Saturday, March 02, 2013

Being light / reaching for light

I am relieved that the angels elaborated on the topic of assisting from a space of love this week. Last week a lady wrote me, feeling very sad and upset. She felt that the angels were suggesting we abandon people who were in darker spaces. I understood her perspective and sent her a lot of love and prayed that her heart would be soothed. She was in a lot of pain. However, that is not the angels' message at all. They never abandon anyone, nor would they ask us to ignore our loving hearts that seek to comfort, soothe, heal, or assist another. They simply don't want us becoming angry with the angry, sad with the sad, and so on. It isn't always easy to stay in a space of love, but after nearly two decades of working with my clients and their angels, I have seen first hand, so many times, the healing power of unconditional love and acceptance.

I think at times we struggle, trying to use our minds to figure out how we can love ourselves and one another, particularly if you find yourself in a challenging situation or in a difficult relationship. I have heard many parents tell me that they love their children dearly, but were ready to scream at times because they hadn't had a moment's rest. In this case, love for themselves was required because they were running on empty. The angels always advise them to seek out some help, take a bit of time off, or more deeply look at their need to make everything "perfect" and see if that wasn't the real reason that they were suffering.

I hear the same from many caretakers of the elderly. Even caring for my sweet older dog Lucy can be a challenge. When I am able to give her a lot of attention she snuggles, smiles, and prances like a happy girl. However, on days I work with clients, especially when I have to run out to the store to get us more food afterwards, she pouts and glares at me. I can handle lack of sleep, loads of laundry, or any amount of work with love in the house, but when this little being who has become the center of my life sends me emotional daggers, it is harder to feel warm and loving! I've prayed hard over this. At times I didn't have a clue how I could balance taking care of myself with taking care of her. The angels always reminded me that taking care of myself IS taking care of her. And so I eat first, then feed her breakfast in bed. I sneak into the shower, then do her laundry. I fill up my soul with meditation and then I'm able to go hug and love her even if sh e's glaring at me. If I don't practice such self care we both suffer. When I do, I can love her whether or not she is being "lovable" in the traditional sense. She is, after all, an elderly pooch that is much like a little girl in need of attention. And if you can love someone and be kind even when they are not loving to you, it diffuses their bad mood or they just walk away and leave you alone. In either case, you are choosing to give yourself the gift of peace.

So when you find yourself wanting to help someone in pain, love them. If they will not accept your loving words or actions, bless them and let them have their moods, but be kind to yourself as well. Do not hold yourself back from joy if they choose to do so. You can ask how you can help. You can offer to help if it is authentic for you to do so. You can pray, send energy, bring meals, offer your talents, etc. Most people in a dark space really do want love and assistance. But if you run into a few every now and then who simply want to stay in their dark spaces, give them the space to do so, without judgment, without an attempt to control or change them, and with love for yourself as a loving being as well. This IS admittedly a fine line to walk - to love and hold space for someone who is not yet ready to receive it - and yet it feels so much better than when we stop loving.

And, if by some chance you are in a denser space and not yet ready to be out of it, as in the case of grief, which by its very nature must run its natural course, then tell those around you... "Thank you for trying to help but what I need now is simply to cry. I need time alone. I need you to just be with me while I cry." If you are mad and need to run it through you, be honest with those around you, "I need to vent, can you handle it without fixing me? I need to go exercise this and burn it off, would you go on a brisk walk with me and just listen?" If you are in a dark space and can avoid judging yourself and honestly ask for what you need from people willing and able to share, then you will find that you receive a lot of love. It is an act of self-love to be that honest.

I'm sending you all huge doses of light and love this week. The world is challenging at present, but we can and will be the light bulbs that illuminate the souls of those who are searching. And we are the ones who are searching we will know how to look for the light because we have seen it so clearly inside of ourselves.

Love you all!

PS - All the recent angel discussions have motivated me to pull out a book I nearly finished nine years ago and get it done!! Stay tuned! It is a huge project as always but it will be done this year!