Saturday, March 31, 2012

A new foundation built with love

I choose to believe in God's love over and over no matter what life looks like, and happily life keeps reflecting that love back to me. As the saying goes, life does happen, but we have a choice how to respond. After the leak under the slab of my house in December, insurance was wonderful. They paid for the plumbing repair and gave me money to have the tile regrouted to get rid of any residual moisture. However, I have twenty year old tile that could not be replaced, chips easily, and in general wasn't holding up well. So I decided to dig into the savings I haven't touched in years and just get new tile. Oh am I happy I did!

The week of the big demo arrived and me being Aries, I worked all day Friday then moved furniture out of the way Friday night. I covered everything I knew would be hard to wash, and cooked for the week ahead because I knew I might not have my oven plugged in. I asked God to bless the project and everyone involved, and decided that for seven days I was going to surrender to dust, dirt, being out of control, and not knowing what to expect, but that it would all be worth while!

Saturday morning, the wonderful contractors arrived with smiles on their faces, ready to go. I barricaded myself in my office while jackhammers and dust flew! I had been worried about my computer because it reacts badly to dust but the angels' advice to put buckets of water in the office to trap the dust worked like a charm. God to the rescue!

The next day rain was in the forecast and I didn't know how my sweet little dog Lucy was going to handle being indoors all day. I prayed and gave it to God. She konked out in the bedroom and slept so soundly she didn't even hear the jackhammers. She woke up at lunch when the guys left for awhile and fell back asleep until they were done for the day. God to the rescue once again! Furthermore the rain and humidity (the one day it rained in Phoenix!) helped the dust settle more quickly! As soon as the demo was done, the sun came out and a huge rainbow arched across the sky. I couldn't stop smiling. The symbol of dry land after the flood came to symbolize a dry solid flooring after the leak! I don't think the heavens could have been any more obvious!

The rest of the job went like a charm. Lucy loved the cool weather outside. The guys who put the tile in were masters at their work and did a fantastic job. The wonderful contractors came to check on the work and make sure I was doing ok. And ta da! The job was finished right on my birthday!! What a present!! Friends dropped by and we ate cupcakes in the garage between the displaced appliances, and I spent the first night of my 48th year caulking and painting baseboards, washing walls, and moving furniture back in place! What a wonderful way to start a new year - fresh, clean, and spotless!

So as the angels say, God is in charge. We are loved! Demo/reno is not the easiest process. It is noisy, dirty, unpredictable, and certainly disrupts your routine, not to mention your stuff. It is hard work to move things and even more work to clean up. But in the midst of all that I just kept giving every concern I had to God and as a result I will have very happy memories of this entire process. The weather was perfect. Lucy cooperated. The guys were people I now consider friends. And I got more work done than I had in ages. So when you have something you are concerned about, do what you know to do and give the rest to God. Stop worrying! Its pointless. Some things we just cannot control. And you know what, I've decided it is a joy when I don't have to be in control! I like surrendering control when I am not the one to handle a task. It feels good!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Heavenly coordination

Talk about synchronization! The angels knew I'd be busy so they guided me to wrtie this newsletter two weeks ago. It wasn't a command but rather a download that started happening the minute I finished writing the newsletter for last weekend. I wasn't going to argue! Any time their messages flow easily, I jump on the computer and start typing.

I have felt the dance of creation lately and it has been delightful. I've been really busy doing a lot of creative work on the computer. I love it and it takes every spare minute of my time! I can easily lose time doing it. However, when I get in geek mode as I call it, I can be positively anti-social. I am passionately possessed by a creative spirit!

That said, the angels decided one Sunday that I needed a little fresh air and rest. I had just finished up one task when I got the sudden urge to get outdoors and be around other human beings. I had declined a prior invitation to go with friends to a concert, and had no idea what time it was. I was sitting there in front of the computer looking like a "What not to wear" episode, when I heard the angels clearly, "IF you get in the car NOW, you can make the concert!" I knew where it was, but not what time. I wasn't dressed nicely, and I had been staring at the computer all day. Lucy, my dog, got up from a sound sleep, gave me "That" look that said she knew way more than me, and asked to go outside to play. That was it. I changed into a nicer T-shirt, combed my hair and hopped in the car, trusting I'd arrive in time and find my friends. I was thinking about the beauty of surrender and God's grace, when I got cut off by a car with SIRNDR on the license plate! REALLY!!

Sure enough I got there with time to spare, found my friends and got a front row seat! I took photos for my friend playing the music and a bunch of us went out to dinner at a great little Italian place recommended by one of the amazing women in our group. As if the synchronization hadn't already been perfect, two of the guys in the dinner group knew the waiter as we walked in the door. They had worked together years ago in a different place. Divine Coordination was present all the way!

It didn't stop! The next day I got up ready to sit at the computer for "office" day once again. A wonderful repair man came to my home and finished his job early. As I sat to channel the newsletter, the angels got in my head again. "Toss your portable in the car and head up north and get some more sunshine!" I had not considered doing my work outside, especially on "office" day! The idea felt like I'd be playing hooky from school, which I'd never done. Really? "YES!" I heard. Lucy got up and looked at me again, and asked to go outside. My dog and my angels work together!!! So I grabbed the portable, drove up north and had plenty of quiet time in the car to tune into my own soul, and plenty of time in the sunshine to get my work done. Talk about God's hand once again! You know the saying... Tell God your plans! I know after years of this dance, that God's are better!

So do make your plans but be open to those spontaneous and delightful urges to do something that uplifts your spirit - whether the urge is for a cup of coffee, a call to a friend, or a drive. It might be to sit and take some quiet time, to take a walk, to read a book, you name it. If you listen, your life will operate in coordination with love. I still got all my work done AND had fun, something I had not thought possible! As another saying goes, Give God a Chance!! Or as I like to say, Give God a little try and that LOVE will take over your life!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The only real security

People are always asking me how I'm managing my money, whether I'm cashing in my retirement account from my former job, stocking up on food, and so on and so forth. These are legitimate questions. But the answer is always, I'm not doing a thing. I haven't been guided to so I don't. I stock up on food only when it goes on sale and that is for practical reasons. I do have enough to share, but not because I'm fearful - because I'm one quarter Polish and somewhere in the Polish culture it must say that we are born and bred to feed everyone until they burst!

Seriously I do not take actions based on fear anymore. Being human I DO experience fear. I've felt the crazy energy like everyone else. People aren't sleeping well. Some are edgy or nervous for no good reason. We live on a planet fueled by a star and we have electromagnetic fields around us that respond to energy our sun emits. Lately our sun has been emitting a lot of energy! X-class solar flares were going off and the energy was entering earth's atmosphere, creating beautiful northern lights, and I believe, changes in our own auras as well. Every time we have solar flares, I see waves of people coming in with deep stuff getting stirred up. It might be coincidence, but I doubt it. When I feel intense energy I always check out the earthquake activity via the USGS site, and the solar activity via It is an interesting study.

That said, we are still created and kept alive by the very presence and love of God within us, as are all beings. So no matter how much energy is getting stirred up if we make our choices based on love, and only when we are calm and in a loving space, they will be good choices. If your intention is to be safe and secure, find that safety and security in the only real place you can find it - in God! A bank account isn't assurance of safety - look at the Great Depression. A solid home isn't an assurance of safety - and bless those who know this all too well. A partner isn't an assurance of security, nor is any other early thing or being. God is the assurance of safety and security and only when you rest in that big beautiful love do you truly feel secure.

When I quit engineering to become psychic in the window at a local bookstore, some days I made nothing. Some days I took home $6. I was terrified until at long last I realized God had my back. Somehow it all worked out. I remember one day when I wanted a cup of coffee very badly but decided not to buy it because I was afraid I wouldn't make anything that day. "Buy the coffee for goodness sake!" the angels told me. So I spent the $3, thanked God for the caffeinated love (complete with whipped cream!) and proceeded to be busier than I had been prior that very day. An abundant and grateful heart acknowledged the security that was already there waiting for me to claim it!

So this week when you are seeking security in something external, take a moment. Take a breath and say a little prayer, "God, I want to rest in You, knowing that You are the one who will always take care of my needs. You are my rock and my foundation, my safety and my security. I believe you love me and I want to experience that love in all ways, in all areas of my life.. Thank you." Then take care of your home, your bank account, and your life situations, because we are still human- but try to do so without fear, and with huge doses of faith! It'll change your life!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Simple gratitude

Years ago I was at a spiritual retreat with a shaman at a beautiful placed called "Feathered Pipe Ranch" in Montana. I was lucky enough to be there, not only for the featured speaker but also when a group of Tibetan monks were visiting, and when a Chippewa Cree medicine man was there. The workshop participants watched in silent reverence as the monks did their prayers. Later at dinner someone asked the medicine man how he enjoyed the monks visit. He snorted with contempt! "They did not stop to thank the water for being there!!" he complained. We all suppressed giggles. I guess you can always find more gratitude... or more loving allowance for others' traditions!

In later years I was lucky enough to go to Peru. After my experience there I think it should be part of our education in the more developed countries to visit a third world country at some point in our lives. We were blessed to be tourists and when a hotel said it had hot showers, it meant literally maybe one, or two. And if you were lucky enough to be in the room with hot water, you shared. In a country where the things we take for granted were lacking, the people were happier, more connected, and certainly more generous than a lot of individuals I've met in our own country. When you have less, it seems you appreciate more.

I am glad to be living in a home with running water and electricity. With that does come a whole new share of challenges - leaks, shorts, etc. Recently my a/c checkup company came out for a pre-season check on my system. Apparently a prior repair company had done some wiring in the attic, that was now sparking!! Instead of grumbling and complaining about the repair costs, I am feeling blessed. It was caught in time. I have electricity. And I will have air conditioning in the summer. Millions on earth live in mud huts with sweltering heat and little food. I find no cause to complain.

And so the angel message this week is a great reminder that when challenges arise in your life, stop and look around at the million blessings we take for granted every day. I have hands to type with, a computer to connect with you, and most importantly of all, all of you to connect with.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

We don't have to agree to love

So many times in my life I have learned that my truth does not necessarily align with that of another. Years ago a dear one in my life read one of my books and expressed serious concern that my beliefs did not align with his religious viewpoints. He began to suggest changes I should start making immediately to save my soul. I thanked him for his care and said I'd discuss it further in heaven! We were clearly not going to agree. When I stopped joking, I simply made one heartfelt request - that he accept the fact that I was making choices for my life that I needed for my soul's growth, just as I accepted that his choices were what he needed at the time. We agreed to disagree and have been fine ever since.

It doesn't always work out so easily when there is disagreement. At times people have had perspectives so different from my own that we have gone our separate ways. When my best childhood friend grew up she was so adamant that my spiritual beliefs had me aiming for hell that she wrote me a very unkind six page letter, with quotes, as to why I was misguided. I blessed her and released her. We were not going to see eye to eye and I didn't want to spend my energy in arguments.

When you are comfortable with yourself and your own point of view, you don't need others to agree. When you trust in God, even if others don't do what you want you can let go of trying to force your opinion on them because you can trust you'll receive other help. When you release your need to save, fix, or change people, you can just offer what wisdom you have to offer, and let go of what they do with it. When you love yourself you can either share your heart more deeply, or move away from others who try to force their opinions on you.

We were not designed to control other people's hearts and minds. We were simply designed to express our own. And we were not designed to please others. We were designed only to be the people God made us to be.

"A rose has no need to tell the daffodil it should be red and round," the angels say, "and an orange doesn't try to convince a lemon it should be less tart." You are all unique and beautiful as you are. It is ok to be different. It is ok to disagree, especially if it is done with love.

It is possible to express your point of view and still allow others to have their own. In some of my best friendships we can disagree strongly with respect and allowance for one another's views. I have one friend in particular with whom I disagree on most every topic imaginable except our deepest spiritual beliefs. We can get in the most heated debates, knowing that we will likely never see eye to eye. In doing so, we will learn and have appreciation for different perspectives. We don't try to change each other. We just enjoy expressing ourselves! Our mutual understanding that disagreement is fine allows this friendship work. Our own self confidence allows us to express our views without a need for agreement.

It would be an amazing world if everyone could be innocent and honest in their expressions. It would be heaven on earth if we could share our hearts with love and allow others to do the same. While we may be far away from that reality, we can start in our own lives by being committed to expressing ourselves with love and giving others the same right to be.

Enjoy your own point of view this week and know it doesn't matter who agrees or not as long as you are in integrity with your own spirit and God.