Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Perspectives

I've been working on perspective a lot lately. Take the rudeness example the angels spoke of. Drivers on the road seem to be out to kill lately. I had one young lady run up agains the back of my car so closely she was almost touching. I moved over to let her pass, and then she proceeded to zoom around me and several others on a two lane road in a way that I was praying wouldn't get her killed. I started to get irritated but instead prayed... "God, what is her deal?" Understanding always brings me compassion. "She's late to work and worried about losing her job," they said. "Well she could start a bit earlier!" I thought. "Haven't you woken up late in the past too?" they reminded me. Ah yes, compassion. We are not perfect. How can I expect anyone else to be if I am not. I prayed for this young lady to make it to work safely without harming anyone else on the way. The irritation was gone.

Also this week my old camera, which truly was one of my prized possessions, not for its value, but for the joy it gives me in sharing my photos with all of you, started to act up. It no longer focused correctly in all the modes. I started to grieve it but realized that I've been wanting one with more resolution anyway. Long story short, I have a new camera that not only does what the old one does, but has extra modes that are forcing me to learn more about photography... which I've wanted to do as well. A minor frustration has turned into a big blessing.

So this week when something would normally upset you, try to keep what I call open to a "kind mind"... everyone is just another human being doing their best, no matter how terrible the "best" they can do might be. I wouldn't get mad at a kindergartener doing something when they don't know any better, so I strive to remain calm even when the adult "kindergarteners" are acting out. And when things don't look as I like, I do my best to expect the hidden blessings. It is, after all, a far kinder and gentler reality to live this way!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dying to the old, birthing the new

I have had many "little deaths" in my own life this year. I have had to give up the need to "save and fix" others in order to more deeply live an authentic life and accomplish the projects I am being called to do. I have had to search my heart and allow any self-deprecating patterns to die so I could truly share a powerful and spiritual understanding of self love in my classes. In have had to let go of being in control as my house went through trials in order for it to be birthed into a better reality. I have had to die to many of my expectations as to how life "should" look in a given moment and learn to live with how "it does" in order to make room for God's miracles. And truly, new joy, new life, and new inspiration has resulted.

I recently talked to a beautiful client who said she had to let her resistance to her calling die in order to allow her spirit to be birthed into joy. She had been a caretaker her whole life, and resisted it, but when she started applying her skills in areas where she was appreciated, she loved it. Her calling had never been wrong. I know another woman who resisted being a mother because she felt she was meant for “more" but when the old programmed belief within her died, and she surrendered to enjoying motherhood, the "more" that she was seeking was found within the life she already lived.

There are so many little deaths in our lives. My beloved camera just died, during peak picture season, and I had to die unto my irritation in order to see the blessing in disguise. I've been thinking about new ones anyway, so God is just giving me a push, and I've got plenty of stock photos from past years. Even the old way of doing this newsletter has died. Mondays have been so busy lately that I was having a hard time making time to sit, clear my head, and channel, I asked the angels to help me find a better way. They suggested I grab the computer immediately upon awakening and channel the newsletter while my mind was still clear. This is working fabulously and I love the contact wit h the angels first thing in the morning. My old habit of “hitting the ground running” had to die so witing this newsletter could be birthed into a new, more joyful reality.

So if something isn,t working well in your life, be it a thing, a situation, or a relationship first sit down and ask, "What within me needs to die, so I can be born into greater love, joy, ease, grace, and truth." Focus within yourself first! It is all too tempting to focus on the external world, but we have far greater power over the deaths and rebirths within. .

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My light, not your dark

I drive frequently and am often amazed by how people in cars think it is ok to behave in ways they would never dare to exhibit in person. Rarely have I had someone in a long line in the grocery store rush up and come so close they could nearly push me into another, but it happens often in traffic. I have never had someone bypass me speeding on foot just to jump in line ahead of me, but it is a common occurrence on the road. And while such behaviors re irritating, the angels have taught me to either, bless the angry drivers or ignore them. I often do the sign of the cross over cars that speed past me at 90mph and pray that they don't kill anyone! And when a truck comes up so close behind me that I have nowhere to go, I turn up the radio and sing happy songs! I would change lanes if I could, but sometimes that isn't possible and so I am stuck choosing either to be irritated or to ignore the offensive driver. They might not like it, but I can at l east choose a more loving behavior.

These are a small examples. Often in my office, people are angry at someone in their lives who has been unthinkably cruel. They yell at me, but I know they’re just venting. The angels and I send them a lot of love while we are listening, because we know they are in a lot of pain.

It is harder to “turn the other cheek” when the anger is aimed at you in person, but it still works. Walk away or listen without response... and send love. I have listened to hurting souls target me with their pain, often attacking me personally. If I say anything at all I say, “I hear you and I'm sorry.” The apology doesn't come because I've done anything wrong. I am truly sorry that they are hurting. On occasion, I've said, “I'm a loving person and deserve kinder treatment,” but I have said it gently and without fail it has been heard.

The angels have taught me that angry people just want to be understood. They want someone to see and understand their pain. They want acknowledgment for what they have been through, or for you their point of view. Sometimes you are up for giving them this gift and other times you are not but the trick is to remain honest with yourself about what feels like the right response. For example, when people I care about are angry, I listen and try to understand. When people I don’t know attack me, I typically don’t respond. There are times I set a boundary. Just last week someone tagged me in an unkind post on Facebook, which mean her unkind post appeared on my page. While this soul had a right to her expression, I exercised my right to take it off my page. I have no desire to participate in the unkindnesses of this world and it was ok to say “no” to that type of thing.

So do your best not to engage in the unkindnesses of the world. Set boundaries and acknowledge your own right to exist in a loving space, and when you can't leave an unkind situation, either respond lovingly or remain silent.We can remain in our light no matter what is around us... and it sure feels better!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Saying Yes, Surrendering Control

I love the angels message today because I have seen God work miracles in so many lives when people were willing to admit their dreams and stop freaking out because they didn't know how or when to make them come about. For example years ago a woman I know was gifted with her dream trip to an ancient land to do ecumenical work... for free. Recently another friend of mine who has known she is going to another ancient land for some time, but had no clue how, was gifted with a large sum of money from a near stranger that she had helped and is now going on her trip. Truly with God all things are possible.

However, so many people are unwilling to even let themselves dream because they learned growing up that if they didn't know how to make something happen they had to "get their head out of the clouds." Personally I LIKE my head in the clouds!! Metaphorically it is where the angels sing! Seriously, I will never forget one woman who was failing to get one job after the next. The angels gently told her that what they saw in her heart was that she wanted to be a massage therapist. "Well yes," she admitted, "but I want to teach my kids that you have to be responsible." The voices of her upbringing had her in an emotional choke hold and thus ensued a conversation with the angels about the real nature of responsibility - namely responding to one's heart. She heard, switched careers and loves her life.

So many times I have denied my own heart only to feel like I was swimming upstream in a current that would drown me. Just this week, I tried to channel the newsletter on Monday. No go. I tried Tuesday. Nothing. I tried Wednesday morning. Still nothing. "Hey God, I WANT to share your love and wisdom," I prayed Wednesday afternoon, "Any chance you all could drop the newsletter in on me soon?" I really didn't want to be up late after clients on Thursday or Friday doing it. As I prayed I realized I had an insane desire for Starbucks so I got in the car and without thought got my Cafe Mocha. While sipping it in a relaxed state, the angels started giving me the newsletter! Clearly, trying too hard to control anything is highly overrated! The universe wanted me to have a delightful experience and I was trying to make it too "serious!"

Likewise, much more important to me, my mother was in the hospital this week with her second hip replacement surgery in Virginia. In my heart of hearts I wanted to be of assistance, so I prayed and asked God what my role was to be. My dad and brother are out there and I got the guidance to stay here and do what I am good at - working with her in spirit. The surgery went well but she had some nasty after effects due to pain meds and wasn't in a good space for the several days following the surgery. I couldn't get details from anyone and of course she wasn't in shape to communicate till today. I didn't bother worrying. Instead I asked my facebook friends to pray, pictured her well, sent energy, and trusted. There was nothing else I could do and I certainly didn't want to send any negativity her way with useless worry on my part. Sure enough the prayers and energy are creating miracles. I talked to her today and she is feisty as ever and recuperating, e ven arguing with the care facility staff who can't seem to remember to give her her own medication on a regular basis. "You want me to say something," I asked her, fully prepared to have a chat with management about the benefits of giving their patients pain medication on schedule. "No, I have a big mouth! I'll handle it," she replied! I let go of control again. She will handle it. And I'll keep picturing her feisty and hiking with me in the future, contributing to the positive vision she is creating for her life.

Saying yes to what is in your heart, following your guidance, and then letting go of control when you do not know what to do next, is really a great way to live. It helps you live in a flow of grace, rather than struggle and effort. I work a lot, and I work many hours with intense dedication and focus, but somehow it is gracefully orchestrated when I listen to my own heart. I also create time for balance, relaxation, and play. I have finally allowed God to orchestrate a life where I can practice what I preach and it feels amazing!

So this week, when something arises within you say, "YES God, and guide me please. Make your guidance so obvious I can't miss it." And then when you get guided act, but until you do, surrender control and trust, trust, trust with all your heart that you are SO loved and so cared for and that God really will coordinate your dreams with the entire universe. I wish you all could see yourselves the way I am privileged to see people in readings... so beautiful, so amazing, so cherished beyond words. If ever you feel unloved, sit quietly and ask to feel God's love. Don't try to feel it, allow for it. It will blow you away!