.

I may "trip up" spiritually at times, but luckily I got the point quickly! The minute I surrendered, I felt better. I propped the foot up, napped, did a little art, and even got this newsletter written. I used my willpower not to beat myself up, but rather to embrace all that was good about this adventure. I enjoyed the beautiful day with my sweet Lucy and felt inspired once again. I asked for human and Divine help and received it in great measure. In fact, on Sunday night, I got my miracle. I was just sitting feeling grateful for a day of rest, for the beings in my life, and for the love of God. In this space of graititude, my mind travelled back in time into the recent experience with Braco where I went into Divine Bliss.

With that thought, my third eye began to pulsate so strongly I could barely keep my eyes open. Over time I have come to understand this is my invitation into other realms. I surrendered, shut my eyes, and was immediately transported in spirit into beautiful realities with white stone buildings, blue green pools, and gardens beyond description. I felt the most exquisite sweetness in my heart and a blissful buzzing throughout my being. I don't know how long it lasted, but when I "came to" my foot was miraculously better. I still can't walk on it perfectly but the swelling was instantaneously gone and the pain as well. All I had to do was use my free will to get back in alignment with a more loving reality. In the blissful currents of love and grace anything is possible.

Our will is indeed powerful. With a single choice we can align with love, or we can stubbornly resist it. Trust me, it is much easier to align with love :)!! And when you don't, love yourself through it anyway and you'll get back on on track in no time!

Have a blessed week
I love you all!