Saturday, December 28, 2013

What do you want to create?

It has been a year of miracles for me. I have come to once again expect ease and grace and even when it doesn't happen, I try to shift quickly back into focusing upon what I want to create.

A few weeks ago, I was driving to Sedona for a day of adventure when the angels asked me, "What do you want to create?" I had quite a list, "I want beautiful, inspiring time in nature, loving interactions, happy surprises,..." I drove up the creek to fill up my rather large water bottles and three guys in a car pulled up just in time to help me carry them. They left when done, and I got to hike in total silence in the newly fallen snow. I rounded a corner on a hike just in time to take Christmas photos for family of tourists. Later I handed a candy cane to a total stranger, who opened up to share his entire life story with me, asked me to do a brief reading and a gaze with him to share the healing energy, then started telling me over and over how I changed his life in ten minutes. Not an hour went by before I ran into another beautiful soul I knew who I was able to connect with friends for a new business prospect. The entire day went on like this! I even ended it with a gloriously silent hike along a creek bed at sunset. I didn't realize I was hiking in a bull pasture until I suddenly found myself face to face with a HUGE black bull staring directly at me. I was so peaceful and filled with grace, that I felt no fear. "Hello!" I said looking into this beautiful creature's eyes. "Don't worry, I'm going the other way. " Calmly I climbed up a hillside, snuck out through a barbed wire fence, and drove home basking in good feelings.

Within an hour I broke my toe!! I get so happy sometimes that I run around like a puppy and do not pay attention to my body. I've done this SO many times. I wish I could say I handled this calmly but I did not! I was completely frustrated with myself. I started to imagine how this was going to ruin my holidays. I did what the angels have taught me and allowed myself my very human feelings, including a few choice words and a brief pity party, before the angels' words echoed in my head once more. "What do you want to create? This too is an opportunity for love." I want to create miraculously fast healing. I want it to heal even better than before! (I broke the same one two years ago and it never quite healed right). I want perfect alignment in my body. Hmm, maybe this can make me strengthen my weak side. I want to get so many things done and enjoy my holiday time off! And I want a hug now!"

Immediately I was surrounded by the angels' warmth and love. They advised me to ask for prayers on Facebook and so many dear souls sent me love and healing. After I'd calmed downed and found my center again, they reminded me that there is energy flowing through me these days that creates miracles for others. I started allowing it to flow and a searing heat burnt through the center of my foot. The spot turned bright red, and it felt like my foot was on fire. Heat and pain shot through the toe, and immediately I felt much better. Instead of feeling like a break only three days old, it felt like a break does after a few weeks of healing. I am still intending for a complete miracle!

So life can be glorious or challenging, but in each moment we get the CHANCE, and the CHOICE to create the next. I'm going to spend some time before New Year's Eve making my wish/create list for next year. At the stroke of midnight, I think I'll do what the angels' suggested and focus on the light that connects us all. After all, there is no greater joy than to feel the truth of who we are, individually and together as One.

I wish you all a blessed and magical New Year! May you feel the light that you are in ever expanding ways!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Christmas story

A Christmas story from my past...
'Twas the night before Christmas...

Christmas Eve 1995 was the last Christmas Eve I spent with my former husband. It was a glorious day. My life had changed that year, as I entered the world of energy, healers, angel and intuition. I spent the majority of the year working long hours at my job while at the same time pursuing my spiritual growth. I was in love with life and the world. I was in love with my husband. I wasn’t sure if I was pregnant or not at Christmastime because I kept having visions of a girl around me, who I could feel but not quite see. I had no idea that I would be taken up into the heavens that night for a beautiful encounter with my angels. It was a present that would change my life.

This was the best Christmas Eve I had ever enjoyed up to that point in my life - unhurried, filled with phone calls to loved ones, a beautiful dinner, and a sweet exhchange of presents. However, an hour before we were scheduled to leave for midnight mass, when my husband was in the shower, and I was simply sitting enjoying the lights, I felt a familiar buzz of energy running throughout my body. It got stronger and stronger until I felt a huge current spark throughout my entire being as if I had been shocked, but there was nothing electrical around me. Suddenly a piercing pain shot through my heart, burnt through the left side of my body and travelled down my left arm. I gasped, hunched over and started to pray. I didn’t know if I was having a heart attack or simply feeling some big energy burst through my body. I laid down on the couch, tried to breathe, and shut my eyes as I felt my spirit spiral out of my body. I found myself in another realm, surrounded by my guides a nd angels, feeling the an incredible sense of peace and wonder.

“You have completed one of the lessons you came to learn,” they told me. “What?” I asked inwardly, hoping I wasn’t dying. “You’ve learned that love is what matters most. Unconditional love.” “What lessons have you learned about presents?” they asked me. I told them that I had learned to enjoy material things because they were fun, but that I had learned they were no longer important in the greater scheme of life. I had learned that love is the only thing that truly matters, and the only thing that lasts.” I had a moment where I started wondering what had happened to me and where I was. I still didn’t know what had caused the pain in my body. I continued talking to my guides. “I want to live! I want to be of service! I want to share great joy and the abundance in my heart with mankind!” There in the other realms, talking to my guides, I felt the Presence of God’s love so strongly that I desired, craved… longed to share it with the world . I wanted to be of service as surely as a starving person longs for food, a parched soul longs for water, or a lonely soul longs for love. I felt the light of God’s love burning within, needing, desiring, bursting within me to be expressed into the world. I waited to see what would happen next. For just a second there was pure silence.

Suddenly, as I made this commitment to service and joy, I felt angels all around me, as if they were celebrating. “That is the decision we hoped you would make!” they exclaimed. I suddenly saw eight of them around me cradling me in their arms and doing energy work upon my light body. I felt myself to be pure light, but I felt I was encased in something, like a mask or a shell. One started to peel away this mask that was covering my face and soon I saw the mask was being peeled away from my entire body! I felt as if I was a spirit that had been mumified and the angels were unwrapping the fabric until only the light of my soul remained.

In this other realm, I stood up and hugged one of my guides. As soon as I touched him, we began to fly, not as birds do, but as energy must feel when it travels through space and time. When we slowed down we had materialized back into our bodies and were standing somewhere on a beautiful beach at sunrise or sunset. The sun was blazing brightly over the ocean’s horizon and waves lapped back and forth caressing my feet. It all felt very real. I forgot about the pain in my arm and simply asked questions. “Am I pregnant,” I asked. Suddenly I knew the answer. I was not “with child” but rather rebirthing myself. The scene changed in answer to the question and I suddenly found myself in the arms of what I can only label the archetypal goddess energy, who rocked and cradled me and kissed my forehead as one would kiss a baby. This powerful feminine enegy told me I would always be cared for and that I could return anytime. I knew this energy was the feminine face of God’ s love. “She” told me that her power was greater than the fury of a thousand storms on earth, and yet all she ever chose to share with her children was love. I felt at one with her, with life, and with my own spirit… and then she sent me back.

I woke up on the couch, feeling as if I had slipped back into my body as a hand finds its place in a glove. I felt empty, and started shaking and crying, feeling vulnerable to my core. I knew I had just made a commitment that would change my entire life and it scared me. What had I done? What had I said? What chain reaction of change had I initiated? The shaking was from fear, as I knew things would never be the same. I thought of the feminine energy that had just held me and insteantly, I felt a warmth burning through my body. Suddenly I knew that the light and the love I had witnessed in the other realms was there, very much alive within me. At midnight mass a mere hour later, I felt the angels all around me and felt as if my heart would burst.

A year later, the entire landscape of my life had changed. I was divorced - not because my husband and I lost love but because we realized how our paths had diverged to the point where the futures we wished to create were no longer in alignment. He wanted a conventional life with a normal wife and kids and I felt a calling to service. We had separated with kindness and love, but I was besieged by guilt. I was the one who had changed. All but one of my friends and both of our families did not understand. I was suddenly without companionship of any kind. I had quit my job in engineering and was “psychic in the window” at a local bookstore on the slowest days of the week. I had left my warm, cozy home, my dogs, and in fact my entire life, and was living in an apartment that I had decorated, but still felt empty.

I cried my heart out that first Christmas Eve on my own. I doubted my decisions. I felt guilty over not being the woman everyone expected me to be. I wondered if I was alone because I had done something wrong. And yet truth glimmered in my heart. I had touched heaven, seen the angels, and when I was honest with myself, I knew I was following my calling. I put on my winter coat, left my apartment, and stood under the stars on that very Silent Night and I prayed. “God let me feel your presence. I know you are there. Fill me with your love. Help me remember why I am going through all this. Let me be of service, but first please let me feel your love. I feel alone and I know I am not.”

Slowly the light began to glimmer in my own heart. I woke up on Christmas morning knowing I had to take charge of my life and my happiness. I knew I had done all this for a reason. On a very non-traditional Christmas, I climbed Camelback mountain and sat basking a the top in an atmosphere of love and family and friendship with total strangers. I remembered that I was never alone, but rather intricately connected with all of life, nature, and humanity. In subsequent years, I created new traditions, sharing my love of the holiday season with friends and family and as many souls as I can touch. The Christmas spirit never left me. I only thought it did, during that one year of change. It is there for all of us, every day of our lives, with every breath, for it is the spirit of love from which we are all made.

No matter what you celebrate, I wish you a joyous holiday, a beautiful Christmas, and a beautiful every day of your life. In every breath we breathe with awareness, we allow the Presence of God’s love to burn more brightly within our own hearts. I can think of no greater gift, than the gift of a life lived in this body, on this earth, feeling that love.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Holidays to you!
Love you all,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Perfect as is

in the past, I have been guilty of comparing myself to others and feeling like I didn't measure up. I'll never forget an exercise the angels gave me to help rid me of that tendency. They told me to make little pedestals out of wood, and to make little clay figures of everyone I put on a pedestal - everyone I thought was better, smarter, prettier, more spiritual, etc. I found that I would have had to make thousands of figures so instead I chose a few representative ones. Jesus was one of my favorites. Even the angels had to admit He was more spiritual, I thought to myself. I finally found someone I could compare myself with; someone I felt completely justified putting on a pedestal!

So, after I finished my exercise I sat there looking at all these little clay figures sitting on their pedestals, knowing the angels were trying to say, "Look these are all made of clay, the same stuff! You are all made of God's love, the same stuff! Get it?" I got it intellectually. "But Jesus, you were so much more loving than I could ever be," I said quietly. Suddenly and without any reason at all, the little white clay figure of Jesus that I had created flew off his pedestal and landed in front of me. It didn't fall, it flew. I heard the angels laughing. "Stop comparing yourself with Me." I heard. "We are ALL made of God's love. We all have a place and a purpose, equally important." I felt a mighty force of love surge through my being and knew that the comparisons had to stop. As one dear souls said to me years later, the legs of a table are as important as the top!

So now I do not compare myself. I am who I am. I am not the most beautiful, nor polished soul on the planet. I stumble over words in classes and sometimes down stairs. I have a nice home and a nice life but not as much as some do, more than others. I know what talents I do have and which I do not. I will have a very happy Christmas but certainly not the one portrayed by Normal Rockwell. And finally, thank you God, finally, I have reached a point in my life where all I am trying to be is me. A rose would go crazy trying to emulate a tulip and vice versa. We are here only to be who we are. So if you, like I once was, are prone to comparing yourself with others, either subtly or overtly... Stop. You are perfect as you are. You are who you are. And that is all you have to be! What a gift that is!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Good is everywhere!

I love the holidays! It is a time when my playful and creative spirit comes to the surface and spills over. I have been known to "elf" people by making wreaths that I then stick on their doors late at night, leaving them to be found the next morning. I like to carry candy canes in my purse and give them to the clerks at the stores. I swap recipes with strangers in the grocery store. I share my home with friends, make homemade goodies, and allow myself to sit on the couch and watch happy Christmas movies. I share a little more deeply with people, and I can't stop thinking about how to create beauty in the lives of all those I care about. The seaon gives us all a reason to love a little bit more, to look a little more deeply for the good in others, and to draw from our hearts the good that is always there just waiting to be shared.

There is a human tendency to focus on what is wrong with the world or wrong with our lives. And yet how much more beautiful to look at what is right. I've told this story before. I was in a store when a lady was complaining loudly to the poor young clerk who could not fix her problem. I silently looked for something good in this woman and saw laugh lines on her face. "At least you have a sense of humor," I telepathically sent her soul the message. She stopped, looked at the clerk and said something to the effect of, "Well, I guess we just have to laugh at this!" I could hardly believe it! Another time I had run to the store to get some supplies for a spontaneous trip. I heard two girls loudly arguing about what sort of bug spray to get to prevent bedbugs! Their discussion was so loud and went on so long, I knew the angels were trying to reach me. "Ok God, NO bedbugs for me!" I prayed. Sure enough some folks in the hotel where I stayed got b ed bugs, but I did not. These girls, whom most would have considered obnoxious were a good warning in my life, even as they struggled to keep their own travels easier! The glass is always half empty and, at the same time, half full... what will we focus upon?

When we look for the good in another, we draw it forth. When we look for the good in our world, we empower it. When we focus upon something we give it our energy, our light, and the most precious gift of our present moment in time. I no longer want to waste precious moments of life focusing on what is wrong with this world. Instead the angels have taught me to look around, or as Jesus said, "turn the other cheek," and look for what is good in the hearts and souls of human beings. It certainly makes our lives a lot happier, and as we shine this light of our acknowledgment upon others they just might step into greater light themselves.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gratitude tunes you to love

I exist in a state of gratitude. I get up thankful for a new day and go to bed grateful for my bed and blankets. I love the way the sunlight filters into the windows at different times of year, enjoy the sun, the rain, and everything in between. But when situations or people are challenging, that is where the angels have taught me to use free will to find something to be grateful for. It hasn't always been easy. As humans many of us were conditioned to complain, to see the negative far too easily and to ignore the positive.

A few years ago when I twisted my intestines and had to remain awake and upright for days at a time, with no sleep and no sitting or laying down, it was a challenge to be grateful. But honestly I was grateful for the fact that the angels had taught me about embracing the present or it would have been unbearable. When I was so tired that I fell asleep cooking the first meal I made after that ordeal, started a fire, and filled the house with smoke, I was grateful for both the fact that the angels woke me up and I stayed alive and the incredible job the insurance company did - restoring my house to better than it was before.

When people have been unkind to me in unthinkable ways I can't say I grateful in the moment, but I have learned to look back and see that I needed to learn to stop being a martyr, to embrace healthy boundaries, and to say "no" to those situations that robbed me of my God given joy and ability to focus on doing good in the world. Even those experiences I can now look back upon and give thanks for.

There is great power in embracing gratitude, not only for what is easy and good, but also for that which has challenged us. We lose our "victim-hood" and embrace our "truth" when we find gratitude. We learn that although the path has been paved with both joys and pains, we have learned, grown, and embraced a kinder reality. The bumpy, rocky, rapids of our lives can give way to streams of grace when give thanks for it all.

In the words of a Rascall Flatts song, that I absolute love (see video below):

Every long lost dream led me to where you are.
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars,
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms.
This much I know is true.
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you."

Gratitude is like turning the dial on the radio back to the station that broadcasts love into your life, and saying, "Yes indeed, Dear God, Bless the Broken Road that Led me Back to You!"

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Light or dark... we choose

I see patterns due to my work. When I get hundreds of emails from people telling me others in their lives are going crazy, hear about historical typhoons and devastating tornadoes, and start to experience uncharacteristic chaos attempting to infiltrate my life, I know something really big and good must be going on in terms of the light coming onto the planet.

I joke with friends that "Satan is on Viagra" again! And while I know that a lost and lonely fallen angel called Satan has no power over God's goodness, what I really mean is that the energies that do not know their connection with God's love, and therefore seek to create chaos and disruption, are being stirred up. People are being forced to face all that has been pushed down, ignored, and set aside. Situations in our world, our homes, and our lives that were dormant for a time are now things we must deal with. And in the end, great good will come of this.

Every time I move into a space of truth and higher light, these energies attempt to drag me back into old patterns and behaviors. Lately I have a humorous little mantra when chaos presents itself, "I'm not going down!" I go to the mirror, look for the light and love of God in my eyes and remind myself that God's love is the ONLY truth. Quickly, I am put back into a space of peace. I choose interpretations of life that are more powerful than the ones I was taught. I refuse to let the darkness possess me and ruin my joy.

When the car tire went flat I handled it. When the a/c broke, I called the great repair guys. When the outdoor plumping and pump leaked all over my back yard, I chose faith that God would provide and scheduled repairs. When the tile in the kitchen cracked, I did the same. When the glass bowl shattered all over my feet, I gave thanks that there was not one cut! When someone I care about wrote me in disappointment that I could not do what they wanted, I acknowledged their feelings and sent them love. When someone whose behaviors had been excruciatingly painful in my life years ago contacted me out of the blue, I sent them love and decided not to go back for more. In the past this would have inspired great fear, pain, and guilt. Now the angels simply said, "Its done," and I embraced that truth and let go. Filled once again with the love of God and a great passion for life I decided to put up my Christmas decorations. When the lights burnt out after putting up all the ornaments on the Christmas tree at midnight, I patiently undecorated the tree and restrung lights that worked.

I give thanks that I have a house that is standing, and pray for those who do not. I send love to those whose desires I cannot fulfill and yet finally feel no guilt whatsoever for living the life I am called to embrace. And as a result of looking for the light, choosing positive interpretations of life, and refusing to be sucked into the fear and chaos that do attempt to drag us down, the energy of God's love continues to flow through my heart in more positive and miraculous ways. We can be a much bigger contribution to this planet if we refuse to let the darkness drag us down.

Practically speaking, when you are weary, rest. When you feel so-called negative emotions, have a healthy rant in private, a deep cleansing cry, or find a positive outlet to release the pent up feelings. Then in the very next moment, remind yourself, there is SO much good! These emotions are coming up and out! Better out than in. Better to release anger in a healthy way than to have it eat at you and cause cancer when you are older. Better to cry the tears rather than to stuff them and have them pop out in thyroid problems or other tensions. Better to nurture and pamper your weary soul when it is weary than to push yourself to the point of burnout and upset.

So no matter what is being thrown at you lately, take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. And realize that you have the almighty, God-given power of choice in each moment to either succumb to the darkness or to bring more light into your life and your heart.
I love you all. I am sending you all huge doses of love and light with this message, and asking God to please help this light rise up within you so strongly that you feel it in every area of your life. And if you are already there, pass it on to someone else in need of this love!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The most wonderful "bad" day!

By normal human standards, the day I channeled this newsletter could easily have been labeled a “bad” day. I had planned to do my newsletter, run errands, and have a few repairmen over for simple repairs. Instead I couldn't get the angels to give me their half of the newsletter at all. Nothing came when I sat down to channel, so I gave up and did some long-needed work around the house. An hour before the repair guys came, I went to run errands and discovered my car had a totally flat tire. While inflating it as best I could, I called the repairmen, who kindly re-scheduled, then drove to the tire repair place, praying for safety all the way. The tire guys were completely sweet and accommodating, and fixed the flat in record time. I was pretty happy with how I'd handled the situation.

I thought I was done with the day's surprises until one of the repairmen came in to give me his estimate. "I have bad news," he said. "Just news," I told myself, resolving to handle even this with grace. He proceeded to list all the things wrong and quoted me a price for repairs that in the past would have made me pass out or at least have serious heart palpitations. I dropped into my heart, felt the guidance, and simply said, "OK, lets schedule the repair." He looked at me, "Are you sure?" he asked. "Yes I replied. God will provide. I just asked Him." "OK," he replied, then continued. "You know I don't do many service calls anymore but you've been a good, positive client, and I'm going to come out and repair it myself. All the younger guys come to me to ask questions and since this is such a complicated repair I want it done right." "Thank you," I replied with great sincerity. Inwardly I prayed , "Thank you God." Had I hesitated to schedule the repair for fear of how I'd pay for it, someone less experienced would have been sent to do the work. Once again I felt the love of God - not the stress usually associated with big bills and less-than-desirable surprises.

I was still praying with gratitude when suddenly incredible warmth and streams of blissful energy started flowing through my heart and then through my entire body. I felt as if a river of love was pouring through and around every cell. As I opened my heart even further, the flow got so strong that I was nearly dizzy. It was blissful, breathtaking, and pleasurable beyond any energy I have ever felt. It flowed through me from the inside out and made me feel intensely alive. It felt like love, but way more than the love we human beings associate with love. It was part of my being, flowing through my being, and yet I felt I was also flowing through it. I have very few words to accurately describe the beauty of the experience. This continued for over four hours . At times I thought I would burst, but instead I surrendered more deeply, felt more flow, more warmth, and more bliss. After awhile I didn't even feel as if my body was solid. I felt myself as pure light.

At long last I begged God to slow it down. I was hungry and needed to cook dinner. I had forgotten all about the newsletter until the angels started dictating it to me so quickly I had to leave dinner in the oven and run to the computer to type it all in.

All this occurred because I have been choosing - over and over again - to interpret life in the light of truth. In recent months, I've fallen badly twice, had accidents, needed repairs, had flat tires, been the target of people's upsets, and more. In every case I've chosen, using free will to focus on the fact that God's love is present and available in any given situation, just waiting to be seen, recognized, and felt. Focusing on the love helped me heal my body, hear my guidance, handle the challenges, and best of all feel this love in ways I never dreamed or imagined. When I wrote Love is the River, I had no idea I'd feel the River of Love quite like this!

In my Magical Self Love class we do some powerful exercises that illustrate the point of today's newsletter - life happens and we are the ones who decide how it will be interpreted. I choose these days, to interpret reality through the filters of God’s love, provision, and care. You can too!

This week, try to focus on the love that is and always has been there for all of us. Look for it, imagine it if you must, and affirm it every where you see it. Living this way allows you to hear your heart, handle difficult situations more easily, and avoid attracting further negativity. It helps you see the proverbial "silver lining" in the clouds, because the sunshine of God's love is always there, just waiting to burn off the darkness when we choose to focus on the light.

Life happens…. Why not interpret it in a way that makes you feel amazing!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Bring your best to each moment

Hiking taught me to see things new in each moment. I have some favorite trails up north and although I have hiked them hundreds of times, each hike is different. The forest changes from week to week and even more so with the turning of the seasons. The skies are different. The temperature is different. Trees grow, fall, and decay over the years, and new life rises up from the forest floor. The trails I love are like old friends, somewhat the same, but constantly changing. When I take the time to focus on the forest as if I have never seen it before, wonder, magic, and new treasures are always there to be seen.
Likewise I strive to relate to the people in my life as if they too are similar to what they have been but constantly changing. I have learned not to cling to who a person was yesterday but rather to dance with who they are today. Friends who were once stable and are not now sometimes leave my life. Friends who once close, suddenly become so much closer as they open up to their own hearts. Sometimes I am delighted when people I thought I knew well reveal more of what is inside of them. You can never truly know another human being except in the moment. We are always changing.

I think, as human beings, we try to cling to what is good, and we tend to carry around the pain as well. And yet this is such a huge amount of work. Life becomes far simpler when we can say, "Here I am now. Let me make it the best moment I can. Let me bring my best self to this moment." And when I do not bring my best self, in the very next moment, I can choose again. The angels have said this many times - God does not keep score. We get to recreate ourselves any moment we choose.

Gazing with Braco has been an adventure in being present. No two experiences are ever the same. One moment I'm crying out a past life and the next I'm watching gold light stream all over the room. One moment I'm feeling my own internal resistance to allowing the energy to expand within me, and the next I'm One with the cosmos. I open up, surrender to the moment and just trust the process. I am approaching life like this more and more, as I continue to practice, and it is a blessed and beautiful experience.

So this week, if you find yourself in a moment you don't like, ask yourself, "How can I bring more love into the next moment? How can I bring a better me into the next moment?" Watch as your life begins to change!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Embrace change

I have let go of so much this lifetime, sometimes willingly and sometimes with a great deal of guilt or grief. I have had people leave my life, and I have had to leave some people who were in my life. I left behind a life, a marriage, a house, and all my friends. I clean the closets regularly, and just as often, re-evaluate my beliefs to see which ones no longer serve me.

At first, letting go was difficult. I was raised with the same beliefs many of us were. "Get a good education. Find the perfect job, the perfect partner, and the perfect home. Create the perfect family and live happily ever after without deviating too much from this 'recipe for success.'" That didn't work! When I figured out who I really was I released almost everything including what I thought was my own identity! It was terrifying, beautiful, and life-changing all at the same time.

Now I no longer resist when I must let go of an attachment, a belief, a thing, or a situation. I honor my heart. And if I can't release a person or situation, I pray for help in releasing any beliefs or behaviors inside of me that make that situation unpleasant. We can always find new ways to think about and deal with who or what is in front of us.

For example, years ago I worked with some individuals that I found to be completely boring. They talked about themselves and bragged incessantly. I "made nice" and "put up with" the conversations because I had to work with them. I didn't know how to let go of this situation. Finally it occurred to me to pray. "Ask them what they enjoy doing outside of work," the angels counseled me. So I listened to the angels and posed this question to one individual who loved to brag about his brains. To my amazement, the conversation took a turn that was completely interesting to me! I couldn't let go of working with him, but I could let go of my need to "shut up and put up," and take more charge of the conversations. We ended up being friends over the fact that we both enjoyed music, and this individual who used to make me cringe when I saw him coming, suddenly became human to me.

Letting go happens almost every time I go through a huge transformation in my life, energy or spiritual growth. People leave my life. I feel the urge to purge my closets. I want to detox my body, and clean out my soul. It is no longer a scary prospect to let go, but rather a natural phase in the process of the soul's evolution.

If you can embrace change, there is blissful freedom in letting go. In truth, it is an act of faith that there is really more or better yet to come.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to have a miracle!

I have been living in a miracle-filled life ever since February when I started doing the gazes with Braco (pronounced Brahtz-so). The light that comes through him has drawn forth and expanded the light within me - the same light that is within all of us. I have had miraculous physical healings, and my life has flowed with greater grace, ease, and joy than ever before. My poetry and creativity have returned, along with the desire to finish projects, website, etc., and to get back to writing. Life is amazing. And most joyous of all, one of my dearest and most heartfelt prayers has been answered. Lately, sometimes when the energy turns itself on, the miraculous has been happening through me.

A few weeks ago a dear long-time client messaged me on facebook. She had injured herself and wanted to know if I could help. As I started to write back that I would intend that healing energy be sent her way, I felt a heat like fire go through me. I didn't know what it was doing, so I just hit "send." I was dumbfounded when she wrote back that as she read the message, the heat flamed through her and the pain just disappeared. I cried tears of intense gratitude.

It happened with another dear client who came with a migraine she had suffered with for months. I felt as if a giant vacuum was placed on my head and something sucked up and out of her, through my heart and out my head. Suddenly the lights came on in her eyes. She smiled. Her migraine disappeared. I can't control this. I am not sure I completely understand the mechanics of it (although being a former engineer I'd love to!!), and yet it has put me in an entirely different realm of beliefs about what is possible. I've always believed intellectually in miracles and instant healing, but to start seeing it more often has challenged me to look at myself when I get in a tough spot and ask why I would hold onto anything less than wonderful in my life. I am challenging myself to stretch my beliefs and to step into an even larger reality. Why not? All dimensions exist at once. We can choose the one we focus on. I've had many miracles in my own life as a result.

Miracles seem to happen when we both thirst for them with our entire being, and when we are willing to let go of our attachment and obsession with the problem. They involve a willingness to either receive the miracle or to be open to anything else that might be in our highest good. If we detach from the outcome, we actually let go of the problem, the solution, and everything in between and we open ourselves up to all possibilities. God will give us what is truly best for our soul. Sometimes that means getting what you want. Sometimes that means not getting what you want, but learning so you can have far more than you want.

For example, I am pre-menopausal, and while this might be too much information, sometimes we women bleed a lot during this phase. A few months ago that was happening and so I put in a Braco DVD and simply said, "OK God, if you can work through this to help me please do, but if I need to go through this, then give me the strength." I focused on feeling good, adopted an attitude of "what is perfect for me will be," and watched a favorite segment of the DVD. Suddenly heat shot like lightning into my abdomen and within seconds the bleeding stopped and my energy returned. Another time I got my stomach all knotted up because I stuffed some feelings, and when I prayed for my miracle healing, instead of having an instant fix, the emotions I had repressed came out in a flood of tears and then my entire body relaxed. We don't always get what we want instantly, but we do get what we need!

So when you want your miracles, try this prayer... "Dear God please (whatever you want), or if I have to go through this give me the strength." "Whatever is perfect for me will be!" Then let go and trust that what is best in the big picture will happen. You'll either get your miracle or something better through the current experience than you might have anticipated!

Have a miraculous week!
I love you all,

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Giving for Joy

I like to give and always have. When my parents had opened all their presents at Christmas, I would go in the basement and find things they already owned to wrap and give them. I just liked the feeling of having something to share. As a child, I liked to make people laugh and smile. I still do!

Over the years in my early adulthood, however, I learned, as many of us did, to give because I thought I "should." I thought it made me a good person. I thought it would make people like me. So I gave and gave and gave. I gave thousands of hours of my time on the phone in my early psychic career, even when I was dead tired and not in the mood. I gave thousands of dollars to men I dated in my thirties, unconsciously trying to help them be nicer to me and happier in their own lives, even when they weren't doing their part. I gave my time, my heart, and my energy because I thought I could save, fix, heal, and inspire others. The angels told me that was manipulative. It crushed me when they said this. "I'm not a manipulative person", I argued. "I'm generous." "No you are not manipulative in general," they answered, "and you truly are generous. However, when you give with the hope it will change someone else, that is a subtle form of manipulation. It is not a true gift." I cried for hours until I grasped the truth of their message and the love behind it! They were trying to help me see that I needed to know I was "good" already. I didn't need to try to fix, save, or inspire others unless it came from my own joy. They were, even with such a difficult message, unburdening me of the need to give when I didn't truly feel like giving.

Over the years the angels have impressed upon me that honest giving is beautiful, while giving in the hopes of getting something back is really not the highest vibration. Neither is giving to feel like a good person. "You already are," they reminded me. Little by little I came to understand that true giving comes from a feeling of fullness, a desire to delight someone, a need from deep within my soul to share the blessings I feel I have received. And this kind of giving feels so good in the moment I give, that I often forget what I have given people! Sometimes they don't thank me, but it doesn't matter. Sometimes they don't make use of my gifts, but that doesn't matter either. I have shared love with another soul and its not about the stuff, but about letting them know that someone thought about them, cared about them, loved them. This is the nature of God. A few years ago a poem came through me, that describes this love that longs to flow through me. You can read it here if you like.

So as you contemplate what to give whom this lifetime, maybe you don't even need to think too much. Maybe instead you can give when it gives you joy, knowing this is the movement of God. My friends and I are funny about birthdays now. We don't care if we celebrate on the day. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. Sometimes the gifts are shared months later. Sometimes if we're lean in our lives, we just share our good thoughts. Giving has become a true joy in my life now, not an obligation. There is truly nothing like feeling the love of God flow through you, in any way that appears!

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Others affect but don't control you

I have been affected by the decisions of others many times in my life, as we all have. Some of you have heard this story. Years ago, I dated a man who ran off with $2000 that he owed me. I let him go but was carrying the burden of feeling like there were a million other things I needed that money for. I tried to put it behind me, but in truth was feeling lack. I went on a hike and prayed, "God how do I make more money?" Forgive your ex-boyfriend they told me. I got irate. "I'm not talking about him! I need to make more money." They persisted until finally they lovingly but strongly told me I was making him my God. I was blaming him for my lack, instead of turning to the true source of all abundance. He may have taken from me, but I was forgetting the loving Presence of the One who could give back. They were right. I contacted him the next day and said something to the effect of, "I forgive you the debt you owe me. If you have a conscience you can explain it to God at the end of your life but I'm letting go of all ties with you." It felt SO freeing. Surprisingly, I got a check in the mail from him the next week. I think I was the only woman he ever paid back. Additionally, God gifted me with wonderful new class ideas and blessings in so many forms.

Likewise a few years ago a dear one in my life went through a breakdown and projected quite a bit of pain onto me. For awhile I allowed it and tried to "help" but after it started affecting my health, the angels again lovingly and firmly told me to let go of the unhealthy dance. I did so. It wasn't easy. I felt guilty for awhile. But later I heard that this soul ended up growing because of my decision, and I immediately began to feel healthy and happy once again. I could have looked back and felt victimized and upset, because in truth I deserved kinder treatment, but instead, I was able to see the pain that caused this interaction, to let go, and to turn back to God for my joy. New friendships formed, and I am happier than I've ever been. If God's love leaves you in the form of one who is no longer resonant with your heart, God's love will appear in another more perfect for who you are now. After all, whether people realize what they are made of or not, we are all the many faces of this love.

We do have choice. We can allow others to continue to affect us long after their choices are made, or we can turn to God once again and ask that this Love fix our lives, our hearts, our bodies, minds, and souls. As the angels always remind me, "Ann! God moves the stars in the heavens and turns the seasons! He can certainly manage your life." This always makes me smile. How can we even imagine that we have to handle anything alone?

So this week, try to see where you give others your power to be happy, healthy, abundant, etc., and try to turn back to God again and again and give that power to its rightful source. Even if someone cuts you off in traffic, you can not to give away your joy. That is between you and God alone!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Presents in the present

I love the times in my life when I can truly live an unplanned day, free to go where my heart guides me. It happened last weekend. I set aside Sunday as a day of rest, and decided I would do whatever my heart felt like. I woke up after only three hours of sleep craving time in the forests of Sedona. And so within a few hours I was in my car, being treated to the most glorious sunrise, feeling grateful for life, and praying with a heart that was overflowing with gratitude for everyoneI could think of.

The clouds were ominous when I reached Sedona. It looked as if someone had draped a dark grey cloth with multiple folds across the sky that I had been wanting to be sunny and bright for my hike. So I started my fun little affirmation, "I am the sun that burns the clouds away," and imagined the sun burning the clouds away. The park ranger at the trail head cautioned me, "It is supposed to thunderstorm." In spite of the warning, everything inside of me felt it was fine to hike. So, I went anyway, still picturing the weather clearing up. Sure enough within twenty minutes the sun came out, the clouds were driven away and the day turned into the most glorious cool and beautiful day I have seen in ages. 4.5 miles back into the trail, beyond the place where it stops and where I had to hike in the chilly water, I saw a lone butterfly. "Hi sweetie! I love you! Can I take your picture," I called to him or her. She flew around me a few times and proc eeded to land on my wrist! I was beyond enchanted. It seemed as if the day just kept getting better.

These unplanned days fill my heart and soul. I re-enter the currents of grace once again, re-align with my own heart, and refill my spirit. It takes me several hours to hike to the back of the trail and yet I am so charged with nature's life force that I feel like a gazelle flying through the forest at times on the way back. I feel enlivened, even after hiking 8 miles after little sleep. I feel joyous.

So when you feel "off" in your life, schedule at least several hours if not an entire day, where you can get in touch with your heart and see where it leads you. You may not even know what your heart wants. I once was so immersed in drama and problems that I had no clue what I wanted but the angels gave me this advice. So I woke up and still had no clue. "Sit quietly in silence until you do," they advised me. I think I sat for three hours, feeling thoroughly frustrated until my mind finally turned off and I had the strange desire to go ride a horse. (I don't ride horses even though I love them!). So I found a local stable, drove down and signed up for a trail ride. "Where's your boyfriend?" the salty old cowboy leading the ride asked me. "Don't have one," I answered. "I'll be your boyfriend for a day," he told me. I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the horse. "Just keep me on this trail, please," I responded. We both laughed. The angels had known I needed to lighten up. I have had many occasions where I've been guided somewhere, simply to lighten up, loosen up my mind's grip on my soul, and re-enter a more joyous reality.

And while I have often listed the million things I had to do instead, the angels patiently wait until I'm done with that nonsense, and remind me that nothing is more important than being aligned with my own heart. They know that life is meant to be lived and that if I listen to my heart then everything that matters will get done. I will die with a to do list. I may as well live a heart centered life now! Of course after one of these days of spontenaity, the to do list is suddenly so much easier to do and gets done so much more quickly. Living "now" truly is the easiest and most joyful way to live.

Have a blessed week... one moment at a time!
I love you all,

PS - A question I often get, is, "How do you plan for the future if you live now." For example say I want to take a trip in the future. I know I do but now I do not feel like booking reservations. So I wait until I do. If I miss the deadlines, I didn't really want it, or maybe God has better in mind. Likewise, I must schedule clients to get them on the books and to make a living. I do this when I feel like it, so my heart and soul are in the effort. I do not make myself do so when I am too tired to think straight. So you can live now, and be inspired now, even to plan future events.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Love for the lost

Over the last 18 years I have spoken to many individuals who have been subjected to all kinds of violence - rape, beating, verbal abuse, and even those on the other side who have been murdered. I have been attacked by angry spirits in the past, and have been subject to hateful diatribes of those who have differing beliefs from my own. You would think that this would discourage a person. At times it has, but more often I am in awe of the strength and beauty of the human heart, that despite any pain seeks so desperately to find its way back to love. And this is why, when I hear of violence in the world, I must pray not only for the victims and their families but also for the unconscious and lost souls who commit these crimes because they are in dire need of healing too.

When someone is unkind, angry or abusive towards me, of course I don't like it. I often have to take myself to my room, shut the door, and rant and rave in private to vent out the pain and hurt. Without fail, however, underneath that pain, I find understanding, compassion, and a knowing that the soul that just hurt me is hurting as well. I do not ever want to perpetuate that pain. And so I pray. I ask God to show me how to deal with the person if I must, or I make a determination to move away, set healthy boundaries, but still hold them in my heart for greater love.

For example, I once had someone I cared about very much who was going through a hard time come unglued with me. I said something that they perceived to be insensitive and this person's rage and anger came out as they yelled at me for a good half hour. I stood there, feeling their pain being aimed at me, and I pointed my hands to ground to drain off the energy while I just listened and sent love. When we were done, all I said was, "I'm sorry I hurt you. Everything I do is upsetting you so we should just take time apart." The response floored me, "No, its me. I'm sorry." We had a great healing discussion.

It wasn't always this graceful! There was the ex-boyfriend decades ago who had a lot of rage. "The swimming pool looks great," he said. "Thanks," I said, "I cleaned it yesterday." He started raging at me. "I fixed the pump last week. You never acknowledge me! You have to take all the credit!" He grabbed two steaming mugs of tea and threw the boiling water all over. I jumped back. He stormed into the back room and started dumping drawers upside down. "I can't stand you!" he shouted among other things. He was crazed with anger and I knew it. Something in me took over and I leapt like a flying squirrel, tackling this large man onto the bed, where he lay unharmed, pinning him down at the shoulders and looking into his eyes. I spoke calmy but firmly, as a mother would do to a two year old throwing a raging tantrum. "Calm down. You're not mad at me. You're mad at people in your past. I do appreciate what you do. Breathe." I kept looking in his eyes with the power and presence of God's strength and love, and suddenlyt he started laughing and crying. Needless to say the relationship didn't last, but at least the anger was diffused and no one got hurt. I heard from subsequent women he dated that he was very kind to them. And believe it or not, that made me happy. He learned his lessons. And I learned the healing power of balancing firm boundaries with compassion.

The angry souls in your life are just hurting. Walk away if you have to. I have many times. Speak calmly, lovingly, and firmly if necessary. Let yourself have your upsets, angers, and frustrations in private and vent them out. But in the end, try so hard to remember, that the most upsetting souls are the ones most in need of our love and prayers. They are the unloved children, the abandoned angels, and the victimized martyrs who finally lost their ability to love. While we choose to be healthy and to be around those whom either uplift us or those we can truly help, let our hearts and prayers also be a beacon praying for those in such dire pain to find a way back home.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cycles of change

When I lived in an apartment years ago I remember thinking that I loved it, and the lifestyle it afforded me so much I could never give it up. Yet when the time came for me to move to the home I am now in, I couldn't wait to leave! There have been things in my life that I thought I would never part with, and one day they simply no longer delight me so I pass them on. There have been friends I thought I would have for life that suddenly changed and were no longer in my lives. There was a great career that my entire life up to that point had led me to which, one day, I suddenly gave up.

I seem to be an a lifelong cycle of changes! The angels are right. There are periods of dormancy too. I once joked with a client that I know if I am inclined to sit on the couch in the evenings and watch "The Food Network" for months, then I know suddenly I will wake up with the idea for a new class or a new book and be crazy busy. I surrender to these cycles, knowing that my heart knows a timing that I do not. The animals for example, sense the seasons. The bears are not thinking to themselves, "Let's see, we better eat a lot now. It will be time to hibernate in a few months!" Instead they are simply responding to life, filling their bellies on the late summer harvest, and slowing down when the colder temperatures begin to set in. Everything in nature responds to its natural cycles. We can too.

You will know when it is time to make change in your life when something suddenly feels inspiring or exciting. You will know when the old thoughts, beliefs, or things are not making you happy. You will know when you suddenly feel as if you no longer fit the circumstances, situations, or circles in which you reside. Change does take courage sometimes. It is hard to say to someone, "I no longer want to do this thing that we have done together for so long." It can be challenging to part with a pair of jeans that was once so comfy but no longer fits! It can be very hard at times to part with old upsets, frustrations, and beliefs that feel so familiar, and risk opening your heart to new people in your life. Yet if we are willing to change and release the old when the natural urge to do so hits us, we find an even greater joy, even greater freedom, and most of all evidence of the constant and unending love of God as this Source directs our lives.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Freedom to choose

The angel message reminds me of something I once heard the Dalai Lama say. When asked why he didn't hate those who had taken over Tibet and caused him to be in exile, he said something to the effect of "I had given up lives and country, why should I give up my mind?" This man who has more than just cause to feel sorry for himself than most of us ever would has chosen to make his life a brilliant beacon of inspiration. How many of us will ever be exiled, have to escape our homes, hike in the harsh climate of the Himalayas, and cross a huge river... all in the middle of the night, while fleeing for our lives? It is so easy to lose perspective on how wonderful our lives truly are.

So when you feel trapped in any way, remember as the Dalai Lama indicated, your mind is free. You are free to choose. You may feel stuck because you have to take care of someone. For several years I was committed to taking care of my aging dogs. I often said, "I had to," but the angels reminded me "I chose to." And in retrospect, I did choose to let them live until they indicated they were ready to go. The love was amazing. I'm glad I did. I have said, "I have to work more to pay the bills," when in reality I could "choose" to give up some of life's conveniences and work a little less. It is a balance. Years ago I read a book called, "Your Money or Your Life," by Joe Dominguez that gave me great perspective there too.

So next time you catch yourself saying, "I have to," remind yourself, "I choose to." Even though it may seem our choices are limited, the more I work with angels, the more I see that we are actually far more free than we believe. Years ago, I asked the angels about a friendship that was forming and asked if it would go any further. "Well my dear the possibilities are endless. It is more likely you will be friends. However, you could become lovers. You could love one another, break up and then kill one another. You could walk in the woods and be eaten by bears!" They went on for some time, quite humorously but I did see their point! Every decision we make changes our future! Can you imagine the possibilities? They are greater than anything that even a supercomputer could produce, given the fact that we have opportunities for choice with each breath. We choose... and what a powerful freedom that is!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Don't settle, create miracles!

I have been doing this exercise quite a bit lately. The heart energies I experience in the gazes with Braco (going on LIVE this weekend Sat-Monday and via live stream - see below) are so profoundly loveing that in that space it is easy to focus on all good things. And in that space, good things come so easily - healing, life flowing smoothly, etc.

A few weeks ago I dropped out of this space. As I wrote last week I worked very hard on my vacation to change a lifelong pattern of reacting to my dad's mannerisms. It wasn't easy. And honestly I got upset with myself for not handling it better at first. The energies I play in are too strong for me to beat myself up. The day after I got home I woke up with the worst flu I have had in years. I don't catch colds or flu's often so it got me by surprise. My throat felt like fire. My chest was burning. I was hot and cold. My head was throbbing, and my entire body felt like I had taken a beating. I started down a traditional line of thinking, "Oh no, I just got back. I have to work. I don't want to cancel clients that have been waiting forever. I have so many fun things coming up and now they're ruined..."

Suddenly spiritual sanity set in and I thought to myself, "I know how I created this and I can stop it right now. I don't have to suffer and I'm not going to." The gazes with Braco in the past helped greatly. I remembered the love of God that I felt there and I focused on that love. I forgave myself for being so hard on myself. And then I dropped into my heart as the angels advised in the meditation above, and I focused with every ounce of my willpower and imagination on feeling wonderful. I remembered breathing easily, swallowing easily, swimming, hiking, etc. Suddenly the heat in my hands began to burn. I put them on my throat. Heat flamed throughout my throat, chest, and head, and within minutes the burning throat and chest were reduced to just a minor irritation. I did this on and off all day and the next. I rested and every time I had an "oh no" thought about this condition I stopped, dropped into my heart, and focused on feeling well. Within two day s what could have been a nasty three week virus was almost completely gone. The angels told me I was not contagious and I was able to work! I was so excited.

You don't have to accept suffering as a way of life in any area of your life. But you do have to exercise some mental muscles to overcome our conditioned way of being which is to accept it, focus upon it, worry about it, and therefore anchor it more deeply into our reality. Instead drop into your heart as the angels advise above and focus on what you DO want to have in your life. This is not denial. I rested and took all my natural remedies, knowing my body needed assistance, but I also decided not to catastrophize, worry, or focus unduly on the current condition - just enough to handle it. Then with every ounce of willpower I focused away from the bad feelings and inwardly to those that were better. It works. In a way you are sending your spirit into the desired realitly by using all of your senses to imagine it. In that moment of being in the heart and stepping into the desired future, everything pulls you towards it. Don't ask, "Is it working? Did I do it right?&q uot; Don't check for symptoms of the old mess. Do handle what is in front of you but then soon as you can focus on imagining yourself in the desired future. It truly is a powerful way to live!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Being who we are, allowing others to be

As I walk through the forest in the summer, I am always in awe of the hundreds of shades of green, and the diversity of the textures of the plants and leaves. It would be pretty boring if there were only one color or one type of plant. Instead I see a diverse ecosystem where everything from the towering pine to the rotting fallen tree on the forest floor serves a purpose and has a reason to be.

We are like that too, according to the angels and yet, at times, when you interact with someone whose way of being is different than your own, it can be a challenge to find that balance between allowing yourself to be who you are and allowing them to be who they are as well. If you can master this with someone who is not in agreement with you, that's really an achievement.

I thought I had achieved a degree of mastery in allowing myself and others to be and in truth I have, but the real test came last week when I spent a glorious week on an Alaskan cruise with my dear parents who celebrated their fiftieth anniversary this year. I was so excited to go and to see them, that I couldn't wait! So it was with some shock and upset that I remembered at times when we interacted that my dad and I, in spite of our many similarities, have a few glaring differences, that arise out of the necessity of our being. He was a Captain in the navy reserves - a job that calls for barking orders and having others follow them immediately. He is by nature a leader. I am such a sensitive soul that words spoken harshly even if not aimed at me in anger often feel like a slap or a punch in the gut. So the first time my dad spoke strongly to me, I found myself, much to my great upset and embarrassment reacting in an angry and defensive way. He didn't mean a thing by it, but it still didn't feel good. I saw a lifelong pattern that I had of reacting to this and knew it had to stop.

So I did what the angels taught me to do. I took some quiet time and allowed myself my feelings in private. I prefer kinder conversation, but I had to come to grips with the fact that while we often had this between us there would be times when we would not. I knew there were times when we would not always make the same choices, even when walking from point A to point B. I decided as the angels often say, that it is better to be loving than right, and really what is "right" anyway but "right for yourself" and "right for the other." So, not altogether gracefully, but eventually in a way that worked, I reminded myself that dad's way of speaking did not mean anything personal. I know he loves me very much and I focused on that. I reminded myself that while my own way of being involves meandering according to my heart in the moment, his as a scientist involves doing things the logical way. I surrendered to the logic reminding myself that a loving interaction is ultimatel y what the heart wants more than anything. My ego had to take a back seat. It turned out to be a loving and beautiful trip.

So when your way of being is at odds with another you have many options. You can part ways. You can initiate a conversation if that is possible and come to a compromise, or you can simply let someone else be in charge for a short while. There is no clear right vs. wrong here, only a need to drop into your heart and pick the path that feels most right to you. It is a waste of time to try to change the essence of who you are or the essence of who another is. However you can if you like, alter your behavior without altering your heart. In some cases I would walk away from these behaviors, but in the case of my family, this is not what was deepest in my heart.

Love is ultimately who we are, and ultimately we can always be that :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Guilt free!

Sometimes reaching the next step in our evolution involves crossing a few rocky areas in our consciousness. I have been praying to channel God's healing love and energy in ever expanding ways and I know this means I have to clean out any illusions that make me feel undeserving or incapable of that. Water cannot flow clearly through an crusted pipe and pure spiritual energy cannot flow as easily through a soul still clinging to to anything less than love. As I have often said, spiritual growth is not for the faint of heart!

A few weeks ago I prayed for the root causes of any tension in my body to be exposed, shown to me, and healed. Old stuffed tears came up. The angels told me I was still allowing guilt to plague me. "Guilt? About what?" I asked. I couldn't imagine. "All sorts of things," they replied. I couldn't see it. "Show me then," I asked, remembering at the last moment to add, "kindly please."

The following, through a comedy of errors, which were half guided, I missed an appointment I really wanted. The next Wednesday due to a temporary distraction, I backed into another car in a parking lot. In both cases, my automatic reaction was to feel horrible about inconveniencing another human being. I live to uplift people, not disrupt their days. "Meet your guilt Ann," the angels kindly suggested. I've had no guilt about mistakes that only affect my life, but I saw clearly how I have harbored guilt about "mistakes" of mine that seem to adversely affect someone else.

I saw it. I stopped it, and prayed for abundant blessings for the souls involved in my "mistakes," both of whom could not have been more gracious, kind, compassionate, and understanding. In fact I have had far less loving interactions with people whom I've helped. In both cases, they did not allow my "mistake" to ruin their days. Furthermore, the car repair place ended up being three miles from home. The estimate took a half hour. The insurance company handled everything including my rental car and other than an expensive deductible which I will just pay off in time, the entire incident took less than a total of two hours of my life. Guilt would have propelled me into crazy mental dramas. Just handling things was easy.

God/Source cares deeply about each and every one of us. When things look "wrong," look again. Look at your prayers, your intentions. Maybe there is something to learn in these so-called "mistakes" and "wrongs." I still do not like inconveniencing other human beings. I still would rather not make what we call "mistakes" but I have seen quite clearly that the guilt I used to automatically enter into was not only not necessary, but highly unproductive. Better to live, learn, move on, and save my precious energy for doing more good in the world. Better not to let guilt dim my light. Live, learn, move on. And a bit of my humor from the angels - one of my all-time favorites…. "Ann, if you're standing in the toilet… don't flush!"

So next time you start engaging in guilt, stop it. Ask yourself simply, "What do I have to learn here?" Don't even bother to analyze why you feel guilty, whether or not you should feel guilty, etc. That can distract you from the real issue, which is simple. "What did I learn?" And when the lessons are learned, congratulation yourself. Celebrate! You just got a little closer to the truth of your soul... guilt-free.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stop, drop, & roll

When I was a little girl, we learned a mantra in case we were ever in a fire, "Stop, drop, and roll." I now humorously think this applies to life too. When we find ourselves confused, consumed with worry, or feeling "off," try to remember this. Stop what you are doing. It isn't working anyway. Drop into your hear and see what you find in there. What is it you really want to be doing now? Roll with it! Do what you really want to do as soon as you are humanly able to do so.

I woke up feeling "off" a few weeks ago. I realized that it was because my to do list was so huge I didn't have a clue how I was going to fit everything in and I had immediately started to formulate plans in my mind upon awakening. I hadn't done my morning meditation, nor had I allowed myself to wake up slowly. Instead I had jumped out of bed and sprung into hurried action. Not good! So I stopped right then and there, knowing that this sort of energy was not going to support a grace-filled day. I dropped into my heart and realized I wanted to slow down and have breakfast on the patio. I rolled with that and a mere fifteen minutes of outdoor time, reset my spirit. The rest of the day was blissful, beautiful, and highly productive.

I have used these principles in far more serious situations. Years ago when I realized I didn't want to be an engineer forever I was panic'd about creating a new job – so much so that I made a fool of myself trying to procure one. After one particularly unproductive phone call, I stopped. I realized that I was not going to figure this out on my own. I dropped into my heart and realized I wanted to hike a local mountain, and I wanted to know what to do next. I rolled with it and on the top of that mountain, looking down at the numerous paths below, I got my answer. I realized that God could see a path to my desired life from a higher perspective, whereas I had been on one road, seeing only one possible path, and feeling trapped. After that day I surrendered, stopped trying to figure out what I was going to do with my future, and decided to trust. The rest is history and here I am today, in a career I love. It didn't happen because I planned it. It happened because I s topped trying to control my life, dropped into my heart, and rolled with it, trusting God would guide me.

So the next time you start feeling off center or disconnected from your spirit, remember, "Stop, drop, and roll!" Stop for am minute. Relax and breathe. Drop into your heart and see what it really longs for. Roll with that as soon as you are humanly able. When we do this, we recalibrate our energy to align with our spirit. We realign with the streams of grace. And we enter a far kinder, more loving reality once again.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

A natural flow

There is a lot that I wish to accomplish this lifetime, and sometimes the mundane chores of life seem to get in the way. After years of old programming, I have to remind myself that nothing need get in the way of creating a loving reality, not matter how much I have to do. I drop into my heart and trust the moment and then things really do get done.

Last weekend for example, I had all sorts of plans for work, and many got done early, but around lunch time, my day was interrupted by the angels who suggested I go to a nearby thrift store. They make me laugh. When God wants me to rest, the angels know just the way to get me to do so. They entice me with nature, butterflies, good food, or bargains! Anyway off to the thrift store I went, where I discovered several items I'd been wanting at a price so low I couldn't make them for that price. I came home energized and was able to get even more done.

A few days prior I was at the gym on the treadmill where the angels gave me an inner vision of everyone being guided by streams of energy - things that called to their hearts, pulling them in a certain direction. I watched the people in the gym and could see quite clearly which ones were in their streams, flowing effortlessly from one piece of equipment or person to the next vs. which ones were in their heads, pushing through life. I have pushed through life in the past. I no longer have any desire to do that.

A few times a year I take inventory of all my activities, making sure that I am doing them from love, not habit. I ask myself if there is anything I can do in a more loving way, because in truth life changes and we change and grow too. I find that this simple exercise keeps me tuned in to my own streams of grace. This is why my newsletter got a makeover. I finally had the desire to create greater simplicity for myself and everyone who receives this.

Sometimes we think we need to do things a certain way and yet when we loosen up, drop into our hearts, and do what calls to us first, then there is indeed a natural flow to life. Give it a try and see how it feels. It has made my life infinitely more pleasant while still being very productive.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pray with innocence

Ever since the first gaze with Braco in February I have felt amazing. For the first time in my life my monthly cycles have been pain free. My life is flowing with grace and ease. I feel joy and energy running so strongly it blows me away. And so it was a surprise, and not such a great one when I woke up earlier last week with both cramps and hot flashes. I started down an old familiar road in my mind. "Oh no! I'm going to hurt for days. I had plans. have to work all day. And next month this is going to come at a horrible time." My mind, for the first time in months was turning into a runaway train. By the grace of God I stopped myself. "Look at what you are creating," I told myself. "Let's do something better."

So I stopped the whining, got honest without the drama, and prayed. "God, angels, I am discouraged! I've felt so good for so long and this morning I hurt. I want help. I feel cranky, tired, and crampy. I want the pain to go away. I want to feel and know the truth of Your Love flowing through me again. I want loving interactions today with my clients, and I want to experience these cycles as a time of feminine grace." I focused on what this better reality would feel like. I used my imagination to remember feeling wonderful. I watched a few Braco gaze scenes on DVDs, did my morning energy exercises, and in no time, I was feeling the powerful energy of God's love flowing through me so strongly once again. My cramps disappeared. My joy returned, and the day turned out to be amazing. One dear client brought me flowers. Others brought sweet words. My in-box was flooded with a sudden burst of sweet 'thank you' notes. The next day the angels suggested I visit a ne arby thrift store where I found incredible bargains on some very pretty feminine clothes. What could have been a painful, fear-ridden disaster of a week turned out to be a couple of very blessed and beautiful days.

Our prayers are most powerful when we are as authentic and honest as little children. A hurting child does try to fake being positive. A child does not say, "I know I created this and I have something to learn, but please if you don't mind could you help me?" A hurting child screams, cries, and reaches out for assistance until their pains are soothed. Later they look back and learn.

The storms in our soul pass quickly too, when we can be that honest. God already sees beyond our so-called imperfections and recognizes the deepest truth of our being. Our job is to do the same. Can we, when we are tired / cranky / sad / etc., say to ourselves and God, "I am tired / cranky / sad / etc. but underneath I know there is a greater truth to me. Underneath all that I know Your Love is present. Help me feel that truth and experience that love once again!" This prayer is so sincere, so beautiful, and so revered in the heavens. We become as little children, crying from our hearts, calling honestly for love, and Love by its nature must respond.

God loves you. The angels love you. The question for us to decide is whether or not we can choose to love ourselves no matter what. In so doing, we open up to the very great love, grace, and assistance that is available in every moment of our lives.

Try it next time you are down. Talk sweetly to yourself. Be gentle and kind. Give yourself a healthy, private, outlet for your feelings. Pray with sincerity. Soon you will feel the positive love and energy that is always there begin to emerge once again from the deepest and truest levels of your being.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The essence of your dreams now

When I first quit engineering, I spent the entire summer writing my book, "Whispers of the Spirit." I wanted it published right away and never thought to ask why. If I had dropped into my heart, I would have realized that I simply wanted to help others learn what I had learned the hard way. I wanted to do so in a way that honored my own spirit as well. Over time, God guided me to counsel and teach. Years later, when I was finally rooted in a self-loving reality I was actually ready to my personal story.

Likewise, in my thirties, after I transitioned out of engineering and into being an angel communicator, I thought I wanted a relationship. Had I taken time to clarify my desires, I would have realized that I simply wanted to feel loved and validated after I had been rejected by almost everyone in my old life and reality. Had I focused on that true desire, God would have sent me wonderful people to love and validate me. In fact they were all around me! Instead I was narrowly focused on receiving that energy from a man. "Needy girl" met "needy guy" several times in a row, and it was not a fun set of lessons, but I did learn a lot!

For years I prayed to feel and share God's love more strongly, but I had to cultivate so much inside of myself before I was ready. I had to learn so much about being present, about loving myself, about boundaries energetically and otherwise. I had to learn humility, patience, and surrender at deep levels. When I was ripe, the energy came. Now I have a lot more to learn.

Trusting God's timing and learning to seek the essence of what you want to create, can be extremely practical as well. Last weekend, I drove up north to hike. After a beautiful day, I had the desire to get home, relax, swim, and enjoy the evening. Instead I found myself stuck in a twenty mile traffic jam on the highway with nowhere else to go. I could have become frustrated, angry, and impatient, fearing that my evening was ruined. Instead, I realized that I could enjoy the essence of my desire for a relaxing evening, even if I was doing it from my car! I listened to meditations, challenged myself to see the beauty along side the road, and took time to pray for everyone I'd promised to pray for. I ran energy, listened to music, and imagined the searing hot sun blazing through the car window was filling and energizing every cell in my body! A two hour drive took five and a half, but by the time I got home I felt totally relaxed and rejuvenated.

So when you want something, know that God put the truest desires in your heart and they will come to pass as you align your entire being with them. But, don't wait to be happy. Remind yourself that you can enjoy life right now. You can create the essential qualities of what you want right now. If you want money to feel secure, do things that make you feel secure. If you want to avoid loneliness, volunteer your time. If you are bored, try new things until you discover a passion. If you want greater health take time each day to imagine what true health feels like rather than focusing on pain, and take the necessary steps to bring about well being. If you want love, find it inside first and love the world. It'll love you right back and those who don't will leave you alone.

Always, the power to find the essence of the thing or situation you want to create is inside of you. Start there, and you will enjoy a happy existence, even while you are creating more.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New dreams

I have had a dream in my heart for years. This was not the average material dreams because when I want something in the material universe badly enough, I just focus on it and trust, and eventually it comes. Instead I've longed to share God's love and light with people in greater ways. I have believed and prayed for a way to help people's pain and suffering go away more quickly and to help them know how deeply they are loved. I have longed, like a thirsty woman longs for water, to feel the energy of God's love flowing through me more strongly, and in turn to share it.

The first time I felt energy was September 3, 1993. I had a dream shortly before the experience in which my then-husband and I were spiraling up a mountain in Hawaii. A path veered off into the jungle. He said he would continue on the road, while I plunged deep into the dark foliage of a jungle. Eventually I reached a clearing where I met a woman who asked me pointedly, "Are you willing to give up life as you know it?" I must have said yes! When I woke up I found that I was sleeping on three rose petals. I have no idea how that occurred.

That very day I received an invitation to a conference for healers and therapists. I had been secretly reading about energy work so I signed up, took a few days off work, and embarked on a new journey. The minute I arrived at the conference, I sought out one of the energy healers and asked her to explain her work to me. Instead she gazed at me silently, and put her hand on my shoulder. In that instant, lightning shot through my body and soul. It was the first time I felt the non-physical world so tangibly and the first time I felt my heart so clearly. That moment changed my life. I begged my first spiritual mentor to teach me, and within a week I was receiving Reiki initiations, having visions, and starting upon the path that led me to where I am today. I followed this wonderful woman around for another sixteen months, going to all her events, watching her heal and teach people, and learning from her, until I received my Reiki master attunement. Shortly after that, my entire life fell apart and got put back together again in a whole new way.

Not since that time twenty years ago has something inspired me as much as the energy I have felt in Braco's gazes. I didn't know what to expect when I went to see him in February. I had been taking care of my aging dogs, who are now in heaven for over four years. I had been sleeping on the couch for three hours a night at best and doing up to ten loads of doggie laundry a day, while working full time. I was exhausted and yet happy because I had finally found the ability to love no matter what. And then in that first gaze, I felt the light of heaven, as I have only felt in deep meditations, experiences with angels, or in visions of heaven. In the second blissful gaze, I heard my soul say, 'I want to help people this way God!" Immediately, I heard my Ann-self, "What did you just say?" Nonetheless, as in my very first experience with energy, a passion was ignited in my soul to go deeper into this reality, to channel more of this energy, and to assist people i n new ways. I couldn't stop watching videos, listening to his voice recording on the DVD " The Golden Bridge ," or gazing in the mirror, as the angels instructed to me to do on a daily basis. Little by little, in certain sessions with clients, I have guided to gaze into their eyes. They have felt the love, seen the lights around me, seen faces over mine, and had both emotional and recently some physical pain disappear. It varies with the person. I never know what to expect, nor am I in control. I simply feel a profound love and energy pouring through me, and I get to see the person glowing, radiant, and beautiful. I have SO much more to learn about quieting my mind, going deeper into the Oneness, and releasing attachments, and yet it is the beginning of something new and very joyful in my life.

I didn't realize this dream was so strongly in my heart till I experienced it. I was terrified of admitting it until a few weeks ago when I did put a post on the Braco page on Facebook, and was answered by the dear soul who runs it with such love and grace that it healed me of lifetimes worth of misunderstandings and pain.

It IS time on earth when you may reconnect or discover dreams and passions within you. They may be material, spiritual, service oriented, centered on relationship, etc. You may not have a clue how to achieve them, but as the angels say, "God does." Years ago while I worked in engineering, I prayed, "God I want to wake up happy, go to bed grateful, and make a living helping people. Please guide me." I waited, often impatiently, and years later was guided to change my life. For decades now, I have prayed, "God show me how to help people know your love more deeply." I didn't have my own answers to these prayers, but in time, after learning much about patience and faith, they have been answered. I do not know where this is all leading but I am once again deeply grateful to experience new realities. The power which creates us with each breath loves us more dearly than we can ever imagine. If you are brave enough to acknowledge your dreams and str ive to have even a little patience and faith, you can indeed be guided into a miraculous and joyful existence.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Guided to Texas

As most of you know, I live by heart. If I get guidance to do something, I jump. And if I am not clear yet, I wait. So it was with wonder the last month or so that I waited for clarity on whether or not I'd be traveling to Texas a few weekends ago. As most of you have heard, I've been enjoying the work of Braco, a man who silently gazes and allows God's grace and healing to flow through him and resonate the very same up within the hearts of those who gaze back. I love the energy. I love the miracles, and I love sharing time with those of like mind and like heart in a space that feels like heaven. I have been inspired, energized, and motivated as never before by this work.

So when I saw the schedule and found that Braco was going to be doing one more weekend in the southwest, I had a desire to go. However, I didn't yet have the clarity that comes with true guidance, so I watched and waited. For weeks, I saw cars (in Phoenix) with license plates from Texas. I turned on the cooking channel, and there was a lady from Texas. Texas hints were everywhere, and yet when I dropped into my heart I did not yet have clarity... until the Wednesday night prior to the event when all of the sudden, not only the clarity in my heart but also the voices in my head said, "GO!" Everything in me suddenly knew the universe had decided it would be beneficial for me to be there. It made no logical sense at all to spend so much for a three day trip but when the heart knows something the mind cannot yet comprehend, I trust and spring into action. Within three hours I booked plane tickets, rescheduled my very gracious clients that Friday afternoon, made hotel r eservations, bought tickets to the event, got the wash going, arranged a house sitter, and packed. It was a whirlwind of flowing grace. On my way to the airport I got cut off by a bus in traffic... with Texas license plates... again!

I had jumped in the river of Grace and it was apparent at every turn on this trip. A lady on the shuttle from the parking lot to the airport mentioned her deceased parents and soon they were giving her messages through me. In the terminal, I was watching Braco live stream though the iPad and got the sudden inspiration to funnel the energy through to everyone in the terminal in need of love. I lost any sensation of having a body and instead simply felt energy coursing through my being. Even the long plane ride seemed short as I sat next to delightful individuals who entertained me with stories of their travels and adventures. I arrived in McAllen, Texas at 10:30pm, too excited to sleep. The night was warm, humid, and the wind was whipping all over so I went for a late night swim under the almost full moon, with owls dipping and zipping overhead. In the jacuzzi, two little girls who were self-proclaimed mermaids befriended me and swore me to secrecy abo ut their "special powers." I went to my room at long last, filled with excitement and the spirit of childlike play.

The synchronicities continued. I ran into wonderful people at breakfast. The gazes were blissful experiences of Oneness in which I continued to deepen my awareness of the energy. I sat next to people who wanted to talk to their deceased husbands, fathers, friends, and who needed encouragement, faith, and inspiration. I shared my own perspectives and later found out that these inspired others to receive more from the gazes as well. It was a dance of divine coordination that was non-stop. A desire for a late night cup of coffee from the lobby led me to be in the right place at the right time to make new friends, to play like a child once again, and to enjoy the best barbecue I've ever eaten! Even on Monday after the live sessions were done and there were internet sessions being broadcast, I heard voices telling me to leave my hotel room and go outside where I ran into others who had no computer and were thrilled to join me for the online gazing.

What most touched me, however, were the beautiful souls of all those present. I saw hope, faith, compassion, kindness, and a purity of hearts that reminded me of heaven. I swam in the golden light of God's love being broadcast through a pure soul and in that silence learned so much more about the depth or Presence that is required to share more love with my own clients, and the layers of silence that are to be found deep within my own Being. In a place near the border where there were plenty of reasons to see the "separations" in this world, there were no borders, no racial, religious or ethnic barriers between us. We were all equal in the One love that creates and sustains us. I was "home" in this energy. I have a burning desire to continue to share it with others.

Looking back I can see why God had me wait until the last minute before guiding me to go. I probably would have talked myself out of the trip had I received the guidance sooner. It was not exactly prudent to spend my savings, take a long journey over a short amount of time, etc. And yet it was perfect for what I needed, and perfect for what I needed to contribute. God's dance is always Divine, always benefiting everyone involved, and always woven with love.

So if you are not clear on a choice wait. When you get clarity, jump into action. Don't ask, "Why? How?" etc. Just move on your heart's clear guidance. Trust. Control is highly overrated. Surrender is bliss. As the angels often remind me, we are, after all, surrendering only to your deepest and truest Self.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Perfection in rejection

A few weeks ago I had to get my car tires replaced. Since it was going to take an hour or so, I walked to Starbucks with the iPad and decided to get some work done. I was happily sipping my coffee, visiting with sparrows, and typing fast and furiously when a man started trying to get my attention. "You are typing so fast!" he said. "Yes," I smiled and went back to my typing. "What do you do?" he asked me. I had that feeling I have had many times when I know where the conversation will be going. "I talk to angels and dead people," I replied honestly. His eyes widened. He rolled them in disbelief, shook his head, looked away, and started talking to another woman as if I no longer existed. I resisted the urge to giggle and went back to my work. This has happened so many times.

I truly do not exist in the reality of some people, and it's perfectly fine. The reality in which I live is not one that everyone chooses to dance in right now. Sometimes I have this conversation and am guided to continue with it. Sometimes I have this conversation with people who long to know more. However, this time, it was quite clear that this man was finished with me or more accurately the reality I represent. I quietly sent him a dose of love, knowing that somehow his soul wanted a little opening - just a tiny crack in the doorway of his mind. He peeked into a new reality for just a brief second then slammed the door shut again... for now. When it is time for him to open up more, God will give him that opportunity.

Everyone has a right to live in the reality they choose. I no longer have a need to justify the reality in which I exist, therefore, I can also allow everyone else to choose their own. Their rejection of "me" is not personal. It is simply their choice to embrace a different set of beliefs.

While this is a humorous example of disagreement, there are far more serious ones that arise. So many times, for example, I see clients in incompatible relationships. If they cannot agree to love and just disagree, it is unlikely that they will remain together. The angels would rather see people move apart than be unloving towards one another.

It is possible to thoroughly disagree and still love. I have a dear friend with whom I disagree on almost everything except the fact that we are all based in love. We share our opinions freely in a way that often sounds to others like a hot debate but in reality is just an expression. I once taught a class with a friend in which we shared very different perspectives and people loved it. My brother and I differ in our spiritual beliefs and yet we love each other and respect one another's lives. My Mom and Dad often see life through different lenses, but after fifty years of marriage, they have learned to find the common ground and enjoy the things they do agree upon. I have learned to let me be myself, let others be themselves, and to simply move away from the ones that I do not resonate with enough to enjoy.

So, do your best to be honest with the world, and to make room for differences in opinion. When you get "rejected" in any way, just smile and know that you are part of the eternal dance of the universe in which people are trying to figure out where they choose to exist right now. Maybe they don't belong in your reality at this moment, and that's OK! Just be yourself and the world will sort itself out around you! Those of like mind and heart will love you and want to be around you and those who do not espouse the reality in which you live will reject you.

One of my all time favorite angel quotes - "Rejection is redirection!"

Enjoy the journey and may you get rejected/redirected kindly by all who do not belong in your life, while moving gracefully towards those who love and adore you!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I strive to live by heart in each momen, and although I do a good job of it, it seems there are always deeper levels of listening, trusting the flow of the universe, and finding more joy when I do. Heaven truly is found one moment at a time.

My recent “office day” was yet one more example of this. I have been running huge amounts of energy through my body, and have had huge intentions to return to an incredible state of heath, vibrancy, well-being, and perfect alignment. I’m ready to feel 100% amazing in this body, and the miracles to facilitate this have been occurring at a rapid rate.

So It was not too surprising that although I had intentions to edit sound files from my recent class on a recent office day, I got the urge instead to go see Dr. Shawn Warwick who is an incredible chiropractor and energy worker. I felt pretty good to begin with but knew better than to ignore such a strong feeling. So off I went. I lay on his table for two hours as he came in and out and adjusted my energy field until the flow was incredibly strong. I still didn’t know why I was there, but I left feeling great.

I went home, still intending to get some work done, but the feeling to go sit in the Butterfly Garden was overwhelmingly strong that I surrendered once again. Instead of working, I sat in silence amidst these beautiful creatures and experienced a deep, waking two-hour meditation. I came home feeling even more relaxed, peaceful, and present, without having a clue as to why my day had been reorganized for me to relax so deeply.

The answer came the following day, when all of the sudden I got up to walk and my left knee locked up in such screaming pain that I collapsed onto the floor! Strangely, I didn’t feel any fear. Something in me knew that my intentions to realign my body were being fulfilled and this just wasn’t the most graceful part of the exercise! So I lay there, like an upside down bug, with my knees bent and sticking up into mid air, contemplating my next move! I knew if I attempted to walk I’d rip something in my knee, so I just called upon my angels and the healers I know and waited for inspiration. Suddenly I had the urge to get to the nearest chair. I could not unbend my knee without excruciating pain so I waddled like a duck, reached the chair, and pulled my leg into a position that simply felt right. I sat there breathing and waiting patiently for more guidance, when suddenly, “POP!” I felt either my kneecap or a tendon snap back into a new and far more comfortable place . I got up and walked easily, feeling more aligned and balanced than I have in years! Even better, an ankle that has been somewhat locked up for years was now moving easily. My prayer for alignment was totally being answered, and all the relaxation the previous day allowed my body to shift into a new position without injury. Suddenly I felt like a marionette with all my tendons and joints popping back into a new place!

The “listening” exercises, however, weren’t over yet! I had errands to run during my lunch break so I hopped in the car. Before I even left the driveway something told me to pay attention to the fact that my car felt “bouncy.” I had recently put air in the tires, but the feeling to get them checked was so strong, that I changed plans, surrendered to the fact that my errands might not be accomplished and drove to the tire shop. “It’s a good thing you came in!” the mechanic told me. “These tires are worn down so far they aren’t even safe!” Within minutes, he scheduled an appointment to have my tires replaced a few days later. I drove off, completed my errands, and had time to eat just before my afternoon clients arrived!

I could have been in real trouble if I hadn’t relaxed the day before my knee realigned. I could have torn a ligament or tendon if I had been stiff. I could have been in real trouble had I ignored the feeling to get my tires checked. Instead, I’m standing taller, my car is safe to drive once again, and everything is being accomplished in God’s time.

So this week, trust those urges within you even when you don’t have a clue why they are there. The Creator loves you. Your angels love you. You have a team in the heavens doing everything in their power to guide you to live a more joyful and grace-filled life. It is our job simply to be present to ourselves, to listen to our hearts and guidance, and to trust