Saturday, January 28, 2012

The healing power of faith

I have seen the power of prayer even more strongly in my life than ever before as of late...

I've had fibroid tumors for years. They run in the family and in years past, I was in pain three weeks out of the month. Over the years they've gotten much better as I worked to dissolve them both physically and spiritually, but when I got all stressed out over the pluming issues, they swelled up and started causing me a lot of pain again. Advil masked the problem, but I was tired of carrying them around. I had another session with the spirit Dr. Peebles who comes through my friend Summer (, and he told me I had been so worried about my health I was creating cancer! My mind went nuts. If I carried on like that and ruined my health, I'd lose everything and have to move back home. I'd disappoint everyone whom I served. I... I paused and stopped the insanity going on in my head. The angels hadn't said I *had* cancer. They said I was creating it. That meant I had a chance to stop my behaviors, stop my mental spin cycle, and take charge of my spirit once ag ain.

I prayed. "Ok God, I get it! I've been giving my spirit over to fears, instead of to You. If I have something to learn through an illness, I'll do it, but in reality I'd rather not. You figure it out. Heal me if you're inclined and if not give me strength. I'm going to just enjoy my life" I proceeded to ditch the worries and get on with life. Instantly I felt much better and felt the nasty vibe leave my aura.

Then the call came. Susan Palmer ( is an incredible friend and healer herself. She told me Joan Hunter, a famous healer in the Christian community was in town. I was SO ready for my miracle. I prayed and asked God to gift me with some big healing and proceeded to drive an hour to my first Christian Charismatic church service. It was a lot different than the somber masses I grew up with. The pastor was on keyboards, joined by a guitarist, bass player, and various other musicians. Praise songs were put up on the big screen and everyone sang i their own key. Some people went into a state of spiritual ecstasy and began speaking in tongues. Others cried. Some danced and fell to the floor. It might have looked different on the outside, but when I shut my eyes, I felt my heart swell into infinity as the Presence of God's love responded to these beautifully souls who were fervently calling it in.

Then Joan Hunter proceeded to speak and heal people. You could feel the presence of God pouring through her. Her eyes sparkled with the God glow. Her personality was bright, authentic, and it was obvious she had given herself completely over to God. She didn't yell in a thick southern accent, and she didn't' knock people over as you see on TV. She just quietly put her hands on you and prayed, and the power of God ran through her and created miracles. People got off crutches. Pain and heartache were erased, and with a thirty second prayer, the peace of God flowed through my body, and all but the biggest fibroid was dissolved. Scar tissue from an old injury disappeared and I felt amazing. She made it clear to all that it was God working through her and that anyone else who was willing to let God work through them could do the same.

That is the perfect power of prayer. She walked in total faith that God loved her, loved all, and would work through her. Her statements of prayer were said with the power of God behind them. She wasn't begging God, hoping for God to work, or coming from any sort of fear at all. We can use those principles in our every day life, not just in healing and they work.

Prayer came through again in some mundane details later that week. Insurance is paying for my tile to be re grouted after the leak, but I'm considering paying the difference and upgrading, since this is old tile, hard to match, and I have no spares. I prayed and asked God to make it obvious if that would be the best route, to make all decisions easy, and to send me helpful people. I walked into a tile store and was blown away when the salesman who I talked to 16 months ago, greeted me by name. "Ann! You're back!" I stared at him in disbelief. He remembered my general tastes and after describing my needs, he walked through the store like a man on a mission to one of the lesser expensive but beautiful tiles and said, "You'd like this." I did love it. First try. I took the sample home and it matched everything!

The prayers kept being answered. My pool fence has rusted out and was falling down in certain places. A few weeks ago I prayed. "God tell me who to get to fix this. Thank you." Seemingly unrelated I got the feeling to call a tree trimmer who had popped into my head. He not only did a great job on the trees and gave me a good deal, but without me saying a word, he noticed the pool fence. "I do welding," he said. I can fix that for you next week. Who knew!! Thanks Jesses at ICS! (602-244-1129)! Another prayer answered. I hadn't even asked him. God just put it in his heart to speak up.

Prayer works when have the faith behind it. We have to do our part of course. We can't escape being human. I had to act on guidance to drive to the service, go to the tile store, and call the tree trimmer. But if you can let go of worry, and have a little faith, then life starts to get magical and miraculous. It flows with greater ease. After all God loves God through 7 billion people on the planet, and if we get our small selves and our fears out of the way, this love is allowed to flow through your life as well. I'm working to live more deeply in the presence of that love every day, to have more faith, and to get out of the way! God is going to be pretty busy answering my prayers! That said, the infinite love in the universe has plenty of time to answer yours too!

Give faith a chance!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The lottery speech!

I got the lottery speech last month :) I very rarely ask the angels about money, because in truth I know I am cared for; that all my needs will be met; and that when something comes up that I truly desire, the universe will provide. However, after the slew of home issues last year capped off by "the big leak repair" right before Christmas, I started wishing I had a little extra on hand. "Why can't I win the lottery?!" I asked the angels? It was such an unusual question for me. "Because you don't want superficial solutions this lifetime, Ann," they replied. "You really wanted to know and teach God's love and so you have to create everything from the inside out. You have to have faith." "I DO have faith!" I replied. "I have had faith through every single financial challenge I've had, and it always works out." "Then why do you need the lottery?" the angels replied. "There is so much more I want to do and create," I persisted. "And when you really want to do it, and create it, do you not believe the means will be there?" they asked me They had a point and I started laughing. Every time I need or truly deeply desire something, IN THE PRESENT, it comes.

I think at some point in time most people have wished for more of a buffer in the bank to assuage their fears, and yet at the same time God does provide. Years ago, way back when I was young and got married, we read a passage in the ceremony about how God takes care of the lilies and the sparrows and so much more all of us. I still have that knowing and life still works that way. I had an expensive computer repair a few weeks ago and a dear client who does regular coaching sessions decided to pay ahead for the year. There went the computer bill.

It ends up I needed faith once again this week. I thought the insurance adjustor had said they were "going" to take up the tile and fix the foundation. I was terrified then relieved. I made peace with that. Then I talked to the financial folks at the insurance company and realized that I had heard wrong - they are fixing some of it but "IF I have" to pull up the tile and jackhammer the floor that will be my responsibility. "How do I know if I have to do that?" I asked. The angels have already told me there was nothing life threatening going on but I also want to be sure my foundation is sound. "It will be your responsibility to hire a structural engineer," the lady told me. She gave me the names of a few reputable companies. Not cheap. I got off the phone and prayed, "God I want to make sure my home is strong and stable and if it is not please guide me as to how to make it so. Thank you."

I "happened" to be helping a friend that day. As I shared my concerns, she reminded me that her father in law was a retired structural engineer and would be willing to come out as a favor and take a look. I felt that warm wave of energy I have come to assosicate with God saying, "See I've got you covered!" And thank GOD, this dear man who has dedicated his life to making sure buildings are stable told me mine IS! My heart is singing! No breaking up the foundation, just tile repair and fixing a few cracks in the walls due to what he said was very normal settling. That is going to be much easier on me than I originally thought. I am so grateful. When we surrender, things change. When we trust God, help is given. But it takes mental muscle not to go down that road of panic when we don't have a clue how something will be handled.

Even if you have to give something up at some point in time, better always comes in the future. Years ago when I left a cherished home with my ex-husband during a divorce, I did so because I knew I knew how to manifest and I wanted one of us to have the home that I'd poured so much love into. I could have insisted we sell it and split the proceeds, but that wasn't what was in my heart at the time. So, for a few years I lived in a very nice smaller apartment that worked perfectly for that phase in my life. I needed to be free then to discover who I was and I didn't have time for mortgage or maintenance. Then, at the perfect time and in the perfect way, I found the perfect home for me. It was in fact, a newer model of the home I had left with my husband, made by the same builders, and with the improvements I had always dreamed of! God knew all along what I wanted, but first had to give me what I needed. It always works out that way.

If you are worried about money, by a ll means, do the responsible things that you know to do, but then relax. Give the rest to God. "God I want to pay the bills so please guide me. Bring me your miracles!" But make sure as you pray these prayers you choose to have faith. Choose to align your mind, body, and spirit with the truth of God's love. And then don't waste another minute on worry. Get on with life. Be kind and loving, and know you are loved and cared for. When a roof company quoted me $400 to fix one broken tile, I prayed and soon another friend recommended a wonderful father/son team who came up with an elegant and inexpensive fix, arrived on time, were fun, friendly, and honest. (Lance Lambert and his son Cris at 602-349-1054 not only do roof repairs but other general contracting type work and they are delightful)!

All losses are simply temporary on the path to better if you have faith. All seeming setbacks, are just building blocks on the path to your dreams. I'm experiencing all that quite literally these days! My foundation is sound as I root myself further in the truth of God's love. Amazing grace is always at work! Will you choose to believe in it? I hope so. It certainly makes life a lot more enjoyable.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

God to the rescue!

I had to laugh at the angel message today. I'm deep in throes of a lesson about finding peace from the inside out and trusting God knows what He is doing with my life. I thought I knew how to do that! I thought I trusted God. But when the leak under the floor was discovered in December, I learned I had more to learn. Of course I got a grip and everything worked out like a Hallmark Movie in time for the holidays.

I did the happy dance and walked outside to get the mail and noticed a roof tile was broken and rotting some wood underneath! The last small roof repair cost a bundle and was profoundly irritating. Once again I prayed. A dear friend referred a great repair guy who can fix the problem much more reasonably than the big companies. I'm thrilled. One more item off the list!

I went back inside to work, and computer and CD burner promptly konked out. I just started laughing at that point. I had prayed only that morning for God to help me find a faster way to burn CDs. The other problem, however, was one I hadn't prayed for! I have what they call a "vintage" computer meaning really old and hard to find parts. So once again I breathed deeply, gave the problem to God, and the wonderful computer repair guys at Mac Media found "vintage" parts on ebay for me. It wasn't a cheap repair, but now I have a computer that works well, and it takes me 1/3 the time to burn client CDs.

Another happy dance, then the next challenge arose within the hour! I got a call from the insurance adjustor. They had come out after the immediate plumbing problems were fixed because the plumbers and God put the bug in my ear to have them check the structure of my house. "We are going to rip up all the tile in your home, jackhammer the area around the leak, and pour new concrete and then your slab will be good as new," the wonderful lady told me. A wave of dizziness passed through me as I quickly realized I'd have to take a few weeks off work with no income, but that wave was followed by a wave of love so strong I realized that God knew exactly what he was doing, and that this was His way of making my home safe, strong, and like new! Instantly the feelings changed from, "Oh No!" to "Oh thank you!" I felt that internal peace. I felt joy even knowing that I wouldn't have any more problems from this leak after the repairs are done. I will get new tile that I will probably like better than the old. I'll take the time off and get whatever God has in mind for me done, and if I spend my emergency savings fund, so be it, that is what it is for. I've been SO happy ever since. It has been almost crazy to be this happy while looking forward to such a mess, but I feel and see and know the presence of God's love flowing through every one of these challenges.

So when life throws you a challenge, stop, breathe deeply, and pray. Ask to see God's love at work. Trust that no matter what you are thinking, there is love beneath it all. Trust that good will come of it, if only you believe that. Pray and trust that the right help will be sent your way, that you will be guided in all your decisions, and that you will end up better than you started.

God does love us all. It may not seem that way at times in your life and yet the sun shines behind the storm clouds whether you can see it or not and so too the love that made us shines within us, waiting for us to see it, recognize it, and allow it to pour forth into our lives!

Happy New Year indeed, and may you be blessed with the peace and joy that are always there deep within your own hearts.

Love you all!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

And I feel fine...

My theme song for 2012 is the REM Tune, "Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine!!" Seriously I have to giggle at all the doomsayers who predict the end of the world. We will wake up on December 22, 2012 and if we haven't done our Christmas shopping, we'll have to get moving. The 26,000 year Mayan calendar cycle will have ended and we will still be here!

The world will go on long after we do. It is an eternal school and it will be here as long as there are souls who doubt their eternal connection with God. By the very nature of that doubt, we land here on earth once again. The point of this existence is coming back home to our real nature - which as the angels always point out, is love.

Life isn't always easy, and it isn't always easy to bring love into situations that are painful or difficult. I don't always manage it myself, but most of the time, when I do, even the toughest stuff is handled with greater grace and ease. My lesson lately has been to trust God even more deeply when I don't have a clue how to make things work. I've been immersed in that one since mid November. And lo and behold, the holidays turned out fine in spite of nothing looking like I wanted. As the song by the Rolling Stones goes, "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need!" And what we need is to know that God loves us and will guide us to a better reality that we can create by trying to force our will upon others and the world.

I had a silly example of this in December. I was with friends and we went to park in a parking lot that typically has no fee. I drove past the guard at the gate and parked. He was furious! I had no idea that this particular day out of the hundreds of times I'd been there, was a fee day, where they were charging for charity. So, very contritely I went back and apologized and asked him how much the fee was "$5 per car!" he demanded angrily. "Not a problem," I said. "Please forgive me. I have been here many times and didn't know you ever charged." I handed him a twenty and waited for my change. He put it in his change envelope and waved me on. "I gave you a $20," I said. "No you didn't!" he snapped at me! "You gave me a $5." I sat there and breathed deeply, knowing there was no way I was going to prove to him that I gave him a $20 and no way he could tell by looking in his envelope. I shut my eyes and prayed quickly. "God what do I do?" "Let it go," I heard by way of reply. I drove on and parked. The money was going to charity. There was no reasoning with this man, and I wanted a loving day with my friends. Under different circumstances I might have received different guidance, but this particular day God didn't want me to ruin a beautiful day over $15. Lo and behold, I got a tip the following week that made up for it. God truly IS in charge. And while I do not believe in being a doormat, sometimes there is no point to arguing.

We can all learn to let go a little more. When someone glares at you after you've smiled and said a friendly hello in the grocery store, realize they need a prayer. They must hurt pretty badly to return love with unkindness. When someone says something unkind, breathe, walk away, and pray. I pray all the time when people are unkind. They need it. And I pray for myself too because I want to feel God's love no matter what the world is doing. And while "protecting" ourselves with anger and upset and unforgiveness appears to be self-loving at times, it is not. It is only we who suffer with these walls around our hearts. The world may sting at times, but we can always feel good about ourselves when we are the kind ones. We are bigger than the small behaviors. We are more than that. And when we know it, and live it, we feel good no matter what. When we forget, we get sucked into the dramas around us. And as we all know, that is not always so much fun!

This year promises to be a bit stirred up on earth, but it can still be glorious if we live in the truth of this love. It is really God's way or the chaotic way this year. So I choose the "High Way" which is love. It truly does feel very, very good.

Happy New Year!
Hugs and love,