Saturday, March 30, 2013

Resurrecting joy!

Sometimes as I channel the angel message for the week I feel distinct energies. As I channeled this one I felt like flowers wanted to push forth from my depths out into the light! It was indeed an energy of blossoming. It was beautiful.

This morning when I woke up, the angels asked me the same question they asked above. What will you allow to die today, Ann? The first thing that popped into my mind was, "Worrying about how I'm going to pack in everything I want to do today." So I let that minor worry die and proceeded to ignore my schedule, my to-do-list, my emails, etc. and to follow my heart. I cooked dinners for the remainder of the week while still half awake in my pajamas. It went so quickly! I got my doggie ready for the day a bit later than usual. She loved sleeping in! I forgot that I wanted to participate in a teleconference and went to the gym to work out instead. It felt great!

The plumber came to fix a leaky faucet and told me I needed new parts for the leaky shower. Scratch the plans again! I was soon guided to a hardware store other than my usual one where the part I needed was in stock. Within fifteen minutes I had the wrench out and the plumber's tape and was fixing the remaining problem. Still I didn't feel like doing my newsletter, so instead I ate a great dinner on the patio, inhaling the intoxicating scent of fresh orange blossoms and enjoying the coolness of the night air. My dog was smiling. My belly was full. My senses were thrilled. And suddenly, the angels started talking and the newsletter was written with ease. There were more errands and tasks scattered throughout the day, and as I look back everything and more that I needed got done, all with grace and ease. Its only 8pm as I write this. I may still have time to enjoy a girly pleasure and paint my toes :) I am glad I let the worry and need for control " die" today. It made welcome room for God's love to flow gracefully through my life.

There are always thoughts, habits, repetitive patterns, etc., that can "die" in our lives to make room for better. There are things we must fix or get rid of. There are situations that once served us which no longer do. There are areas of resistance that we must give up in order to do what we truly love. There are complaints that must be released in order to create what we really want. Death of these no-longer useful patterns can be a good thing. It truly does make room for a new, more loving, and glorious life! Think about it. What will you allow to die today within you, so that you can resurrect more light in your own life?

Have a blessed week & to those of you who celebrate these holidays, Happy Easter and a belated Happy Passover! Can't resist the little Easter joke... Some Bunny Really Loves you!